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2 linear feet, 8 linear inches (6 LGA-S boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Arthur Kemp was born on January 29, 1916 in Buffalo, New York

B.S.     University of Buffalo, 1939
M.B.A. Northwestern University, 1940
Ph.D.  New York University, 1949

Academic positions:
Assistant Professor, Earlham College,  Richmond, Indiana, 1941
Instructor in Economics, Yale University, 1941-43
Assistant Professor, Adelphi College, Garden City, New York, 1946
Instructor in Economics, School.of Commerce, New York University, New York City, 1946-1950
Assistant Professor, School of Commerce, New York University, New York, N.Y., 1950-1953
Professor of Economic Education, Claremont Men's College, Claremont, California, 1953-1955
Charles M. Stone Professor of Money & Credit, Claremont Men's College, Claremont,
California, 1955-1981
Professor Emeritus, Economics, Claremont McKenna College

Other  positions:
Statistician, Office of the Air Surgeon, USAAF, School of Aviation Medicine, Randolph Field, Texas, 1943-46.
Research assistant to Herbert Hoover, assisting in the preparation of The Memoirs of Herbert Hoover, and in the preparation of all public addresses made by Hoover, 1946-53. Research assistant to the Chairman, Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government, 1947-48.
Director, Department of Economic Research, American Medical Association, 1959-60

Herbert Hoover hired Arthur Kemp in 1943 as his principal a research assistant. They worked together until 1953 when Kemp joined the faculty of Claremont Men's College in California. Kemp spent summers at the Hoover Institution doing research for Hoover’s Magnum Opus, known over the years as the War Book, Freedom Betrayed, and Lost Statesmanship. A version edited by George Nash was published in 2011 as Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover's Secret History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath.


The collection contains correspondence, memoranda, reports, drafts, articles, speeches, and book reviews.


Box Contents


Ackerman, Adolph J. – Articles on Engineering, 1958, 1964‑1965, 1971, 1974 (articles on engineering)
American Economic Association – Kemp Presentation on Economics and Changing Technology, 1956
American Enterprise Association – The Role of Government in Developing Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy by Kemp – Legislative Analysis: The Economic Status         of the Aged, 1956, 1958‑1959, 1961
American Institute for Economic Research – Memorandum on a Graduate Program in the Behavioral Sciences with Emphasis on Economics, 1957‑1958
American Medical Association

The Challenge of Medical Insurance by C. Marshall Lee, Jr. for NEJM, Feb 18, 1960
The Constitution of Liberty by Kemp for JAMA, Feb 20, 1960
Economic Status of the Aged by Kemp, Apr 23, 1960
Freedom of Choice by Kemp for JAMA, Feb 27, 1960
Medical Care Costs in an Extended Inflation by Kemp for JAMA, Oct 29, 1960
National Congress on Prepaid Health Insurance, May 13-14, 1960

Increasing Demands vs, Increasing Costs by Kemp
Luncheon Addresses: The Federal Government and Voluntary Health Insurance, and The Dread Enemy (socialized medicine)
Planning Care of the Aged Rebuttal Letter by Kemp, Nov 12, 1959
A Profile of the Aging: U.S.A. by Wiggins and Schoeck, undated
Some Observations on Financial Assets of the Aged and Forand-Type Legislation by Kemp and Martin for JAMA, Oct 31, 1959
Benson, Ezra Taft – Mormon Promotional Materials, 1977 and undated
Benson, Ezra Taft – The Productive Base of Society: The Case for the Free Market Address, May 16, 1977
Burns, Arthur – Pathways to Stable Prosperity Lecture, Nov 9, 1965
California Taxpayers Association, 1956, 1958
Camp, Loretta – Social Correspondence, 1956, 1965
China – Memorandum on Communist Influence Over America’s China Policy and the Persons Concerned, 1950 (includes sections on The Institute of         Pacific Relations and Owen Lattimore, 62 pages)
Claremont College

Annual Reports, 1956, 1958
Classes Fellowships, and Students, 1955-1965
Correspondence, 1958, 1969
Essay on Political and Economic Liberty by Kemp, 1954
Honnold Library, 1958, 1971


Institute on Freedom and Competitive Enterprise

Correspondence and Promotional Material, 1954‑1961
Lecture Transcripts
Friedman, Milton
Monopoly and the Rule of the State and Government Relief and Elemosynary Activities, June 21 and 24, 1955 (includes photo)
Economic Theory: Price System, Money Supply, and Economic Activity, Oct 25, 1955
On Education, undated                                              
Rueff, Jacques – Forty Years of Monetary Experiments, June 18 and 22, 1955 (two lectures, includes photo)
Wright, David McCord
Weaknesses in the Free World, June 13, 1955
Liberal Capitalist Democracy, June 15, 1955
The Modern Confusion: Capitalism and Private Property, June 24, 1955
Capitalism, Socialism, and Economic Growth, undated
Jewkes, John – The Welfare State in Great Britain, June 1959

Press Releases, 1954, 1959 and undated
Promotional Materials, 1956-1981 (scattered)

Collectivism Manuscript (material used in Hoover’s memoir on the Great Depression, Freedom Betrayed, and the Crusade Years)

Chronology, 1933‑1944
Economic Index Numbers, New Deal Manipulation, 1950
Research Notes, 1919-1950 (3 folders)
Statistical Tables, 1925‑1948
The Aftermath, 1933‑1940 (galley)

