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1 linear foot, 7 linear inches (3 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize box)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Larry Richey was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on December 21, 1885.  He worked for the Treasury Department as a special investigator from 1901 to 1909. After working as an investigative journalist and editor for Everybody’s Magazine he was hired by Herbert Hoover to be a special investigator for the United States Food Administration in 1917. 

Richey was a special assistant to Secretary of Commerce Hoover and a secretary to President Hoover. After the presidency, Richey worked at the Hoover War Library arranging and describing Hoover’s Commerce and Presidential papers.

Richey retired in 1949 but served on both Hoover Commissions to Reorganize the Executive Branch of Government. He often fished with Hoover and died on December 27, 1959


Box Contents


Air Power – The Coming Struggle for World Airpower, 1945
Black Hand Confessions, 1910 (mafia, Lupo-Morello Gang)
Book List, undated
Carol A. Deering Wreck Investigations

Bureau of Lighthouses Reports, 1921
Clippings, 1921
Commerce Department Reports, 1921
Correspondence, 1921
Evidence, 1920-1921 (copies, includes 5 photographs)
FBI Reports, 1921, 1956
Treasury Department Reports, 1921

Catoctin Camp, 1929, 1941‑1946


Commerce Department Rubber Investigations – Letters of Introduction and Passport,1923 (Charles Evans Hughes signature)
Correspondence, 1926-1956
Camp Rapidan maps, 1930-1931 (moved to map cases)
Hoover, Herbert 

Eisenhower-Hoover Luncheon Seating Arrangements, Feb 4, 1957
Hoover: British Promoter, circa 1928 (anti-Hoover campaign smear)
Hoover’s Mistakes, undated (anti-FDR smear)
Letters, 1954, 1956 and undated

 Hoover, J. Edgar – Letters to Richey, 1948
Hoover Dam – Naming Controversy, 1931, 1946‑1947

Chicago Prostitution, 1912
Davies, Marion, 1930
Palma, Joseph A., circa 1929
Roumanzova, Madame, 1925 (American Relief Association)
Story on 1908 Election of Taft for Everybody’s Magazine, 1910

Newspaper Clippings, 1911-1953 (3 folders, unsorted)
Political Cartoons, 1932, 1953 and undated
Prayer for the Bride and Groom, undated
Rhodes, Cecil – Correspondence regarding purchase of letters by Hoover, 1926-1927
Richey, Lawrence

Birthday Song, 1944
Christmas Card, undated
Employment documents, 1901-1909, 1919-1928, 1947-1955 (secret service and civil service)
Last Will and Testament, 1955
Obituaries, 1959

Richey, Mabel – Obituaries, 1930
The Secretariat in The American Mercury, Dec 1929 (article on presidential secretaries)
Wild Boar Hunting, 1931-1936

Airplanes and Sailfish for Review of Reviews, Oct 1931
Charley Chaplin Goes to College, undated
The Kidnapping of Jack Thorndyke, undated (brittle, conservation)
Mrs. Twitter – Club Woman, undated
Strange Winds, undated (torn, conservation)





Flat Storage Box

Clippings (scrapbooks)