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11 linear inches (2 LGA-S boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

A collection of articles about Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover collected by the University Library.  Includes magazine cover portraits of Herbert Hoover.


Box Contents


Herbert Hoover Felicitates Jews of America on New Year, The American Hebrew, Oct 4, 1929
Letter by Herbert Hoover Accepting Honorary Membership, The American Library Association Bulletin, July 1929
Herbert Hoover – An Intimate Portrait by His Friend by Will Irwin, The American Magazine, May 1930
Hoover on Fish, The American Mercury, July 1927
One of Mr. Hoover’s Friends by Robert S. Allen, The American Mercury,  Jan 1932
Mr. Hoover’s Stalking Horse by George Milburn, The American Mercury, July 1932
Appointment as Food Dictator by President Wilson, American Over the Top, 1917
Biography of Hoover, The Army and Navy Courier, Dec 1928
Pre-War Hoover, The Argonaut, Oct 30, 1931
Grant Wood ‘Organizes’ Hoover’s Birthplace, The Art Digest, Nov 15, 1932
Professor Sigall and Portraits, includes Hoover, The Art Digest, Mar 15, 1932
Hoover’s Reply, Letter by Hoover, The Art Digest, Nov 1, 1932
In Praise of Izaak Walton by Herbert Hoover, The Atlantic Monthly,June 6, 1972
The President as I Know Him by Vernon Kellogg, The Atlantic Monthly,July 1932
My Classmate – Herbert Hoover by Annie G. Lyle, Better Health, Sep 1928
Along Life’s Trail with Our New President, Boy’s Life, Mar 1929
One Out of Four, with letter from Hoover, Boy’s Life, Nov 1929
Mr. Hoover on the New Deal, The Christian Century, Oct 3, 1934
My Letter From Our President: An Intimate Article by Beatrice Plumb, The Christian Herald, Nov 1932
The Ex-President Looks On: In a Quiet Home atop San Juan Hill at Palo Alto by Lucia Shepardson, The Christian Science Monitor, May 16, 1934
Letter from Hoover to Colby College, The Colby Alumnus, July 14, 1930
Drawing of Hoover by Mielziga Washington, Collier’s, Aug 11, 1917
Save and Serve with Hoover by Harris Dickson, Collier’s, Aug 11, 1917
Collier’s Strike Cure and Its Critics, Herbert Hoover, Collier’s, Nov 27, 1920
Interview of Herbert Hoover by Frazier Hunt, Cosmopolitan, Feb 1931
America Solemnly Warns Foreign Monopolists of Raw Materials, Herbert Hoover, Current History, Dec 1925
Hoover and His Way of Bringing Things to Pass, Current Opinion, Jan 1917 
Three Million Starving Children Crying To America by Herbert Hoover, Current Opinion, Nov 1920
Hoover War Library to Hold Historic 1914-1918 Papers by Andrew R. Boone, The Dearborn Independent, Nov 10, 1923
Editorial: Why Herbert Hoover Ought to be Nominated by Both Parties at the Coming Conventions, The Democracy Magazine, Apr 1920
Picture of Hoover, Fortune, July 1923
The Search for the Perfect Child by Herbert Hoover, The Forum, Oct 1926
Mr. Hoover and the Doctors: An Assault on the Medical Professionals from one of Hoover’s Readers, The Forum , Dec 1926
Hoover and Law Observance by James Truslow Adams, The Forum, July 1929
The Real Hoover by Ashmun Brown, The Forum, Nov 1930
Caricature of Hoover, Game and Gossip, Nov 1932
The Real Calvin Coolidge, edited with comment by Grace Coolidge, Good Housekeeping, May 1935
The Three Purgatories by Herbert Hoover, Good Housekeeping, May 1935
Articles about Coolidge, Good Housekeeping, May 1935
Editorial by William J. Marsh (age 13), The Hall of Memory, Dec 1931
Holidays with the President, Lyman Wilbur, Holiday, Mar 1931
The Hoovers – Authors or Plagiarists? Inside Stuff, Feb 20, 1932
President’s Fortune “around” $20,000,000, Inside Stuff, Feb 20, 1932
Child Health and Protection by Herbert Hoover, Journal of the National Education Association, Feb 1931
How Mrs. Hoover Met Mr. Hoover, Kessinger’s Mid-West Review, Feb 1929
What Has Mr. Hoover Really Done?, The Ladies’ Home Journal,  May 1919
Mrs. Hoover Knows by Frederick Palmer, The Ladies’ Home Journal, Mar 1929
Mrs. Hoover, Charlotte Kellogg, The Ladies’ Home Journal, Sep 1930
Convention Telegram from Herbert Hoover, The Ladies’ Home Journal, Sep 1931
Letter from President Hoover, Ladies’ Home Journal, June 1932
The Real Hoover by F.A. Mackenzie, The Landmark, Dec 1928
The Hoovers by Julie Heyneman, The Landmark, Mar 1929
Hoover Versus Roosevelt: Ex-President’s Attack on his Successor’s Policies by Frank Darvall, The Landmark, Nov 1934
Criticism of Mr. Hoover – some objections, The Landmark, Jan 1935
