Oral History Collections

Adams, Charles F.: Chairman of the board of Raytheon Co.; son of Charles Francis Adams, who was Secretary of the Navy during the Hoover administration, 1929-33. 24 pages.

Aiken, George D.: Governor of Vermont, 1937-41; U.S. Senator from Vermont, 1941-75; member, First Hoover Commission, 1947-49. 8 pages.

Akerson, George E., Jr.: Newspaper publisher; son of George E. Akerson, who was assistant to Secretary of Commerce Hoover, 1925-28, and secretary to President Hoover, 1929-31. 42 pages.

Albright, Horace M.: Assistant Director, National Park Service, 1917-19; Superintendent, Yellowstone National Park, 1919-29; Director, National Park Service, 1929-33. 99 pages.

Albury, Calvin: Key Largo, FL, bonefishing guide to Herbert Hoover, 1948-62.

  1. Herbert Hoover Oral History Program (by Raymond Henle), 30 pages; and
  2. Herbert Hoover Presidential Library (by Thomas T. Thalken), 3 pages.

Allen, Robert S.: Reporter, Christian Science Monitor, 1927-30; chief; Washington bureau, Christian Science Monitor, 1930-31; author, with Drew Pearson, ofWashington Merry-Go-Round and More Merry-Go-Round. 20 pages.

Allen, Victoria (Mrs. Benjamin S.): Husband was London correspondent, Associated Press, 1910-17; publicity adviser, Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1914-17; Chief, Education Division, U.S. Food Administration, 1917-19. 51 pages.

Anderson, John Z.: U.S. Representative from California, 1932-52. 21 pages.

Anderson, William B.: Vice president, 1939-45, president, 1945-58; Herbert Hoover Birthplace Society; president, 1958-62, trustee and president-emeritus, 1962-74, Herbert Hoover Birthplace Foundation. 46 pages.

Andrews, T. Coleman: Founder of T. Coleman Andrews & Co., C.P.A. firm, 1922; member, First Hoover Commission, 1948; Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 1953-55. 19 pages.

Angell, James B.: Professor of electrical engineering, Stanford University carillonneur; consultant to industry and government. 23 pages.

Anthony, Mr. and Mrs. Edward: Publicity manager for the 1928 Republican Presidential campaign. 83 pages.

Antile, Vincent K.: Agent, 1945-65; investigator, supervisor in Miami, Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1941-65; assigned to Hoover's Miami trips, 1953-62. 37 pages.

Arentz, Samuel S.: Mining engineer; had many mining contacts with Hoover and acted as host when Hoover visited the family's mining interests in the West. 18 pages.

Barclay, Thomas S.: Attached to the International Law Division, American Commission to Negotiate Peace, 1919; secretary to Henry White, 1919; professor of political science, Stanford University, 1928-57. 42 pages.

Barker, Burt Brown: Boyhood friend of Herbert Hoover; lawyer in private practice, 1902-29; vice president, University of Oregon, 1928-47; president, Herbert Hoover Foundation of Oregon. 100 pages.

Behrens, Earl C.: Political editor of San Francisco Chronicle. 27 pages.

Benson, Ezra Taft: President, European Mission, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1946; Secretary of Agriculture, 1953-61. 20 pages.

Berlin, Richard E.: President and chief executive officer, Hearst Corp., 1941. 22 pages.

Binns, Joseph P.: Vice president, Hilton Hotels Corp., 1946-62; member, Second Hoover Commission, 1953-55; executive vice president, general manager, Waldorf-Astoria, 1959-61. 31 pages.

Blocker, James C. and Donald Bowers: Blocker was assistant to the manager, Key Largo Anglers Club, 1955-69. Bowers was Key Largo Anglers Club fishing guide to Herbert Hoover, 1950-61. 20 pages.

Blumenthal, Morton: New York City tax consultant to Herbert Hoover. 34 pages.

Bodkin, Edward O.: Owned cottage next door to Herbert Hoover on the grounds of Key Largo Anglers Club. 15 pages.

Boone, Vice Adm. Joel Thompson: U.S. Navy, 1914-50; physician to the President,1922-33. 311 pages.

Boris, Mr. and Mrs. Kosta: Mr. Boris was an orderly, American Relief Administration, 1918-19; factotum to Herbert Hoover, 1919-45. 28 pages.

Bowman, Mrs. Edwin G.: Social secretary to Mrs. Hoover, 1924-33; director, National Girl Scouts Little House in Washington DC, 1924-55. 30 pages.

Boys' Club of America Officers: John M. Gleason, was national director, 1956-68; A. Boyd Hinds was associate national director, 1957-68; and Edward J . Stapleton is director of public information, 1957-74.
80 pages.

Brigham, Richard T. and Margaret Hoover Brigham: Mr. Brigham was an executive with E. I. DuPont. Mrs. Brigham is the oldest grandchild of President and Mrs. Hoover. Interview conducted for Herbert Hoover Presidential Library by Dwight M. Miller. 102 pages.

Brooks, Phillips P. and Katurah: Mr. Brooks was a butler in the White House, 1928-31, Mrs. Brooks was a maid, 1931-39. 33 pages.

Brouha, Elizabeth Shaler: Daughter of Millard Shaler, who was a member, Commission for Relief in Belgium and London during World War I; later engaged in the mining business in Belgium; Belgian representative for the Belgian-American Educational Foundation. 22 pages.

Brown, Ella (Mrs. John A.): Waldorf-Astoria Towers neighbor of Herbert Hoover. 14 pages.

Brown, Milton M.: Member, Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1916-19; director, Belgian-American Educational Foundation; member, Finnish Relief Fund, 1939-42; vice president and executive director, Belgian Relief Fund, 1940-42. 37 pages.

Brownell, Herbert: Campaign manager, Thomas E. Dewey for Governor (NY), 1942; chairman, Republican National Committee, 1944-46; Republican campaign manager 1944, 1948; Commissioner, Second Hoover Commission, 1953-55; Attorney General of the United States, 1953-57. 29 pages.

Brumback, Ellen: Research assistant to Herbert Hoover, 1959-61. 38 pages.

Burland, Elmer G.: Lawyer; American Relief Administration, 1919-24; vice president, director, Blair & Co., Inc., investment bankers, 1925-42; deputy executive director, CARE, 1946. 36 pages.

Burns, John L.: Director, Boys' Clubs of America, 1954-64. 14 pages.

Butler, Brig. Gen. Frederic B.: U.S. Army, 1918-53; Assistant Director, Office of Public Buildings and Public Parks of the National Capitol, 1930-33. 26 pages.

Butler, Philippi Harding (Mrs. Frederic B.): Secretary to Lou Henry Hoover, 1920-24, 1930-33. 52 pages.

Camp, Loretta L. Francis: Worked with Finnish Relief Fund; secretary to Herbert Hoover, 1941-64. 24 pages.

Campbell, Kathryn M. (Mrs. J. Clinton): Husband was manager and part owner, Key Largo Anglers Club, 1944-65. 25 pages.

Campbell, Mildred Hall (Mrs. Allen): Secretary to Lou Henry Hoover, 1927-34. 32 pages.

Campbell, Mr and Mrs. Allen: Close friends of Allan Hoover, a son of Herbert Hoover, reminiscences. 57 pages.

Cannon, Charles A.: Textile manufacturer; director, New York Life Insurance Co., 1931-71. 12 pages.

Caro, Frank: Dealer in Chinese porcelains. 25 pages.

Catledge, Turner: Author, of The 167 Days, (with Joseph Alsop, Jr.) 1937; managing editor, 1951-64, executive editor, 1964-68, New York Times. 30 pages.

Chandler, Loren R., M.D.: Dean, School of Medicine, Stanford University, 1933-53; professor of surgery. 27 pages.

Chapman, John A.: President, Dutch Treat Club, 1943-71. 5 pages.

Chennault, Anna (Mrs. Claire Lee): War correspondent, Central News Agency (Kunming and Shanghai, China), 1944-48; president, Chinese Refugee Relief, 1962-70. 21 pages.

Clark, Birge M.: Lecturer in architecture, Stanford University, 1950-71; architect of the Herbert Hoover House in Palo Alto, CA. 31 pages.

Clark, Fred G.: Research and organizational executive; president of the Fred G. Clark Co., 1924-32; founded the Crusaders, an anti-Prohibition organization, 1929; founder and chairman of the American Economic Foundation, New York City, 1939-72. 42 pages.

