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10 linear feet, 11 linear inches (25 LGA-S boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Retired University of Missouri English professor.

The collection primarily consists of research materials gathered during the writing of Ghost in the Little House, a biography of Rose Wilder Lane that examines her role in the writing of the Little House on the Prairie books. It has been divided into four sub-groups that correspond to the series in the Rose Wilder Lane Papers: Subject Files, Diaries and Journals, Writings, and Audio-visual Materials.



Subject Files:
Subject Files, Diaries and Journals, Audio-Visual

Writings, Books and Articles


Bracketed codes indicate the file name of the scanned pdf of that folder (for example [31-wh-sub-b02-f20]).


Box Contents

Box Contents


Albania – Correspondence, 1926‑1927
Albania – Printed Materia
Albanian Wedding Ceremony – Text and Translation, circa 1921
Algonquin Round Table, 1987
Allen, 1928
American Red Cross, 1980
Anderson, Sherwood, 1928
Beatty, Bessie, 1920
Berkshire Conference – Printed Material, 1984 (Joan Shelley Rubin)
Biography – Theory
Book Reviews
Bowler, 1937
Boylston, Helen – Biographical Information
Boylston, Helen – Interview by William Anderson, 1981 [31-wh-b01-f14-boylston]
Brandt, Carl, 1928‑1930
Brastow, Virginia, 1933‑1937
Briggs, W. H., 1926
Brown, George Oliver, 1959 (George Bye)
Browning, Norma Lee, 1963-1990 (2 folders)
Bucher, Julian, 1907


Bye, George, 1931-1943 (2 folders, George Oliver Brown)
Bye, George – Inventory of Letters
Capielli, Mary, 1987
Carpenter, Aunt Martha, 1925
Clark, Joan Robinson and Charles R., 1943‑1963
Crane, Jasper, 1946
Day, Clarence, 1926-1928 (2 folders)|
Dell, Floyd, 1926, 1928‑1934, 1948
Dell, Floyd – Notes
DeVoto, Bernard, 1939
Eastman, Max, 1955
Edmonds, Walter, 1938
European Development
Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1985‑1990
Fiery, Marion, 1931
Freeman, Ruth – Notes, 1981
Garrett, Garet, 1937, 1953
Griffen, Donald, 1969 [31-wh-sub-b02-f20]
Hader, Berta and Elmer

Bary, Dimitri and Valeska, 1923
Chappel, Eve
Emerson, Gertrude, 1955‑1962
Evans, Ernestine, 1953
Hader, Elmer – Letters to Berta, 1917
Hader, Tim, 1915
Lane, Rose Wilder, 1919‑1921, 1930
Marquis, Jeanne and Jean‑Jacques, 1931‑1970
Martin, Josephine


Moyston, Guy and Jill, 1920‑1974
Murray, Corrine, 1962‑1971
O’Connor, Joseph T., 1938
Parton, Mary and Jim, 1937‑1963
Sauter, Bill, 1953‑1954
Stuart, Lynne, 1981
University of Oregon – Hader Papers Correspondence and Finding Aid
Wilder, Laura Ingalls, 1937
Wollenberg, Dee

Hart, Merwin K., 1956‑1962
Hervier, Paul Lewis, 1934
Holtz, William – Computer Disks
Holtz, William – New York City Trip, 1983
Hoover, Herbert, 1922‑1960
Jackson, Elsie, 1925
Janet and Bob, 1964
Keeley, Mary P., 1936‑1945 (2 folders)
Keeley, Mary P. – Interview Notes
Keeley, Mrs. James, 1926
Lane, (Claire) Gillette, 1917, 1950
Lane, Rose Wilder

Biographical Information
Bookplates and Name Cards
Crowly High School
Free Land
Income Tax 1967
Obituary, New York Times, Nov 1, 1968
Wilder, Laura Ingalls, July 30, 1952
Wilder Family Genealogy
Will, 1968

