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ELLIOT A. ROSEN PAPERS, 1918-1993 (bulk 1954-1993)
15 cubic feet, 6 cubic inches (31 LGA-S boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Elliot A. Rosen was born in 1928 and earned his doctorate in history from New York University in 1954.  His dissertation was titled ‘Growth of the American Cities: Economic Foundations of Urban Growth in the Pre-Civil War Period.’  After a stint of military service he became an instructor in history at the Newark campus of Rutgers University.  In the mid-1960s, he met Raymond Moley and co-authored The First New Deal with Moley in 1966.  After a series of interviews with Moley and years of multi-archival research, Rosen published Hoover, Roosevelt and the Brains Trust: From Depression to New Deal in 1977.  Rosen continued to write and teach into the 1990s; when he retired, Rutgers granted his emeritus status.


The Elliot A. Rosen Papers primarily document the research of Rosen for his book, Hoover, Roosevelt, and the Brains Trust: From Depression to New Deal.  The Rosen collection includes correspondence, research notes, photocopies of archival materials, and oral history tapes and transcripts.  Rosen donated this collection to the Hoover Library in a series of accessions between 1994 and 2000.  The Rosen Papers fall into five series: Correspondence, 1954-1993; Research Files, 1913-1963 (primarily 1928-1934); Oral History Interviews, 1963-1975; Writings and Speeches, 1957-1980 and Roosevelt, The Great Depression and the Economics of Recovery, 1918-1983.  

This series is arranged alphabetically by correspondent or topic.  It consists of just over one linear foot of materials. The correspondence documents Rosen’s research interests in the New Deal, professional connections, and work with students and colleagues at Rutgers.

is by far the largest series in the Rosen papers, totalling nearly seven linear feet.   The series documents the research Rosen did for his book, Hoover, Roosevelt and the Brains Trust.  The series contains Rosen’s research notes as well as photocopies of primary documents.  Rosen’s research was far-reaching, uncovering archival material at Library of Congress, Harvard, Princeton, Presidential Libraries, Yale, Montana, and Kentucky.  Within the series materials are arranged alphabetically by topic (agriculture, foreign policy, tariff) or person (Newton Baker, Felix Frankfurter, Franklin Roosevelt).  Rosen has gathered several noteworthy sets of material: agricultural files of M.L Wilson, a little-known figure vital to the shaping of Roosevelt’s farm policies; Roosevelt-Moley files on foreign policy, the campaign of 1932, and speech files; and the Newton Baker files on the campaign of 1932.  Given Rosen’s thorough saving, one could very nearly replicate his multi-archival research working at the Hoover Library.

series complements the Research Files series, and consists of six linear inches of audio cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, transcripts and correspondence related to The Brains Trust book.  The transcripts of the Raymond Moley interviews reveal the close working relationship between Moley and Rosen.

WRITINGS AND SPEECHES, 1957-1980.  This series runs four linear inches and is arranged chronologically by date of publication. 

In December 2005, Elliot A. Rosen donated materials related to the research and writing of his 2005 book, adding a fifth series to the Rosen collection.  As these materials consisted of research notes and photocopies of primary documents, it was decided to keep the materials together as a series.  Rosen’s notes were not dated, so it was decided to have the folders’ span dates reflect the years of the copied originals. The Roosevelt, The Great Depression and the Economics of Recovery, 1918-1983 series consists of four linear feet of material arranged alphabetically by person.  Rosen’s research took him to Library of Congress, Roosevelt and Truman Presidential Libraries, and archives at Harvard, Yale and the University of Virginia.  His research included: Thurman Arnold, Bernard Baruch, Will Clayton, James Farley, W. Jett Lauck, and James Rogers.