Clark, Gen. Mark W.: U.S. Army 1917-53; Chairman, Task Force on Intelligence Activities, Second Hoover Commission, 1953-55. 27 pages.

Clay, Maj. Gen. Lucius D. (Ret.): U.S. Army, 1918-49; deputy to General Eisenhower in European theater, 1945; commander in chief, European Command, 1947; senior partner, Lehman Brothers, 1963-73. 21 pages.

Coates, Charles B.: Assistant to the Chairman and Editorial Director, First Hoover Commission, 1948-49; vice chairman, Citizens Committee for the Hoover Report, 1949-58. 20 pages.

Coberly, William B., Jr.: Brother of Margaret Coberly Hoover (Mrs. Allan Hoover). 31 pages.

Cole, Albert L.: Business adviser 1932-39, general business manager, 1939-65, Reader's Digest Association, Inc.; president, Executive Committee, 1954-69, chairman, 1969-81, Boys' Clubs of America. 20 pages.

Considine, Robert B.: Author of Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, 1943; tennis champion; sports editor, editorial and feature writer, Washington Times Herald, 1933-37; columnist and news reporter, 1937-50. 17 pages.

Cotter, Francis P.: Lawyer in private practice; FBI agent; security officer, Joint Committee on Atomic Energy; Los Alamos, 1952; involved in Oppenheimer investigation, 1954. Interview conducted for the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library by Dwight M. Miller. 26 pages.

Creighton, Robert E.: Close friend of Paul A. Sexson, who was confidential secretary to Herbert Hoover, 1933-36. 19 pages.

Crosette, George: Chief, Geographic Research Division, National Geographic Society; son of Louis F. Crossette, who was a special adviser and friend to Herbert Hoover before and during his Department of Commerce years. 25 pages.

Curtice, Arthur A.: Mining and petroleum engineer; business associate and friend of Herbert Hoover, Jr. 33 pages.

Davie, Eugenie M. (Mrs. Preston): Civic and political leader; finance chairman, New York Republican State Committee, 1933-34; Republican National Finance Committee, 1962-74. 29 pages.

Davis, Joseph S.: Assistant statistician, American Shipping Mission, 1918-19; statistician, Allied Maritime Transport Council, 1918-19; director, Food Research Institute, Stanford University, 1921-52; Chief Economist, Federal Farm Board, 1929-31. 54 pages.

Davison, Frederick T.: Assistant Secretary of War, 1926-32. 14 pages.

de Beughem, Irone H.: Member, Belgian Lace Committee, 1914-18. 28 pages.

Dell'Agnese, Fioravanti: Manager, Waldorf-Astoria Towers, 1945-65. 18 pages.

Dempsey, M. Elizabeth: Secretary to Herbert Hoover, 1957-64. 44 pages.

Denton, Robert H.: Newspaper photographer who accompanied the Hoovers on their Central and South American trip, 1928. 21 pages.

Derby, Harry L.: Worked with Herbert Hoover on the Tariff bill in 1927; president, American Cyanamid & Chemical Corp., 1929-46; director, Pocono Hotels Corporation. 6 pages.

Dewey, Charles S.: Financial adviser, vice president, Northern Trust Co., 1920-24; Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, 1924-27; financial adviser, Republic of Poland, 1927-31; vice -president, Chase National Bank,1945-50. 3 pages.

Dewey, Thomas E.: U.S. attorney, 1933; Governor of New York, 1942-54; law practice, Dewey, Ballantine, Bushby, Palmer and Wood, 1955-71. 24 pages.
Dickie, Jean Kellogg (Mrs. James): Artist; only child of Vernon Lyman and Charlotte Hoffman Kellogg. Vernon Kellogg was a member, Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1915-16; member, U.S. Food Administration, 1917-19; member, American Relief Administration, 1918-21; executive secretary, National Research Council, 1919-31. Charlotte Hoffman Kellogg was director, Commission for Polish Relief, 1939-50. 19 pages.

Dill, Clarence C.: U.S. Representative from Washington state, 1915-19; U.S. Senator from Washington state, 1923-35. 19 pages.

Douglas, James H., Jr.: Lawyer in private practice, 1925-29, 1934-53, 1961-72; Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, 1932-33; Secretary of the Air Force, 1957-59; Boy Scout executive. 35 pages.

Doyle, Morris M.: Lawyer in private practice, 1932-present; president of the board of trustees, Stanford University; director, Stanford Research Institute. 14 pages.

Drescher, George C.: Member, Presidential Protection Division, U.S. Secret Service, 1924-33. 23 pages.

Dulles, Eleanor L.: Diplomat; relief worker, American Friends Service, 1917-19; professor, 1928-30, lecturer 1932-36, Bryn Mawr College; Office of German Affairs, Department of State, 1952-62. 23 pages.

Durono, Ruth White (Mrs. George): White House secretary during the Hoover administration. 27 pages.

Dutro, Elmore R.: Longtime friend of the Hoovers; chief statistician, American delegation to the Inter-Allied Danube River Commission, 1919; resigned from Foreign Service, 1922; engaged in investment banking, industry, and farming. 32 pages.

Dyer, Susan L.: Friend of Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover. 70 pages.

Edison, Charles: Son of Thomas Alva Edison; member, Task Force on Water Resources and Power, Second Hoover Commission, 1953-55; Waldorf-Astoria Towers neighbor of Herbert Hoover. 18 pages.

Eisenhower, Gen. Dwight David: U.S. Army, 1915-52; president, Columbia University, 1948-52; President of the United States, 1953-61. (Portion closed until 2017.) 36 pages.

Evans, Ralph: Secretary to Secretary of the Interior Franklin K. Lane, 1919-20; secretary to U.S. Congressman Harry E. Hull from Iowa, 1921-24; with Palmer Enterprises (radio stations), Davenport, IA, retiring as executive vice president in 1961; trustee, Herbert Hoover Birthplace Foundation. 20 pages.

Falter, John: Artist, member, Bohemian Club. 24 pages.

Farley, James A.: Chairman, Democratic National Committee, 1932-40; Postmaster General of the United States, 1933-40; Commissioner, Second Hoover Commission, 1953-55. 45 pages.

Farrar, Fred: Former art director and general manager of Typographic Service Co. During that time he also served as an art consultant to R. H. Macy and Co., Lord & Taylor, and Cosmopolitan magazine; retired lecturer in the United States and England on commercial art. 28 pages.

Fayne, James A.: Business associate, financial adviser, and friend of Joseph Patrick Kennedy; liaison between Kennedy and Herbert Hoover. 27 pages.

Fellers, Brig. Gen. Bonner: U.S. Army, 1918-46, liaison between Gen. Douglas MacArthur and President Mannuel Quezon of the Philippines, 1935-38; military secretary to General MacArthur during World War II; assistant chairman of the Republican National Committee, 1947-52. 32 pages.

Ferguson, Homer: Lawyer in private practice, 1913-29; U.S. Senator from Michigan, 1943-54; judge, U.S. Court of Military Appeals, 1956-71. 25 pages.

Fields, Alonzo: White House butler during the Hoover and Roosevelt administrations; maitre d'hotel during Truman administration and part of Eisenhower administration. 36 pages.

Fisher, Charles W.: Lawyer in private practice for 30 years; retired judge, municipal court in Oakland-Piedmont judicial district; California State Assembly, 1931-37. 44 pages.

Fitzgerald, Dennis A.: Economist; War Food Administrator, 1945; chief food consultant, President's Famine Emergency Committee, 1946-47; foreign food operations in Department of Agriculture, 1948-52. 28 pages.

Fleming, Harold M.: Freelance writer on business and economics; member, American Relief Administration in Europe and Russia, 1922-33; Wall Street security analyst, 1928-36; New York correspondent of Christian Science Monitor, 1935-52; commentator, National Broadcasting System and Mutual Broadcasting System. 21 pages.

Flickinger, Victor W., and Elizabeth A.: National Park Service, 1933-59; chief, Division of Lands and Water of the Iowa Conservation Commission, 1939-49; drew plans for the Herbert Hoover Birthplace Park. Mrs. Flickinger was a member of the National Conference on State Parks. 21 pages.

Folger, John C.: Chairman, Republican National Finance Committee, 1955-57, 1960-61; ambassador to Belgium,
1957-59; chairman of the board, Folger, Nolan, Fleming & Co., Inc. 23 pages.