LeCount, Irene Lichty, 1963‑1986 [31-wh-sub-b03-f32]
LeFevre, Robert – Freedom School, 1957
Levine, Isaac Don and Ruth, 1950‑1991


London, Jack, 1917, 1980
Lorimer, Graeme, 1937
Lyman, Doris, 1989
MacBride, Roger Lea – William Holtz, 1979‑1992
MacBride, Roger Lea – Rose Wilder Lane, 1963‑1966
MacBride, Roger Lea – Obituary, New York Times, Mar 8, 1995
McBride, Mary Margaret, 1929‑1930
Manny, Frank, 1927
Massey, Ellen, 1925
Mathis, L. D., 1907
Meta, Rexh, 1928-1937 (7 folders)


Meta, Rexh, 1938-1940, 1945-1980 (3 folders)
Meyer, Frank, 1953, 1956
Mills, Edward S., 1944
Morley, Felix, 1949, 1960
Morrarchi, Francisco, 1926‑1927
Mortonsen, L. H., 1934‑1935
Moyston, Guy, 1919-1928 (6 folders)
Moyston, Guy – Obituary, May 3, 1962
Mundy, Talbot and Dawn, 1934‑1935
 Murray, Corrine, 1935‑1936
National Geographic Society, 1921
Neale, Adelaide, 1933‑1940


Nock, Albert J., 1941‑1991
Notecards A
Notecards B
Notes and Research Materials
Older, Fremont, 1921, 1926-1937 (5 folders)
Ovezea. Virginia, 1940‑1949


Palmer, George, Q., 1926‑1927
Percy, Jocelyn, 1930
Radovicka, Neki H., 1929
Rascoe, Burton, 1938
Rock House, 1929
Rocky Ridge, 1935
Sennholz, Hans, 1963
Sherwood, Aubrey, 1958‑1968 [31-wh-sub-b07-f08]
Sinclair, Upton, 1925, 1932
Slocum, Priscilla K., 1958‑1967
Smith, Bob (See: Janet and Bob)
Stearnes, Harold, 1924
Stellman, Louis, 1926
Suckow, Ruth, 1935
Swanzey, Carrie Ingalls, 1940
Taniguchi, Yumiko, 1990
Thomas, Lowell – Obituary
Turner, Al, 1937‑1938
Turner, John, 1935, 1939
Watts, Orval, 1961
Wells, Evelyn, 1935
White, William A., 1938 (Kansas history)
Wilder, Almanzo, 1927, 1937, 1939
Wilder, Almanzo and Laura – Deeds, 1892-1894
Wilder, Laura Ingalls

1910‑1914 – Rose Wilder Lane’s advice about publishing stories
1938‑1939, letters to Rose Wilder Lane
1949, Harper Brothers
1951, from Rose Wilder Lane
Commemorative Stamp
Correspondence Inventory

Williams, Garth – Articles, undated


Young, Antonia, 1951 (Albania)
Zeigner, __ , 1946
Zochert, Don, 1979



Ingalls, Grace – Diary Transcript, 1887‑1893
Lane, Rose Wilder

Journal, July-Sep 1918
Journal, June 1920 (letter/diary to Arthur Griggs, trip Paris to Vienna)
Diary, Mar‑Dec 1920
Journal, Sep 23‑25, 1920 (Poland)
Journal, Sep 27‑29, 1920 (Poland)
Journal, Jan-Feb 1921 (England)
Journal, Oct 1921 (Brittany)
Journal, 1921 (Albanian vocabulary)
Diary, 1921 (Paris, London)
Journal, Dec 1922 (Baku, Azerbaijan)
Journal, July 1922
Journal, Sep‑Nov 1922 (Armenia)
Diary, 1922
Journal, 1923
Diary, 1923       
Diary, 1924 (definitions)
Journal, 1924
Journal, 1925
Diary, 1926‑1930


