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Presidential Libraries are not libraries in the usual sense. They are archives and museums, preserving the written record and physical history of our presidents, while providing special programs and exhibits that serve their communities. These libraries belong to the American people. 

In 1955 the Presidential Libraries Act was passed in the U.S. Congress that provides for the operation of this facility through the National Archives and Records Administration.

About the Facility

The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum was opened to the public on August 10, 1962, Mr. Hoover's 88th birthday. In 1992 the museum increased in size from 32,000 to 44,500 square feet. The permanent galleries tell the story of Hoover's fifty years of public service and the large temporary gallery features changing exhibits. The Library and Museum also includes a 180 seat autitorium, a multi-purpose room and a conference room. 


The National Archives and Presidential Libraries

Learn about the history of presidential libraries and the federal agency that manages them, the National Archives and Records Administration.

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