Picture of Hoover with his dog
Caricature of Hoover, Punch
More and Better Fishing by Herbert Hoover, The Liberty, June 20, 1925
Presidential Possibilities Hoover: A Man Who Lets His Work Talk for Him by James O’Donnell Bennett, The Liberty, Feb 11, 1928
How Hoover Happened: A Chronicle of the ‘Mystery Years’, Fredrick Palmer, The Liberty, Sep 8, 1932
Mrs. Herbert Hoover by Adela Rogers St. Johns, The Liberty, Oct 20, 1928
The President and the Photographers: A Glimpse behind the Scenes at a Man Who Walks Alone by Richard Carroll, The Liberty, July 19, 1930
These Whispers about Mr. Hoover: Some Surprising and Hitherto Unrevealed Facts about the President’s Attitudes toward the Malicious Criticisms that Have Been
Heaped upon Him by Will Irwin, The Liberty, May 21, 1932
The Challenge to Mr. Hoover: An Eminent Business Man’s Reply to a Distinguished Champion of ‘Formulas Which Have Long since Ceased to Work by Edward A. Filene, The Liberty, Nov 24, 1934
The Greatest Consolidated Relief Organization the World has ever known, The Literary Digest, Jan 15, 1921
Hoover to See South America First, The Literary Digest, Nov 24, 1928
Mrs. Hoover’s International Housekeeping, The Literary Digest, Nov 24, 1928
Hoover’s Call to Battle against Crime,” The Literary Digest, Mar 16, 1929
Hoover’s Fight for the Children, The Literary Digest, Dec 6, 1930
Drawing of Hoover by R.E. Leppert, The Literary Digest, June 25, 1932
Photo of Herbert Hoover by Bachrach, The Literary Digest, undated
Mr. Hoover as Reader, anonymous, The Literary Digest, Oct 22, 1932
President Hoover’s Farewell Address, The Literary Digest, Feb 25, 1933
How the Former President Spend his Time, The Literary Digest, Aug 5, 1933
Mr. Hoover’s Forthcoming Book on ‘The Challenge to Liberty’ is Regarded as a Reply toMr. R oosevelt’s Bid to Compare the New Deal and The Bill of Rights, The Literary Digest, Aug 25, 1934
New Deal a Threat to American Liberty? The Literary Digest, Sep 15, 1934
Herbert Hoover’s ‘Call to Arms’: Former President Attack on Roosevelt Administration Brings Definitely Partisan Reactions in Washington and in the Press, The Literary
Digest, Mar 30, 1935
American Silhouettes (from the French Point of View) by Paul-Louis Hervier, The Living Age, Sep 28, 1918
Psychoanalyzing Mr. Hoover, The Living Age, Oct 1931
What made Hoover – Heredity or Environment? Leon F. Whitney Secretary American Eugenic Society, Los Angeles Times, Apr 7, 1929
A Woman Who Made a President: Rebecca Yount Hoover Great-Grandmother of Herbert Hoover by Marjorie Peters and William Long, Los Angeles Times, Mar 15, 1931
Former President Finds Pleasure in Simple Life by  Kyle D. Palmer, Los Angeles Times, July 30, 1933
Mrs. Hoover to Aid Chest, Los Angeles Times, Sep 23, 1934
Hoover Article Causes Stir in Capital Circles, Los Angeles Times, Sep 5, 1934
Former Foes Unite to Aid Salvation Army: Hoover Meets with Al Smith and Poses for Picture, Los Angeles Times, Apr 9, 1935
Picture: Hoover Attends Stanford Alumni Reunion Los Angeles Times, undated
Social Aid Plea Made by Hoover: Regimentation Attacked, Los Angeles Times, May 6, 1935
Hoover Demands N.R.A. Be Ended: Raps Code Rule, Los Angeles Times, May 16, 1935
Four Hundred Air Raiders to Make Attack on Hawaii, Los Angeles Times, May 12, 1935
The Battle Line of Hunger by Herbert Hoover, McClure’s Magazine, July 1920
Mayday – Child Health Day 1925 by Herbert Hoover, McClure’s Magazine, July 1925
Herbert Hoover: The Man Who Brought America to the World by Herman Bernstein, McClure’s Magazine, Oct 1925
Picture: Hoover with Governor of Porto Rico, Mid-Week Pictorial, undated (Puerto Rico)
Picture: Portrait of Herbert Hoover, Mid-Week Pictorial, undated
Picture: Hoover with granddaughter, Mid-Week Pictorial, undated
Has Mr. Hoover Turned Bolshevik? by Paxton Hibben, The Nation, Apr 11, 1928
Presidential Possibilities IV: Herbert C. Hoover by Oswald Garrison Villard, The Nation, Feb 29, 1928
Mr. Hoover’s Misstatements, The Nation, Oct 3, 1928
In Praise of Hoover: Editorial by David Starr Jordan, The Nation, July 25, 1928
The Thirty-First President, The Nation, Mar 6, 1929
The Inaugural and the Cabinet, The Nation, Mar 13, 1929
Our Super-Rabbit: A Recantation by Robert Herrick, The Nation, July 16, 1930
We Met Mr. Hoover by Amos Pinchot, The Nation, Jan 14, 1931
The Tragedy of Hoover: Articles by Well-Known Writers Covering the work of His
Administration by Oswald Garrison Villard, The Nation, June 24, 1931

