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1 linear foot, 9 linear inches (4 manuscript boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


1891 Born , Dorchester, Mass., February 6, 1891, son of John A. and Catherine (MacNeil) MacNeil.

1912 B.A., St. Francis Xavier University.

1914‑16 City Editor, Daily Mail, Montreal.

1916‑18 Correspondent, Montreal Gazette.

1918 Joined the staff of the New York Times.

1920 Married Elizabeth Quinn, June 28, 1920.
 Served as Sergeant Major in the Army, World War I.

1924 Assistant night telegraph editor, New York Times.

1926 Head of night cable desk, New York Times.

1927‑30 Night city editor, New York Times.

1930‑51 Assistant night managing editor, New York Times.

1932 Reorganized the Times Bureau in Washington.

1932‑48 Led Times staff covering the National political conventions.

1945 Headed staff that covered U.N. Charter Conference in San Francisco.

1951 Retired from New York Times.

1954‑55 Editorial director Hoover Commission.

1954‑58 Assistant to Herbert Hoover.

1964 Became one of Mr. Hoover's three literary executors.

1969, Dec 30 Died in Southampton, Long Island


Correspondence regarding the second Hoover Commission and the Citizens' Committee for the Hoover Report. Includes social correspondence between Hoover and MacNeil and letters received by Hoover referred to MacNeil. Arranged chronologically

SUBJECT FILES, 1940‑1969
Correspondence, clippings, copies of speeches, press releases, and printed materials regarding the second Hoover Commission and Herbert Hoover. Arranged alphabetically by



Box Contents


Correspondence, 1928-1958 (11 folders)


Correspondence, 1959-1969 and undated (4 folders)


Box Contents


Administrative Vice‑President for United States, 1956‑1964
? Articles by MacNeil, ?
 Citizens' Committee for the Hoover Report

Progress of Legislation, 1956‑1959
Newsletter and Financial Statement, 1957‑1958

Clippings, 1926, 1954‑1961

Depression - Hoover's Response
Cover Letters, Apr 8, 1958
The Hoover Administration: Freezing of Prices and Wages by Agreement, undated
Measures and Actions Taken in the Recession and Depression During the Hoover Administration – 1929-1933, undated
Hoover Anecdotes by MacNeil, 1951‑1964 and undated
Hoover Anecdotes Collected by MacNeil, 1957
Hoover’s 80th and 90th Birthdays, 1954, 1964


Hoover Birthplace Foundation, Inc., 1955-1968 and undated (3 folders)
Hoover Commission

Book by MacNeil and Metz, 1954‑1958
Committee of Task Force Members, 1958-1962 and undated (2 folders)
Legislation and Overview, 1953-1956
MacNeil Diary, Jan-Mar 1959
Memoranda, 1955‑1959 and undated
Press Releases, 1955 (2 folders)


Hoover Illnesses and Funeral

Medical Bulletins, 1963‑1964
Funeral and Emergency Arrangements, 1963‑1964
Funeral, 1964

Hoover Pamphlets and Menus, 1953-1967 and undated
McLeod, Iain, 1958 (British Minister of Labour and National Service)
Misselwitz, Henry – Conversation with Herbert Hoover, Feb 29, 1932
The Ordeal of Woodrow Wilson, 1957‑1959
Speeches and Statements

Hoover, 1940-1964 and undated (3 folders)
MacNeil, 1955-1961 and undated (3 folders)
Other Speakers, 1955‑1969 and undated

This Week Magazine, 1961‑1962
?Miscellaneous, undated