Manuscript Collections - Benjamin D. Silliman Nuremberg Trials Collection


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11 linear inches (2 LGA-S boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Box Contents


Correspondence and Memoranda, 1945 and undated (2 folders)
Allied POW Camps – Organization
Diary of B. D. Silliman, 1945
German Atrocities in Political Prisoner Camps
Hitler: Report on Physical Condition, 1945
Indictment of Goering and Co‑Defendants, 1945
Interrogation Reports, Transcripts, Memos

Bohle, Ernst Wilhelm
Brandt, Karl
Butefisch, Heinrich (euthanasia)
Doenitz, Karl
Frank, Hans
Funk, Walther
Haushofer, Karl
Hess, Rudolph
Hessen‑Nassau, Philip von
Himmler, Margaret
Keppler, Wilhelm
Liedig, Franz M.
Lindon, Kurt
Martin, Benno
Meissner, Otto L.
Mildner, Rudolf
Morell, Theodor
Pieper, Joachim
Reinecke, Hermann
Riecke, Hans J.E.
Rosenberg, Alfred
Sauckel, Fritz
Schacht, Hjalmar
Schwerin von Krosigk, Lutz
Schwarz, Franz Xaver
Seldte, Franz
Skorzeny, Otto
Speer, Albert, May-Aug 1945 (3 folders)


Speer, Albert, Sep
Springer, Hildegard
Steengracht, Gustav Adolph
Stuckart, Wilhelm
von Shirach, Baldur
Zschintzch, Werner

Nuremberg Trials – Articles, 1943‑46
Prisoner Property Receipts
Prisoner Transfer Receipts
Reichstag Fire Plot
Speech Notes
War Crimes – Notes