I. The Tragedy of Herbert Hoover by Oswald Garrison Villard, June 24, 1931
II. President Hoover’s Foreign Policy by John B. Whitton, July 1, 1931
III. The President’s Economics by Henry Raymond Mussey, July 8, 1931
IV. The President and Unemployment by Robert M. LaFollette, July 15, 1931
V. The Presidential Appointments by Charles A. Beard, July 22, 1931
VI. Mr. Hoover’s ‘Noble Experiment by Peter H. Odegard, July 29, 1931
VII. Hoover and Power by  Amos Pinchot, Aug 5, 1931
VIII. Hoover and Power by Amos Pinchot, Aug 12, 1931
IX. Hoover the Politician by Paul Y. Anderson, Aug 19, 1931
X. Hoover as Individualist by William Hard, Aug 26, 1931

Mr. Hoover’s Tax Program, The Nation, Dec 23, 1931
Mr. Hoover: Prophet of Prosperity Quotes of Hoover, The Nation, June 15, 1932
Pity Herbert Hoover by Oswald Garrison Villard, The Nation, June 15, 1932
Author, Sorry, Repudiates Book Attacking Career of President, The Nation, Jan 5, 1933
Cartoon by Scheiber (?),The Nation, Apr 19, 1933
Mr. Hoover’s Business Mind by M.S. Rukeyser, Nation’s Business, May 1930 (with drawings by Herbert Hoover)
Pictures of Hoover and Family, New York Evening Post, June 16, 1928
A Woman of the West Knocks at the White House Door by Sarah Comstock, New York Evening Post, June 16, 1928
Pictures of Hoover Family, New York Evening Post, June 23, 1928
Hoover’s Right Hand Man by Thomas Carens, New York Herald Tribune, Jan 13, 1929 (George Akerson)
Drawings of Mrs. Hoover by S.J. Woolf, New York Herald Tribune, Mar 3, 1929
Picture of Mr. and Mrs. Hoover, New York Herald Tribune, Mar 10, 1929  
Picture of Hoover and Coolidge at Hoover’s Inaugural Ceremony, New York Herald Tribune, Mar 10, 1929
Picture of Vice President Curtis and Brother-in-Law, New York Herald Tribune, Mar 10, 1929
Picture of William Howard Taft Giving Oath of Office to Hoover, New York Herald Tribune, Mar 10, 1929
Picture of Coolidge and Hoover Riding in Car at Inauguration, New York Herald Tribune, Mar 10, 1929
Picture of Crowd at Inauguration, New York Herald Tribune, Mar 10, 1929
Picture of Wives of Cabinet, New York Herald Tribune, Mar 10, 1929
Picture of Mr. and Mrs. Coolidge, New York Herald Tribune, Mar 10, 1929
Pictures of Lou Henry’s (Mrs. Hoover) old home in California, New York Herald Tribune, Mar 10, 1929
Picture of Hoover and His Cabinet, New York Herald Tribune, Mar 17, 1929
Picture Official Picture of Hoover for Women’s National Committee for Hoover, New York Herald Tribune, Dec 28, 1929
Picture of Hoover, New York Herald Tribune, undated
Hoover’s 18-Hour Day by Chester T. Crowell, New York Herald Tribune, June 19, 1932
Picture of Mr. and Mrs. Hoover, New York Herald Tribune, undated
Hoover – Reactionary or Liberal? by William Hard, New York Herald Tribune, Sep 18, 1932
Mrs. Hoover’s Gift to History by Laurence Gouverneur Hoes, New York Herald Tribune, Nov 6, 1932
Mrs. Hoover: What Is America’s First Lady Really Like? Today Thousands of Women are Asking That Question. Here is the Reply – a Detailed Pen Portrait by One of
Her Intimate Friends by Will Irwin, New York Herald Tribune, Oct 23, 1932 (portrait of Lou Hoover by Leonebel Jacobs)
Hoover’s Great Achievement by Mark Sullivan, New York Herald Tribune, Feb 26, 1933
Hoover’s Administration is Reviewed; Repeal Tops Legislation of Short Session by John Snure, New York Herald Tribune, Mar 5, 1933
The Most Traveled President by R. L. Duffus, New York Times, Jan 6, 1929
