Manuscript Collections - William Richards Castle Jr. Papers


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17 Linear feet (37 manuscript boxes and 1 oversize box)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


1878 Born, Honolulu, Hawaii

1900 A.B., Harvard

1900‑13  Asst. Dean, Harvard College

1917‑19 Director, Bureau of Communications, National American Red Cross

1919 Special Assistant, Department of State

1921‑27 Chief, Division of Western European Affairs, Department of State

1927 Assistant Secretary of State

1930 Ambassador to Japan during period of Naval Arms Conference, London

1931‑33 Under‑Secretary of State

1932 LL.D., University Rochester

1935 D.C.L. University of South

1935‑41 Overseer, Harvard University

1936 M.B.A., Bryant Business College

1937 Aide to Republican National Chairman Hamilton

1945‑52 President, Garfield Memorial Hospital, Washington, DC

1963 Died (October 13, 1963) Washington, D. C.

The papers of William R. Castle, Jr., Undersecretary of State and Ambassador to Japan in the Herbert Hoover Administration, were given to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library in April, 1970, by his grandsons: Donald F. Winslow; David C. Winslow; and Alan F. Winslow.

Series Notes

Boxes Series

State Department Correspondence, 1920‑1961
Bound (1921‑1925) and unbound correspondence (1921‑1933) between Castle and the legation office in various countries. Arranged alphabetically by countries. Where bound correspondence includes more than one country, it is filed under the first Country with a cross reference in the container list. Under each country is a list of persons represented in that correspondence file.


Subject Files, 1919‑1969
Correspondence, memoranda of conversations, reports, telegrams, lists, pamphlets, and telephone conversations. The folders are alphabetically arranged by subject.


Personal Correspondence, 1917‑1959
Correspondence with a few clippings and booklets. Arranged alphabetically by name.


Articles and Speeches, 1919‑1952
8 containers. Typewritten, reading, printed, mimeograph and tear sheet copies of articles and speeches of Wm. R. Castle, Jr. Chronologically arranged except, for two boxes of undated materials arranged alphabetically by subject and 2 boxes of an undated and untitled manuscript original and a Xerox copy.


Calendars, Nov 28, 1927‑Dec 31, 1932
Bound volumes of appointments by the hour with an annual index.


Clippings, 1917‑1951
Clippings from newspapers and magazines regarding Castle. Included are four scrapbooks of clippings, 1929‑1934. Arranged chronologically.


Index to microfilm version of Castle diaries; 12 microfilm reels of Castle diaries


Oversize material
Includes photographs and scrapbook pages


Box Contents


Albania, 1927‑1928 (Charles Hart)
Argentina, 1926‑1930 (Robert Bliss, Peter Jay)
Australia, 1926 (Arthur Garrels)
Austria, 1925‑1927 (Caroline Newton, Albert Washburn, Mr. White)
Austria, 1928‑1929 (Theodore Burton, Elbridge Gerry Greene, Frank Polk, David Reed, Mrs. B. Thayer, Albert Washburn, Butler Wright)
Belgium, 1923‑1925 (bound, Thomas Daniels, William Phillips, France, Italy)
Belgium, 1925-1927 (Hugh Gibson, William Phillips, Herbert Williams)
Belgium, 1928 (Hugh Gibson)
Belgium, 1929‑1930 (Hugh and Mrs. Gibson)


Belgium, Jan-July 1931 (Hugh Gibson, Alan Lowery, Ferdinand Mayer)
Belgium, Aug 1931‑June 1932 (Hugh Gibson, Allison Armour, Alan Lowery, Ferdinand Mayer, Edgar Rickard)
Belgium , July 1932-1933 (Hugh Gibson)
Bolivia, 1928‑1932 (David Kaufman, Harry Norweb)
Brazil, 1922 (Percy Blair)
Canada, 1927‑1928 (George Akerson, Vincent Massey, Ferdinand Mayer, William Phillips)
Canada, 1929‑1932 (Pierre de L. Boal, Ralph Easley, Wesley Frost, Hanford MacNider, Ferdinand Mayer, H. Dorsey Newson, William Phillips)
Chile, 1928‑1929 (W. S. Culbertson, Julius Lay)
China, 1927‑1933 (Francois de Buisseret, Douglas Jenkins, Nelson Johnson, Ferdinand Mayer, Arthur Woods)
Colombia, 1927 (H. Freeman Matthews)
Czechoslavakia, 1920-1925 (Percy Blair, W. B. Causey, Richard Crane, Lewis Einstein, A. H. Frazier, Joseph Grew, William Howard, Albert Hulshot, Julius Klein, Hanford MacNider, Percy Owen, H. F. A. Schoenfeld, Albert Washburn, J. C. White, J. Butler Wright)
Czechoslavakia, 1925‑1930 (Lewis Einstein, Abraham Rathshesky)
Denmark, 1921‑1930 (C. Brun, H. Percival Dodge, Joseph Grew, John Prince, John Wiley)
Egypt, 1929-1931 (Frank Gunther, W. W. Jardine)


England, 1920‑1925 (bound, Boylston Beal, Percy Blair, Frederick Dolbeare, Frederick Dumont, Herbert Could, George Harvey, Frederick Hibbard, Frank Kellogg, F. D. K. LeClercq, Robert Skinner, Frederick Sterling, Post Wheeler, J. Butler Wright)
England, 1924‑Dec 1926 (6 folders, Ray Atherton, Boylston Beal, Percy Blair, Frederick Hibbard, Alanson Houghton, Lady Queensborough, David Reed, Frank Sterns, Frederick Sterling)


England, 1927-1933 (7 folders, Hamilton Armstrong, Ray Atherton, Boylston Beal, William Beck, Lamont Belin, E. T. Clark, Raymond Cox, Charles Dawes, E. H. Doorman, Jerome Greene, Robert Hadfield, Alanson Houghton, Frank Kellogg, Ronald Lindsay, Henry Cabot Lodge, T. Marriner, Ferdinand Mayer, Ogden Mills, W. T. Prendergast, David Reed, Elizabeth Reid, Mr. Scotten, L. A. Stebbins, Frederick Sterling, Benjamin Thaw, R. G. Vansittart, Wallace White, Jr., Thomas Wilson)

