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Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


May 24, 1896 Born in Rochester, New York. Son of William and Annie Taylor.

1917 Ambulance driver for the American Field Service with the French Army on the Salonika front.

1919 Graduated from Harvard University after interruptions for war service.

Apr 12-June 30, 1921 American Relief Administration clerk for Herbert Hoover.

1921-1934 Commerce Department, Division of Building and Housing, became Chief in 1928. Chief, Division of Public Construction, 1930‑1933.

Oct 21, 1933 Married Helen Livingston Strauss in Washington, D.C.

1934-1941 Federal Housing Administration. Associate Director of Economics and Statistics.

1941-1944 War Production Board. Assistant Director Building Materials Division and Chief of the Program Section.

1944-1947 Retraining and Reemployment Administration, Chief of Program Division.

1948 Hoover Commission. Supervised a study of federal field services.

1948-1950 Economic Cooperation Administration. Petroleum specialist.

1950-1951 National Security Resources Board. Petroleum specialist, Office of Energy and Utilities.

1951-1953 Defense Production Administration, Office of Defense Mobilization. Oil and gas specialist, Office of Program Requirements.

1953‑1959 Petroleum Economist consultant.


SUBJECT FILES, 1915‑1962 (boxes 1-23)
Files concerning Taylor's work as an economist in the areas of housing, construction, and oil and natural gas production. Materials include: correspondence, clippings, memoranda, reports, statistical data, photographs, and printed materials. Arranged alphabetically by subjects.

CORRESPONDENCE, 1910‑1962 (boxes 24-32)
Personal and social correspondence with friends and family. Arranged chronologically.





American Institute of Planners, 1935‑1944 and undated
 Articles and Speeches

 Notes, 1920‑1927 and undated
Social Imagination in Statesmen, Apr 4, 1922
Zoning and its Meaning to the Home Owner, June 30, 1922
How to Own Your Own Home, 1923
Letter to the New York Times on the need for Economy in Government Spending, July 1, 1923
Outline for a suggested Statement of Principles by the Republican Party, Sept. 5, 1923
Seasonal Operation in the Construction Industry, 1924
The Economic Organization of the U.S., July-Sep 1924
Construction and Construction Materials, 1925
How to Own Your Own Home, 1925
Letter to the New York Times on American Profits in the World War, Oct 30, 1925
Letter to The New Republic on Installment Buying, Apr 22, 1926
Letter to The New Republic on Enforcement Prohibition, May 20, 1926
Professional Standards in Speech Making, circa May 27, 1926
The Attitude of Government Employees Toward Their Work, Aug 11, 1926
To Patricia, 1927?
Letter to Atlantic Monthly Concerning Articles on Economics, Mar 8, 1927
What Woodrow Wilson Means to Me, Sep 30, 1927
Some Current Social Tendencies in The U.S., Oct 3, 1927
Radio Broadcasts, Oct 12, 1927
Why a National Presbyterian Church in Washington?, circa Jan 25, 1928
Christmas Dinner, 1931
Building Construction Marches On, Jan 5, 1932
Construction Cost Statistics, Dec 27, 1933
Stuyvesant Town, 1943
Letter to the New York Times on Sumner Welles' Resignation, Sep 28, 1943
Letter to Washington Star, Sep 26, 1944
Letter to the New York Times on Three Shift Operations, Nov 14, 1944
Letter to the Washington Post on the Coal Shortage, Feb 21, 1945
Letter to the New York Times on Incendiary Bombing of Japanese Cities, May 31, 1945
Letter to the Editor of Time on Pearl Harbor, Sep 24, 1945
Letter to the Washington Post on the Full Employment Bill, Sep 27, 1945


Social Scientists in Business and Government, 1947
American Merchant Marine in Congress, undated
Architecture and Housing, undated
Wanted: An Oliver Wendell Holmes for Radio, undated
City Planning Primer, undated
A Standard State Mechanics' Lien Law, undated
Letter to the New York Times on Wartime Manpower Shortage, undated