Box      Contents   
            Beede, Benjamin, 1971-1984
            Blumenthau, Henry, 1971-1989
            Charmlee, John, 1982
            Clements, Kendrick, 1981-1991
            Cole, Wayne, 1977-1980
            DiFrancesco, Mark, 1981
            Edwin Francis Gay Prize, 1962
            Encyclopedia of Franklin Roosevelt, 1982-1985
            Fausold, Martin, 1977-1979
            Feis, Herbert, 1964-1971
            Fine, Sidney, 1973-1983
            Frankfurter [Felix] papers, 1967-1972
            Franklin Roosevelt Presidential Library, 1963-1979
            Freidel, Frank, 1967-1992
            Graham, Otis, 1983-1989
            Grants [applications], 1979-1989
            Hacker, Andrew, 1967
            Herbert Hoover Presidential Library, 1967-1987
            Hoover, Roosevelt and the Brains Trust [letters regarding], 1965-1988
            Jewish issues and causes, 1967-1986
            Kennedy, Susan Estabrook, 1980-1993
            Kimball, Warren, 1972-1987
            Langdell, Jon, 1971-1989
            Larsen, Charlie, 1965-1982
            Lash, Joseph, 1984
            Lectures and meetings [requests for Rosen to present], 1958-1977
            Lowitt, Richard, 1984-1989
            Marshall, Stephen, 1981-1986
            Moley, Raymond,1959-1974

            New York Times [letter to editor], undated
            Orloff, Ann S., 1983-1985
            Osborne, Peter, 1977-1983
            Personal-General, 1954-1989 (3 folders)
            Polenberg, Richard, 1976-1983
            Professional-General, 1954-1989 (5 folders)
            Recommendation letters, 1960-1989 (4 folders)

            Roberts, Priscilla, 1983-1987
            Russell, Fred, 1969-1979
            Rutgers [history department and administration], 1954-1989 (5 folders)
            Schlesinger, Arthur, Jr., 1973-1991
            Schwartz, Gene, 1967-1978
            Shouse, Jouett, 1965-1966
            Simpson, Michael, 1986-1987
            Sternsher, Bernie, 1973-1976
            Still, Bayard, 1954-1978
            Tugwell, Rexford, 1965-1977
            Thomas, Mary Jo and Norman, 1985-1987




Articles on agriculture, 1932
Correspondence-General, 1932-1936
Domestic allotment plan (see also M.L. Wilson), 1930-1932 (4 folders)
Farm protest meeting-Iowa, 1932
Nebraska Farm Holiday Association, 1932
Wilson, M.L. (Department of Agricultural Economics), Correspondence

Black, John D. (Harvard), 1928-1932
Davies, Chester C. (National Cornstalk Processing), 1927-1932
Ezekiel, Mordecai (Federal Farm Board), 1932
Moley, Raymond, 1932
Tolley, H. R. (Berkeley), 1932
Tugwell, Rexford (Columbia), 1932-1933
Miscellaneous, 1930-1932

Wilson, M.L., Memo on agriculture to Franklin Roosevelt, 1932
World wheat production, 1932


Baker, Newton

Campaign of 1932

Baker support, 1932
Platform suggestions, 1932
Roosevelt as candidate, 1932
Strategy and statements, 1932
Miscellaneous notes and correspondence, 1932

Correspondence (copied from Baker papers at Library of Congress)

Hayes, Ralph, 1931-1932
Lippmann, Walter, 1931-1932
Roosevelt, Franklin, 1931-1932
Miscellaneous (from Baker), 1931-1932
Miscellaneous (to Baker), 1931-1932
Miscellaneous, 1932-1963

Death of Newton Baker, 1937
Health of Newton Baker, 1931-1937


Baruch, Bernard

Correspondence (copied from Baruch papers at Princeton)

Borah, Senator William, 1932
Churchill, Winston, 1931-1932
Coolidge, Calvin, 1932
Daniels, Josephus, 1931-1932
Glass, Senator Carter, 1931-1932
Hoover, Herbert C., 1932
Hull, Cordell, 1932
Johnson, Hugh, 1931-1932
MacAdoo, William B., 1925-1932
Peek, George N., 1932
Pittman, Senator Key, 1931-1932
Rainey, Henry T., 1931-1932
Raskob, John J., 1931-1932
Robinson, Senator Joe T., 1931-1932
Roosevelt, Franklin D., 1931-1932
Walsh, Senator Thomas J., 1931-1932
Miscellaneous from Baruch, 1931-1932
Miscellaneous to Baruch, 1931-1932

Financial role in 1932 campaign, 1932
Memo on Newton Baker’s Brooklyn speech, 1932
Speeches, 1930-1931
Writings, 1931-1932


Beale, Adolph A.