Estonia, 1928 (Arthur Woods)
Finland, 1932 (Mrs. William B. Meloney)
France, 1920‑1925 (bound, Lamont Belin, Thomas Harrison, Myron Herrick, Ralph Hill, Norval Richardson, Eugene Shoecraft, Sheldon Whitehouse, Arthur Young)

France, 1923‑1925 (Wesley Frost, George Gordon, Myron Herrick, Harlan Miller, Elbridge Rand, Dorsey Richardson, Robert Skinner, Arthur Woods, Sheldon Whitehouse)


France, 1926-1932 (8 folders, Norman Armour, E. T. Clark, John Curtis, Warrington Dawson, Frederic Dolbeare, Walter Edge, Wesley Frost, George Gordon, Prentiss Gilbert, George Gordon, Joseph Grew, Myron Herrick, Parmely Herrick, Christian Herter, Jusserand, Hallett Johnson, Frank Kellogg,  Marcel Knecht, Mrs. Parker Maddux, T. Marriner,  Harlan Miller, David Reed, D. Richardson, Nicholas Roosevelt, Laurence Salisbury, Robert Skinner, William Taylor, Benjamin Thaw, Jr., Sheldon Whitehouse, Edwin Wilson, Tom Wilson


Germany, 1920‑1921 (bound, Henry Allen, Dr. M. J. Bonn, Ellis Loring Dresel, Reggie Foster, George Harvey, A. E. Taylor, Hugh Wilson)

Germany, Jan1922-June 1923 (bound, W. P. Beehler, Ellis Loring Dresel, Alanson Houghton, Fred Kent, H. Dorsey Newson, E. E. Norris, Richard Pennoyer, Warren Robbins)

Germany, July 1923‑1924 (bound, Alanson Houghton, Alfred Lowry, Dorsey Newson, Warren Robbins)


Germany, 1923‑1933 (6 folders, Lamont Belin, Jefferson Caffrey, William Coffin, Charles Curtis, Norman Davis, Herbert Feis, Lamar Fleming, Jr., S. Parker Gilbert, George Gordon, Matthew Hanna, Charles Hathaway, Jr., Burton Hendrick, Alanson Houghton, Frank Kellogg, Julius Klein, Alfred Klieforth, Allen Klotts, Walter Lichtenstein, William Neilsen, Dorsey Newson, Harry Norweb, DeWitt Poole, David Reed, Warren Robbins, Frederic Sackett, Jacob Schurman, Oswald Villard, John Wiley, Arthur Woods)

Greece, 1925 (Irwin Laughlin)
Haiti, 1931 (Sidney De la Rue)
Hawaii, 1926 (William Donovan)


Hungary, 1920‑June 1925 (bound, includes Czechoslovakia, L. Ambrozy, Harry Hill Bandholtz, Theodore Brentano, Wilbur Carr, diary of a British officer, R. S. G. Gordon, Ulysses Grant-Smith, Kuno Kebelsberg, H. Dorsey Newson, William Ford Upson)

Hungary, 1923‑1932 (2 folders, George Akerson, Charles Curtis, George Gordon, Nicholas Roosevelt, Butler Wright)

India, 1926‑1928 (Robert Frazer, Jr., Julius Lay)
Ireland, 1924‑1931 (F. A. Sterling, Charles Sterling)
Italy, 1922‑1925 (Norman Armour, Ricjard Washburn Child, Leon Dominian, Henry Fletcher, Franklin Gunther, Harlan Veatch)
Italy, 1925‑1927 (2 folders, Homer Byington, Edward Crocker, Leon Dominian, Henry Fletcher, Francesco Nitti, Warren Robbins, Harold Tittmann)


Italy, 1928-1932 (Thomas Daniels, Wallace Deuel, Leon Dominian, Franklin Fletcher, Franklin Gowen, J. Edgar Hoover, Henry Cabot Lodge, Warren Robbins, Augusto Rosso, Ellery Sedgwick, Chester Swain)

Japan, 1921‑1931 (5 folders, M. Adatchi, Wallace Alexander, Norman Armour, M. Adatci, S. Akamatsu,  Larz Anderson, L. Adams Beck, Arhut Berry, Willis Bradley, Emile de Cartier, Edward Clark, Dwight Davis, K. Debuchi, Eugene Dooman, B. W. Fleisher, W. Cameron Forbes, Toranosuke Furukawa, Hugh Gibson, Joseph Grew, Masanao Hanihara, Kumao Harada, Conrad Hobbs, Esme and Isabella Howard, Herbert Houston, Commander Jamagata, Robert Underwood Johnson, Keutaro Kaueko, Frank Kellogg, R. Kurosawa, Mr. Lamont, Charles Lanman, Irvin Laughlin, Charles Lindbergh, Mr. Livesey, A. Lawerence Lowell, Charles MacVeagh, Mrs. Parker Maddux, Count Makino, Ernest Edward Mitchell, Tsuneo Matsudaira, Tsunejiro Miyaoka, J. P. Moffat, Charles Moore, Kaju Nakamura, Edwin Neville, Mr. Nitobe, R. Henry Norweb, K. Obata, Thomas O'Brien, Robert Paine, David Reed, William Reid, C. S. Reifsnider, Lawrence Salisbury, D. P. Schneder, Ellery Sedgwick, James Sheffield, Baron Shidehara, Captain Shinomiya, K. S. Shioehart, Count Soyeshima, John Spalding, Mr. Teusler,  Pruni Tokygawa, Rudolph Torster, Sewell Tyng, Arthur Vandenburg, Frederic Walcott, Albert Washburn, Naonichi Watanabe, J. W. White, George Wickersham, Frederic William Wile, Charley Williams, Frederic Wilson, Hugh Wilson, John Mason Young, Kwankichi Yukawa)


Japan, 1932‑1961 (Edward Price Bell, Katsuji Debuchi, Joseph Grew, Frank Kellogg, Thomas Lamont, Roger Lee, A. Lawrence Lowell, Edwin Neville, K. Nomura, D. B. Reifsnider, Lawrence Salisbury, Count Soyeshima)