Better Homes in America

Articles, 1923‑1932 and undated
Correspondence, 1923-1935 (4 folders)
Minutes and Reports, 1932-936 (4 folders)
Printed Matter, 1922-1936


Boy Scouts of America, 1924‑1933 and undated
Commerce Department

General, 1920 – 1929 (10 folders)


General, 1930 – 1934 (5 folders)
Building and Housing Division – Monthly Reports, 1933‑1934
Cost of Building Materials, 1934
Miscellaneous Notes, 1934

Economic Cooperation Administration

General, 1950
Report on Petroleum Products and Equipment, 1950

Federal Housing Administration

Correspondence, 1934–1940 (4 folders)


Correspondence, 1941–1944 (5 folders)
Bibliographies, 1935-1941 and undated
Building Materials, 1941 and undated
Building Permits

Comparison of Metropolitan Areas
Contract Awards, 1934‑1936 and undated
Construction Costs, 1933‑38
Construction Costs, undated

Construction Industry Report, 1939
Defense Industry Housing, 1940‑1941
Economic Data, 1940‑1941
Employment in Construction Industry, 1934‑1936
Foreclosures, 1923‑1934

6                   Insured Mortgage ortf lio Articles, 1937‑38 (2 folders)
                     Mississippi, 1936-1938
                     New York
                              Budget, 1939
                              Clippings, 1939‑1940
                              Correspondence, 1936‑1941
                              Reports, 1938-1941 and undated (2 folders)


Source Data, 1939‑1940 and undated (3 folders)
Studies, 1939-1940 and undated (2 folders)

Redevelopment, 1931-1940 and undated (2 folders)
Reports and Special Studies, 1933‑1941 and undated


Silver Star Home Committee, 1939‑1940 and undated
Standardization, 1934‑1940 and undated
Travel Records, 1935‑1941 and undated

Federal Shipbuilding Company

General, 1918‑1921 and undated
Printed Matter, 1917‑1920

Harvard University

Correspondence, 1915‑1962
Class Notes
Printed Matter

Hill School, 1927‑1952
Home for Incurables, 1937‑1953 and undated
Honduras: Industrial Planning, 1961
Hoover Commission, 1947‑1948 and undated
Hoover Speeches


Housing – Printed Matter, 1930-1952 and undated (2 folders)
Israel's Industrial Finances, 1960

Morocco – Economic Survey, 1960
National Business Survey Conference, 1929
National Child Health Day, 1931 (ACHA)
National Security Resources Board, 1950
Office of Defense Mobilization, 1951-1953 and undated (3 folders)
Oil and Gas Consultant

Correspondence, 1953‑1955


Correspondence, 1956‑1962 and undated
Annual Reports

C – S (4 folders)


U – W

Clippings. 1962
Crude Petroleum: Cost of Production, 1942‑1943
Electricity Reports, 1949-1960 (3 folders)
Federal Power Commission Reports, 1948‑1949


Federal Power Commission Reports, 1950‑1957
Gasoline Hearings, 1924
Petroleum Resources Hearings, 1945‑1946
Petroleum Transportation Hearings, 1939, 1941 (2 folders)
Reports, 1953–1961 (3 folders)


Reports, undated
Printed Matter, 1962, undated
Source Data, 1950‑1960 and undated
World Oil Production
Printed Matter, 1929‑1957


Printed Matter, 1958‑1961 (2 folders)

Oil Industry Hearings, 1939
Public School Construction and Enrollment, 1956 and undated
Retraining and Reemployment Administration

Correspondence, 1944–1945 (7 folders)


Correspondence, 1946 (10 folders)

Interagency Committee on Statistics, 1945‑1947
Organization, 1945‑1947
Printed Matter
Reports, 1944‑1945