Folliard, Edward T.: Reporter, 1923-31; White House and special correspondent, Washington Post, 1931-66. 25 pages.Largo Anglers Club. 15 pages.

Francis, Clarence: President, Post Products, 1927-29; president, 1934-43, chairman of the Board of Directors, 1943-54, General Foods; board member, Studebaker-Packard Corp., 1960-63. 31 pages.

Franklin, John C.: Investment banker; friend of Herbert Hoover, Jr.; vice president, engineering, TWA, 1942-47; vice president, General Dynamics 1966-70; vice president of General Aniline & Film Corp., 1949-55. 13 pages.

Fraser, Bernard H.: Commission for Polish Relief, 1938-41; secretary, 1939, chairman, 1940, Foreign Affairs Committee; United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), 1947-77. 13 pages.

Friendly, Edwin S.: Business manager, 1922-41, general manager, 1941-50, vice president and director,1944-50, New York Sun; vice president, New York World-Telegram and Sun, 1950-54; vice president, Westchester-Rockland newspapers, 1954-65; president, American Newspaper Publishers Association, 1949-51. 27 pages.

Fuller, Adaline (Mrs. William Parmer, Jr.): Organizer, treasurer, and supervisor, club for U.S. Food Administration women employees, 1917-19; member, American Relief Administration-European Children's Fund (Poland), 1919-20; vice president, California Division, Women's Organization for National Prohibition Reform, 1929-33. 53 pages.

Fuller, William Parmer III: Glass manufacturer; director, Western Glass Sales, Wells Fargo Bank, Pittsburgh Plate Glass; trustee, Stanford University. 23 pages.

Funston, George K.: Chairman, War Production Board, 1941-44; president, Trinity College, 1944-50; president, New York Stock Exchange, 1951-67; chairman of the board, Olin Corp., 1967-72. 22 pages.

Goldberg, Reuben L: Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist; comic cartoonist, 1916-38; editorial cartoonist, 1938-64; sculptor, 1964-70. 31 pages.

Goldwater, Barry M.: U.S. Senator from Arizona, 1953-64, 1968-86. 11 pages.

Gordon, Hope Brown (Mrs. Will S.): Mother of John Wade Gordon, a former Pacific division manager for Encyclopedia Britannica. Gordon was given a ride as a hitchhiker by Hoover in 1933. 17 pages.

Gordon, Kari (Mrs. John W.): Wife of John Wade Gordon. (See Hope Brown Gordon in the preceding entry.) 12 pages.

Gould, Alan J.: Journalist and newspaper editor, 1922; sports editor, 1923-38, personnel executive, 1938-41, executive editor of news staff, 1948-63, Associated Press. 36 pages.

Grady, Paul F.: Chairman, Task Force on Lending Agencies, First and Second Hoover Commissions, 1948, 1953-54. 37 pages.

Green, Joseph C.: Member, Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1915-17; member, American Relief Administration (Rumania and Caucasus), 1918-19; career diplomat, Department of State, 1930-53. 49 pages.

Green, Joshua: Seattle banker and longtime acquaintance of Herbert Hoover. 11 pages.

Greene, Virginia (Mrs. Samuel E.): Member, Key Largo Anglers Club. 36 pages.

Grimm, Peter: Member, Bohemian Club, 1949-80. 33 pages.

Groves, Lt. Gen. Leslie R.: U.S. Army 1918-48; chief of the Manhattan Engineer District, 1942-47. (Portion closed until 2000.) 47 pages.

Halleck, Charles A.: U.S. Representative from Indiana, 1935-64; permanent chairman, Republican National Convention, 1960. 19 pages.

Hamilton, John Daniel: Member, Kansas House of Representatives, 1925-28; chairman, Kansas Republican State Central Committee, 1930-32; member, 1932-40, executive director, 1934-36, chairman, 1936-40, Republican National Committee; executive director, Wendell Willkie campaign, 1940; eastern manager, Robert A. Taft campaign, 1952; counsel Republican Finance Committee, 1952-64. 87 pages.

Harding, Charles B.: Investment banker; partner, 1938-63, chairman of the board, 1964-79, Smith Barney & Company; member, Ogontz Fishing Club, a retreat in Pennsylvania where Hoover was a guest during Department of Commerce and Presidential years. 11 pages.

Harnischfeger, Walter: Building construction executive; president, 1930-59, chairman of the board, 1959-72, Harnischfeger Corp.; trustee, Herbert Hoover Birthplace Foundation. 8 pages.

Harrington, George P.: Member, American Relief Administration, Poland and Latvia, 1919; member, American Relief Administration, Russia 1922-23. 23 pages.

Harrmann Sgt. William W.: U.S. Marine Corps., 1916-46, security force, Camp Rapidan, VA, 1929-33. Interview conducted for Herbert Hoover Presidential Library by Dwight M. Miller. 35 pages.

Hatfield, Mark O.: Dean of students, Willamette University, 1950-56; Governor of Oregon, 1959-66; U.S. Senator from Oregon, 1966-present. 22 pages.

Hazlitt, Henry: Editor, Sun, 1925-29; editorial staff, New York Times, 1934-46; columnist, Newsweek, 1946-66. 29 pages.

Healy, James A.: Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1914-18; American Relief Administration, 1918-20; member, New York Stock Exchange, 1924-69. 53 pages.

Heimlich, Col. William Friel: U.S. Air Force, 1940-46; Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2, U.S. Forces in Berlin, 1945; staff member, U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee; Foreign Relations Committee staff member; Director of Public Affairs, White House National Security Council. Interviews conducted for the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library by Dwight M. Miller. 107 pages.

Helm, Harold H.: Banking executive; president of Chemical National Bank, 1947-55, chairman of the board, 1956-59; chairman of the board, Chemical Bank & Trust Co., 1959-66. 16 pages.

Henry, John: Syndicated columnist; author and editor; public affairs editor, Des Moines Register & Tribune; Iowa secretary for U.S. Senator Bourke B. Hickenlooper, 1962-68; roving correspondent, Drew Pearson's Washington Merry-Go-Round syndicated column. Interview conducted for the University of Iowa Libraries by Robert A. McCown. 34 pages.

Hickenlooper, Bourke B.: Governor of Iowa, 1943-44; U.S. Senator from Iowa, 1945-69. Interviews conducted for:

  1. John F. Kennedy Oral History Project (by Pat M. Holt), 72 pages;
  2. Princeton University, John Foster Dulles Oral History Project (by Richard D. Challener), 30 pages;
  3. University of Texas Oral History Project, Lyndon Baines Johnson Library (by Paige E. Mulhollan), 25 pages; and
  4. Columbia Oral History Collection, Robert A. Taft Project (by Harry Jeffery), 40 pages.

Hicks, Henry A.: Agency director, Oakland Branch, New York Life Insurance Co., 1926-37. 29 pages.

Hill, John W.: Author, public relations counselor; founder, 1933, chairman of the board, Hill & Knowlton, Inc. 19 pages.

Hoffman, Calvin: Author, Shakespearean specialist; Broadway drama critic, 1937-60. 21 pages.

Holifield, Chet: U.S. representative from California, 1942-65; member, Second Hoover Commission, 1953-55. 9 pages.

Hollingsworth, Mr. and Mrs. James E.: Member, First Hoover Commission, 1949; vice president, Central Hanover Bank & Trust, 1932-46. 28 pages.

Hollister, Solomon C.: Civil engineer; dean, College of Engineering, 1937-59, vice president, 1946-47, Cornell University; member, Second Hoover Commission, 1953-55. 30 pages.

Holt, Pat M.: Reporter, Providence (RI), Journal Bulletin; associate editor, Congressional Quarterly, Washington, 1949-50; staff writer, Reporter Magazine,Washington, 1950; consultant, U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 1950-73, and chief of staff, 1974-77. Interview conducted for the U.S. Senate Historical Office by Donald A. Ritchie. 311 pages.

Hoover, Allan and Margaret C.: Son and daughter-in-law of Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover. Interview conducted for the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library by George H. Nash and Robert S. Wood. 72 pages.

Hoover, John Edgar: Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1924-72. 2 pages.

Hopkins, William J.: Clerk, 1931-43, executive clerk, 1943-49, senior executive clerk, 1949-66, White House Correspondence Section; Executive Assistant to the President, 1966-71. Interviews conducted for:

  1. Herbert Hoover Oral History Program (by Raymond Henle), 28 pages, and;
  2. John F. Kennedy Library (by Fred Dutton), 31 pages.

