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Historical Materials: Microfilm

American Commission to Negotiate Peace: General records, 1918-31. Record Group 256, National Archives. 563 reels.

American Relief Administration: New York office newsletter, Volume 1, numbers 1-35, 1921-22. Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. 1 reel.

Arnold, Ralph: Papers, selected portion, 1920. Huntington Library. 1 reel.

Bewick, Moreing and Co.: Selected papers relating to Herbert Hoover, 1897-1926. Property of Bewick, Moreing & Co. 1 reel.

Board of Trade (London): Selected mining companies' materials, 1895-1921. Public Record Office (London). 2 reels.

Brandies, Louis D.: Papers, selected portion, 1912-33. University of Louisville. 8 reels.

Camp Rapidan Account Book of J. W. Yeager: 1931-34. University of Virginia. 1 reel.

Castle, William R., Jr.: Diaries, 1918-64. Harvard University. 12 reels.

Census: 1880, Cedar County, IA. Record Group 29, National Archives. 1 reel. 1900, Cedar County, IA. Record Group 29, National Archives. 1 reel. 1900, Hoovers in Iowa. Record Group 29, National Archives. 1 reel.

Commission for Relief in Belgium: London office press clippings, Volumes 1-136, 1914-February 1920. Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. 11 reels.

Commission for Relief in Belgium: New York office committee minutes and agenda, November 1915-November 1918. Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. 1 reel.

Coolidge, Calvin: President of the United States, 1923-29. Papers (selected portions), 1923-28. Library of Congress. 160 reels.

Coolidge, Calvin: Papers, President Personal Files, correspondence, 1922-32. Forbes Library. 12 reels.

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service: Records from subject files relating to the First and Second Industrial Conferences, 1919-20. Record Group 280, National Archives. 1 reel.

Hale, George Ellery: Member, National Academy of Sciences, 1902-28; organizer and director, Mount Wilson Observatory, 1904-23. Papers,1890-1937 (correspondence with Herbert Hoover, 1920-33). Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatories. 18 reels.

Hamlin, Charles S.: Governor, 1914-16, member, 1916-36, special counsel, 1936-38, Federal Reserve Board. Diaries, 1929-March 24, 1933. Library of Congress. 4 reels.

Harding, Warren Gamaliel: President of the United States, 1921-23: Papers (selected portions), 1914-63. Ohio Historical Society. 203 reels.

Hoover, Herbert: Collection of foreign press coverage of Hoover's overseas trips in 1928, 1938, and 1946. Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. 4 reels.

Hoover, Herbert: Selected documents from 11 collections, 1920-64. New York Public Library. 1 reel.

Hoover, Herbert: Selected documents from 21 collections, 1914-64. State Historical Society of Wisconsin. 2 reels.

Hoover, Herbert: Presidential Appointment Books, 1929-33. Hoover Institution. 1 reel.

Hoover, Irwin H. (Ike): White House usher 1909-33. Papers (selected reels), 1929-33. Library of Congress. 4 reels

Hoover, Lou Henry and Dare Stark McMullin: "White House History, 1789-1933." Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. 1 reel.

Hoover, Theodore Jesse: Mining Engineer; brother of Herbert Hoover; professor of mining and metallurgy, Stanford University, 1919-36; dean of engineering, Stanford University, 1925-36; author of Memoranda, Being a Statement by an Engineer, (1939). Property of Theodore Jesse Hoover Family. 1 reel.

Kellogg, Frank B.: Diplomat, Secretary of State, 1925-29. Papers, 1890-1943. Minnesota Historical Society. 54 reels.

Labor Legislation: Papers of the American Association for Labor Legislation, 1920-40 (edited by Mary S. Arluck). Microfilming Corporation of America. 29 reels.

Lamont, Robert P.: Secretary of Commerce, 1929-32. Papers, 1929-32. Record Group 40, National Archives. 16 reels.

Manhattan Engineer District: Declassified "Top Secret" correspondence maintained by Maj. Gen. Leslie R. Groves, 1942-46. Record Group 77, National Archives. 5 reels.

Manhattan Project: Official history and documents, 1940-66. National Archives. 12 reels.

Myers, William Starr: Professor of politics, author: Diaries, 1918-53. Princeton University. 3 reels.

Nye, Gerald P.: Political cartoons relating to, 1928-41. Xerox Systems Center, Washington DC. 1 reel.

Oil: The Federal Investigations, 1919-33. University Publications of America. 2 reels.