Journal, 1926 (Albania)
Journal, 1927 (transcript)
Journal, 1928
Journal, 1929
Journal, 1929 (reading notes)
Journal, 1930
Journal, 1930 (reading notes)
Journal, 1931
Journal, 1931 (reading notes)
Diary, 1931‑1935
Journal, 1932
Journal, 1932 (reading notes)
Journal, 1933
Journal, 1933 (reading notes)
Journal, Jan‑May 1934
Diary, 1928‑1935
Diary, 1936
Diary, 1937‑1939
Journal, 1940
Diary, 1942‑l943
Journal, Jan 1949
Journal, Mar 3, 1959
Journal, Nov 15, 1960
Diary, 1964‑1965



Anderson, William. Articles about Rose Wilder Lane,
Bastiat, F. Social Fallacies – Foreward by Rose Wilder Lane, 1944
Beatty, Bessie

Bessie Beatty Going Around the World, The Bulletin, Apr 2, 1917
Bolshevicki Revolt, The Bulletin, Dec 8, 1917
The Illigitmate Child and the Woman Voter, The Bulletin, 1914
Petrograd, The Bulletin, Nov 14, 1917
Two Weeks on the Western Front, The Bulletin, Oct 3‑11, 1917

Benedict, Elsie Graves. Articles in Junior Red Cross News, 1921‑1923
Bernhardt, Sarah – Translated by Rose Wilder Lane

Daughter of Normandy, McCall’s, Mar 1921
Heart of the Rose, McCall’s, Feb 1921
Hearts Unreasoning, McCall’s, Dec 1920
Temptation, McCall’s, Jan 1921
The Untold Story, McCall’s, May 1920

Bernhardt, Lysiane. Ma Grandmere Sarah Bernhardt, translation by Rose Wilder Lane,

McCall’s, Nov 1920

Bfromova, Irene. I Was a Moscow Stenographer, undated (copy of manuscript)
Biberaj, Elez. Albania After Hoxha, The Sun, Apr 18, 1985 (copy)
Black, Jack

The Big Break at Folsom as told to Rose Wilder Lane, The Bulletin, Jan 1917
Out of Prison as told to Rose Wilder Lane, The Bulletin, Feb‑Mar 1917

Boylston, Helen Dore

Everyday Life, 1920
Lady of Leisure, Harpers, Jan 1933
Mr. Bunting Pays the Piper, Atlantic Monthly, July 193
Still the Land of the Free, Forum, Mar 1933

Browning, Norma Lee. Introspections of an Individual, Chicago Tribune, Mar 16, 1947
Buck, Pearl. Where are the Young Rebels?, Harper’s, 1935
Craig, William. When I Crossed the Blue Ridge, undated (poor copy)
Dixon, Maynard. The Plains 1916 (poem)
Fellman, Anita Claire. Laura Ingalls Wilder and Rose Wilder Lane: The Politics of a Mother‑Daughter Relationship, Signs, Spring 1990 (copy)
Garrett, Garet. Plowing Up Freedom, Saturday Evening Post, Nov 16, 1935, 1991 (commentary)
Garst, Eleanor Hubbard. New Books You’ll Want, Better Homes and Gardens, Dec 1933 (fragment, letter)


Holtz, William

Dorothy Thompson and Rose Wilder Lane (12 folders)
Dorothy Thompson and Rose Wilder Lane – Syracuse University Finding Aid
Dorothy Thompson and Rose Wilder Lane – Research Notes
The Emperor’s Tea – Background Material
Ghost and Host in the Little House Books, Studies in Literary Imagination,

Georgia State University, 1996

The Ghost in the Little House

Appendix 2 – Manuscript
Bibliography and Inventories


Correspondence with Publisher
Permission Requests

Laura’s Faded Rose – Manuscript
List of Laura Ingalls Wilder Publications in the Missouri Ruralist
Little House on the Desert, Aramco World, Nov‑Dec 1984
Missouri Ruralist – Bibliography of Laura Ingalls Wilder Publications.
Travels With Zenobia – Copy and Rose Wilder Lane’s Journal Pages