Hoyt, Marguerite Rickard (Mrs. Graham): Daughter of Edgar and Abigail Church Rickard, who were friends of the Herbert Hoovers. Mr. Rickard was directory, Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1914-25; Assistant U.S. Food Administrator, 1917-19; Director, American Relief Administration, 1919-29. 45 pages.

Humphrey, George M.: Secretary of the Treasury, 1953-57; friend of Herbert Hoover, Jr. 22 pages.

Huneke, Lydia (Mrs. Albert H.): Daughter of Augustus Taber Murray, who was professor of Greek and classical literature, Stanford University, 1892-32; minister, Washington DC, Friends Meeting, 1929-34. 16 pages.

Ingalls, Rear Adm. David S. (Ret.): Lawyer in private practice, 1923-29, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Aeronautics, 1929-32; director, Pan American World Airways, 1945-49. 16 pages.

Jepson, Harry: Florida fishing guide to Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover. 24 pages.

Johnson, Lyndon Baines: U.S. Senator from Texas, 1949-61; Vice President of the United States, 1961-63; President of the United States, 1963-69. (Literary property retained.) 22 pages.

Judd, Nina Emlen: Relative of Jay Cooke, who founded Ogontz Lodge, a Pennsylvania fishing retreat where President Hoover was a guest while Secretary of Commerce and during his Presidential years. 10 pages.

Kaltenborn, Olga Von Nordenflycht (Mrs. Hans): Mr. Kaltenborn was a radio news analyst, 1922-65; Columbia Broadcasting System news analyst, 1929-40; National Broadcasting Company news analyst, 1940-65. 27 pages.

Keller, Deane: Professor, Yale School of Fine Arts, 1948-92; painted the portrait of Herbert Hoover for the Boys' Clubs of America. 13 pages.

Keller, Edward A.: Catholic priest; professor of economics, Notre Dame, 1933-69; director, Bureau of Economic Research, 1935-52. 7 pages.

Kemp, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur: Assistant professor of economics, Yale University, 1941-43; editorial and research assistant to Herbert Hoover, 1943-53; staff member, First Hoover Commission. 87 pages.

Kennedy, Rose Fitzgerald (Mrs. Joseph P.): Joseph P. Kennedy was a member, First and Second Hoover Commissions, 1947-49, and 1953-54. 22 pages.

Ketchum, James R.: Curator, the White House, 1963-70; Curator, U.S. Senate Commission on Art and Antiquities, 1970-95. 28 pages.

Keyston, George N.: Partner, Keyston & Co., San Francisco, 1919-68; president, San Francisco Stock Exchange, 1930, 1940-41. 21 pages.

Kieffer, Jarold: Professor of public policy, University of Oregon, 1967-69; assistant to Arthur S. Flemming, President, Advisory Committee on Government Organization (Rockefeller Committee), 1953-61; Second Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government, 1953-55; liaison officer between Herbert Hoover and the Task Force on Personnel and Civil Service; author of commission reports on paperwork management, surplus property, and budget and accounting, 1955. Interviews conducted for the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library by Dwight M. Miller. 61 pages.

Kienzle, Thomas C., M.D.: Physician, U.S. Public Health Service, assigned to Mississippi flood relief, 1927.
4 pages.

Kiley, Marcus P.: Librarian, New York City University Club, 1929-62. 10 pages.

Killion, George: Public relations and financial consultant, 1930-35, chairman of the board, 1957-63, director, 1963-71, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; ambassador to United Nations, 1966-67. 17 pages.

Kirchhofer, Alfred H.: Editor, Buffalo Evening News, 1956-66; vice president, president, director, WBEN, Inc., 1930-67. 22 pages.

Klumpp, Theodore, G.: President and director, Winthrop Laboratories, 1942-70; director and vice president, Sterling Drug, Inc., 1960-75; Chairman, Medical Task Force, Second Hoover Commission, 1953-55. (Literary property retained.) 42 pages.

Kluytmans, John: Chef on board Windswept, a yacht chartered several times by Herbert Hoover in Florida during the early 1950s. 22 pages.

Knight, James L.: Newspaper publisher; founder, 1934, member, 1934-91, Key Largo Anglers Club. 12 pages.

Knowland, William F.: Member, California State Assembly, 1933-35; member California State Senate, 1935-39; member, Republican National Committee, 1938-42; chairman, Republican Executive Committee, 1940-42; U.S. Senator from California, 1945-49. 32 pages.

Krock, Arthur: Editor in chief, Louisville Times, 1919-23; assistant to the president, New York World, 1923-27; member, Board of Editors, 1927-32; Washington correspondent, 1932-53, New York Times; Washington commentator, 1953-66. 22 pages.

Kuhn, Irene Corbally: Writer, commentator; staff member of New York Syracuse-Herald; staff member, New York Daily News; staff member, Chicago Tribune; one of the first women correspondents for Hearst. 40 pages.

Larrabee, Donald R.: Journalist, reporter, and owner, New England News Bureau, 1950s-78; president, National Press Club, 1973. Interview conducted for the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library by Dwight Miller. 22 pages.

Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. David C.: Washington correspondent, New York Evening Post, 1915-19; president, Consolidated Press Association, 1919-33; founder, 1926, president, 1926-33, United States Daily; president and editor, United States News, 1933-48; founder and president, World Report, 1946-48; president and editor, U.S. News and World Report, 1948-73. 73 pages.

Leach, Charles N., M.D.: Physician, commission for Relief in Belgium during World War I; physician, American Relief Administration, 1918-19; later in charge of the medical department of the Rockefeller Foundation in Austria and other European Countries. 18 pages.

Leach, Paul R.: Correspondent, 1910-33, chief, Washington bureau, Chicago Daily News, 1933-45; chief, Washington bureau, Knight newspapers, 1945-56. 29 pages.

Leavitt, Mr. and Mrs. Van Ness Hoover: Mr. Leavitt, was the son of May Hoover Leavitt, Herbert Hoover's sister. 50 pages.

Lee, Reginald G.: Mine superintendent for several of the Hoover mining interests in Idaho, California, and Nevada. 15 pages.

Lee, Russel V., M.D.: Physician to the Herbert Hoover family at Palo Alto, CA; member, President's Commission on the Health Needs of the Nation, 1952. 17 pages.

Le Pore, Michael J., M.D.: One of the physicians who attended Herbert Hoover, January-October, 1964. 56 pages.

Lillick, Ira S.: Stanford University contemporary of Herbert Hoover; trustee, Stanford University, 1923-60. 13 pages.

Lincoln, George G.: Correspondent,Washington Evening Star, 1909-74. 18 pages.

Lipman, Ruth Fesler (Mrs. Robert): Secretary to Lou Henry Hoover, 1928-31. 49 pages.

Livingston, Walter R.: Research assistant to Herbert Hoover, 1956-57, for the publication of An American Epic and The Ordeal of Woodrow Wilson. 58 pages.

Lochner, Louis Paul: War correspondent; newspaper correspondent, Associated Press, 1928-46; member, board of directors, American Council on Germany, 1959; adviser to Hoover on 1947 trip to Germany to review the food and economic situation; author of Herbert Hoover and Germany. 75 pages.

Loomis, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick: Friends of Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hoover, Jr. 41 pages.

Lord, Mary Pillsbury (Mrs. Oswald): Civic and welfare worker; vice president and director, East Side Settlement House, New York, 1939-43; U.S. representative on Human Rights Commission, United Nations, 1953-61; delegate to U.N. General Assembly, 1958, 1960. 24 pages.

Luhrs, George Henry N., Jr.: Lawyer; businessman; continued the development of the Luhrs properties that his father began in the 1880s in downtown Phoenix. 19 pages.

Lutz, Ralph H.: Director, Hoover Institution, 1920-44; dean, graduate division, Stanford University, 1933-48. 43 pages.

Lyons, Eugene: Correspondent in Russia, United Press, 1928-34; roving editor, 1946-52, senior editor, 1952-68, Reader's Digest; author of many books, including a biography of Herbert Hoover. 23 pages.

McCloy, John J.: Lawyer in private practice, 1921-40, 1962-89; Assistant Secretary of War, 1941-45; president, World Bank, 1947-49; chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank, 1955-61. 12 pages.

MacCracken, Sallie (Mrs. William P., Jr.): Mr. MacCracken was a lawyer; Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Aeronautics, 1926-29; member of the law firm of MacCracken, Collis and Hawes. 26 pages.