Picture of President Hoover Watching Parade in his Honor Outside the White House, New York Times, 3/10/1929
Picture of Mr. and Mrs. Hoover with Vice-President Curtis and His Sister, New York Times, Mar 10, 1929
Picture of Hoover with the Members of the Hamilton Club of Chicago, New York Times, Mar 10, 1929
Picture of Mr. and Mrs. Coolidge, New York Times, Mar 10, 1929
Picture of Mrs. Hoover greeting delegation from Abilene at Inauguration, New York Times, Mar 10, 1929
Picture of Vice-President Curtis and His Sister, New York Times, Mar 10, 1929
Picture of Hoover and Lucy Spotted Cow – Delegation from South Dakota, New York Times, Mar 10, 1929
The Lady of the White House, New York Times, Mar 10, 1929
A Long Day with the President by S. J. Woolf, New York Times, Mar 24, 1929
The Dawn of the ‘Hoover Era’”, Anne O’Hare McCormick, New York Times, May 12, 1929
In the Home Land of the Early Hoovers: Pioneers of Colonial Days, They Lived First in the South and in the Last Century Trekked to the Middle West by Nixon Plummer,
New York Times, June 9, 1929
The First Lady Rules A Broad Realm: Mrs. Hoover, at the White House, Gives the Cue to the Social World and No One Disputes Her Leadership by Mildred Adams, New
York Times, Nov 30, 1930
Picture of Mr. Hoover and His Family with Christmas Tree, New York Times, undated
Portrait of Mrs. Hoover, New York Times, undated
Picture of Mr. Hoover, Man, and Girl Dressed as a Native American, New York Times, Undated
Portrait of Hoover, New York Times, undated
A New President Hoover is Now Emerging: Changed in Temper and Attitude, He Bows to Political Realities and Put His Strength Behind a Was Reconstruction Program
by Anne O’Hare McCormick, New York Times, Feb 7, 1392
Engineers Unveil Portrait of President Hoover, New York Times, Feb 15, 1932
At Home with the President: His Unofficial Side Revealed: Will Irwin Gives an Intimate Picture of Mr. Hoover in His Hours of Leisure and Tells How He Relaxes After the
Day’s Work by Will Irwin, New York Times, Apr 24, 1932
Picture of Mr. and Mrs. Hoover, New York Times, undated
Hoover’s Fortune Placed at $700,000: Magazine Article Says Wealth of President Has Shrunk From $4,000,000 Since 1914, Income is Put at $95,000, New York Times,
July 25, 1932
Hoover Looks Back – And Ahead by Anne O’Hare McCormick, New York Times, Feb 5, 1933
Four Years of Hoover an Interpretation by French Strother, New York Times, Feb 26, 1933
Crowd at Station Sees Hoover Off, New York Times, Mar 17, 1933
Portrait of Our Resting Ex-President: Mr. Hoover Back in California, Actively Does Just What He Pleases and Expertly Avoids Public Notice by Duncan Aikman, New York
Times, May 28, 1933
Hoover Acclaimed on Visit to Fair, New York Times, Sep 21, 1933
A Citizen of California Follow the Sport of Presidents: Herbert Hoover, Picture, New York Times, Nov 19, 1933
Hoover Counsels Republican Caution Until Demorcrate ‘Errors’ Accumulate, New York Times, Dec 21, 1933
Hoover Carefully Examine the New Deal: Remaining Silent in Retirement, the Former President Conducts Unceasing Explorations in the Realm of Political Economy by
Duncan Aikman, New York Times, May 27, 1934
Hoover Dedicates New Morris Dam, Picture, New York Times, May 29, 1934
Precedent Against Hoover, New York Times, May 5, 1935
Hoover Deplores Flat Government, New York Times, June 17, 1935
Hoover Address at the Graduation Exercises of Stanford University, New York Times, July 17, 1935

