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1 linear foot, 6 linear inches (3 LGA-S boxes and one volume)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Lawrence W. Wallace was born in August 1881 in Webberville, Texas. He graduated from Texas A & M and Purdue universities. Wallace was a teacher in the field of management. In 1920 the American Engineering Council (AEC) was created in Washington. Herbert Hoover was named chairman and Wallace was named treasurer. Both men were interested in studying waste in industry. Starting with the Army Management Engineering Training Agency (AMETA) at the Rock Island Arsenal in 1952, Wallace worked 15 years for the federal government. Wallace was also a member in the American Society of Engineers and the American Institute of Industrial Engineering. He wrote books and articles on management and engineering. He continued work with AMETA after his retirement and died in January 1973.


The collection is divided into three subgroups:

ARTICLES, which contains articles, drafts, and speech notes from 1924 to 1963. Topics include the economy, Herbert Hoover, the Great Depression, and management. Arranged alphabetically by title.

CORRESPONDENCE contains letters written from 1932 to 1971. Arranged alphabetically by name.

SUBJECT FILES contains materials on subjects such as the AEC, AMETA, business, the depression, the economy, engineering, Herbert Hoover, the presidential campaigns of 1928 and 1932, industry, management, and unemployment. Types of materials include articles, minutes, photographs, postcards, and notes. Arranged alphabetically by topic.

PROCESSOR: Krista Sellers, July 2012


Box Content



The Balancing of Economic Forces, June 1932
The Economics of Machine Production, Sep 1932
A Further Analysis of Economic Conditions by C.M. Garland, May 11,1933
Hoover the Man, Mar 21, 1929
If I Were a Dictator by Glenn Frank, Dec 23, 1931
Industrial Engineers’ Opportunity, undated
Notes for Washington Post, Dec 29, 1927
Permanent Prosperity and Preparedness – A National Plan by Charles Kroll, June 7, 1932
T. G. Mararyk and Technics by Vasil Skrach, 1924
Waste in Industry, Feb 20, 1925
Well, Whatcha Goin’ To Do About It? by Charles Kroll, July 11, 1932
Where Management Goes Wrong by J.D. Baxter, 1963


Alford, L. P., 1932-1933
Army Management Engineering Training Agency (AMETA), 1961-1970
Buller, Charlotte, 1970
Cooley, Mortimer, E., 1921-1971
Davies, Clarence, E., 1963-1972
Friedrich, William G., 1958-1963
Goddard, Mrs. Robert H., 1958-1960
Henle, Raymond, 1970-1972
Holden, Paul E., 1963-1970
Hoover, Herbert, 1923-1963
Hough, Art, 1970
International Committee of Scientific Management, 1957-1963
Jaklitsch, J. J., 1971
Lamperti, Frank, 1971 (includes photo)
Lewis, Eugenia, 1970-1971
Oliphant,  A. Chambers, 1970
Richey, Lawrence, 1928
Sharpe, Russell, 1971
Wood, Robert, 1970-1971

Subject Files 

American Engineering Council: 

Article: An Inquiry What Engineers Should Do To Get Out of the Depression, 1931
Article: The Idea of Social Responsibility, Edwin Layton, 1956
Constitution and By-Laws, Jan 1929
History, Apr 1924
Relation of Consumption, Production, and Distribution,1932


Reports, 1930-1936
Roster of Members, 1921-1930
Minutes (with Wallace comments), 1923
Wallace Memorandum, 1931 

Army Management Engineering Training Agency: Executive Skills Handbook, 1965 (2 folders)
American Society of Engineers – Photos, 1947 and undated
Business, Nov 22, 1929-Apr 1932
Cooley, Mortimer – Poetry and University of Michigan Engineering School,1930 and undated
Depression, Nov 25, 1930–Jan 18, 1933
Economy, Nov 9, 1932–Sep 28, 1934


Engineering, 1920-1934
Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, Apr 7, 1971
Hoover, Herbert 

General, 1926-1972
Photographs, undated
Postcards, undated

Herbert Hoover Medal, 1930-1957
Hoover for President Business Paper Editorial Advisory Committee, 1928
Hoover for President Engineer’s Committee – Campaign Materials, 1924, 1928, 1970 and undated
Hunt, Edward Eyre – Notes, undated
Industry, Sep 16, 1931-July 1932
Republican National Committee – Herbert Hoover Nomination, Aug 11, 1932
Scientific Management, 1956-1968
Unemployment, Mar 28, 1933-June 17, 1934


Scrapbook about Herbert Hoover, 1923-1964 (primarily political cartoons, includes photographs and clippings)