Japan – Margaret Castle, 1930 (Keinosuke Fujii, Mrs. Gardiner Hall, Lou Henry Hoover, Tomi Imamura, Clara Kellogg, Aubrey Kemper, Nobu Matsuelain, Leonore Mendelson, K. Mikimoto, Gwyneth M'Illroy, Mary Nitobe, Etsuko Okabe, Annie Omon, Count Soyshima, Etsu Sugimoto, Mary Tensler, Huki Yashida, John Farlow(father), Lewis Farlow (uncle))

Japan – General

American Society Dinner – Clipping, Feb 1930
All in a Day's Work of an Emperor – Clipping, Oct 27, 1929
Imperial Household Invitation to a Concert of Court Music
Program from 50th Anniversary of St. Margaret's School from dinner for Prince and Princess Takamatsu – Clipping, guest list, etc.
Visit of Prince and Princess Takamatsu – Clipping and Press Release
Ministers of Foreign Affairs List, Apr 30
Program of Laying of Corner Stone of St. Luke's International Medical Center Society for Japanese Studies, 1939
Latvia, 1927‑1928 (F. W. B. Coleman)
Liberia, 1928 (William Francis)
Mexico, 1925‑1931 (E. T. Clark, J. Reuben Clark, Lawrence Higgins, Arthur Bliss Lane, H. W. Marsh, Dwight Morrow, Alan Winslow)
Morocco, 1925‑1928 (Maxwell Blake, Eldridge Rand)
Netherlands, 1921‑1933 (2 folders, Helen Gilman Brown, Charles Evans Hughes, Frank Kellogg, R. H. Norweb, William Phillips, Louis Sussdorf, Jr., R. M. Tobin, P. Fijn Van Draat, Arthur Vandenberg)
Nicaragua, 1927 (Jose Campribu)
Norway, 1927‑1939 (Mrs. Borden Harriman, Hallet Johnson, Hoffman Phillip, Laurits Swenson
Peru, 1927‑1928 (Pierre De L. Boal, Alexander Moore)
Poland, 1920‑May 1922 (bound)

Amory, Copley Jr.
Carr, Wilbur J.
Cooper, Merian C.
Dluska, Dr. B.
East Galicia Relief
Embree, E. E.
Pletcher, Henry P.
Frey, Adolf
Gibson, Hugh
Hayden, H. B.
Hibbard, Frederick
Kakowski, Alexander
Keena, L. J.
Moffat, J. Pierre
Pilsudski, J.
Ponikiwski, A.
Quinn, Cyril
Rickard, Edgar
Rybarski, R.
Rzetkowski, Dr. N.
Shluger, A. S.
Smith, H. B.
Thaw, Benjamin
Twynham, G. W.
Woodard, F. C.

POLAND ‑ June 1922 ‑ 1924 (Bound)

Beals, Boylston A.
Gibbs, George S.
Grew, Joseph
Keena, L. J.
Lev, Isadore
Phillips, William
Robbins, Warren D.
Skirmunt, Constance
Smith, H. B.
Wainwright, J. ‑Mayhew
Williamson, Harold L.
Wroblewski, Ladislas

Poland, 1921‑1929 (Hugh Gibson, H. Dorsey Newson, Edward Reed, J. B. Stetson, Jr.)


Portugal, 1922‑1924 (bound, Fred Dearing, Sidney De La Rue)
Portugal, 1926‑1929 (Fred Dearing)
Portuguese East Africa, 1928-1929 (Christian Herter, E. M. Hinkle, Charles Macy, George Wilson)
Rumania, 1921‑1932 (Elbridge Greene, J. D. Prince, Charles Wilson)
Russia, 1931‑1933 (H. J. Coolidge, Morris Lazaron, Ogden Mills, Eliot Spalding)
SAN SALVADORE ‑ 1929 ‑ 1931

Robbins, Warren D.
Schott, William H.

SOUTH AMERICA ‑ 1931 ‑ 1932

Miller, Hugh G.

SPAIN ‑ 1922 ‑ 1923

See Portugal (Bound)
Moore, Alexander P.
Phillips, William
Roosevelt, Theodore
Spencer, William
Wilson, John
Woods, Colonel Arthur
Woods, Cyrus

SPAIN ‑ 1923 ‑ Feb. 1927

Hammond, O. H.
Moore, Alexander P.
Rand, Elbridge
White, Franci

SPAIN ‑ March 1927 ‑ 1932

Blair, Percy
Camp, Ernest W.
Dennison, John M.
Laughlin, Irwin

SWEDEN ‑ 1922 ‑ 1929

Bliss, Robert Woods
Harrison, Leland
Johnson, Hallet
Meyer, Cord


SWITZERLAND ‑ 1922 ‑ 1925 (Bound)

Bliss, Robert Woods
De L. Boal, Pierre
Gary, Hampson
Gibson, Hugh
Grew, Joseph C.
Lane, Arthur B.
Mott M
Southerland, Katherine
Suzor, Dr. Hans
Tuck, S. Pinckney
Wilson, Hugh
Winslow, Alan
Wright, J. Butler

SWITZERLAND ‑ 1922 ‑ June 1925

Gibson, Hugh
McCarl, J. R.

SWITZERLAND ‑ July 1925 ‑ Aug. 1925

Gibson, Hugh
Winslow, Alan F.

SWITZERLAND ‑ Sept. ‑ Oct. 1925

Gibson, Hugh

SWITZERLAND ‑ Nov. 1925 ‑ Feb. 1926

Gibson, Hugh
Tuck, S. Pinckney

SWITZERLAND ‑ March ‑ Dec. 1926

Gibson, Hugh
Marriner, T.
Reed, David A.
Tuck, S. Pinckney


Gibson, Hugh
Gorden, George A.
Moffat, J. Pierrepont
Tuck, S. Pinckney
Wilson, Hugh
Young, Arthur
Marriner, T.

SWITZERLAND ‑ 1928 ‑ 1930

Gilbert, Prentiss
Greene, Elbridge
Moffat, J. Peirrepont
Tuck, S. Pinckney
Wilson, Hugh

SWITZERLAND ‑ 1931 ‑ 1933

Davis, Norman
Gilbert, Prentiss
Lippmann, Walter
Reed, David A.
Wilson, Hugh

TANGIER ‑ 1922 ‑ 1924

See Portugal (Bound)
Blake, Maxwell
Denning, Rev. Father J. M.
Ludwell, Roger Culver
Mayer, Ferdinand
Rand, Elbridge

TURKEY ‑ 1920 ‑ 1932

Belin, F. L.
Bristol, Mark
Clark, E. T.
Gerard, James W.
Grew, Joseph C.
Moffat, J. Pierrepont
Patterson, Jefferson
Restarick, Bishop H. R.
Shaw, G. Howland
Wilson, Hugh

URUGUAY ‑ 1925 ‑ 1932

Edison, Thomas
Gordon, George
Grant‑Smith, Ulysses
Lindbergh, Charles A.
Wright, J. Butler


Engert, C. Van H.

