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8 linear feet, 9 linear inches (15 manuscript boxes, 5 oversize boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Verne Marshall was born on August 30, 1889. He married Frances Durand Fiske on April 21, 1919 and they had four children. Frances died in 1928 and Marshall married Clementine Robichaux on May 21, 1932 and had two children.

In 1916 Marshall became an ambulance driver with the French army. He returned home and joined the Army as a War Bond drive speaker on the home front.

He took over the editor position at the Cedar Rapids Gazette from his father in 1932. In 1936 Marshall won the Pulitzer Prize for his investigation into graft in Iowa.

He formed the No Foreign Wars committee in 1939, which ended in early 1941 when Marshall became ill. He retired from the Gazette due to his illness. Marshall later wrote for the Sentinel newspaper. Verne Marshall died on March 25, 1965.


The papers of Verne Marshall are divided into five series:

CORRESPONDENCE, 1929-1948 (1 box) Arranged alphabetically by name.

SUBJECT FILES, 1920-1947 (3 boxes) The series includes biographical material, newspaper clippings, articles, statements, speeches, and invitations. Topics include: the 1936 presidential campaign, World War I, Pearl Harbor, and the Pulitzer Prize. Arranged alphabetically by topic. 

GRAFT IN IOWA FILES, 1929-1940 (4 boxes) The series includes investigation reports, legal documents and trial information pertaining to the investigations into liquor, gambling, and the University of Iowa. Arranged alphabetically by name or subject. 

NO FOREIGN WAR COMMITTEE FILES, 1940-1941 (3 boxes) The series contains statements, speeches, the debate with William Allen White, and correspondence. Arranged chronologically. 

NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS, 1865-1965 (4 boxes) The series contains newspaper clippings and scrapbooks. Topics include graft in Iowa, Verne Marshall, World War 2, the 1938 election, poplitics, and baseball. Arranged chronologically.





Chamberlain, William, 1938-1940
Cole, Wayne S., 1948
Dewey, Thomas E., 1939
Gillette, Guy M., 1938-1940
Gottesfeld, Samuel, 1948
Hadley, Ed, 1934-1940
?Haynes, Glenn C.,
Hickenlooper, Bourke B., 1945
Hoover, Herbert, 1929-1933
Landon, Alfred M., 1936-1941
Miscellaneous Correspondents
Pitkin, Walter B., 1938-1939
Pryor, Samuel F., 1940
?Willkie, Wendell,


Subject Files

?Cedar Rapids Gazette,
Condolences on Death of Harry L. Marshall, 1932
Dairy and Food Commission Expose, 1920-1921
William Rhodes Davis Peace Mission 1939
Defenders of the Constitution of USA 1941
?Diamond, Tobias E.,
?Election of 1940.
?Hoover, Herbert.
Invitations to Speak 1934-1940
MacNider, Hanford, 1940
?March of Time Film,


Marshall Biographical Material,
?Marshall Family
?Parker Appointment by Hoover
Pearl Harbor Articles 1945-1947
Pulitzer Prize, 1936 (2 folders)
State Mental Hospital Conditions, 1939
Statements and Speeches by Verne Marshall

Wichita, Kansas, Sep 7, 1936
WTTO, Des Moines, Oct 20, 1936
Coliseum, Oct 28, 1936
WMT Radio, Oct 29, 1936
Fort Dodge, Iowa, Oct 30, 1936
?Nov 1, 1936

Statement – Cedar Rapids, Oct 28, 1938
Statement – GOP National Convention, 1940


Tugwell, Rexford G. – Speeches, 1933-1935 (3 folders)        
World War I Service of Marshall (2 folders)


Graft in Iowa Files

Barnes, Don, 1936-1940 (lawyer)
Baltin, John 1935
?Duckworth, Max E.,
?Correspondence – Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),
?Correspondence – Legal and Legislative,
?Correspondence – Trial,
?Grand Jury Exhibits,
?Herring, Clyde,


Ickes, Harold,
?Investigators – Correspondence,
?Investigators – Evidence gathered by FME and WHL
?Investigators – HM Havner
?Kraschel and Beh Cases
?Legal Documents
?Letters of Thanks
?Liquor Control Commission, State of Iowa


Proposed Investigations
?Public Reaction to Radio address on Graft Oct. 20 1936
?Radio Station WHO
?Slot Machines – Trial Information and Correspondence
?Things of Interest
?Trial of JM Conway 1934
?Trial of Harold M. Cooper
?E.S. White Correspondence


University of Iowa – Burns Detective Agency
?University of Iowa – Communism and Socialism
?M. L. McKinley Correspondence, Mar 21, 1929- Apr 13, 1933
?M. L. McKinley Letters to Self, Legal Tips
?University of Iowa – Presidency, 1940 (Virgil Hancher)
?M. L. McKinley Correspondence
?Legal Documents