Hospers, John. Liberty’s Heritage, Libertarian Review, Apr 1978
Howard, Eric. Bessie Beatty, San Francisco Call and Post, July 2, 1923
Kerber, Linda K. Biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder
Krivitsky, Walter. Articles
Lane, Rose Wilder

An Adventure with Bandits, World Traveler, Dec 1924
Adventures of Rose Wilder Lane, San Francisco Call and Post, June‑Sep 1922
All Men Are Liars, Woman’s Day, Mar 1940
America Enters Jerusalem, Ladies Home Journal, Apr 1919
The American Home, undated
American Jews, American Mercury, Dec 1938
American Revolution, Saturday Evening Post, Jan 7, 1939
Atuona Goes to Church, with Frederic O’Brien, Asia, Sep 1919
Autumn, Harpers, June 1924
Baalbeck: Built by Giants, World Traveler, Mar 1924
Babe of Bartlett Alley, The Bulletin, 1914
A Rooster, a Dog, a Cat, and Basil the Monk, Junior Red Cross Bulletin, Nov 1920 [31-wh-b14-f16]
Behind the Headlight, The Bulletin, Sep‑Oct 1915
Behind the Scenes in Movieland, The Bulletin, Oct.‑Dec 1917
A Bit of Gray in a Blue Sky, Ladies Home Journal, Aug 1919
The Blue Bead, Harpers, June 1925
Book Review of Ben Kendrim by Aubrey Herbert, The Saturday Review of Literature, June 13, 1925
The Boy Cobbler of Albania, Junior Red Cross Bulletin, Nov 1921
Bringing the Records to Berta, The Bulletin, Nov 22‑27, 1916
The Bubble, McCall’s, Sep 1920
Budapest for a Bath, World Traveler, May 1923
The Building of Hetch Hetchy, The Bulletin, Oct 14‑Nov 14, 1916
The Business of Being a Bonne, World Traveler, Apr 1924
Call it Mizzoury – Correspondence and Manuscript Fragment
The Charlie Chaplin Story, The Bulletin, July‑Aug 1915
The Children’s Crusade, Good Housekeeping, Nov 1920
Christmas in Erivan, Good Housekeeping, Dec 1924
Christmas Reunion, Good Housekeeping, Dec 1936
The City at Night, The Bulletin, May 1917


Come Into My Kitchen, Woman’s Day, June 4, 1939 (correspondence)
Come With Me to Europe, San Francisco Call and Post, Feb‑July 1921
Country Jake, Saturday Evening Post, Aug 26, 1933
Country Life, Cosmopolitan, June 1939
County Fair, Woman’s Day, Aug 1941
Credo, Saturday Evening Post, Mar 7, 1936
Crochet an Heirloom Coverlet, Woman’s Day, June 1940
The Day I Tried to Kill Myself, Cosmopolitan, June 1926
A Day in Sarajevo, World Traveler, circa 1922
Declaration for All Time, Rally, May 1967
Desert Sands – Manuscript and Correspondence, 1921
Diverging Roads – Notes and Copy of Fragment, undated
Diverging Roads, Sunset, 1918
The Dog Wolf, Good Housekeeping, Mar 1932
Don’t Be Afraid to Upholster, Woman’s Day, Oct 1938
Don’t Marry for Love, 1940 (manuscript, Parkhurst-Lane Debate)
Don’t Send Your Son To College, Woman’s Day, Aug 1938
Don’t Tell Me How To Live My Life, Woman’s Day, Sep 1939
Drive Like a Woman, Good Housekeeping, Jan 1939
Drought, Country Gentleman, Oct 1925
Easy Idealism, The Forum, Mar 1928
Ed Munroe, The Bulletin, Aug‑Sep 1915
Edleweise on Chafu Shalit, Harpers, Nov 1923
Egypt Smiles, World Traveler, Jan 1924
Embattled Farmers, The Bulletin, May‑July 1918
Faces at the Window, 1972 (privately published)
Fathers Make the Best Mothers, Woman’s Day, ???? 
Fattening Gertrude – Manuscript, Correspondence and Notes, ????
The Five‑Tined Fork, Country Gentleman, May 9, 1925