Profiles: The President 1 by Henry F. Pringle, The New Yorker, Dec 27, 1930
Profiles: The President 2 by Henry F. Pringle, The New Yorker, Jan 3, 1931
Profiles: The President 3 by Henry F. Pringle, The New Yorker, Jan 10, 1931


Hoover: Free to Dwell on Past and Ponder the Future, Mar 4, 1933
Hoovers: Ex-President and Wife Cheered at Chicago Fair, Sep 30, 1933
Hoovers: Ex-President Gay After Visit to Chicago Fair, Oct 7, 1933
Birthday: At 60, Hoover Finds Himself ‘Ten Years Younger, Aug 18, 1934
Hoover: Ex-President Thumbs Over Cards in New Deal Park, Sep 8, 1934
Hoover: Ex-President Gives His Idea of ‘Social-Security, Feb 23, 1935
Drawing of Hoover by S.J. Woolf, The North American Review, undated
Is Hoover Human? By Ray T. Tucker, The North American Review, Sep 1928     
Picture of Hoover, Paul Thompson, The Outlook, undated
Hoover and the Belgians”, Lewis R. Freeman, The Outlook, Sep 8, 1915
Herbert Hoover, The Outlook, Apr 7, 1920 (1920 campaign)
An End and a Beginning, Editorial, Outlook and Independent, Nov 21, 1928
Back Stage in Washington by A. F. C., Outlook and Independent, Mar 6, 1929
Hoover Wealth, The Pathfinder, Sep 13, 1932
Portrait of a younger Hoover by Ralph Peacock, Personality, undated
What Sort of a Man is Hoover? I by Earl Reeves, Personality, June 1928
What Sort of a Man is Hoover? II by Earl Reeves, Personality, July 1928
What Sort of a Man is Hoover? III by Earl Reeves, Personality, Aug 1928
What Sort of a Man is Hoover? IV by Earl Reeves, Personality, Sep 1928
The President Watches His Waistline: The Most Important Item on Mr. Hoover’s Busy Program is Keeping Fit for the Most Trying Job in the World – President of These
United States by Will Irwin, Physical Culture, July 1931 (Hooverball diagram)
Rescuing the Presdient’s Homestead by Margaret McOmie, Pickwick Papers, Dec 1929
A Christmas Message of Promise and Good Cheer to the American Housewife by Herbert Hoover, Pictorial Review, Jan 1918
The New President, The Progressive Magazine, Dec 1, 1928
The Return of Herbert Hoover: And what it Means to America by Carlos Knight, Real America, Jan 1935 Redbook
“When You Meet the President”, Edwin Balmer and William H. Crawford, 3/1932; with picture of Hoover        
Two pictures of Hoover, the one from the previous article
“Hoover Off the Record”, Theodore G. Joslin (Secretary to Hoover 1931-1933), 9/1932; with pictures of Hoover and his dog,                                                              Hoover and his cabinet, Mrs. Hoover in the White House