Reports, 1946‑1947 and undated

Shipping Policy and Trade, 1919 and undated
Strauss, Joseph
Tax Policy, 1824‑1932
Taylor, James Spear

Biograhpical and Career Information, 1922‑1961 & undated

Letters to Mother, 1932

Post Graduate Work, 1925‑1926
Wedding Clippings, 1933
Wedding Invitations (October 23, 1933)

Regrets (2 folders)

World War I Service, 1917
Taylor/Gates Compilation

Correspondence and Memoranda, 1932-Jan 1933 (2 folders)


Correspondence and Memoranda, Feb 1933-1934 (2 folders)
A – I  Master Memo and List of Sources of Information
A‑II‑1  State Department
A‑‑II‑2  Treasury Department
A‑II‑2B  Federal Farm Loan Board
A‑II‑3   War Department
A‑II‑4  Justice Department
A‑II‑5   Post Office Department
A‑II‑6   Navy Department
A‑II‑7   Interior Department
A‑II‑8   Agriculture Department
A‑II‑9   Commerce Department
A‑II‑11  Federal Mediation Board
A‑II‑12  Civil Service Commission
A‑II‑13  Federal Board for Vocational Education
A‑II‑14  Federal Farm Board
A‑II‑15  Federal Oil Conservation Board
A‑II‑16  Federal Power Commission
A‑II‑17  Federal Radio Commission
A‑II‑18  Federal Reserve Board
A‑II‑19  Federal Trade Commission
A‑II‑20  Interstate Commerce Commission
A‑II‑22  Public Buildings and Public Parks of the National Capitol
A‑II‑23  Reconstruction Finance Corporation
A‑II‑24  U.S. Tariff Commission
A‑II‑25  U.S. Shipping Board and Merchant Fleet Corporation
A‑II‑26  U.S. Veterans Administration
A‑II‑27  Inland Waterways Corporation
A‑II‑28  Home Loan Bank Board
A‑II‑29  Tax Appeals Board
A‑II‑30  District of Columbia
A‑III   Cross References
A‑IV‑1   Appointments
A‑IV‑2   Budget


A‑IV‑3   President's Relations With Congress
A‑IV‑4   Business and Unemployment Relief
A‑IV‑5   Negroes
A‑IV‑6   Women
A‑IV‑7   Nongovernmental Activities
A‑VI    Classification of Legislation (2 folders)
A‑VII List of Simple Resolutions Passed by the Senate and the House of Representatives
A‑VIII Departmental Reports on Bills to the President
A‑IX  Congress: Committee Hearings
A‑X   Commissions and Committees (2 folders)
A‑XI  List of Subject in the President's Official File
A‑XII  List of Subjects in the President's Personal File


A‑XIII List of the President's Speeches and Press Releases
A‑XIV  Executive Orders: Classified List
A‑XV  Reports and Publications Received

Temporary National Economic Committee – Berle Memorandum, 1938
Unions and Labor, 1924‑1929
War Production Board

Correspondence, 1941-Feb 1943 (7 folders)


Correspondence, Mar 1943-1944 (10 folders)
Organization, 1943‑1944

White House Conferences on Child Health and Protection, 1930‑1932
White House Conferemce on Home Building and Home Ownership – Reports of Committees and SubCommittees, 1931‑1932


Printed Matter (2 folders)


Printed Matter
Miscellaneous (3 folders)


Miscellaneous (2 folders)

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Correspondence, 1910–May 1919 (10 folders)


Correspondence, June 1919–June 1925 (10 folders)


Correspondence, Aug 1925–Apr 1928 (8 folders)


Correspondence, May 1928–Mar 1931 (10 folders)


Correspondence, Apr 1931–May 1933 (12 folders)


Correspondence, June 1933–1935 (10 folders)


Correspondence, 1936–July 1944 (12 folders)


Correspondence, Aug 1944–1960 (12 folders)


Correspondence, 1961–1962, undated (4 folders)

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