The Food Question, The Bulletin, Jan 1918
The Footprint, Country Gentleman, Mar 21, 1925
The Foreigner at Lathrop’s, Country Gentleman, June 27, 1925
Four Days in Azerbaijan, Harpers, Sep 1933
Freeland Article, undated
Frolic at Smilin’ Jim’s, Country Gentleman, May 1926
The Girls They Leave Behind, Sunset, Nov 19, 1918
Give Me Liberty, 1935‑1991 (correspondence, notes)
Gold Digger, 1928 (manuscript)
Good Fences, Country Gentleman, Sep 1935
Good Roads, Country Gentleman, Oct 1928
Gypsy Trail, Ladies Home Journal, Feb 1929
Handsome is as Handsome Does, Country Gentleman, Apr 25, 1925
Happy Ending, Harpers Bazaar, Jan 1936|
Harvest, Harpers, Jan 1929
Henry Ford’s Story: Chapter One, The Bulletin, Nov 1915
Hill Billy Comes to Town, Country Gentleman, Jan 17, 1925
Hill Billy Pride, Country Gentleman, Dec 1925
Hired Girl, Saturday Evening Post, Nov 11, 1933
Home in the Ozarks, Kansas City Star, June 28, 1925
Home over Saturday, Saturday Evening Post, Sep 1937
Horse and Buggy Days, Saturday Evening Post, Nov 21, 1935
How Can You Hold the Man You Love, Pictorial Review, May 1928
How Do You Feel About Compulsory Military Training?, Woman’s Day, Feb 1945
How I Became a Great Actress, Sunset, Apr 1918
How I Wrote Yarbwoman, The Writer, May 1928
I Live in a Small Town, Pictorial Review, Feb 1930
If I Could Live My Life Over Again, Cosmopolitan, Mar 1925
Immoral Woman, Ladies Home Journal, Sep 1932
Innocence, Harpers, Apr 1922
The Insidious Enemy, Good Housekeeping, Dec 1920
In Xenobia’s City, World Traveler, Aug 1926
It’s Just a Place in the Country, Missouri Ruralist, May 25, 1925
It’s the Sentiment, Ladies Home Journal, Apr 1933
Jack London, Sunset, Oct 1917‑May 1918
Journey’s Beginning, Saturday Evening Post, Sep 12, 1936
Let the Hurricane Roar – Letter, undated
Letter From Europe, undated (manuscript)
A Little Flyer in Inflation, Harpers, Sep 1933
Long May Our Land Be Bright, Cosmopolitan, Aug 1939
Long Skirts, Ladies Home Journal, Apr 1933
The Making of Herbert Hoover, undated (correspondence, notes)
A Man in the House, Good Housekeeping, Mar 1931
Mars in the Movies, Sunset, Feb 1918
Minnesota Farm Boy, Woman’s Day, July 1940
Money Makers Club, The Bulletin, Apr 1915
Mother No. 22,999, Good Housekeeping, Mar 1920
My House in the Country, Woman’s Day, May 1942
Myself, The Bulletin, May‑July, 1917 (notes)
The Name is Mizzoury, undated (correspondence, manuscript fragment)
Nice Old Lady, Saturday Evening Post, July 6, 1935
Notes to School Friends Written on Textbook, ????
A Nurse’s Story, The Bulletin, Jan 1‑Feb 9, 1916


