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7 linear feet, 8 linear inches (17 manuscript boxes, 1 pizza box)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

The papers of Henry F. Holthusen were given to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library on August 14, 1989 by Lenore Sutter Holthusen (Mrs. Henry F.).  Literary properties in the unpublished writings of Henry F. Holthusen have been given to the United State of America by Mrs. Holthusen.  The donation of literary properties applies to any collection given to the United States in which the unpublished writings of Henry F. Holthusen may appear.

The collection has been processed and was made available for research in August, 1990.

Henry F. Holthusen (1894‑1971)

Aug 3, 1894  Born in New York City

1915‑1917 Columbia University, graduates from Law School

1917 Serves in Judge Advocate General's Office

1920‑1934 Legal practice

1927 House, Holthusen and Mc Closkey

1934 Holthusen and Pinkhan

1931-1933 Appointed Minister to Czechoslovakia by Herbert Hoover but not confirmed Counsel to Latvian and Estonian governments

1934‑53 Legal practice with Spencer Pinkham

1947-1955 Consultant to Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

Visited 23 countries on a survey of economic conditions, the United States Information Agency, and the Voice of America

1950‑62 Headed delegations to Australia, Egypt, Guatemala, India, Japan, Thailand, and Turkey to advise those nations on the establishment of educational television networks.

Oct 10, 1953 Marries Lenore Adeline Sutter on October 10.

1953‑1954 Counsel to the Senate Committee on Banking during investigation of the Export‑Import Bank.

1968‑1971 Civilian inspector of the foreign service

Sep 19, 1971 Dies in New York City

Scope and Content Note

Henry F. Holthusen was born in New York City on August 3, 1894.  After graduating from the Columbia University Law School in 1917, he became a member of the prestigious New York firm Cadwalader, Wickersham and Taft.  He served as an expert in maritime law in the Judge Advocate General's Office during World War I and was promoted to the rank of Major in recognition of his services.  After the war he returned to the practice of law, becoming a successful trial lawyer and counsel in many important corporate mergers and refinancing ventures.  Except for a few records concerning his service in the Judge Advocate General's Office, this early period of Holthusen's public service is virtually undocumented in the personal papers received by the Hoover Library.  The most important exception being files which reflect his participation in Republican Party activities between 1942 and 1947.

Holthusen's major public service came in the postwar years 1947-71 when he served as a consultant to several committees of the United States Senate and the State Department.  His activities for this period are reflected in files containing correspondence, clippings, reports, maps and charts, and printed matter.  Initially sought out by senators Karl E. Mundt (R-SDak) and Bourke B. Hickenlooper (R-IA), Holthusen would eventually serve as a consultant to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (1947-62), the Senate Special Committee to investigate foreign aid and technical assistance programs (1956), and the Senate Banking Committee during its study of international banking practices and the operations of the Import-Export Bank in 1953-55.

In 1947 Holthusen visited 23 European countries to help the Senate Foreign Relations Committee evaluate the effectiveness of the Voice of America and the U.S. Information Agency.  Later trips took him to virtually every part of the globe in the service of the Senate, the State Department and several foreign governments.  In 1968 the State Department designated him as a civilian inspector of the foreign service, sending him to engage in inspections in Portugal, France, Senegal and Switzerland.  Many of Holthusen's trips during the early 1950's were undertaken at the request of countries that were attempting to develop educational tele-vision networks.  Although these trips entailed long absences from his family, he was convinced that these networks would provide an effective means of explaining the benefits of democracy and raising the political awareness of the general population. 

Volume: 10.5 linear feet.   Inclusive dates: 1942-1969 (bulk: 1947-65).