YUGOSLAVIA ‑ 1920 ‑ 1922

De L. Boal, Pierre
Dodge, F. Murray

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Box Contents

Appointments in Department of State, 1919
Appreciation Letters, 1924‑1939
 Boston Medical Library, Francis A. Countway Library, Harvard Medical Library,1960‑1969
Congratulatory Letters

Assistant Secretary of State, 1927 (2 folders)
Silver Wedding Anniversary 1927
Ambassador to Japan, 1929 December


Under Secretary of State, 1931 (7 folders)


Debts and Economic Conferences, Report of American Delegates, 1932
Debts and Reparations, President Hoover, 1931‑1932
Debts and Reparations, Memoranda of Conversations, 1929-1933 (2 folders)
Debts and Reparations, Press Conferences, Memoranda, 1929-1932 (3 folders)
Debts and Reparations, Press Releases, 1931‑1933


Debts and Reparations, Telegrams, 1928-1932 (2 folders)
Diplomats, Lists, undated
Food for Small Democracies, 1940-1943 (2 folders)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library, 1967-1968
Latin America, 1927
Liberian Assistance, 1932‑1933
London Naval Conference, 1929
Memorabilia, 1930
Neutrality, 1939
Permanent Court of International Justice of the League of Nations, 1930
Presidential Reception of the Diplomatic Corp, 1929
Reciprocal Trade Agreements
Sino-Japanese Incident, Sep 1931-Jan 1932 (7 folders)


Sino-Japanese Incident, Feb 1932-1933 (6 folders)


State Department Dinners, 1929‑1931
State Department List
Sugar – Hawaii, 1934
Trans‑Atlantic Telephone Conversations, June-Dec 1931 (4 folders)


Trans‑Atlantic Telephone Conversations, 1932 (5 folders)


Treaty Information, Oct 1929-1932 (includes Treaty Series Nos. 778-857, 2 folders)
United States News, 1936‑1943
Washington Cathedral, 1933


Box Contents

Adams, Mrs. Charles F., 1930
Benes, Edward, 1937
Berryman, Clifford K. Memorial, 1949
Castle, Samuel Northrup
Clemens, Cyril, 1944
Coolidge, Calvin, 1921 ‑ 1953
Cumming, Hugh S., 1934
Eisenhower Inauguration, 1953
Finney, B. F., 1933
Flynn., John T., 1947
Hamilton, William H., 1932
Hodges, Campbell B., 1932
Hoffman, William Wickham, 1931
Hoover, Herbert, 1917-1949 (6 folders)


Hoover, Herbert, 1950‑1959
Hoover, Lou Henry, 1931‑1933
Hughes, Charles Evans, 1922‑1931
Ickes, Harold, 1935
Johnston, Clem D., 1948
Joho, Mainichi, 1951
Kellogg, Frank B., 1925‑1939
Knecht, Marcel, 1929
Kurosawa, R., 1937‑1938
Landon, Alfred M., 1936-1938
Lewis, Fulton Jr., 1938
Lodge, Henry Cabot, 1920
Montgomery, George S., 1938
O'Brien, John A., 1933
O'Connor, Basil, 1949
Oddie, Tasker L., 1924
Polk, Frank, 1927‑1932
Poole, DeWitt C., 1927‑1929
Reed, David A., 1923–1932
Roosevelt, Franklin D., 1932‑1933
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1931‑1932
Stearns, Frank W., 1925‑1931
Stinson, Henry L., 1930
Taft, Robert A., 1947‑1951
Vandenberg, Arthur, 1929‑1931
White, Wallace N., 1932‑1933
Wister, Owen, 1923‑1924


Box Contents

Hungary's Communist Experiment, The Review, July 12, 1919
The Leopard's Spots, The Review, Aug 16, 1919
The Hungarian Tangle, The Review, Nov 1, 1919
Moscow's Campaign of Poison, The Review, Jan 24, 1920
The Outlook in Germany, The Review, Apr 10, 1920
Shall Hawaii Go East or West?, World Outlook, May 1920
Give Hungary A Chance, The Review, May 15, 1920
The Great Reactionaries, The Weekly Review, Nov 10, 1920
Germany As She Is Today?, New York Evening Post, Nov 26, 1920
Protection of Public Rights, Weekly Review, Dec 1, 1920
Our Diplomatic Service, Weekly Review, Dec 15, 1920
The Austrian Collapse, Weekly Review, Jan. 26, 1921
Barrett Wendell, Some Memories of a Former Student, Scribner’s, July 1921
A Meeting of Ministers, American Consular Bulletin, Jan. 1923
Hawaii—Equal or Outcast?, New York Herald, July 22, 1924
Untitled talk, California, 1925
America and Europe, American Foreign Service Journal, July 30, 1925
Untitled Talks, California, Sept.-Oct. 1925 (3 folders)
Propaganda, Episcopalian Club of Massachusetts, April 21, 1926
Propaganda and Foreign Relations, Pennsylvania Bulletin, June 1926
Practical Labors for Peace, Advocate of Peace, Feb. 1927
In Memory of the Honorable Henry White, Washington Cathedral, Feb. 1927
Untitled talk, State Department Foreign Service School, Sept. 30, 1927
Campaign Speech for Herbert Hoover, 1928
Our Foreign Relations, Republican Club of Massachusetts, March 7, 1928
Press Release for National Foreign Trade Council, April 27, 1928
Build that Vision in Enduring Stone, National Cathedral Association, May 18, 1928
NBC Radio talk, WRC [Washington DC], March 12, 1929
Untitled talk, Canadian Club Luncheon, Montreal Canada, April 29, 1929
Harvard Men in the Foreign Service, Harvard Graduate, Sept. 1929
Press Release for talk to American Legion at Providence, Rhode Island, Nov. 11, 1929