The Nurse’s Story, The Bulletin, Dec1915
A Nurse’s Story, The Bulletin, Jan 1-Feb 9, 1916
Object Matrimony, Saturday Evening Post, Sep 1, 1934
O Lalala, The Gambler by Fredirick O’Brien and Rose Wilder Lane, Century, Aug 1919
Old Fashioned Christmas, undated (manuscript)
Old Maid, Saturday Evening Post, July 23, 1932
One Thing in Common, Ladies Home Journal, Sep 1928
Out of the East Christ Came, Good Housekeeping, Nov 1919
Own Your Own Home, Woman’s Day, Jan 1939
Padre Luigi of Kiri, Harpers, June 1923
Paid in Full, Country Gentleman, May, 1931
Peasant or Priest, Asia, July 1923
People in Our Apartment House, The Bulletin, 1915
Pie Supper, American Magazine, Oct 1934
Pilgrimage to Mecca, Independent, Dec 27, 1924
A Place in the Country, Country Gentleman, Mar 14, 1925
Poetry, undated
Prairie Hollow Singing, Country Gentleman, Feb 1926
A Question for Americans, Christian Century, Apr 1941
Ragusa the Sleeping Beauty, World Traveler, Oct 1922 (correspondence)
Reynard Runs, North American Review, Sep 1930
Rose Lane Says, Pittsburgh Courier, 1942-1945 (4 folders)
Rose Wilder Lane, Sunset, Nov 1918
The Ruction in Eden, Country Gentleman, Mar 1929
Sadik Hassen of the Mati, Junior Red Cross Bulletin, Dec 1922 [31-wh-b17-f28]
The Screen Door, Harpers, Oct 1925
Should We Help Our Children Marry?, Woman’s Day, Mar 1938
Silk Dress, Ladies Home Journal, Aug 1937
Snake in the Grass, Country Gentleman, Aug 15, 1925


Soldiers of the Soil, The Bulletin, Feb-June 1916 (2 folders)
The Song Without Words, Ladies Home Journal, Mar 1937
Stanyke’s Christmas Eve, Junior Red Cross Bulletin, Dec 1920 [31-wh-b18-f04]
State’s Evidence, Country Gentleman, Nov 1933
The Stenographer, The Bulletin, July 8‑Aug 4, 1916
Strange as Foreign Places, McCall’s, Sep 1919
Thankless Child, Saturday Evening Post, Feb 2, 1935
Thanksgiving, Country Gentleman, Nov 1926
Thirty‑Mile Neighbors, Country Gentleman, May 16, 1925
To the Unknown, McCall’s, Oct 1920
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars, Sunset, Jan 1918
Under the Spell of Brittany, World Traveler, Apr 1924
Unknown Albania, World Traveler, Mar 1923
Value of Hard Work, 1935 (manuscript)
Veal Cutlets, Harpers, Sep 1924
Vengeance, Liberty, Feb 1934
Vietnam, Woman’s Day, Dec 1965 (correspondence, manuscript)
The Walnut Tree, Country Gentleman, Sep 1926
War: What Women in America Can Do to Prevent It, Woman’s Day, Apr 1, 1939
We Go To a Wedding, Woman’s Day, June, 1940
West of Danbury, Conneticut Nutmeg, June 23, 1938
We Who Have Sons, Woman’s Day, Dec 1939
We Women Are Not Good Citizens, Woman’s Day, Mar 1939
What Albanians Think, Travel, Feb 1927
What Has Happened to Education?, 1938 (manuscript)
What is This – The Gestapo?, National Economic Council, 1943
What the American Woman Thinks, Woman Citizen, Feb 7, 1925
Who Killed John Harding?, The Bulletin, Aug 26‑Sep 18,1916
Who Shall Say When We Will Go to War, Good Housekeeping, Mar 1939
Whom Will You Marry?, McCall’s, June 1919
Why I Am For the People’s Vote on War, Liberty, Apr 1, 1939
Winding Road, Ladies Home Journal, Nov 1929
Wishing You a Merry Christmas, Woman’s Day, July 1940


Woman’s Day Book of American Needlework, Woman’s Day, 1963
Woman’s Place in the Home, Ladies Home Journal, Oct 1936
World Travelogues, San Francisco Call and Post, Mar‑Oct 1923 (3 folders)
World’s Strangest People, San Francisco Call and Post, 1921
Yarbwoman, Harpers, July 1927