Correspondence and Memoranda, 1932

Borah, Senator William

Speech on Russia, 1931

Brandeis, Louis (University of Louisville Law Library)

Regulation of holding companies, 1932
Unemployment and irregular employment, 1929-1930

Bullitt, William C.

Correspondence with Col. Edward House, 1932
Campaign of 1932 (see also Franklin D. Roosevelt)
General (3 folders)
Coolidge, Calvin, speech at Madison Square Garden, 1932
Evaluation of editorials, 1932
Garner, John, 1932
Ickes, Harold, 1932
New Hampshire primary, 1932

General, 1932
Baker, Newton D., 1932
Hull, Cordell, 1932
Long, Breckenridge, 1932
Roosevelt, Franklin D., 1932

Smith, Al, 1932

Credit and central banking, 1932 (see also Raymond Moley)


Daniels, Josephus (copied from Daniels papers at Library of Congress)

Correspondence and notes, 1932 (3 folders)

Davis, John W. (copied from Davis papers at Yale)

Correspondence and notes, 1932

Democratic National Committee

Convention chairmanship, 1932
Jackson, Robert, 1932
McAdoo, William C., 1932 (3 folders)
Minute Men of the DNC, 1932


Miscellaneous notes, various sources, 1932
Roosevelt, Franklin D., 1932

Dewson, Mary ‘Molly’ (copied from Roosevelt Presidential Library)

Correspondence and notes, 1932

Dodd, William E. (copied from Dodd papers at Library of Congress)

Correspondence and notes, 1932-1934

Farley, James A., 1932
Federal Farm Board, 1932
Federal Land Bank, 1932
Feis, Herbert (copied from Feis papers at Library of Congress)

Correspondence and curriculum vita, 1931-1971 (see also Felix Frankfurter)

Foreign Policy

Anderson, Marley (Harvard Law), 1932
Buell, Raymond Leslie, 1932-1935
Dyer, Czar J. (University of Michigan), 1932
TPP (Barnard College), 1932
Roosevelt, Franklin, 1932 (memos to Raymond Moley)
Russia, recognition of, 1932
Sayre, Francis B., 1932
Shotwell, James (Carnegie Endowment), 1932
Welles, Sumner, 1932


Frankfurter, Felix (copied from Frankfurter papers at Library of Congress)


Baker, Newton D., 1923-1932
Ballantine, Arthur, 1932-1935
Bliven, Bruce (New Republic), 1929-1933
Brandeis, Louis, 1926-1933
Feis, Herbert, 1931-1938 (2 folders)
Hapgood, Norman, 1931
Howland, Charles (Yale), 1932
Lippmann, Walter, 1927-1932
Rogers, James, 1931-1932
Roosevelt, Franklin D., 1930-1936
Stimson, Henry L., 1913-1936
Wagner, Senator Robert, 1932
Miscellaneous notes, 1931-1933

Diary fragments, 1930-1936
Glass, Senator Carter (copies from University of Virginia)
Correspondence and notes, 1929-1933


Hamlin, Charles S. (copied from the Hamlin papers at Library of Congress)

Diary index and notes, 1930-1933

Hoover, Herbert C.