Most Important Pronouncement on Far Eastern Affairs, Far Eastern Review, Feb. 1930
United States Far Eastern Policy, Tokyo, Japan, Feb. 4, 1930
Working for America, American Association, Tokyo, Japan, Feb. 12, 1930
Untitled talks, Japan, April-May, 1930 (3 folders)
Talk to Metropolitan Press of Japan, Tokyo, Japan, May 21, 1930
Talk to America Society Peers, Tokyo, Japan, May 23, 1930
Laying Cornerstone of American Embassy, Tokyo, Japan, May 23, 1930
Untitled talk, Honolulu, Hawaii, June 1930
London Naval Pact, Union League Club of Chicago, July 11, 1930
Untitled talk, Williamstown, July 13, 1930
Significance of the Kellogg Peace Pact, World Peace Day luncheon, Aug. 27, 1930
Untitled talk at British Empire-United States Track Meet, Aug. 27, 1930
Peace Leaders, Women’s Auxiliary of Former Combatants, Sept. 1930
Peace, Armistice Luncheon for Society of Foreign Consuls, Nov. 8, 1930
Japanese Relations, The Mid-Pacific, Dec. 1930
My Impressions of Japan, Japan Society of Boston, Dec. 9, 1930
US Armaments Limitations Stand, Indiana World Peace Committee, April 22, 1931
Youth as Builders of a New Civilization, The New Europe, May 1931
Aspects of the Monroe Doctrine, University of Virginia, July 4, 1931 [Harvard Graduates]
The Hoover War Debt Plan, press release to NBC radio, July 8, 1931
What is at Stake in Disarmament Conference, Federal Council Bulletin, Sept. 18, 1931
Untitled talk, Societes Francaises, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Oct. 26, 1931
Inter-governmental Debts, 1931-1932?
Foreign Service and Politics, National Young Republican, 1932
Foreign Policies, Women’s National Republican Club, Jan. 4, 1932
Disarmament, NBC Blue Network, Jan. 5, 1932
Geneva Disarmament Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, Jan. 31,1 932
Untitled talk, New Jersey Methodist Conference, April 6, 1932
American Aspects of World Justice, Conf. on International Justice, May 4, 1932


Commencement Speech, University of Rochester, June 20, 1932
Our Foreign Affairs, Rotary Club of Chicago, Sept. 20, 1932
World Disarmament, NBC National Radio Forum, Oct. 10, 1932
Untitled talk to foreign-born citizens, Kismet Temple, Brooklyn, Oct. 15, 1932
Untitled talk, Jamestown, New York, Oct. 21, 1932
War Debts and the Far Eastern Situation, Rotary Club of Cleveland, Oct. 27, 1932
Untitled talks [campaign speeches?], Oct.-Nov., 1932 (4 folders)
Untitled talk to Foreign Service Banquet, Dec. 11, 1932
The Cathedral Church of America, Cathedral Age, Dec. 25, 1932
Our Country’s International Policies, Women’s National Republican Club, Jan. 21, 1933
Foreign Relations and the Press, Philadelphia Presbyterian Social Union, Jan. 23, 1933
Problems of New Administration in Foreign Relations, Harvard Crimson, Mar. 2, 1933
Recent Policy in the Far East, Academy of Political and Social Science, April 7, 1933
Untitled talk to Harvard Law School Association, April 19, 1933
Treaty Negotiations and World Trade, World Trade Dinner, April 27, 1933
Jobs-Thousands of Them, New York Herald Tribune, April 30, 1933
The Hoover Translation of Agricola's De Re Metallica, The Colophon, June 1933
The World’s Oldest Ruling Family, June 25, 1933
American Policy in the Pacific, Annals of American Academy of Political and Social Science, July 1933
Our Allies—Fifteen Years After, New York Herald Tribune Magazine, July 2, 1933
Our Enemies—Fifteen Years After, New York Herald Tribune Magazine, July 9, 1933
A Dream-Building the Washington Cathedral, Hawaiian Church Chronicle, Aug. 1933
Results of the 1932 Election, Honolulu, Hawaii, Aug. 10, 1933
What it means to be Hawaiian, Honolulu, Hawaii, Aug. 13, 1933
Uncle Sam and Latin America, New York Herald Tribune Magazine, Aug. 27, 1933
U.S. Must Protect Panama Canal as Great Artery, Japan Advertiser, Sept. 18, 193
America and the League, New York Herald Tribune Magazine, Oct. 8, 1933
Political Ramifications of Recovery, Academy of World Economics, Nov. 4, 1933
Recognition for Russia, New York Herald Tribune, Nov. 12, 1933
Foreign Debt Question, NBC radio broadcast, Dec. 20, 1933