LeFevre, Robert. Freedom : The American Adventure, Jan 17, 1964 (Freedom School)
MacDonald, B. D. Air‑Furrow to Baghdad, Asia, 1924
McKeogh, Arthur

Our Own Four Walls, Good Housekeeping, Feb 1931
Biographical Sketch of Rose Wilder Lane

Marquis, Annette. Two American Women in the Caucusus, World Traveler, Feb‑Oct 1924
Moore, Rosa Ann. DeSmet, undated (manuscript)
Morgan, Lydia V. Diary Excerpts, 1954‑1956
Moses, George Higgins. Whirlpool of the Balkans, National Geographic, Feb 1921
Newspapers and Serials

The Bulletin (San Francisco)

Articles by Rose Wilder Lane, 1915, 1917 (4 folders)
Advertisement for Life of Jack London series, Sep 15, 1917

The Columbia Missourian – Rose Wilder Lane Interview, May 2, 1936
Danbury‑News Times (Connecticut) – Notes and Copy, 1945-1946
DeSmet News – Clippings about Rose Wilder Lane, 1923-1965
Economic Council Review of Books, edited by Rose Wilder Lane, 1943‑1950


The Kansas City Post, Articles by Rose Wilder Lane?, 1910
Kansas City Star

Review of He Was a Man, June 27, 1925
Interview with Rose Wilder Lane, Oct 25, 1946

Laura Ingalls Wilder Lore, 1976‑1993
The Mansfield Mail – William Holtz Notes on Articles, 1898‑1906
The Mansfield Mirror – William Holtz Notes, 1912‑1933
The New Republic – Article about Rose Wilder Lane, Apr 24, 1944
New York Herald Tribune, Stop the Mad Dog, July 21, 1942 (RWL letter to editor)
New York Times, RWL Letters to the Editor, June 5, 1938, Dec 15, 1939 (2 folders)
Article, May 11, 1939
Newsweek – Free Land Review, May 9, 1938
Newsweek – Thieves of Bari – Letter to Editor, Mar 20, 1944
Red Cross Bulletin, Articles by Rose Wilder Lane, 1920‑1921
San Francisco Call and Post, Articles by Rose Wilder Lane, Oct.‑Nov 1928
Saturday Evening Post,

Wheat and the Great American Desert, Sep 23, 1933
Who’s Who and Why – Biographical Sketch of Rose Wilder Lane, July 6, 1935
Keeping Posted about Free Land, Mar 5, 1938


South Dakota Newspaper Article on Rose Wilder Lane, 1938
Valley Morning Star, Correspondence and Essay Contest, May 24, 1969

(Harlingen, Texas)

Newspapers, Reviews of Rose Wilder Lane’s Writings

NHK Broadcast in Japan – Script
O’Brien, Frederick

The Flowing Kava Bowl and My Darling Hope, Edited by Rose Wilder Lane, Asia, July 1919
O Lalala, The Gambler (See: Lane, Rose Wilder)
Passing of the Man of Ohao (See: Lane, Rose Wilder)
White Shadows in the South Seas – Fragment and Reference Material, 1919

Ohanian, Armen – Translations by Rose Wilder Lane.

Dancer of Shamakha. Asia, Apr‑Aug1922
My Uncle Ter‑Barsegh. Asia, Dec1921

Pano, Nicholas C. Albania, 1990
Shawell, Julia. We Chat With Rose Wilder Lane, Woman’s World, Sep 1939
Sinclair, Lewis. Three Readers – Story and Correspondence, Readers Club, 1943
Smith, Art. The Art Smith Story, edited by Rose Wilder Lane, The Bulletin, May‑June, 1915


Solana, Solita. Constantinople Today, National Geographic, June, 1922
Stellman, Louis J. Jack London, Sunset, Feb, 1917
Strunsky, Anna. Jack London and Rose Wilder Lane, undated
Thompson, Dorothy. Autobiography, 1957
Wilder, Laura Ingalls,