Senator La Follette with Senator Borah and Senator Cutting, Bernard M. Baruch, Bishop Cannon of Anti-Saloon League, General Dawes and Secretary Stimson, Eugene Meyers, Jr. Governor of the Fedral Reserve, J.P. Morgan and Thomas W Lamont

Duplicate of “Hoover Off the Record” with pictures “Hoover Off the Record: The Inside Story of the Great Crisis”, Theodore G. Joslin, 10/1934; with pictures of the Bonus March Drama on July 28-29 1932, of Mrs. Hoover with her daughter-in-law and her grandchildren, Mr. Ogden Mills (Secretary of the Treasury 1932-33), Mr. Patrick J. Hurley,  Hoover and is secretary Joslin “Hoover Off the Record: The Two Weeks that Shook the United States”, Theo. G. Joslin, 11/1934; with picture of F.D.R. on        election night, F.D.R. and Hoover in car at F.D.R.’s inauguration, Emil Hurja, Senator Carter Glass, Hoover before delivering re-election speech in St. Paul in 1932, Governor Comstock of Michigan 
The Review of Reviews
July 1931- Sept. 1932

Single picture of a younger Hoover, date unknown
Two duplicate pictures of Mrs. Hoover with daughter-in-law and grandchildren
Picture of Hoover Family, date unknown
“A Twenty Year Plan for America”, Herbert Hoover, 7/1931; with picture of Mr. and Mrs. Hoover in Indianapolis
Three copies of the same Hoover picture
“America and World Recovery: Excerpts from the President’s Speech Before the American Legion”, Herbert Hoover, 11/1931
Picture of Hoover in Profile
“Mr. Hoover as President”, Albert Shaw, 7/1932; previous picture profile of Hoover used
Picture of Mr. and Mrs. Hoover with their dog (King Tut), date unknown
Picture of Mr. and Mrs. Hoover together by stream, date unknown
Picture of Mr. and Mrs. Hoover walking with King Tut, date unknown
“Ideals in the Midst of Crisis”, Herbert Hoover, 9/1932’ with caricatures by Skyes and Cleveland News, pictures of Hoover with various people and dog
 “The Personality of President Hoover”, Robert Patterson Lamont, 9/1932; with pictures of Hoover and wife with children on Easter and May Day, Hoover with his granddaughter, and a  repeat of several other photos used in previously San Franciscan Nov. 1928
“Hoover the Man: Being the Personal Opinions of a Note Novelist”,  Kathleen Norris, 11/1928; with picture of bust of Hoover done by Haig Patigian
Duplicate picture of bust
San Francisco Call Bulletin April 1, 1920
“The Bulletin Editorial: Hoover Republican Candidate”, anonymous author, 4/1/1920                                             
Caricature of Hoover “The Contrast” by Yardley

San Francisco Chronicle
July 13, 1930 and June 12, 1922
“America Wins Great Wealth of Books: Vollbehr Collection Purchase Finally Authorized and Library of congress Gains Very High Distinction, 7/13/1930; with picture of a  page from the Gutenberg Bible
Picture of Mr. and Mrs. Hoover waving from the White House, date unknown
Picture of portrait of Mrs. Hoover, date unknown

The Saturday Evening Post
March 11, 1922 – May 12, 1934
“The Hooving of Hoover”, Kenneth L. Roberts, 3/11/1922; with pictures of Hoover, Hoover with the Secretary of Labor Davis
“Hoover of Iowa and California”, Garet Garrett, 6/2/1928; with pictures of Hoover’s birthplace in West Branch, The Old Swimming  Hole, Hoover as a boy, Hoover with his siblings, Hoover when he attended Stanford, Hoover in the Geological Class of 1894, Mr. and Mrs. Carran Hoover’s teachers at school