McDowell, Edgar A.: Stanford University neighbor of the Hoover family; executive, Southern Pacific Railroad. Interview for the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library conducted by Dwight M. Miller. 19 pages.

MacHold, Earle J.: Lawyer; son of H. Edmund MacHold who was Republican state chairman, New York, during the 1928 presidential campaign. 6 pages.

McLaren, N. Loyall: Partner, McLaren Goode & Co., 1920-52; partner, Haskins, Sells, 1952-71; past president, American Institute of Accountants; member board of overseers, Hoover Institution. 14 pages.

McLean, Hulda Hoover (Mrs. Charles A.): Niece of Herbert Hoover; author of Genealogy of the Herbert Hoover Family and Uncle Bert: A Biographical Portrait of Herbert Hoover; president, League of Women Voters, 1940-43; member, board of supervisors, Santa Cruz County, CA, 1956-60. Interviews conducted for:

  1. Herbert Hoover Oral History Program (by Raymond Henle) (joint interview with Charles A. McLean), 47 pages;
  2. Herbert Hoover Presidential Library (by Dwight M. Miller and George H. Nash), 38 pages; and
  3. Bancroft Library, University of California (by Gabrielle Morris) (for use at Herbert Hoover Presidential Library only) 174 pages.

McMullin, Mrs. Dare Stark: Daughter of Herbert Spencer Stark, a mining associate of Herbert Hoover; secretary to Lou Henry Hoover, 1930-33. 21 pages.

McNamara, Lt. Gen. Andrew T. (Ret.): U.S. Army, 1928-64; member, Board of Commissioners, U.S. Soldiers Home; executive vice president, Defense Supply Association. 17 pages.

MacNeil, Neil: Assistant night city editor, 1927-30, assistant night managing editor, 1930-51, New York Times; Editorial Director, Second Hoover Commission, 1954-55; author, with Harold W. Metz, of The Hoover Report (1953-55); one of Herbert Hoover's literary executors. 117 pages.

Manasco, Carter: Lawyer; active in 1928 Democratic Presidential campaign; member of Alabama House of Representatives, 1930-34; U.S. representative from Alabama, 1941-49; member, First Hoover Commission, 1947-49. 22 pages.

Mansure, Edmund F.: Administrator, General Services Administration, 1953-56. 23 pages.

Mardikian, George M.: Author; volunteer, Near East Relief, 1919-21; founder, 1930, and owner of Omar Khayyam's restaurant in San Francisco, 1930-77; food consultant to U.S. Army, 1942-54. 82 pages.

Mason, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Earl: Correspondent and manager, 1920-26, business manager, 1927, president and general manager, 1928-31, International News Service; vice president, National Broadcasting Company, 1931-45; member, Presidents Famine Relief Committee, 1946; member, Hoover food and economic mission to Germany and Austria, 1947. 62 pages.

Massenburg, Carrie B. (Mrs. Bland): Chambermaid and personal maid to Lou Henry Hoover, 1922-29. 39 pages.

Maury, Reuben: Chief editorial writer, New York Daily News, 1926-72. 11 pages.

Merritt, Ralph Palmer: U.S. Food Administrator for California, 1917-19; Hoover Presidential campaign, 1920; director, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 1925-28; member, San Francisco Bay Bridge Committee; president of various agricultural cooperative associations; War Finance Corporation. Interview conducted for the University of California at Berkeley and Los Angeles by Corrine S. Gilb and Walton Bean. 358 pages.

Meserole, William H.: Economist, Department of Commerce, 1928-45. 25 pages.

Meyers, Marvin M.: President and director, First Federal Savings & Loan of Omaha; M. M. Meyers Investments, 1923-60; trustee, Herbert Hoover Birthplace Foundation. 20 pages.

Milbank, Jeremiah: Eastern treasurer, Republican National Committee, 1928-32; New York City business associate and friend of Herbert Hoover. 27 pages.

Milbank, Jeremiah, Jr.: Friend of the Herbert Hoover family; director, Boys' Clubs of America, 1959-present. 16 pages.

Milbank, Katharine (Mrs. Jeremiah): Friend of Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover. 17 pages.

Miller, Bernice E., "Bunny": Secretary to Herbert Hoover, 1935-64. 12 pages.

Mitchell, John P.: Physician, Palo Alto, CA, neighbor, and camping companion of Herbert Hoover. 27 pages.

Mitchell, Mary (Mrs. Sidney A.): Manager, club for U.S. Food Administration Women Employees, 1917-18. Husband was a member, U.S. Food Administration, 1917-19; Executive Director, First Hoover Commission, 1947-49; Commissioner, Second Hoover Commission, 1953-55. 21 pages.

Moley, Raymond: Professor of public law, Columbia University, 1928-54; adviser to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1928-36; Assistant Secretary of State, 1933; editor,Today, 1933-37; contributing editor, Newsweek, 1937-68; author of After Seven Years, 1939,Twenty Seven Masters of Politics, 1949, and The First New Deal, 1966. Interviews conducted for/by:

  1. Herbert Hoover Oral History Program (by Raymond Henle), 43 pages;
  2. Elliot A. Rosen, Rutgers University, (access only by written permission of Elliot A. Rosen), 182 pages.

Montgomery, George G.: Lawyer in private practice, 1916-20; vice president, Castle & Cooke, Inc., 1934-54, a sugar, pineapple, and shipping concern; director, Wells Fargo Bank, Bankers Trust & Co. 10 pages.

Moran, Hugh A.: Clergyman; author of David Starr Jordan: His Spirit and Decision of Character, 1969; secretary, international committee, YMCA in China, 1909-13; pastor, Cornell University, 1919-42. 31 pages.

Moreell, Adm. Ben: U.S. Navy 1917-44; Chairman, Task Force on Water Resources and Power, Second Hoover Commission, 1953-55; founder, 1958, chief executive officer, 1958-65, Americans for Constitutional Action. 82 pages.

Morley, Felix (M.): Editorial writer and correspondent, Baltimore Sun, 1922-29; editor, Washington Post, 1933-40; president, Haverford College, 1940-45; cofounder, president and editor, Human Events, 1945-50; foreign editor, Three-Star Extra News, 1947-50; Washington correspondent, Barron's Weekly, 1950-54. 28 pages.

Morris, Robert: Chief counsel, U.S. Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, 1951-53, 1956-58; president, University of Dallas, 1960-62; president, University of Plano, TX, 1964-71. 21 pages.

Morris, Thomas D.: Member, First Hoover Commission, 1947-49; management analyst; consultant; Assistant Secretary of Defense, 1961-64, 1966-68. 14 pages.

Moses, Robert: Chairman, State Council of Parks, 1924-63; New York City park commissioner, 1934-60; member, New York City Planning Commission, 1942-60; consultant, Metropolitan Transportation Authority. 36 pages.

Mowry, Virginia: Daughter of Ross Rutledge Mowry, who was a lawyer; assistant attorney general of Iowa, 1916; U.S. district attorney, 1924-32; member, Iowa State Senate, 1939-47. 17 pages.

Mullendore, William C.: Public utility executive; U.S. Food Administration, 1917; American Relief Administration, 1920; assistant to Herbert Hoover, 1922-23; president, Southern California Edison Co., 1945-54. 56 pages.

Nash, Bradley D.: Assistant to the Secretary of Commerce, 1927-29; financial adviser, Reconstruction Finance Corporation, 1932-35. 96 pages.

Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. William I.: Managing editor, 1939-43, editor, 1943-55, publisher, 1955-65, This Week; editor, On Growing Up, 1963, and Fishing For Fun And to Wash Your Soul, 1964, (Herbert Hoover, author). 61 pages.

O'Donnell, Madeline Kelly (Mrs. Walter): Secretary to Herbert Hoover, 1950-55. 45 pages.

Oreamuno, J. Rafael: Costa Rican Minister to Washington, 1922-28; New York financial affairs, 1928-49; Costa Rican Ambassador to the United States, 1949-54, 1962. 53 pages.

Packard, David: Trustee, 1954-69, president, board of trustees, 1958-60, Stanford University. 27 pages.

Parker, Jameson: Newspaperman; diplomat; son-in-law of and assistant to Mark Sullivan of the New York Herald-Tribune, 1945-50. Sullivan, a friend of Herbert Hoover, was a journalist, commentator, and author of Our Times, 1900-25 (1927-35). 40 pages.

