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Katherine Milbank Collection
5 linear feet, 3 linear inches
(12 manuscript boxes and one scrapbook)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Katherine Schulze was born in 1898 and attended Miss Spence’s School.  In 1919, she married Jeremiah Milbank, a New York City businessman and financier.  Katherine Milbank became active in philanthropy, supporting: the Maternity Center Association; Seeing Eye, Inc.; and the Ladies Christian Union.  She died on October 24, 1969 of a heart attack suffered while a luncheon guest of the Reverend Billy Graham.

The Milbank’s friendship with the Hoovers began in the 1920s and lasted nearly 40 years as they often socialized over dinner, card games and holidays. They shared philanthropic interests such as the Institute for the Crippled and Disabled, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and other New York-based charities.


The Katherine Milbank collection contains material relating to Herbert Hoover including: reports, correspondence, speeches, clippings and photographs. Some of the materials were collected by Milbank, as she states in her oral history that she picked up versions of Hoover’s speeches as he redrafted them, while others were given to her by Hoover.

The collection is arranged alphabetically by topic or type of material. The bulk of the collection consists of copies of Hoover’s speeches which are arranged chronologically and document Hoover’s views over the last 35 years of his life.  Several speeches include Hoover’s notes and a cover letter, and some speeches include letters reflecting public reaction.


Box Contents

Economic Mission to Germany and Austria, Chairman, Herbert Hoover, 1947

Report Number One, German Agriculture and Food Requirements, Feb 1947

Printed Copy

Report Number Two, Austrian Agriculture and Food Requirements, Mar 1947

Draft and Printed Copy
]Drafts (3 folders)

Report Number Three, German Reconstruction, March 24, 1947

Printed Copy
Drafts (5 folders)

Herbert Hoover

74th Birthday – Excerpt from Lowell Thomas Broadcast, Aug 10, 1948
74th Birthday – Telegrams, 1948


Correspondence, 1933, 1946, 1948, and undated (7 folders)
Correspondence with photographs, Aug-Sep 1948
Letters to the Milbanks, 1930-1959 (6 folders)


Letters to the Milbanks, 1960-1964, and undated (3 folders)
Lou Henry Hoover letters to the Milbanks, 1929-1942

Herbert Hoover Speeches and Articles

Armistice Day, Nov 11, 1929 (annotated reading copy, peace)
A check-up of the Food Front, June 8, 1943 (annotated reading copy)
Address to the Republican National Convention, Chicago, June 30, 1944 (annotated reading copy, cover letter)
Freedom in America and the World
Reading Copy, June 27, 1944 (annotated)
Drafts (6 folders)


Philadelphia, Apr 19, 1945 (annotated reading copy, League of Nations, United Nations)
Starvation in the Liberated Countries, May 7, 1945 (annotated reading copy)
Chicago Boys’ Club, June 6, 1945 (annotated reading copy)
The San Francisco Charter and the Progress toward Enduring Peace, July 18, 1945 (printed annotated reading copy, United Nations)
Postwar Foreign Loans, Sep 17, 1945
Economic Recovery from War, Oct 8, 1945
Moral and Spiritual Recovery from War, Oct 13, 1945
Lincoln Day Dinner, Feb 12, 1946
Emergency Conference on European Cereal Supplies, Apr 15, 1946
Cairo, Egypt Radio Address, Apr 19, 1946
Bombay Radio Address, Apr 14, 1946
Famine Emergency Committee, May 17, 1946
World Famine, June 5, 1946
Appreciation for Canada’s Relief Aid, June 28, 1946
The Right to Strike, Dec 1946
Open Letter to John Tabor, May 26, 1947 (3 folders)
Open Letter to Styles Bridges, June 1947 (3 folders)


Princeton University, June 16, 1947
George Washington’s Birthday, Feb 22, 1948
Republican National Convention, June 22, 1948
The Meaning of America, Aug 10, 1948

Typescripts and Reading Copy
Proof Copies
Broadcast Clippings
West Branch, Iowa, Ceremonies
Newspaper clippings (3 folders)


Newspaper clippings, (3 folders)

The Miracle of America, Oct-Nov 1948
Give Us Self-Reliance – or Give Us Security, 1949
How to Save Four Billions, May 3, 1949
Ohio Wesleyan University, May 15, 1949
Institute for the Crippled and Disabled, June 6, 1949
Think of the Next Generation, Aug 10, 1949

Published Booklets
Final Changes
Galley Proofs (2 folders)
Drafts (2 folders)


Second draft
Third draft


General (7 folders, arranged alphabetically)


Federal Government Officials
Heads of Industry
Leading Citizens
Organizations and Clubs
Public Officials
Stanford University
University Personnel
Letter Correcting the Associated Press Publication of Speech
Published Appreciation of Speech
Thank you letters from Hoover


Salvation Army Luncheon, Dec 14, 1949
William Allen White Memorial, July 19, 1950
The Voice of World Experience, Apr 27, 1950
Boys’ Club, May 18, 1950
World Peace and the United Nations, July 11, 1950
Where Are We Now? Oct 19, 1950
When Disarmament Can Come, Nov 7, 1950
Our National Policies in this Crisis, Dec 20, 1950
Eightieth Birthday, 1951
Untitled, Dec 31, 1951
The Year since the Great Debate, Jan 17, 1952

Reading Copy
Printed Copies
Drafts (6 folders)


Christmas Speech, Dec 15, 1952
Editorial Comment on an Address, Apr 11, 1953
International Benjamin Franklin Society, Dec 14, 1953
Berlin Senate, 1954
Benjamin Franklin, Jan 12, 1954
Farm-City Conference, May 25, 1954
Three Speeches in Germany, ca. 1954
Notes for Address to Task Forces, 1955
Our American Way of Life, Aug 10, 1955
The Karl Marx Way of Life, Apr 16, 1956
Centennial Convention of the Republican Party, Aug 21, 1956
Remarks at Cooper Union Convocation Dinner, October 9, 1956
Inflation, Feb 4, 1957
United Engineers Societies, Nov 21, 1957
The Citadel, Jan 13, 1958
Brussels, July 1950
Dunlevy Milbank Children’s Center, Dec 28, 1958
Thank You Miss Gray, July 1959
Boys’ Clubs of America, Dec 1959
National Council of United Presbyterian Men, Feb 13, 1960
Cornerstone Ceremony, Boys’ Clubs of America, May 1, 1960
Boys’ Clubs of New York city, May 5, 1960


Cornerstone Laying Ceremony, Boys’ Clubs of America, May 16, 1960
Republican National Convention, Chicago. July 25, 1960
Dedication of the National Headquarters, Boys’ Clubs of America, Oct 18, 1960
Boys’ Clubs of America, Board Meeting, Dec 5, 1960
Dutch Treat Club ‘Off the Record Speech’ May 23, 1963
Introduction of Nansen Radio Program, Oct 10, 1961
Tribute to General MacArthur, Oct 25, 1961
Christmas Message, Draft, Nov 17, 1961
Engineers’ Building Dedication, undated
Katanga, undated
On Government, undated
Six Dangerous Crises, undated
Tubingan University, undated
What Is A Boy? Undated

Diary of Maurice Pate, 1946
Memorial Service for Herbert Hoover, Oct 23, 1984
Miscellaneous Letters, Photos, Clippings, 1914-1964



Brussels, 1958 (6 folders)
Death of Herbert Hoover, Oct 23, 1964 (2 folders)



Scrapbook – Herbert Hoover’s 80th birthday celebration, 1954
The Personal Memoirs of Herbert Hoover, Collier’s, Feb 17, 1951 (inscribed to Kitty)