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2 linear feet, 6 linear inches (6 LGA-S boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


William Hallam Tuck (March 1890-August 1966). Tuck was a member of the Commission for Relief in Belgium from 1915-1916. From January to April 1919 he served as the Director at Lille for Northern France working with post-war recovery. He served in the American Relief Association from 1918 to 1922. He was Vice President of the Belgian-American Educational Foundation from 1936 to 1966. Tuck was a member of the Famine Emergency Survey in 1946.  He was Director General of the International Refugee Organization from 1947 to 1949. During 1955 Tuck was the Executive Director for the Second Hoover Commission.


Tuck’s papers center around his work with the European relief after World War II and the two Hoover Commissions in the 1950’s. The Hoover Institution has a collection of his papers related to his work with the Commission for Relief in Belgium.


Box Contents


Albert, King of Belgium – Speech at Cockerill Steel Works October 1925, 1958 (2 items)
Arab Development Society – Booklet, 1953 (1 item)
Belgian‑American Educational Foundation, 1948-1949, 1958-1964 (includes minutes, speech, and one issue of CRB Alumni News, 18 items)
Belgo‑American Development Corporation, 1961 and undated (includes minutes, speeches, and press releases, 18 items)
Bigelow, Alden and Dorita – Letter Regarding the Education of Tuck’s Grandchildren, June 21, 1957
Boel, Marthe – Letter, Sep 3, 1949 (in French)
Citizens Committee for the Hoover Report

Articles, 1949 (9 items)
Committee Reporter, Aug- Dec 1949 (newsletter 9 items)
Correpondence, 1949 (4 items)
Greater Washington Citizens Committee – Board Meeting and Sponsers, Oct-Nov 1949 (2 items)
How to Save Four Billions a Year: An Interview with Herbert Hoover, U.S. News & World Report, June 3, 1949 (reprint, 1 item)
National Reorganization Conference, Dec 1949 (includes programs, speeches, attendees list)
Press Releases and Promotional Material, 1949 (14 items)
Reorganization News, Sep-Dec 1949 (newsletter, 8 items)
Reorganization Record – Tracking Legislation Status, 1949 (3 items)
Report Summaries, 1949 (14 items)
Speeches, 1948-1949 (6 items)
Think of the Next Generation by Herbert Hoover. Address at Stanford, Aug 10, 1949 (1 iem)
Clark, William – Letter , Nov 28, (Judge US Military Courts for Germany, 1 item)
Commission for Relief in Belgium – Directory, Hoover Speech, and Photographs, 1949, 1959 and undated (7 items)
Commission on Organization of the Exective Branch of the Government (Second Hoover Commission)
Civil Service Assembly, 1954 (2 items)
Outgoing Letters and Memos, 1954-May 1955 (2 folders


Outgoing Letters and Memos, June 1955-1956
Tuck, William – Correspondence, 1953-1955 (includes speeches, letter on widow pensions)
Committee of Hoover Commission Task Force Executive Commitee, Dec 1960-Jan 1961 (6 items)
Compagnie Universelle Du Canal Maritime De Suez – Reports and Maps, 1948-1949 (in French, 3 items)
Dorr, Goldthwaite H. – Correspondence and Briefings, 1947-1948 (State Department, Advisor to Assistant Secretary of State for Occupied Areas, General John Hilldring, 24 items)
Dzus Fastener Europe, Limited – Financial Reports, 1943-1946 (4 items)
Famine Emergency Committee, 1946 and undated (includes programs, certificates, menus)
Famine Emergency Committee – Japanese Food Situation, 1946 (report and charts, 2 items)
Federal Budget in Brief for Fiscal Year 1951, Jan 1950 (report, 1 item)
Finland – Photographs, 1939 and undated (14 items)


Food Situation and Events Connected Therewith in Belgium: Report to the Honorable Herbert Hoover, 1940
Garros, Roland
Gibson, Hugh
Hardigg, Carl
Harrington, Lottwhich
Hoffman, Michael L.
Hoover, Herbert (2 folders)
Herbert Hoover Birthplace Foundation
Herbert Hoover Birthplace Society
Hoover Commission (First)
Hoover Foundation; University of Brussels
Hoover Foundation, Inc.
Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace


Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace (2 folders)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library
Hungarian Refugee Relief
Hungarian Refugee Relief - Report to the Vice‑President
Ince, Godfrey
Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration
International Committee for World Refugee Year
International Council of Students in Exile
International Refugee Organization

General (2 folders)


Summary Records
Tuck (personal)
Tuck Scrapbook of Photos and Clippings

International Voluntary Services,, Inc.
Investments; Belgian Congo
Jamestown Society
Japan‑Korea: Joint State, War, and Agriculture Departments Food Mission to the Far East Command


Keller, Edward A.
Kennedy, John F.
Kennedy, Robert F.
Kiplinger Washington Letter
Kittredge, Tracy B.
MacNeil., Neil
Marshall, R. E. L.
Mechanical Drawings
Moreell, Ben
National Civil Service League
National Committee on Food for the Five Small Democracies
National Committee for Free Europe
President's Commission on National Goals – Report, 1960
Private Enterprise
Shafroth, Will
Silvercruz, Baron
Staton, Edith Blair
Tuck, Somerville Pinkney
Tuck, William Hallam; Honors and Awards
Tuck William Hallam. Personal Property and Moving, 1949
Union of International Associations
United Business Service
Miscellaneous: Photographs
Miscellaneous: Printed Material