Parker, Sydney Sullivan (Mrs. Jameson): Daughter of Mark and Marie Sullivan, who were friends of the Hoovers. 55 pages.

Parks, Lillian R.: Author of Thirty Years Backstairs at the White House,1961. Mrs. Parks and her mother, Mrs. Emmett Rogers, were on the White House domestic staff during the Hoover administration. 61 pages.

Pawley, William D.: Ambassador to Peru, 1945-46; Ambassador to Brazil, 1946-48; Special Assistant to the Secretary of State, 1948, 1951; Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, 1951-52; special assignment, Department of State, 1954. 41 pages.

Peale, Norman Vincent: Author of Power of Positive Thinking, 1952; minister, Marble Collegiate Church, New York City; copublisher, with his wife, of Guidepostsmagazine. 13 pages.

Penney, James C.: Founder, J. C. Penney Co.; host to Herbert Hoover in Miami, 1929. 13 pages.

Pennington, Levi T.: President, Pacific College, 1911-19, 1921-30, 1931-41; director, Herbert Hoover Foundation of Oregon, 1947-75. 21 pages.

Petti, Michael J., M.D.: Herbert Hoover's podiatrist, 1958-64. 32 pages.

Pew, John G., Jr.: Executive, Sun Oil Co.; director, Boys' Clubs of America. 22 pages.

Phleger, Herman: San Francisco attorney; legal consultant to Herbert Hoover, 1934. 6 pages.

Pike, Thomas P.: founder, 1938, and president, 1938-53, Thomas P. Pike Drilling Co.; special assistant to President Eisenhower, 1956; special assistant to the Secretary of Defense, 1957-58; president, board of trustees, Stanford University. 21 pages.

Platt, Philip S.: Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1916-17; American Relief Administration, 1919; director, Paloma Settlement, Honolulu, 1929-42; executive director, New York Association for the Blind, 1944-58. 36 pages.

Pratt, Marie Louise: Secretary to Mr.. Hoover, 1955-56. 31 pages.

Price, Byron: News editor, Washington bureau, 1922-27, chief, 1927-37, executive news director, 1937-41, Associated Press; U.S. Director of Censorship, 1941-45. 29 pages.

Price, Don K., Jr.: Newspaper reporter, 1930-32; member, First Hoover Commission, 1947-49; lecturer, University of Chicago, 1946-53; dean, Graduate School of Public Administration, Harvard University; director, Social Science Research Council, 1964-69. 32 pages.

Prior, Frank O.: Member, Bohemian Club. 18 pages.

Probert, Alan: Consulting mining engineer; vice president and general manager, Compania Minera de Guatemala, S.A., 1954-62. 29 pages.

Pryor, Helen B., M.D.: Director, Women's Health Service, Stanford University, 1934-44; pediatrician in private practice 1944-64; author of Lou Henry Hoover: Gallant First Lady, 1969. 17 pages.

Quinion, George H.: Bristol, CT, businessman and fishing companion of Herbert Hoover. 28 pages.

Quinn, Cyril J.C.: American Relief Administration, 1919-23; partner, J. W. Seligman & Co.; member board of directors, Maytag Co. 27 pages.

Reed, Stanley F.: General counsel, Federal Farm Board, 1929-32; general counsel, Reconstruction Finance Corporation, 1932-55; Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, 1938-57. 17 pages.

Requa, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kendall: Mr. Requa and his father, Mark L. Requa, were mining associates and friends of the Herbert Hoover family. 38 pages.

Richardson, Gardner: International relations official; Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1915-17; Chief, American Relief Administration, Hungary, 1919-20, Austria, 1920-23; commercial attaché to American embassies throughout the world, 1926-48. 16 pages.

Richardson, John: Member, U.S. Food Administration, 1917; member Republican National Committee, 1932-36. 21 pages.

Ringland, Arthur C.: Conservationist; U.S. Forestry Service, 1905-19; American Relief Administration, 1919-23; executive secretary, National Conference on Outdoor Recreation, 1925-29; executive secretary, National Conference on Conservation Corps, 1933-34; chairman, Flood Control Committee, 1937-39; consultant, National Defense Advisory Commission and President's War Relief Control Board, 1940-46; Executive Director, Advisory Commission on Voluntary Foreign Aid, Department of State, 1946-53; co-founder of CARE, 1945. Interviews conducted for:

  1. Herbert Hoover Oral History Program (by Raymond Henle), 28 pages; and
  2. Bancroft Library, University of California, (by Amelia R. Fry, et al.). (For use at Herbert Hoover Presidential Library only.) 368 pages.

Robertson, Walter S.: Investment banker; diplomat; partner, Scott & Stringfellow, Richmond, VA, 1925-42, 1946-65; Assistant Secretary of State for Far East Affairs, 1953-59; governor, New York Stock Exchange, 1961-64; member Board of Overseers, Hoover Institution, Stanford University. 28 pages.

Robinson, Edgar E.: Professor of history, Stanford University, 1911-52. 78 pages.

Rodriguez, Daniel: Waiter, Waldorf-Astoria hotel, 1931-39; special Waldorf waiter for Herbert Hoover, 1939-64. 34 pages.

Rogers, Maj. Gen. William W.: U.S. Marine Corps., 1917-46; company commander and construction officer, Rapidan Camp, 1930-32. 24 pages.

Roosevelt, Nicholas: Attached to the American Commission To Negotiate Peace, 1919; editorial writer, New York Tribune, 1921-23; editorial writer and special correspondent, New York Times, 1923-30; vice governor, Philippine Islands, 1930 (unconfirmed); Minister to Hungary, 1930-33; member, editorial staff, New York Herald-Tribune, 1933-42. 31 pages.

Rowe, James H., Jr.: Lawyer in private practice, 1946-84; member, First Hoover Commission, 1948-49; secretary to President Roosevelt, 1938; Administrative Assistant to the President, 1939-41; Assistant Attorney General, 1941-43.
23 pages.

St. Germain, D. Joseph: Investment banker; leader of the Republican Party in Massachusetts; long-term friend of Herbert Hoover; delegate to the Republican National Convention, 1940, 1944, and 1948; supporter of Robert A. Taft, 1952. Interview conducted for the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library by Dwight M. Miller. 26 pages.

St. John, Fordyce B., M.D.: Surgeon in private practice 1912-58; professor of clinical surgery, Columbia University, 1929-48; surgical consultant to Dr. Ralph Boots for Herbert Hoover, 1950s. 1 page.

St. Lewis, Roy: U.S. attorney, 1929-31; Assistant Attorney General, 1931-33; lawyer in private practice, 1933-69; president, Rocky Mountain Fuel Co., 1951-69. 33 pages.

Sands, Marie McSpadden: Secretary to Lou Henry Hoover, 1934-38; Girl Scout counselor. Interview conducted for Arizona State University by Mary Rothschild. 20 pages.

Scheyven, Louis: Belgian Ambassador to the United States, 1959-69. 9 pages.

Schullinger, Rudolph N.: Physician to Herbert Hoover, 1958-63. 19 pages.

Schwengel, Frederick D.: Iowa legislator, 1944-55; U.S. Representative from Iowa, 1954-64, 1966-72. 14 pages.

Selvage, James P.: Newspaperman, 1921-28; Washington correspondent, Associated Press, 1929-33; assistant to Herbert Hoover, 1939-40; founder, 1938, president, Selvage & Lee, Inc., a public relations counseling firm, 1938-61. 29 pages.

Shafroth, Will: Lawyer, American Relief Administration, 1920-22; lawyer in private practice, 1924-34; Chief, 1940-60, Deputy Director, 1960-64, Procedural Studies and Statistics Division, U.S. Courts; counsel, Lambert, Brown & Furlow, from 1965. 15 pages.

Shockley, May (Mrs. William H.): Mr. Shockley was a mining engineer in London when the Hoovers were there. Mrs. Shockley worked on Belgian relief and for the U.S. Food Administration. 20 pages.

Shoemaker, Perry M.: Member, Second Hoover Commission, 1954-55; vice chairman, Erie-Lackawanna Railroad, 1961-62; president, Central Railroad of New Jersey, 1962-67. 27 pages.

Silvercruys, Robert: Belgian Ambassador to the United States, 1944-59; director, Belgian-American Educational Foundation, 1944-75. 26 pages.