Duplicate pictures from previous article
“Mrs. Herbert Hoover”, Elizabeth Frazer, 7/9/1928; with pictures of a young Mrs. Hoover in China, Mrs. Hoover at home in D.C.
Duplicate of Elizabeth Frazer’s article
Duplicate of pictures from Frazer’s article
“The Young Hoovers”, Charlotte Kellogg, 3/2/1929; with pictures of younger Hoover (1891, 1897, and 1903), Hoover  at 29, Hoover with friends at his camp in Bohemian Grove (1927),  Hoover fishing, Hoover with his dog (King Tut)
“Portrait of a President”, Will Irwin, 1/17/1931; with pictures of Hoover speaking at Gettysburg, Hoover and the Kent, Ohio

“Bear Cats, Hoover about tossing baseball at Big-League Season opener, Hoover standing alone
“Hooverian Nights Entertainment: Introducing Herbi Hooveh, Kalif of Al Wash and His Grand Vizeer, Ray-El-Wilb”, Wallace Irwin, 6/20/1931; with cartoon drawings by Herbert Johnson
“The Education of Herbert Hoover”, Christian Gauss, 11/5/1932; with pictures of Hoover in stages in his “manhood”, home in West Branch, Hoover and brother, Hoover’s Father, Hoover and family (sons and wife), Hoover and Stanford Geological Class of 1894

Duplicate pictures from the previous article
“Herbert Hoover—The Last of the Old Presidents or the First of the New?”, William Allen White, 3/4/1933; with picture of Hoover and Mr. Payne (Chairman of the American Red Cross), Hoover with secretaries Mills and Stimson, Hoover when Head of Belgian Relief Commission, Mr. and Mrs. Hoover at parade in Alexandria VA., Young Hoover in Australia

Duplicate pictures from the previous article
“President Hoover and the World Depression: The Story of the Moratorium from Official Records”, Mark Sullivan, 3/11/1933; with picture of Mr. and Mrs. Hoover sitting together, Prime Minister Laval reading draft of Hoover’s War Debt Holiday Plan, Hoover with French and US Officials, Hoover with M. Laval, Hoover and friends leaving for vacation, diagrams and phrases scribbled by Hoover, Hoover and French Ambassador Paul Claudel

 “The Hospitable Hoovers”, Irwin H. (Ike) Hoover and edited by Wesley Stout, 4/14/1934; with pictures of Grand Staircase and grounds of the White house
“The Job is Not So Hard”, Irwin H. (Ike) Hoover and edited by Wesley Stout, 5/12/1934; with pictures of decorated tables in White House by Roosevelt’s for Prince Henry of Prussia

Hoover and Literature, The Saturday Review of Literature, Mar 16, 1929
What the President Reads: Notes on a Visit to the White House by Christopher Morley, The Saturday Review of Literature, Sep 24, 1932
The Presidential Campaign Is On! Scholastic, Sep 24, 1932
Drawing of Hoover, Scholastic, undated
Drawing of Hoover, Scientific American, undated
Herbert Hoover and the Patent Office, Scientific American, June 1925
Radio Speeds the Airplane by Herbert Hoover Jr. (Radio Technician Western Air Express), Speed, July 1930
Mr. Hoover and the New American Game by Katherine Glover, St. Nicholas, May 1926
The California Home of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Clark Hoover on San Juan Hill Stanford University Campus, Sunset Magazine, Sep 1928
Picture of Herbert Hoover, Survey, July 1, 1927
The White House Way, Vanity Fair, Dec 1932 (comparison of FDR and Hoover)
Mr. Hoover, Hermit – Author of Palo Alto, Comes to Life,” Colored Cartoon of Hoover by W. Cotton, Vanity Fair, Nov 1934
Mr. Hoover as Insurance Agent by Benjamin Baker, The Weekly Review, May 7, 1921
The Love Poetry of Herbert Hoover, Wilson Bulletin for Librarians, Dec 1932
What Sort of Man Is Hoover? By Frederick L. Collins, Woman’s Home Companion, Nov 1928
Hoover: An Enigma, Henry F. Pringle, The World’s Work, June 1928
World’s Work: Hoover the President by William Hard, The World’s Work, Sep 1929
President Hoover in International Relations by Mark Sullivan, The Yale Review, Dec 1929
What is He like at Work – 3: Herbert Hoover by Christian A. Herter, The Youth’s Companion, Dec 31, 1925
Hard Work and Hard Play: An Intimate Glimpse of the Personality of President Herbert Hoover by Paul R. Leach, The Youth’s Companion, Mar 1929