Articles about Laura Ingalls Wilder, 1952‑1981
Commemorative Stamp, 1980
Detroit Book Week Speech, 1937
Farmer Boy, (copy fragment)
Keeping House, St. Nicholas, Aug 1933 (copy)
Little House in the Big Woods, (copy fragment)
Little House on the Prairie, (copy fragment)
Missouri Ruralist – Bibliography, 1911-1912, 1915-1916, 1918-1925 (12 folders)
My Ozark Kitchen – Story and Correspondence, Country Gentleman, Jan 1925
Newspaper Interview, May 2, 1957
Pioneer Girl – Manuscript and Notes, undated
Prairie Girl – Notes, undated
When Grandma Was a Little Girl – Manuscript, undated




Anderson, William T., editor

Laura Ingalls Wilder: The Iowa Story, Laura Ingalls Wilder Park and Museum, Burr Oak, Iowa, 1990.
Laura Ingalls Wilder and Rose Wilder Lane: The Continuing Collaboration, South Dakota History, 1986
Laura Wilder of Mansfield, Laura Ingalls Wilder‑Rose Wilder Lane Home and Museum, Mansfield, 1974
Laura’s Rose, Laura Ingalls Wilder‑Rose Wilder Lane Home Association, Mansfield, 1976
The Literary Apprenticeship of Laura Ingalls Wilder, South Dakota History, 1983
A Wilder in the West, DeSmet News, 1971

Badeau, John S. and Georgianna G. Stevens, editors. Bread from Stones, 1966
Dathe, M. J., Laura Ingalls Wilder Connection, 1890, Spring Valley Tribune, 1990
DeHamer, Nancy. Dakota Resources: The Rose Wilder Lane Papers at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library, South Dakota History, 1984
Farney, Dennis. Can the Tallgrass Prairie Be Saved? National Geographic, Jan 1980
Lane, Rose Wilder. Let the Hurricane Roar, translated by Yamika Taniguchi, 1977 (Japanese)
Lane, Rose Wilder and Roger Lea MacBride. Rose Wilder Lane, 1977


Laura Ingalls Wilder Issue, The Horn Book, Dec 1953 (reprint)
Laura Ingalls Wilder, Top of the News, 1967
LeCount, Irene Lichty, Laura Ingalls Wilder Family, Home and Friends, 1980
Lichty, Irene V., The Ingalls Family from Plum Creek to Walnut Grove via Burr Oak, Iowa, 1970
Smith, Dorothy, The Wilder Family Story, 1972.
Warnoch, Alene, M., Laura Ingalls Wilder: the Westville Florida Years, 1979
Watner, Carl. Robert LeFevre, The Voluntaryists, Gramling, South Dakota, 1988
Young, Antonia. Rose Wilder Lane, 1886‑1968, Black Lambs and Grey Falcons, 1991




Album – Sarajevo, Georgia, Budapest, Ragusa, Jerusalem, 1922-1923 (original)
Album, 1922‑1923 (photocopies)
Boylston, Helen
Brook at Rocky Ridge Farm, Dec 23, 1911 (copy)
Crowley High School Class of 1904
Dunn, Harvey – Paintings
Hader Home, Nyack, New York
Lane, (Claire) Gillette
Lane, Rose Wilder
LeCount, Irene Lichty, 1949
Meta, Rexh and Family
Model T, 1926
Murray, Corinne
Older, Fremont
Thayer, Eliza Wilder and Baby Walcott
Thompson, Dorothy
Turner, John and Al and C. Clark
Wilder, Almanzo
Wilder, Laura Ingalls
Wilder‑Ingalls Family


Audio Tapes

Berkshire Conference
Freeman, Ruth – Interview, 1981
Holtz, William – Radio Interview by Case Stevens
Levine, Ruth – Interview, 1981
Turner, John – Interview, 1991

Microfilm – Adelaide Neale Letters, 1933‑1940

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