Moratorium statement, 1931
Statements on the Depression, 1930-1932
War debt memo to Calvin Coolidge, 1926

House, Edward (copied from House papers at Yale University Library)

Correspondence and notes, 1931-1932 (3 folders)

Howe, Louis M. (copied from Howe papers at Roosevelt Presidential Library)

Correspondence and notes (Democratic National Committee), 1932

Hull, Cordell (copied from Hull papers at Library of Congress)

Correspondence and notes, 1930-1932
Speeches, 1932

Ickes, Harold (copied from Ickes papers at Library of Congress)

Correspondence and notes, 1924-1933

Jackson, Robert

Diary excerpts, 1931-1932


Johnson, Hiram (copied from Johnson papers at Library of Congress)

Correspondence and notes, 1924-1932

Lippmann, Walter

Correspondence and articles, 1932

Long, Senator Breckenridge (copied from Long papers at Library of Congress)

Correspondence, memos and notes, 1931-1932

McAdoo, William (copied from McAdoo papers at Library of Congress)

Correspondence and notes, 1932

McNary, Senator Charles

Speeches and notes, 1932

Mills, Ogden (copied from Mills papers at Library of Congress)

Answer to Sen. Carter Glass, broadcast on CBS, November 1, 1932

Moley, Raymond (copied from Moley papers)

Budget speech drafts and notes, 1932
Campaign of 1932, 1932
Correspondence, 1931-1932 (2 folders)


‘The Forgotten Man’ (memoranda), 1932
‘National Economy League’ (memoranda), 1932
Speech drafts and notes, 1931-1932 (2 folders)

Norris, Senator George (copied from Norris papers at Library of Congress)

Correspondence and notes, 1932
Public power correspondence, 1926-1932 (2 folders)
Speeches and writing, 1931-1932

Pittman, Key (copies of Pittman papers at Library of Congress) correspondence

Baruch, Bernard, 1928-1932
Mills, Ogden, 1931-1932
Moley, Raymond, 1932-1936
Roosevelt, Franklin D., 1929-1933
Miscellaneous, 1928-1934 (2 folders)


Prohibition, 1932
Public Power, 1931-1933 (see also George Norris)

General files, 1931-1932 (2 folders)
King, Judson, 1931-1933 (copies of Judson King papers at LC)

Railroads, 1931-1932 (see also Raymond Moley)
Reconstruction Finance Corporation, 1932 (see also Raymond Moley)
Republican Convention of 1932, 1932
Richberg, Donald C. (copied from Richberg papers at Library of Congress)

Correspondence, writing and notes, 1913-1933 (see also Railroads)

Robinson, Senator Joe T.

Correspondence with Herbert Hoover, 1932

Roosevelt, Eleanor

Rosen notes on ER biography


Roosevelt, Franklin D.

Biographical (Rosen notes), 1932-1967
Correspondence (copied from various archives), 1930-1933 (2 folders)
Speeches-Campaign of 1932

Administration and scheduling (copied from FDR library), 1932
New York Grange, February 3, 1932
New York Bar Association, March 13, 1932
Richmond, VA (Conference of Governors), April 27, 1932
Chicago (acceptance speech), July 2, 1932
Albany (Democratic platform broadcast on NBC), July 30, 1932
Columbus, OH (on Republican platform), August 20, 1932
Seagirt, NJ (prohibition), August 27, 1932
Bridgeport, CT (campaigning for Gov. Cross), September 3, 1932


Topeka, KS (farm policy), September 14, 1932

FDR speech and drafts, 1932
Correspondence, 1932
Moley, Raymond, drafts of speech, 1932
Press releases, 1932
Wilson, M. L., drafts and memoranda, 1932

Denver, September 15, 1932
Cheyenne (whistle stop), September 16, 1932
Salt Lake City (Mormon Temple), September 17, 1932
Pocatello, ID (whistle stop), September 18, 1932
Seattle (foreign trade, tariff), September 20, 1932
Portland, OR (power, public utilities), September 21, 1932
Gresham, OR (fairgrounds), September 21, 1932
Sacramento (farm policy), September 22, 1932
San Francisco (Commonwealth Club), September 23, 1932
Los Angeles (Hollywood Bowl), September 24, 1932
McCook, NE (lauding Sen. Norris), September 28, 1932