Intervention and the Good Neighbor Policy, Cleveland, Ohio, 1934
Trouble Ahead in the Far East?. New York Herald Tribune, Jan. 12, 1934
Our Relations with other Nations, Bronxville Review, Feb. 24, 1934
What Recognition Means, New York Herald Tribune, Feb. 25, 1934
Untitled talk, Academy of World Economics, March 18, 1934
Untitled talk, Harvard Club of New York, April 5, 1934
Reminiscences of 15 Years in the State Department, April 6, 1934
Japan’s Monroe Doctrine, New York Herald Tribune, May 6, 1934
The Church in the State, CBS radio, May 6, 1934
The New Diplomacy, June 1934
Peace and the Arms Traffic, New York Herald Tribune, June 10, 1934
Intervention and the Policy of the Good Neighbor, University of Virginia, July 6, 1934
When the President goes to Hawaii, Pan-Pacific Press Bureau, July 13-15, 1934
Hawaii, NBC radio network, July 17, 1934
The Cathedral and the Church of God, Cathedral Age, August 1934
Evaluating the League of Nations, Rotarian, Sept. 1934
Untitled talk, Calvin Coolidge Memorial Library, Oct. 30, 1934
Cause of Peace, Rochester, New York, Nov. 7, 1934
Untitled talks, Princeton University and CBS radio, Nov.-Dec., 1934 (2 folders)
Can America be Neutral?, New York Herald Tribune, Jan. 6, 1935
The Foreign Policy of the New Deal, League of Republican Women, Jan. 7, 1935
Arms Treaties and Peace, New York Herald Tribune, Jan. 20, 1935
Governmental Critique, Bronxville Review, Jan. 26, 1935
Untitled talks, February 1935 (2 folders)
Foreign Policies of the New Deal, Palm Beach, Florida, Feb. 20, 1935
When Presidents Speak, New York Herald Tribune, March 10, 1935
Hawaii, Washington Club, March 26, 1935
Governmental Interference in Business, Pennsylvania Manufacturers, Mar. 21, 1935
Untitled talk, Harvard Club of Washington, March 27, 1935
New War Debts?, New York Herald Tribune, April 14, 1935
Muzzling Alien Agitators, New York Herald Tribune, April 21, 1935
Dethroning King Cotton, New York Herald Tribune, May 5, 1935
What Will Revive Trade?, New York Herald Tribune, May 19, 1935
Dedication of Herrick Stained Glass Window, Washington Cathedral, May 21, 1935
Washington Contradictions, May 25, 1935
If Europe Goes to War, New York Herald Tribune, May 26, 1935
Discussion of Security in Home, Academy of Political Science, June 1935
Time for Stabilization?, Barron’s, June 24, 1935
Our Relations with other Nations, Detroit Town Hall, Oct. 23, 1935
Our Relations with other Nations, New Castle Civic Series, Nov. 5, 1935
American Foreign Policy, St. Paul, Minnesota, Nov. 7, 1935
US Neutrality Legislation and World Sanctions, New York Bar, Dec. 14, 1935
American Foreign Policy, Council on Foreign Relations, Dec. 18, 1935
Young Show Trend as Real Americans, Japanese-American Courier, Jan. 1, 1936
Untitled talk, Foreign Affairs Council, Jan. 10, 1936
Controlled Production and American Export Trade, School of Politics, Jan. 13, 1936
Christian Citizenship, Church Service League meeting, Jan. 15, 1936
Untitled talk, North Carolina College for Negroes, Feb. 9, 1936
How to Prevent Future Wars, Tokyo Nichi-Nichi, Feb. 12, 1936
After Japan’s Purge, New York Herald Tribune, March 22, 1936
Untitled talk, Academy of World Economics, May 21, 1936
Cathedral Appeal Letter to Editor, Washington Post, May 29, 1936
The Church Still Calls to Pioneers, St. Albans School, May 30, 1936
Untitled talk, Columbian Republican League of New York, June 27, 1936
Neutrality—When is Neutrality Not Neutrality?, The Week, July 24, 1936
Bryant College Commencement Address, Providence, Rhode Island, Aug. 7, 1936
I Hate War, The Trumpeter, Sept. 25, 1936
The Landon Train, November 14, 1936
Untitled talk, Pan American Peace Conference, November, 19, 1936
Neutrality, November 27, 1936


Young Can Advance, Japanese-American Courier, Jan. 1, 1937
Foreign Policy of the United States, Women’s Republican Club, Jan. 13, 1937
Keep the United States out of War, These Times, Feb. 1937
Need for Sense of Humor in Politics, Scranton County Republicans, Feb. 11, 1937
Liberalism and Democracy, Political Science Academy, April 7, 1937
Republican Party, Women’s National Republican Club, April 8, 1937
Some Dangers of Local Neutrality Legislation, or Should the United States be Neutral?, American Academy
of Political and Social Science, April 17, 1937
The Cathedral and Liberal Democracy, Cathedral Age, May 1937
Sayonara Dinner, Japan Economic Mission, June 15, 1937
Dangers of Local Neutrality Legislation, Annals of AAPSS, July 1937
Determinants of American Foreign Policy, University of Maine, July 21-22, 1937
Hull Trade Treaties, Women’s National Peace Review, October 1937
When is War Not a War?, Boston Herald, October 11, 1937
Untitled talk, New England Congregational Churches, October 23, 1937
Republican Party, Maryland Federation of Republican Women, October 27, 1937
Untitled talk, League of Republican Women of DC, November 1, 1937
Truth in Diplomacy, Advance, December 1, 1937
Disciple for Peace-Frank B. Kellogg, Winter 1937
The Influence of Christian Missions, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Jan. 9, 1938
Assails of Communism/Fascism, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Jan. 10, 1938
Propaganda, Harvard University, Jan. 11, 1938
Trouble in the Far East, Mt. Pleasant Congregational Church, Jan. 23, 1938
Untitled talk, Harvard Class of 1900, March 1, 1938
Policy of the US in the Far Eastern Crisis, Rhode Island World Affairs, March 15, 1938
Untitled talk, Republican Women’s Luncheon Club, March 28, 1938
Critique of the Trade Agreements Program, American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, April 1938
Untitled talk, Eastern Intercollegiate Republican Club, April 30, 1938
National Cathedral Association Annual Meeting, May 17, 1938
Prize Day Address, St. Mark’s School Graduation, June 17, 1938
Untitled press release to Mutual Broadcasting System, July 29, 1938
US Attitude on Mexico, Young Republican Convention, Sept. 17, 1938
Hawaii—Then and Now, National Geographic, October 1938
Statement on Governor Saltonstall, Pittsfield Eagle, October 30, 1938
Can the US Retain Latin American Trade and Cultural Relations against German, Italian, and Japanese Competition?. Radio address on WOL, Dec. 7, 1938
Untitled talk, Republican Women’s Club of Massachusetts, Jan. 11, 1939
American Neutrality, National Women’s Republican Club, Jan. 23, 1939
Our Latin Policy, Cosmopolite, Feb. 1939
The Kellogg Pact, The Living Church, Feb. 15, 1939
Foreign Policy of the US Government, WBRK radio, Feb. 21, 1939
Qualities of George Washington, Long Island Diocese, Feb. 22, 139
Let’s Mind Our Own Business, Stark County Bar, Mar. 18, 1939
Pan Americanism and the Monroe Doctrine, American Academy, April 1, 1939
Statement on Pending Neutrality Legislation, US House, April 13, 1939
The Administration’s Policy Regarding South America, Fordham, April 22, 1939
Minding Our Own Business, The Tocsin, May 1939
Untitled talk, St. Agnes Episcopal Church, May 14, 1939
Take the Under-Secretary out of Politics, Young Republican, July 1939
War and the Democracies, University of Virginia, July 8, 1939
Architecture and Significance of Washington Cathedral, Massachusetts Committee of The National Cathedral Association, July 19, 1939
American Neutrality and the Peace of the World, Dartmouth Hall, July 20, 1939
Dictators-All Kinds, Guide: The Women’s National Political Review, August 1939
Wanted-International Courtesy, Today’s Challenge, August-Sept. 1939
A Green Old Age, The Spur, September 1939
International Affairs, Delaware Bankers Association, Sept. 8, 1939
Insurance against being Caught in the War, Mutual Broadcast System, Sept. 13, 1939
Untitled talk, Annual Meeting of Diocese of Rochester, New York, Oct. 8, 1939
Letter to Editor, New York Times, October 16, 1939
Phases of Inter-American Diplomacy, George Washington University, Nov. 15, 1939
Trade and Investment in Latin America, Maplewood Adult School, Nov. 21, 1939
The Household of Faith, December 1939
The War and ‘We the People’, American Institute of Bankers, Dec. 5, 1939
America and Japan-Embargo or Treaty?, Town Meeting, Dec. 18, 1939