O'Laughlin, John C.: Correspondence with Herbert Hoover, 1933-48. Library of Congress. 4 reels.

Pate, Maurice: Member, Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1916-17; American Relief Administration, European Children's Fund, 1919-22; Commission for Polish Relief, Inc., 1939-41. Scrapbooks, 1905-21, 1939-40. Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. 1 reel.

Recessions, Depressions and Economic Panics in American History: Reels 3 and 4, 1913, 1919-33. University Publications of America. 2 reels.

Reparation Commission: Papers of the Allied Powers, 1922-30. University Publications of America. 6 reels.

Roosevelt, Franklin D.-Winston Churchill: Messages and related materials, 1939-41. Franklin D. Roosevelt Library. 6 reels.

Sons of Gwalia, Ltd.: Letterpress Copybook, 1898-99 (correspondence of Herbert Hoover 1898). Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. 1 reel.

Stewart, Ethelbert: Statistician, U.S. Tariff Board, 1911; Chief Statistician, Children's Bureau, 1912-13; Chief Statistician, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1913-19; U.S. Commissioner of Labor Statistics, 1920-32; Papers, 1877-1933. University of North Carolina Library. 2 reels.

Stimson, Henry L.: Papers and diaries, 1909-45 (selected reels). Yale University Library. 132 reels.

Stine, Oscar C.: Agricultural economist, Bureau of Agricultural Economics, 1921-46. Scrapbook of photographs, relating to Russian agriculture. Oscar C. Stine Family. 1 reel.

Strauss, Lewis L.: "A" and "B" correspondence files of Lewis L. Strauss Papers. 4 reels.

U.S. Department of Labor: General records relating to the First and Second Industrial Conferences, 1919-20 from the office files of Secretary William B. Wilson. Record Group 174, National Archives. 1 reel.

U.S. Department of State: Records Relating to Internal Affairs of: 1) Australia, 1910-44 , 36 reels. 2) Austria-Hungary, rolls 3 and 13, June 1912-20, 2 reels. 3) Belgium, 1910-29, 7 reels. 4) Russia, 1910-29, "Calamities & Disasters", 9 reels. Record Group 59, National Archives.

U.S. Department of State: Records Relating to Political Relations Between: 1) United States and Finland, 1940-44, 2 reels. 2) United States and Great Britain, 1910-29, 15 reels. Record Group 59, National Archives.

U.S. Department of State: World War II Collection of Seized Enemy. Records of the German Foreign Office Received by the Department of State, Selected Reels, 1833-1930, 14 reels. Records Record, Group 242, National Archives.

West Branch (IA) Friend's Records: Membership rolls, minutes, marriage records, and death records, 1850-1935. William Penn College, Oskaloosa, IA. 10 reels.

Wilder, Laura Ingalls: Author, Little House books. Manuscript drafts, 1894-1943. University of Missouri-Columbia. 3 reels.

NOTE: The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library has over 400 theses and dissertations on microfilm and in book form, the majority of which drew on the library's resources.

Historical Materials: Microfiche

Albright, Horace M.: Conservationist. Oral history, 1913-61. Columbia University. 10 cards.

Dooman, Eugene: Diplomat. Oral history, 1921-41. Columbia University. 2 cards.

Galpin, Perrin C.: Educator. Oral history, 1956. Columbia University. 1 card.

House Un-American Activities Committee: Appendix IX (from the Westbrook Pegler Papers). Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. 31 cards.

Jackson, Gardner: Public Official. Oral history, 1920-55. Columbia University. 9 cards.

Jones, Marvin: Jurist, legislator. Oral history, 1900-53. Columbia University. 16 cards.

Meyer, Eugene: Financier, newspaper executive. Oral history, 1920-53. Columbia University. 10 cards.

Reynolds, Jackson E.: Lawyer, banker. Oral history, 1896-1949. Columbia University. 2 cards.

Smith, H. Alexander: U.S. Senator. Oral history, 1905-54. Columbia University. 7 cards.

Stine, Oscar C.: Agricultural economist. Oral history, 1889-1948. Columbia University. 5 cards.

Williams, James T., Jr.: Editor. Oral history, 1900-53. Columbia University. 11 cards.

Wilson, Milburn L.: Agriculturist. Oral history, 1890-1956. Columbia University. 23 cards.

Wood, Robert E.: Executive, government official. Oral history, 1901-61. Columbia University. 2 cards.