Sioux City, IA (farm policy, tariff), September 29, 1932
Milwaukee (liberal Wisconsin, public utilities), September 30, 1932
Chicago (Hotel Stevens), October 1, 1932
Detroit (Naval Armory-Belle Isle), October 2, 1932
Albany (unemployment relief), October 13, 1932
Pittsburgh (Forbes Field), October 19, 1932
Indianapolis (New Deal, federal relief), October 20, 1932
Springfield, IL (farming, banking, relief), October 21, 1932
St. Louis (banking), October 21, 1932
Louisville, KY (1921 depression, tariff), October 22, 1932
Atlanta (farming, reforestation), October 24, 1932
Radio address (welfare and relief), October 30, 1932
Boston (farm, tariff, unemployment, relief), October 31, 1932
Portland, ME (local candidates), October 31, 1932
New York (Metropolitan Opera House), November 3, 1932
Brooklyn, NY (economy), November 4, 1932
New York (Madison Square Garden), November 5, 1932
Poughkepsie, NY (state and local issues), November 7, 1932

Shouse, Jouett (copied from Shouse papers at University of Kentucky Library)

Correspondence, 1930-1932


Smith, Alfred (various archives), 1932-1933
St. Lawrence River, 1928-1930 (see also Public power)
Swope, Gerard (copied from Hoover Presidential Library)

Correspondence, 1931-1932

Swope, Herbert B. (copied from Moley papers)

Correspondence, 1931-1932

Tariff, 1926-1932

Costigan, Edward F (U.S. Tariff Commission), 1926-1928
Democratic National Committee (copied from Moley papers), 1932
Hoover’s tariff policies, 1928-1932
Hull, Cordell, 1932
Moley, Raymond (copied from Moley papers) 

Correspondence, 1932Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Memoranda and correspondence to, 1932

Tansill, Charles W. (copied from Tansill papers, FDR library)

Speech drafts and correspondence, 1932 (2 folders)

Walsh, Senator Thomas, 1932
Wilson, M. L. (copied from Wilson papers, Montana State University)

Correspondence, 1932


Tugwell, Rexford G. (copied from Tugwell papers, FDR library)

Correspondence, 1932
Speech drafts, 1932-1938

Tully, Grace (copied from Moley papers), 1933

Unemployment Insurance, 1932
Veterans’ Bonus (copied from Moley papers), 1932-1933
Walsh, Frank P. (New York Public Library), 1928-1932
Walsh, Senator Thomas (copied from Library of Congress), 1932
Wooley, Robert (copied from various archives), 1931-1932




Audiotapes of interviews with Raymond Moley

Series I, September 10-12, 1963 (7 cassettes)
Series II, October 4, 1967 (4 cassettes)
Series III, 1969 (3 cassettes)

Audiotapes of interview with H. E. Rawson

‘Black Friday’ undated (1 7” reel to reel tape)


Jackson, Robert

Correspondence and notes on interview, 1963-1966

Moley, Raymond

Correspondence and notes on interviews, 1965-1975

September 10-12, 1963 (2 folders)
October 4, 1967 (2 folders)
1969 (2 folders)

Tugwell, Rexford G.

Correspondence and notes on interview, 1968




The Rise of the City after the Civil War, c. 1957
The First New Deal (Rosen and Moley), 1966
Intra-nationalism v. Internationalism, Political Science Quarterly, June 1966
Baker on the Fifth Ballot? Democratic Alternative in 1932, Ohio History, 1966
Roosevelt and the Brains Trust: A Historiographical Overview, Political Science Quarterly, Dec 1972
Hoover, Roosevelt and the Brains Trust, 1977
Reviews of Hoover, Roosevelt and the Brains Trust, 1977-1978
The Age of the Conservative Coalition - Book Proposal, 1978
Encyclopedia articles on Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, 1980
The Midwest Opposition to the New Deal, Apr 1983
Adolph A. Berle [partial draft of article], undated

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Arnold, Thurman, Assistant Attorney General (Library of Congress)