No Foreign Wars Committee Files
Press Releases – Index

1. Conception and policy of No Foreign Wars Committee
2. Biographies of Marshall, Lancaster and Armstrong
3. Telegram challenging William Allen White to debate
4. Answer to White’s claim his committee has no war aims
5. Christmas day statement against Foreign War
6. Anticipating Roosevelt’s Fireside chat
7. Answer to Margolin’s PM attack
8. Reply to 150 prominent signers of telegram to Roosevelt
9. American must be awakened by C.B, Kelland
10. Challenge to Roosevelt to publicize agenda
11. Agenda statement by William Rhodes Davis
12. Defense of Davis
13. List of senators and congressmen after Jan 3, 1941
14. CBS broadcast Jan 1, 1941
15. Report on contributions.
16. Reply to critics of William Rhodes Davis
17. Reply to Charles Quinn on R.G. Reynolds loan
18. Challenge on names on Marshall’s wire to President
19. Verne Marshall’s town meeting on the air script
20. Verne Marshall’s town meeting on the air script- rebuttal
21. Reply to Roosevelt’s request for more power
22. Announcement of Jan 12, 1941 broadcast
23. Reply to Birkhead telegram
24. Script of Jan 21, 1941 NBS
Statement on Radio Broadcast, Jan 21, 1941
25. Reply to NFWC Anti-Semitic Charges
26. Announcement to subpoena service
27. Statement on Receipts by Robert A. Lancaster
28. Announcement of National organization structure
29. New England Town Meeting of the Air Jan 16, 1941
30. Terms of HR 1776
31. Speakers Bureau Blank
32. Protest of March of Time Film
33. A Statement by Former Senator
Statement of American Mothers Neutrality League
34. Requisition Blank
35. Reply to Roosevelt’s Inaugural address
36. Letter to Parke Chamberlain
37. Radio Article Women against War
38. Report on Campus Poll by Mark Richelsen, Jan 23, 1941
39. Duke Chronicle report on Northwestern University and Minnesota University by J. Kelsey Burr
40. Letter to college editors by J. Kelsey Burr
41. Northwestern University poll by Mark Richelsen
42. What Women think of war by Helen Walker Homan
43. Keep out of war by Helen Walker Homan
44. Verne Marshall charges hypocrisy in Lend-Lease bill
Statement – WHO Radio Des Moines, Jan 28, 1941
45. Report on campus polls by Quadland
46. Aid to Britain means vast debt for America
47. Radio report on campus polls by Mark Richelsen
48. Letters to colleges on Bill 1776 by J. Kelsey Burr
49. Verne Marshall hits camouflage in Bill 1776
50. Verne Marshall states that negotiated peace flawed
51. Fox Fur received from Alaska
52. Notes on address delivered by George Dyson Friou
53. Notice of senator Capper radio talk
54. Colonel Foster- Bannon to discuss Bill HR 1776
55. Verne Marshall answers United Americans
56. Marshall charges contradictory London stories                  
57. Discussion at American Labor Club Bronx
58. Announcement of meeting in Philadelphia
Statement – Philadelphia, Feb 12, 1941
59. Announcement of Armenian meeting
60. List of congressmen who voted against HR 1776
61. Marshall’s Home Anti-War Rally
62. John J. O’Connor speaks in New Jersey
63. Which Way America? By George Friou
64. Marshall refers to Wallace’s speech Feb. 22, 1941
Statement, Feb 22, 1941
65. Broadcast by Senator Capper on Lend-Lease                   
66. Verne Marshall calls bill 1776 muscle in bill on labor
67. Publicity on Passaic Meeting
Statements and speeches, undated


No Foreign Wars Committee

?Information about Committee,
Petition to Roosevelt, Dec 27- 28, 1940
Letters of thanks, congrats and poems, undated
Letters of thanks, congrats and poems, Dec 1940
Letters of thanks, congrats and poems, Jan 1941


Letters of thanks, congrats and poems, Feb 1941
Letters of thanks, congrats and poems, Apr 1941
Criticism and Advice to Verne Marshall
General Correspondence, Nov 1940-Feb 1941
Arthur Lowe
Newspaper Clippings, Dec 1940-Feb 1941
Bill HR 1776, Jan 10, 1941-Feb 25, 1941
Mass Meetings
Letters to Senators and Presidents
Marshall’s failing health, ending of Committee, 1941-1942
William Allen White, Correspondence, 1934-1940
William Allen White v. Verne Marshall, Nov 26, 1940


Newspaper Clippings

Lincoln Assassination, New York Herald, Apr 16, 1865
First Issue, Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, Jan 1, 1883
Marshall’s First Editorial, Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, Feb 7, 1914
War in Europe, New York Times, Sep 29, 1918
History of Cedar Rapids, Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, May 23, 1925
Clippings, 1927 -1935 (13 folders)


Clippings, 1936-1940 (27 folders)


Clippings, 1941-1944 (30 folders)


Clippings, 1945-1965 and undated (24 folders)

(Boxes 16-20 oversized)


Iowa University Probe, 1930-1932. Articles by Verne, graft investigations. Complied by Lavon Duttweiler


Scrapbook (large). Cedar Rapids Gazette – Graft File, 1934-1935. Cooper, gambling, liquor, slot machines.
Scrapbook. Cedar Rapids Gazette – Graft File, 1936. Liquor case, Pulitzer Prize.


Scrapbook (large). Sioux City Journal, Des Moines Tribune, 1935-1936. Graft, Verne, Duckworth, gambling, liquor
Scrapbook. Des Moines Register, Des Moines Tribune, 1935-1936. Liquor, Cooper, Duckworth, graft, Herring, slot machines
Scrapbook. Cedar Rapids Gazette, 1937-1939. Wilson Campaign, 1938 election, government, liquor case


Scrapbook. New York Herald Tribune, New York American, New York TimesChicago Tribune, and Iowa papers, 1936-1938. Personal scrapbook, baseball,
 Roosevelt, Marshall, government, graft case
Scrapbook About Marshall, 1935-1936. Graft, legislation, liquor, gambling
Scrapbook. Cedar Rapids Gazette and Iowa Papers, 1935-1939. Lawsuit by Cooper, liquor board. Articles by Marshall and Duckworth


Scrapbook. Cedar Rapids Gazette, 1938-1940. Roosevelt, Nazis, politics, anti-war, national defense
Scrapbook. First Issue of Cedar Rapids Gazette and Marion Sentinel, Oct 8, 1953 - Apr 11, 1956. Politics, Henderson death
Framed picture of James Farley (Roosevelt’s Campaign manager)
Poster of Verne Marshall with Marion Sentinel staff

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