Committee for Monetary Research and Education Conference, 1974 (includes International Liquidity: The Misbegotten Myth and Possible Remedies for Price
     Inflation by Kemp)
Committee for Monetary Research and Education Conference, 1975 (includes From Barter to SDRs – High Principles or High Jinks and American Banking by      Kemp)
Committee for Monetary Research and Education Conference, 1976 (includes The Monetarist System by A. James Meigs, and The Monetary System Under     Gold Standard by Kemp)
Committee for Monetary Research and Education Conference, 1977
Committee for Monetary Research and Education Conference, 1978 (includes God, Gold and Governments by Kemp)
Dewey, Thomas E. – Letters to Herbert Hoover, 1949, 1956 (HH Senate appointment)


Eisenhower, Dwight D. – Thank You to Kemp, Nov 10, 1956
Election of 1932 – Handwritten Notes on Popular Vote, undated
Encyclopedia Britannica – Kemp Piece on Greenbacks, 1959‑1967
                     Citations in Congressional Record, 1950 (2 folders)
                     People Mentioned in Testimony, House Committee on Un-American Activities
                              (HUAC) – Biographical Information, 1950

Freedoms Foundation Seminar, 1971‑1972 (includes lecture outline on free economy
                     vs. controlled economy)
Friedman, Milton – Letter and Response Regarding HHPLA Essay Contest, 1973
Hayek, F. A. – Essays: The Intellectuals and Socialism and The Moral Element in Free Enterprise, 1949, and undated
Herbert Hoover Birthplace Foundation – Memo Regarding Objectives, 1966, 1969
Herbert Hoover Centennial Award by the Iowa Engineering Society, Aug 8, 1974
Herbert Hoover Foundation (New York) – Routine Financial, 1969‑1970
Herbert Hoover Oral History Program, 1968‑1971
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

Correspondence, 1966-1979
Directorship, 1968‑1970
Seminars, 1974‑1983

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association, 1969-1973
Hoover, Allan - Correspondence, 1958-1970 (2 folders)
Hoover, Herbert

Boys Clubs of America – Hoover 75 Birthday Message, Sep 22, 1949 (map case)
Bohemian Club Presentation to Hoover by Clarence Budington Kelland, July 31, 1954
Clippings, 1947‑1979
Correspondence, 1948‑1963
Photograph, undated (copy, original to av)
Social Security Legislation – Draft Letter to Robert Doughton, Apr 1949 (9 pages)
Speeches, 1919-1921, 1948-1960 (2 folders)
Statement on Stock Market Speculation and Financial Issues, 1925‑1926

Hoover, Herbert (Pete) III - Correspondence, 1970


Hoover Institute and Library on War, Revolution, and Peace – History of Hoover’s Involvement, 1936, 1956‑1959
Industry Education Relations Conference – Expected Attendance, June 9-10, 1966
Institute for Humane Studies, 1971 and undated (includes Prices and Property Rights by Kemp)
Institute of World Affairs Conference – Democracy on Trial – Program, 1956
Jewkes, John – British Experiment in State Planning, May 1948
Kemp, Arthur

Resumes, Activity and Publication Lists, 1942‑1971

General, 1941‑1972
Freeman, 1945‑1952
Il Politico, 1957-1972 (2 folders)
Il Politico, Cumulative Index, 1950‑1974
Modern Age, 1958‑1980
Book Reviews, 1948‑1982, and undated
Hoover and the home loan banks, 1951
The Legal Qualities of Money, 1956


Speeches, 1954-1972 (2 folders)
Speeches and articles in foreign countries, 1958‑1976
Clippings, 1948‑1978

Keynes, John Maynard, 1946‑1951
Lehrman, Lewis E. – Monetary Policy, the Federal Reserve System and Gold, undated
Livingston, Walter (Jack), 1956‑1958
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, 1957‑1968
Lyons, Eugene, 1948
McMullin, Dare Stark, 1956
Mercurio, 1967‑1973
Meyer, Frank S. – Testimony, 1957
Mont Pelerin Society, 1973‑1978, and undated
Morley, Felix, 1958‑1979
National Industrial Conference Board – Atomic Energy in Industry, 1955
National Recovery Act, 1931‑1948
New York University, 1952‑1958
Philadelphia Society, 1966‑1979
Presidents' Tax Recommendations, House Ways and Means Committee, 1961
Public Utilities Fortnightly, 1958


Research Committee on Social Trends, 1930
Revista de Trabajo, 1958
Roosevelt, Franklin D. 

F.D.R., His Personal Letters
Speeches, 1932
Clippings, 1948‑1973

Schoeck, Helmet, 1962
Social Security Legislation SEE: Herbert Hoover draft letter, 1949
Southern California Council in Economic Education, 1954
Spahr, Walter E., Economists National Committee on Monetary Policy, 1956‑1959
Stanford Research Institute, undated
Stanford University, 1957
Strauss, Lewis L., 1952-1959 (2 folders)
Sullivan, Mark, 1925‑1931
Symposium on Individuality, Princeton, 1956
Thalken, Thomas T., 1956‑1957 (director Hoover Presidential Library)
Tybout, Richard A., 1956
United States State Department, 1958‑1959
University of Buffalo, 1954‑1962
University of Chicago Round Table, transcript, 1952
University of Illinois. Bailey Memorial Chair, 1958
Walcott, Frederic C., 1949
War Book (Freedom Betrayed)

Correspondence, 1942‑1961 and undated
Herbert Hoover holographs
Lost Statesmanship – Notes, 1954
Research clippings, 1955‑1983, and undated
Yalta – Fall of China, 1945‑1950 (galley)

Wedemeyer, Albert C., 1954
Welfare Activities – Medical, 1960
Zirkle, Conway, 1953‑1956


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