Advertising, 1938
American Medical Association, 1942
Anheuser-Busch, Inc., 1940
Borden Company, 1940
Ethyl Gasoline Corporation, 1940
General Motors, 1938-39
Interstate Commerce Commission, 1941-1942 (2 folders)
Labor Unions, 1939-1942
Masonite Corporation, 1941-42
Oil, 1938-40
Radio Corporation, 1942
Socony-Vacuum Oil Co., 1939-40
Statement to Truman and Patent Committees1938-42


Baker, Newton D. (Library of Congress)

General A-Z, 1933-1942 (3 folders)
American foreign policy
Hayes [Ralph]-Baker correspondence
League of Nations
Roosevelt domestic policy
Why we went to war

Barkley, Allen (University of Virginia), 1932-44
Baruch, Bernard M. (Princeton University)

Correspondence, Albert C. Ritchie, 1931-32
Democratic Campaign Speeches, 1932
Economic Views, 1931
“The Elements of Our Immediate Problems”, 1932
“Federal Taxes Can be Cut a Billion,” 1932
                     “Fundamentals of Recovery,” 1933
Silver Question Testimony, 1932

Berle, Adolph A. (Roosevelt Presidential Library), 1926-1937 (2 folders)


Byrd, Harry F. (University of Virginia), 1928-1936 (4 folders)
Clayton, Will L. (Truman Presidential Library), 1929-1936 (6 folders)


Cooke, Morris L. (Roosevelt Presidential Library)

Collective Bargaining, 1928-29
Electrical Power, 1923-1935 (2 folders)
Giant Power Board, 1922-32
Pinchot, Gifford, 1921-29 

Davis, Norman, (Library of Congress), 1928-1932
Eccles, Mariner (Roosevelt Presidential Library), 1934-1936
Farley, James A. (Library of Congress) 

Diary, 1933-1936 (4 folders)


Diary, 1937-1945 (6 folders)
Newspaper Clippings About, 1976-1983

Hoover, Herbert Lists of Papers Copied (Hoover Presidential Library)
Johnson, Hugh S. (Roosevelt Presidential Library), 1932-1935


Lauck, W. Jett (University of Virginia), 1918-1932 (6 folders)
Lubin, Isador, (Roosevelt Library), 1927-1931
Mills, Ogden (Library of Congress), 1921-1934 (2 folders)


Moffat, Jay Pierpont (Harvard University), 1931-1932
Morgenthau, Henry Jr. (Roosevelt Presidential Library)

Farm Credit Diary, 1933-1935 (3 folders)

O’Mahoney, Joseph C., Key to Scrapbooks (U of Wyoming)
Owen, Robert L. (Library of Congress), 1932-1938 (2 folders)
Patman, Wright, “Currency Instead of Bonds” (Princeton), 1934
Pearson, F. A., Farm Economics (Cornell University), 1957
Phillips, Leon C. (University of Oklahoma), 1934


Rogers, James H. (Yale University)

Absorption of Bank Credit, 1933
Biography, 1939
The Bugaboo of Deflation, 1932
Budget, 1939
Butler Commission, 1933
Correspondence, 1932-1939
Currency Devaluation, 1933
The Dollar, 1933-1934
Gold, 1931-1945
How to Raise Prices, 1933
Inflation, 1933-1936
Monetary Committee, 1933
Public Works, 1933-1934
Silver, 1933-1934
Speech by Franklin Roosevelt
World Economic Conference, 1933

Rosen, Elliot A.

Notes on 72nd Congress, 1931-1932
Notes on National Recovery Administration Articles, undated (2 folders)


Stimson, Henry L. Diaries and notes, 1932-1933 (Yale, 2 folders)
Thomas, Elmer, 1931-1938 (University of Oklahoma, 4 folders)
Wallace, Henry, 1932 (University of Iowa)
Warburg, James P., Banking in Berlin and New York, 1928-1932 (JFK Library)
Warren, George F., 19031-1936 (Cornell University, 6 folders)
Wilson, M. S., 1930-1936 (University of Montana, 2 folders)

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