The Far East, Jan. 9, 1940
Aid to Britain Should Stay Inside the Law, Mothers of American Sons, Waterbury, CT
United States-Japan Relations since 1937, Jan. 18, 1940
The European and Far Eastern Situations, Yale Club, Feb. 15, 1940
The Far Eastern Situation, Junior League, Baltimore, Maryland, Feb. 20, 1940
The Orient, February 20, 1940
Far Eastern Questions, Jewish Community Center, Feb. 20, 1940
Untitled talks, St. Andrew’s Brotherhood and Tuesday Forum, Baltimore, Maryland, Feb. 28, 1940 (2 folders)
Loans to Latin America, Guide: The Women’s National Political Review, March 1940
Untitled talks, Washington DC, March 1940 (2 folders)
Neutrality in the Chinese-Japanese War, American Academy, April 13, 1940
Untitled, Pittsburgh and Washington DC, Apr-May 1940 (3 folders)
Foreign Policy, Worcester, Massachusetts, May 14, 1940
Commencement Address, Howe School, June 9, 1940
Untitled talk, 2600th Anniversary of Empire of Japan, June 28, 1940
Neutrality in the Chinese-Japanese War, Annals of the American Academy of Political And Social Science-Far East Review, July 1940
Is this the end of Civilization?, Layman’s Magazine, July 1940
What about the Monroe Doctrine Now?, Saturday Evening Post, July 27, 1940
A Monroe Doctrine for Japan, Atlantic Monthly, Oct 1940
Shall the U.S. Feed the Conquered Nations of Europe?, WOL broadcast, Oct 20, 1940
Foreign Policy, Bernardsville, New Jersey, Oct 24, 1940
Is Roosevelt Right in his Foreign Policies?, The Nation, Oct 25, 1940
untitled, Oct-Nov 1940
Shall We Stop Japan by Force?, Washington Daily News, Nov 16, 1940
Relief, People’s Community Forum, Pittsburgh, Dec 2, 1940
Defend America First, The Hungry Club, Pittsburgh, Dec 2, 1940
Japan – What is Responsibility of US in the Far East? Foreign Policy Association, Pittsburgh, Dec 3, 1940
America First, Catholic Telegraph-Register, Dec 13, 1940
Can Show Fealty in Everyday Life, Jan 1, 1941
untitled, Waterbury, Connecticut, Jan 15, 1941
Concerning H.R. 1776, House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Jan 24, 1941
The Rotary Club, Washington DC Rotary Club, Feb 19, 1941
Report of the Committee on Far Eastern Civilizations, Harvard University, Feb 25, 1941
untitled, Boston, Massachusetts, Mar 27, 1941
Convoys for Britain, Baltimore, Maryland, Mar 28, 1941
untitled, Church Society for College Work, Washington DC, Apr 21, 1941
Forward in Service, Washington Cathedral, Apr 27, 1941
Why War With Japan?, New York Herald Tribune, Dec 7, 1941
untitled, Fellowship Breakfast, Rock Creek, Maryland, Dec 10, 1941
Supreme Opportunity in the Colleges, Metropolitan Club, Washington DC, Apr 27, 1942
untitled, Yale Club, New York, May 21, 1942
Japan!, Choate News, Oct 26, 1942
untitled, History Club of Choate School, Wallingford, Connecticut, Dec 1, 1942
The Building of a Cathedral, Washington Cathedral Committee Delaware, Dec 1, 1942
untitled, DuPont Circle Citizens Association, Dec 7, 1942
The Church and the War, American Church Union, Washington DC, Feb 7, 1943
untitled, Washington Club, Mar 18, 1943
Christian Americans Today, The Living Church, Apr 11, 1943
untitled talks, Washington DC area, May-July 1943 (2 folders)
The Hoover Frame of Mind, Atlantic Monthly, Aug 1943
Unity with Presbyterians, The Living Church, Aug 5, 1943
Should a Western Front be Opened to Relieve Strain on Russia?, US News, Sep 3, 1943
Japan as it was and is, Church of Our Savior, Mar 5, 1944
Wilbur J. Carr Memorial Fund, American Foreign Service Journal, June 1944
Continuity, Cathedral Age, Summer 1944
St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Honolulu, Oct 10, 1944
Armistice Day Address, Catholic Layman’s Club, New York, Nov 11, 1944
untitled, St. Peter’s Upper School, Nov 21, 1944
Dumbarton Oaks Proposals, World Affairs, Nov 21, 1944
Our Church and Our World, Church of the Incarnation, New York, Jan 26, 1945
untitled, Wilmington, Delaware, Apr 19, 1945
Japan, Washington DC Rotary Club, Aug 29, 1945
Extension, Church of the Advent, Boston, Oct 12, 1945


The Work of the Laity, National Council of Churchmen, New York, Feb 27, 1946
untitled, New York and Albany, New York, April-May 1946 (2 folders)
Are We Winning the Peace in Japan?, The Archive, Aug 22,1 946
Tribute to C. F. R. Ogilby, Washington Cathedral Alibi Club, Dec 1946
Are We Making Progress toward World Peace?, WRC radio, Jan 19, 1947
Untitled, National Capital Area Hospital Council, Sep 1947
Report on Health Services, Community Chest Campaign, Oct 20, 1947
50th Anniversary of the Fox Club of Harvard University, 1948
Review of Abbott Lawrence Lowell by Henry Aaron Yeoman, American Historical Review, Jan 1949
The Prayer Book and The laity, Anglican Society, Buffalo, New York, June 9, 1949
Political Essay, 1952
Undated, Subject Order