Silvercruys, Suzanne (Mrs. Edward Stevenson): Belgian sculptor, lecturer, and painter; worked for Belgian relief during and after World War I; executed a bust of Herbert Hoover, 1928. 33 pages.

Simpson, John L.: California banker and financial consultant; member, Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1915-17; member, American Relief Administration, 1919; director and executive vice president, J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation and Shroder Trust Company in New York, 1925-45; director, 1945-52, chairman, finance committee, 1952-61, Bechtel Corporation. Interviews conducted for:

  1. Herbert Hoover Oral History Program (by Raymond Henle), 51 pages; and
  2. Bancroft Library, University of California (by Suzanne B. Reiss). (For use at Herbert Hoover Presidential Library only.) 259 pages.

Sioussat, Mrs. Helen D'oyle: Director Talks Department for Radio and Television, 1937-64, Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS); editor, CBS Talks, 1937-54; host,Table Talk with Helen Sioussat on CBS Television. 77 pages.

Slack, Nadia De Kanel: A Russian who worked with the American Relief Administration in Russia, 1922. 2 pages.

Smith, Henrietta Tyler: Executive secretary; secretary to Members of Congress, 1919-25; confidential secretary to Col. James A. Buchanan, National Press Association, 1925-27; secretary-treasurer, 1946-58; Pacific American Steamship Association. 21 pages.

Smith, Col. Truman (Ret.): U.S. Army, 1916-48; Assistant military attaché in Germany, 1920-24; military attaché in Germany, 1935-39. 17 pages.

Snyder, Edward H.: Business and mining associate of Herbert Hoover. 25 pages.

Staton, Ruby Price: Friend of Charlotte Libbey (Mrs. James Henry) MacLafferty. Mr. MacLafferty was U.S. Representative from California, 1922-25; assistant to the Secretary of Commerce, 1925-27; liaison officer between Congress and the President, 1929-33. 26 pages.

Steelmen, John R.: Special Assistant to the President, 1945-46; Director, Office War Mobilization and Mobilization and Reconversion, June-December, 1946; Assistant to the President, 1946-52. 37 pages.

Sterling, John E. Wallace: Research staff, Hoover War Library, Stanford University, 1932-37; professor of history, California Institute of Technology, 1937-45; president, 1949-68, chancellor, 1968-85, Stanford University. 21 pages.

Stevenson, Louise Hoover: Daughter of Theodore Hoover, Herbert Hoover's brother. 22 pages.

Stewart, John H.: C.P.A.; member, Stewart, Watts, Bollong, 1938-56; member, Second Hoover Commission, 1953-55. 40 pages.

Stewart, John K.: San Francisco investment broker; friend and business associate of the Hoover family; member, advisory board, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace. 57 pages.

Stockton, Gilchrist B.: Business executive; Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1915-16; American Relief Administration, 1919-20; president, Ortego Co., real estate. 37 pages.

Storey, Robert G.: Dean, Southern Methodist University Law School, 1947-59; president, Southwestern Legal Foundation, 1947-72; president, American Bar Association, 1952-53; member, Second Hoover Commission, 1953-55. 52 pages.

Strauss, Lewis L.: Secretary to Herbert Hoover, 1917-19; Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy, 1942-47; member, 1946-50, chairman, 1953-58, Atomic Energy Commission; Secretary of Commerce (unconfirmed), 1958-59. Interviews conducted for:

  1. Herbert Hoover Oral History Program (by Raymond Henle), 42 pages;
  2. Columbia Oral History Program (by John Mason, Jr.), 177 pages; and
  3. William E. Wiener Oral History Library (by George E. Herman), 130 pages.

Stravalli, Cosimo: Barber to Herbert Hoover, 1938-64. 24 pages.

Strench, Mary Minthorn (Mrs. William G.): Cousin of Herbert Hoover. 37 pages.

Stuart, Graham H.: Professor of political science, Stanford University, 1924-52. 24 pages.

Stump, Adm. Felix B. (Ret.): U.S. Navy, 1917-58; Chief executive officer of Freedoms Foundation; Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet, 1953-58. 21 pages.

Sullivan, Mark, Jr.: Washington, DC, investment banker; son of Mark and Marie Sullivan, friends of the Herbert and Lou Hoover. Mark Sullivan Sr., was a journalist, commentator, and the author of Our Times, 1900-1925, 1927-35. 30 pages.

Surface, Anna (Mrs. Frank): Artist, Mr. Surface was with the U.S. Food Administration, 1917-18; American Relief Administration, 1919-20; wrote economic articles and founded Survey of Current Business at the request of Mr. Hoover; Director of Sales Research, 1933-44; Executive Assistant to the President, 1945-47; and Special Consultant, 1945-65, Standard Oil. 19 pages.

Swain, Robert C.: Research chemist, 1934-46, vice president in charge of research, 1946-59, director, 1946-73, executive vice president, 1965-73, Cyanamid. 7 pages.

Swim, H. Dudley: Member, Northern Californians for the Hoover Report, 1949-58; president, Stanford University Alumni Association, 1951-52. 26 pages.

Sworakowski, Witold S.: Associate director, Hoover Institution, Stanford, CA, 1952-72. 51 pages.

Taft, Robert A., Jr.: Partner, law firm of Taft, Stettinius and Hollister, 1951-63, 1965-66; U.S. Representative from Ohio, 1962-64, 1966-70; U.S. Senate, 1971-76. 8 pages.

Terman, Frederick E.: Electronics engineer; professor of engineering, 1925-37, head, Electrical Engineering Department, 1937-45; dean of engineering, 1945-58; vice president, 1959-65, Stanford University. 53 pages.

Thayer, Hanford: Nephew of James Henry MacLafferty, who was U.S. Representative from California, 1922-25; Assistant to the Secretary of Commerce, 1925-27; liaison officer between Congress and the President, 1929-33. 27 pages.

Thomas, Lowell, J.: Author of numerous books on travel, biography, and adventure, 1924-72; Cinerama and television producer; radio commentator, 1930-81; television commentator, 1940-81. 20 pages.

Thompson, Agnes (Mrs. Leon): Personal maid to Lou Henry Hoover, 1927-33. Mr. Thompson was chauffeur, steward, and houseman to the Herbert Hoovers, 1925-33. 44 pages.

Tierney, Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas A.: Florida physician to Herbert Hoover, 1953-62. 41 pages.

Timmons, Bascom N.: Washington correspondent, Houston Chronicle, 1917-73; founder, Timmons News Bureau, Washington, DC. 27 pages.

Torrey, Clare M.: Member, Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1915-16; attaché, U.S. Embassy in London, 1916-19; member, 1932-77, chief executive, 1963-77, Belgian-American Educational Foundation. 30 pages.

Trapnell, Edward R.: Public relations adviser, Manhattan Engineer District, 1946-51; Special Assistant to General Manager in charge of Congressional Relations, Atomic Energy Commission, 1951-54. Interview conducted for the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library by Dwight M. Miller. 62 pages.

Treat, Payson Jackson: Professor of history, Stanford University, 1909-45. 26 pages.

Trohan, Walter: Assistant Washington correspondent, 1934-47, executive director, 1947-49 and bureau chief, 1948-69, Chicago Tribune. Interviews conducted for:

  1. Herbert Hoover Oral History Program (by Raymond Henle), 48 pages;
  2. Herbert Hoover Presidential Library (by Dwight M. Miller), 212 pages; and
  3. National Public Radio (by Scott Simon), 31 pages.

Trueblood, Dr. and Mrs. D. Elton: Author of numerous books on religion and philosophy, 1936-73; professor of philosophy of religion and chaplain, Stanford University, 1936-45; professor of philosophy, Earlham College, 1946-66; conducted Herbert Hoover's graveside services in West Branch, IA, October 25, 1964. 24 pages.

Tuck, Hilda Bunge (Mrs. William Hallam): Daughter of Edouard Gustave Bunge, who was president, Antwerp Province National Relief Committee, 1914-18. William Hallam Tuck was a member, Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1915-16, 1918-22; vice president, Belgian-American Educational Foundation, 1936-66. 11 pages.

Turcott, Thyrza (Mrs. John K.): Guest, Overseas Press Club Dinner, 1940. 4 pages.

Turner, Scott: Mining engineer; mining manager and consultant, 1902-25; Director, U.S. Bureau of Mines, 1926-34. 82 pages.

Tuthill, Capt. Marshall W.(Ret.): U.S. Navy, 1917-20, 1942-45; assistant to Herbert Hoover in Commerce Department, 1927; American Relief Administration, 1922-23; founder, Tuthill & Co., Inc., 1927. 20 pages.

