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6 linear feet, 6 linear inches (13 manuscript boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


1900 April 7 Born at Boston, Mass. Son of Edward and Allie (DeLamater) Nash

1923 Graduated cum laude from Harvard, majoring in economics and finance.

1924‑27 Engaged in banking business in Boston.

1927‑29 Secretary to Herbert Hoover.

1929 February to March 1932 National City Bank, New York City

1932 August to August 1935 Financial consultant with Reconstruction Finance Corporation, advising on proposals for self‑liquidating public works loans.

1935 July to July 1937 Returned to banking business in New York City with the firm of A.C. Allyn., principally in the underwriting of large municipal loans.

1937 August to 1940 Banking business with Delafield and Delafield in New York City.

1941 March to December 1942 Director of the Bureau of Finance, War Production Board. Devised loan and financial assistance programs to make possible the transition of large and small businesses from peacetime to war time production levels. Helped to organize the Smaller War Plants Corporation to assist businessmen with loans and technical assistance.

1942 December Resigned to accept a commission in the U.S. Army. Attended Military Government School at Charlottesville, N.C. Served in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy. As Deputy Chief Revenue Officer for Italy Nash was engaged in efforts to rehabilitate the Italian revenue and budget systems. Discharged as a Lt. Col. in 1946.

1946 July to August 1947 Director, Disposal Policy Division, War Assets Administration.

1948 Campaigned for Thomas E. Dewey.

1948 December to September 1950 Banking business with Folger, Nolan., Inc, in Washington, D.C.

1951 August to 1952 Consultant to National Securities Resources Board In the Executive Office of the President.

1953 Consultant to President's Advisory Committee on Government Organization., popularly known as the Rockefeller Committee

1953‑56 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Civil Aviation, USAF.

1956 Resigned his position to run for Congress from the 2nd Congressional district of West Virginia. Defeated in primaries

1956 June 30 Married to Ruth Cowan.

1957‑61 Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce for Transportation

1961‑63 Consultant to the U.S. Weather Bureau

1963‑64 Historian and consultant with the National Park Service

The papers of Bradley DeLamater Nash, banker, government consultant, and army officer were given to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library by deed of gift on May 19, 1969 by Bradley DeLamater Nash.  Additional accretions were received until 1991. 

Hoover staff reprocessed the Nash papers in 2014 to facilitate research.  In doing this, the materials from the Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce series were folded into the Subject files series.  Printed materials, reports, and government documents without marginal notes by Nash were removed from the collection at this time.




Correspondence, 1945‑1966
Personal correspondence which includes some official correspondence while Nash was Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce. Arranged chronologically.


Professional files, 1923‑1964
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, clippings, articles and book drafts pertaining to Nash's business and political interests, his service in World War II and with the federal government, and his writing. Arranged alphabetically by subject or type of material.




Box Contents


Correspondence, 1945-1957 (11 folders)


Correspondence, 1958-1966 (11 folders)



Box Contents


Articles by B. D. Nash, 1923-1962

Luddites of the 20th Century, 1923
America and International Investment, 1926
The Seat of Reason, 1938
World War II and War Production, 1941-1947 (several articles)
Arch Shaw: America’s First Professional Businessman, 1962

Banking Business, 1950
Biographical materials, 1956-1957
Center for the Study of the Presidency [R. Gordon Hoxie], 1976-1980
Congressional Campaign of Bradley Nash, 1956



Correspondence (3 Folders)
Expenses and Report
Non Resident's Lists
Staggers' [Harley O.] Record

Crusade of Brotherhood [draft of Nash book on education of African-Americans], 1967


Deputy Undersecretary of Transportation. Commerce Department

Cabinet File, 1958
Civil Aeronautics Board Vacancy, 1959 (2 folders)
Civil Aviation, 1958
Federation Aeronautique Internationale, 1957-1958
Great Circle Route [Aviation], 1957 (3 folders)
Hector Report on Civil Aeronautics, 1958 (2 folders)
Japan [personal], 1958-1959


Morgantown Airport, 1955-1957
Office Organization, 195801960
Policy Studies, Reports on, 1957-1959
Secretary of Commerce-Lewis Strauss,1958-1961
Transportation Council, 1958-1960
Transportation Policy, 1955-1960 (2 folders)

Dewey Campaign of 1948

Campaign Details
Campaign Materials, 1948
Correspondence, 1947‑1949
Oregon, 1948
Statement after Defeat


Election of 1928
First Hoover Commission, 1948-1949

Reports of Commission and Task Forces with Marginal Notes

Harpers Ferry Water Works Program, 1963‑1964
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association [Nash talk at gravesite], 1990 (2 folders)
A Hook in Leviathan, 1958

Reactions to


Inauguration, 1929
Investment Banking in England, 1924
Organized Crime, 1950
Photographs [Bradley Nash and Herbert Hoover], 1927-1958
Postwar Readjustments in Personnel and Manpower, 1945-1946
Reconstruction Finance Corporation

Correspondence, 1932-1935
Economic Conditions, March 3, 1933
Loan Applications, 1932‑1933
Report, 1941
Status of Projects, 1935
Telephone Directory, 1933

Rockefeller Government Reorganization Committee

Correspondence, 1952-1953
Executive Office, 1953


Memos to the President, 1953
Temple University Study, January and March 1953 (2 folders)

Staffing the Presidency 1952-1953

British Secretariat


Original Manuscript
Printed Copy
Reactions to
Supplementary Materials, 1953
Writing Schedule

United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

(UNRWA) – Letter from Joseph Johnson to John Davis, July 6, 1962

Veterans' Rehabilitation, 1945
War Assets Administration

Activities, 1946‑1947
Congressional Investigation, 1947
Correspondence, 1946-1947


Disposal Policy Division History, 1948
General Policies, 1946‑1947
Regional Directors Conference, 1946
Surplus Property Disposals, 1946 (Bruce Report)

War Production Board

Banking and Loans, 1942
Conversion of Small Businesses to War Production, 1940-1942
Finance Bureau Organization, 1942
Organization, 1942
Public Statements by Nash, 1942
Smaller War Plants Corporation, 1941-1942


West Virginia Centennial

Centennial Commission, 1958-1960
Publicity, 1960
U.S. Government Participation (2 folders)

White House Staffing and Organization, 1958-1960on [Nash chapter in book], 1980


World War II

Military Government in Italy, 1943 (3 folders)
Military Service of Bradley D. Nash, 1942-1945