American Diplomacy
Austria ‑ Post World War I
California Real Estate Association
Church Schools
College Men and Politics
Commercial Treaties
Community Fund of Duluth
Far East Situation
Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy, New Deal
Foreign Relations
Foreign Trade Council
Inter-parliamentary Union Conference


Japan ‑ Japanese Christians
Latin‑American Peace Conference
Lindbergh, Charles
Military Preparedness
New Deal
Political Essays
Public Affairs
Soviet Recognition
State Dept., Decline of
Trade Treaties
World Peace
Unpublished and Untitled Manuscript (Castle on role of State in policy, 1914-1937)

Field of American Diplomacy
Tools of American Diplomacy: State and Foreign Service Departments (2 folders)
Presidents’ Part in Foreign Relations
Protection of American Citizens
Admission of Aliens: Immigrants and Visitors (2 folders)
Naval Limitation
Disarmament and Arms Traffic
Treaties to Prevent War
Kellogg Pact
Commercial Treaties
United States and the League of Nations
Inter-government Debts
Latin America
Our Former Allies
United States and the Far East

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Calendars, 1927-1932 (4 folders, bound volumes with indexes)



Scrapbook Clippings, Dec 1929‑June 1930
Scrapbook Clippings, June 1930‑July 1931
Scrapbook Clippings, July 1931‑Sep 1932
Scrapbook Clippings, Sep 1932-June 1934


Clippings, 1917‑1930 (4 folders; Feb 1927 promotion Assistant Secretary of State)


Clippings, 1931-1951 (17 folders)


Castle Diaries, 1918-1960 (12 microfilm reels)
Index to microfilm of Castle diaries, 1918-1950



Photograph of Hoover in frame
Framed photo of Castle and 5 other men
Framed photo of Mrs. Hoover
Framed photo of Hoover fishing
2 photos of the “Under Secretary of State” flag as it was in Castle’s house
7 descriptions of the photo named above
2 signed photograph of women
typed list of women in photo
Picture of Hoover with dog
 17 photos some with Hoover, Castle, Mrs. Hoover
2 pictures of the flag – Williams
1 photo in a paper frame
Knight of the Cross Certificate to Castle, 1932 (Italian)

Castle Papers Reviewed and Opened

Austria (2 pages)

12/26/25, Washburn to Castle

Belgium (see also next page) (15 pages)

11/8/27, Gibson to Castle, re order of Leopold
12/8/27, Castle to Gibson, ibid
01/3/28, Gibson to Castle, ibid
01/23/28, Castle to Gibson, ibid and Implementation of Rogers Act.
06/8/28, Castle toGIbson, situation in Belgian Embassy in Washington, D.C.
01/18/3, Gibson to Castle, re appointment of new Belgian ambassador

Canada (2 pages)

09/8/27, Castle to Phillips, re Dolbeare and Newsom.

Chile  (4 pages)

05/23/28, Castle to Julian Lay, re a Dave Reed
07/26/28, Castle to Julian Lay, ibid

Japan  (8 pages)

12/11/29, Castle to Wilson, re Castle's appointment to Japan
12/27/32, Grew to Castle, re Mrs. Roosevelt's visit to Japan and the Castle‑Grew exchange of diaries.
03/1/37, Grew to Castle, re rumors of Grew's transfer to Europe

Mexico  (9 pages)

01/18/26, Arthur Bliss Lane to Castle, re State Dept. appointments and gossip Mexican affairs ‑ feud in British colony
07/7/26, Arthur Bliss Lane, re British embassy In Mexico
08/30/26, Castle to Arthur Bliss Lane, re Alan (?) appointment to Mexico ‑ Sheffield's report on Mexico.

Poland  (7 pages)

10/16/2, Gibson to Castle, extensive letter on situation in Poland
11/11/27, Castle to John Stetson, re Carnegie Institute representatives visit and Mr. Dewey's appointment as advisor to Bank of Poland.

Spain  (10 pages)

09/30/26, Castle to Ogden Hammond, re Aleck Moore In Spain
01/6/27, Castle to Francis White, re Hammond's views ‑ bank matter and taxation ‑ personnel changes in State Dept. Brentano ‑ Butler Wright ‑
Hugh Wilson possible reorganization of, State Dept.‑Fred Sterling
Sheldon Kellogg's nervous condition.

Switzerland (25 pages)

01/18/29, fictitious letter signed W. W. Winkle poking fun at the State Department.
01/21/26, Gibson to Castle, re offer by Kellogg to be Undersecretary
01/27/26, Gibson to Castle, re Geneva Conference
02/15/26, Gibson to Castle, cover for Arthur Sweetser enclosure (not there)
07/28/26, Gibson to Castle, re rumor that Gibson is going to Constantinople
09/28/26, "Dear Willie" salutation, re Butler speech
01/14/27, J. Theodore Marriner to Castle, gossip and concern over Swiss reaction to leaving woman in charge.
02/2/27, Castle to Marriner, re transferring Lucielle ‑ reference to Elbridge Rand, Dorsey Richardson's resignation, and Alan ‑ Jim Daniels.
04/19/27, Gibson to Castle, re caliber of naval advisors ‑ concern over appointment of an "Adolphus" to naval conversations.
07/21/32, Gibson to Castle, re his No. 355 telegram

Belgium (Continued)   (17 pages)

01‑31‑31, Castle to Gibson, re HH secretary
08‑4‑31, Castle to Alan J.Lowrey, re royal prince
012‑23‑31, Castle to Gibson, re Mrs. Arthur Payne
11‑5‑31, Gibson to Castle, re Mrs. Arthur Payne
01‑19‑31, Gibson to Castle, re Howard W. Bible

Liberia  (9 pages)

07‑19‑28, Castle to George Grafton Wilson, re Raymond Le Buell
07‑19‑28, Castle to Charles E. Macy, re Raymond Lo Buell
09‑28‑28, Castle to Christian A. Herter, re Raymond Lo Buell

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