Tyson, Robert C.: Accountant and audit supervisor, 1939-50, comptroller, 1950, vice president, 1951, chairman of Finance Committee, 1956-70, U.S. Steel Corp.; director, Boys' Clubs of America, 1960-74. 26 pages.

Vaughan, Harry H.: Military aide to the President, 1945-53. 39 pages.

Wah, Gue Gim (Mrs. Tom): Owner of Chinese boardinghouse in Caselton, NV. Hoover inspected mines there when it was a boomtown. 5 pages.

Wall, Robert W., Jr.: Inspector, Latin American operations, Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1943; agent, American Embassy, Caracas, Venezuela, 1943-44; civil attache, American Embassy, Mexico City, 1944-46; special agent in charge, Florida, 1951-53. 17 pages.

Wallace Lawrence W.: Engineer; vice president, Trundle Engineering Co., 1941-47; management counselor, 1947-51; industrial engineer, U.S. government, 1952-73. 57 pages.

Waltman, Franklyn T., Jr.: Publicist; reporter, 1922-28; Washington correspondent, 1928-33, Baltimore Sun; political writer, Washington Post, 1933-38; chief, National News Bureau, 1935-38. 58 pages.

Wampler, Cloud: Sales manager, Taylor, Ewart & Co., investments, 1920-29; president, Stern, Wampler & Co., Inc., 1938-41; president, 1942-56, chairman of the board, 1956-65, Carrier Corp. 19 pages.

Warner, Albert L.: Assistant chief, Washington bureau, New York Herald Tribune, 1930-36. 12 pages.

Washington Tapes, 1965-71. Interviews are 10-20 minutes each. Interviewees include a broad range of officials in the executive, judicial and legislative branches of the federal government, officals of the United Nations, journalists, labor leaders, diplomats, and others speaking about their professions and current events. These tapes have not been transcribed. The following individuals were interviewed:
Ralph D. Abernathy, George D. Aiken, Tallat Al-Ghoussein, Gordon Allott, Clinton P. Anderson, John B. Anderson, James H. Bahti, Birch Bayh, Joseph W. Barr, David Bell, Hale Boggs, James Buckley, Waldemar B. Campbell, Joesph S. Clark, Tom Clark, John Conyers, William C. Cramer, Thomas S. Curtis, E.M. Debrah, Frederick Demin, Everett Dirksen, Robert J. Cole, Peter H. Dominick, Richard Donald, Charles Edwards, Sam J. Ervin, Robert A. Fearey, Dan H. Fenn, Jr., George Ferris, Robert H. Finch, Gerald R. Ford, Donald M. Fraser, Donald B. Frazer, Vasco V. Garin, Barry Goldwater, Charles E. Goodell, Kermit Gordon, Harold Greene, Erwin Griswold, Fred L. Hadsel, Eugene Hardy, Avraham Harmon, Fred R. Harris, Walter J. Hickel, Bourke B. Hickenlooper, Martin Hillenbrand, Deane R. Hinton, Fred Hodsell, Hubert H. Humphrey, Joseph J. Jova, Abraham Katz, Nicholas de B. Katzenbach, Edward M. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Paul H. Kreisberg, Melvin R. Laird, Frank van der Linden, John J. Linsey, George T. Lister, Charles Lucet, John W. McCormack, Gale W. McGee, John W. Macy, Jr., Carl Madden, Thomas W. Matthew, George Meany, Robert Menzies, Wilbur Mills, Clark Mollenhoff, Bradford Morse, Karl Mundt, Edmund Muskie, Burudi Nabwera, Richard P. Nathan, Gaylord Nelson, David D. Newsom, Lawrence O'Brien, Daniel H. Parker, Lawrence Parker, Claiborne Pell, David Popper, William Proxmire, B. Joseph Rauh, Jr., George Reedy, Henry Reuss, Charles S. Rhyne, Abraham A. Ribicoff, Elliot L. Richardson, Earl H. Richart, S. Dillon Ripley, William P. Rogers, Walt W. Rostow, Carl Rove, Dean Rusk, William F. Ryan, Leverett Saltonstall, Francis B. Sayre, Richard Scammon, William E. Schauffle, J. Robert Schaetzel, Charles L. Schultze, Paul Scott, Glenn Seaborg, Joseph Sisco, Margaret Chase Smith, Richard L. Sneider, Theodore C. Sorensen, Frank Southard, William L. Stearman, Potter Stewart, O.R. Strackbein, Jack Vaughn, John A. Volpe, Robert C. Weaver, Jerry V. Wilson, William D. Wolle, Whitney Young.

Wedemeyer, Gen. Albert C. (Ret.): U.S. Army,1919-51; Assistant to the Chief of Staff, War Plans Division, Department of War, 1941-42; Strategy and Policy Group, Operations Division, Department of War, 1942-43; national chairman, Citizens for Taft, 1951-52. 31 pages.

Weeks, Sinclair: Secretary of Commerce, 1953-58 director, Reed & Barton Corp., insurance company; partner, Hornblower & Weeks. 18 pages.

Wellington, Mr. and Mrs. Laurence C.: Member, Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1914-16, 1918-19; director, Belgian-American Educational Foundation. 25 pages.

Wells, Kenneth D.: Economist; president, Freedoms Foundation; management relations, University of Akron and University of Southern California, 1939-44; visiting lecturer at universities. 36 pages.

Wheeler, Maynard C.: Ophthalmologist to Herbert Hoover, 1951-64. 16 pages.

White, Helen H. Green (Mrs. Bolton): Secretary to Lou Henry Hoover, 1930, 1935-37; secretary to Herbert Hoover, 1940-50 (intermittently). 49 pages.

White, William Lindsay: Author of numerous books on biography, travel, and public affairs, 1938-62; staff member, Washington Post, 1935; staff member, Fortune Magazine, 1937; war correspondent for 40 American daily newspapers, 1939-40; represented North American Newspaper Alliance and Reader's Digest, London, 1940-41; roving editor, Reader's Digest, 1942-73. 50 pages.

Wickes, Francis C.: Member of Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1918; lawyer in private practice after World War I. 29 pages.

Wickett, Fred A.: Vice president in charge of Western Division, New York Life Insurance Co. 9 pages.

Wilbur, Dwight L.: Physician; member, Medical Services Task Force, Second Hoover Commission, 1953-54. Son of Ray Lyman Wilbur, Sr., who was Secretary of the Interior, 1929-33; president, Stanford University, 1916-43. 23 pages.

Wilbur, Ray Lyman, Jr.: Business executive, son of Ray Lyman Wilbur, Sr., Secretary of the Interior, 1929-33, and president, Stanford University, 1916-43. 20 pages.

Willis, Mildred Hoover (Mrs. Cornelius): Daughter of Theodore Hoover, Herbert Hoover's brother. 11 pages.

Wilson, Richard L.: Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper columnist; city editor, 1930-33, Washington correspondent, 1933-70, Des Moines Register; vice president, National Press Building Corp., 1962-72. Interviews conducted for:

  1. Herbert Hoover Oral History Program (by Raymond Henle), 13 pages, and
  2. John Foster Dulles Oral History Program (by Richard D. Challener), 39 pages.

Wolfe, Henry C.: International war correspondent in World War II; member, American Relief Administration, 1922; author and lecturer. 27 pages.

Wolfe, Preston: President, Columbus Dispatch. Son of Harry Preston Wolfe, who was vice president, Ohio State Journal, 1903-46; president and publisher, Columbus Dispatch, 1926-46; political associate of Herbert Hoover. 61 pages.

Wyatt, Walter: Clerk, general counsel, Federal Reserve Board, 1917-22; general counsel, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System, 1922-46; Reporter of Decisions, Supreme Court of the United States, 1946-ca. 1965. Interview conducted for the Columbia Oral History Program by James E. Sargent. (Permission to copy required from Columbia University.) 100 pages.

Yeager, Naomi: Secretary to Herbert Hoover, 1961-64. 26 pages.

Young, Clarence M.: Aviation consultant; lawyer in private practice, 1910-22; Director of Aeronautics, Department of Commerce, 1926-29; Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Aeronautics, 1929-33; vice president, Pan American World Airways, 1950-59. 26 pages.

NOTE: Individual and composite name and subject indexes are available for interviews conducted for the Herbert Hoover Oral History Program and selected others.