Box Contents


Berggren invention, 1954 (oculometer)
Capehart, Homer, 1955‑1956 (Indiana Senator)
Commerce Department – Assistant Secretary, 1955
Donaldson, Ray S., 1954‑1956 (Senate Committee on Banking and Currency)
DuMont Dispatch, 1953 (Du Mont laboratories, television, newsletter)
Export‑Import Bank of U.S., 1953‑1970
Foreign Aid

General, 1955-1969 and undated (Eisenhower doctrine, foreign economic policy, 2 folders)
Capehart report, 1956 (Technical Assistance in Certain Countries of Europe)
Reports, 1956, 1969
Reports on technical assistance, 1956
Will Dollars Save the World by Henry Hazlitt, 1947

Foreign Aid Study Committee, 1956 (3 folders)
Foreign Claims Settlement Commission, 1961 (Louis Havlin estate)


Griffis, Stanton, 1947‑1955 (Poland, Egypt, United Nations Relief for Palestine Refugees,1948 election)
Guaranty Trust Company, 1955 (Trust Indenture Act of 1939)
Hickenlooper, Bourke B. 1942‑1965 and undated
Higgins, Andrew J. 1947, 1952
Higgins Boats in WWII, 1944 (Eureka News Bulletin)
Holthusen, Henry Frank

Biographical Data, 1924-1941, 1944-1972 and undated (3 folders)
Czechoslovakian Appointment

Correspondence, 1933
Clippings, 1932‑1933 and undated

Speeches, 1946, 1960 and undated (democracy, Cold War, Marshall Plan, 2 folders)
World War I Judge Advocate General Office

Holthusen, Lenore, 1957 (wife)


Holthusen Family Personal Correspondence, 1954‑1963 and undated
House and Senate resolutions and report, 1953‑1954
Institute of Current World Affairs, 1953, 1963-1964 (newsletter)
International Broadcasting Organization Documentation and Information Bulletin, 1947
International finance, investment and trade, 1954 and undated
Italy – Sport Fishing Industry, 1955
Japan – Economic Conditions, 1949‑1952
Korean War. Psychological Warfare Leaflets Nos. 1001‑3002, 5050‑9015 (some materials in Korean and Chinese, 2 folders)
Mansfield, Mike, 1955‑1957 (Subcommittee on Technical Assistance)
Medium‑Wave Radio, 1951‑1960 and undated (some oversized)
Mundt, Karl E., 1948-1952, 1960-1969 and undated (South Dakota Senator, 2 folders)
National Machine Tool Builders Association - Meeting, 1954
New York Board of Trade Meeting, 1954
Photographs (family, fishing, Karl Mundt, 20 items)
Political Correspondence, 1948‑1949


Pompo, Francesco, 1952‑1954 (visa issue)
Postwar Conferences – Berlin, Crimea, Teheran, 1947
Psychological Warfare, 1951 and Is Airpower “Obsolescent”? An Essay on Fourth Dimensional Warfare by Frank Rockwell Barnett, Oct 1955
Publisher's Notebook Columns by Robert D. Lusk, 1946-1962 (includes other articles and columns, 2 folders)
Republican Politics, 1942-1947 (3 folders)
Rosenblat, Sol, 1942, 1948, 1953
Senate Banking Committee, 1953‑1955 and undated
Smith, Lawrence H. 1954, 1956 (Wisconsin Congressman)
State Department

Foreign Service Inspectors

General, 1961‑1971 and undated
Briefing Materials, 1968-1969


France, 1966-1969
Handbook, 1965-1966

General, 1968
Correspondence, 1968 and undated
Briefing Material

International Broadcasting Service. The Future of the International

Broadcasting Service: An Engineering Option, Apr 28, 1953

Strauss, Lewis L. 1948‑1949, 1956 and undated
Television. Michigan State College, 1951‑1953
Television. Clippings, 1960 and undated


Television: Worldwide Network Plan
Correspondence and Memoranda, 1950-1954 and undated (6 folders)
Australia, 1952
Clippings, 1950‑1958 and undated
Congressional Record, 1950‑1956 and undated

Television: The Business Magazine of the Industry, June 1952
Television and Education in the United States by Charles A. Siepmann, 1952

Correspondence, 1951‑1960


Holthusen report. Egyptian State Telegraphs and Telephones
Communication System, 1954 (4 volumes)

Photographs, undated (boats, Nile River, croquet, 5 items)
Promotional materials, 1954

Financial arrangements, 1954
Five Liberties of True Democracy. Voice of America, 1950.


Guatemala, 1952‑1954 and undated (includes 2 oversize maps)

Clippings, 1959-1960
Correspondence and memoranda, 1951, 1959-1962 and undated (2 folders)
Holthusen liquer permits, 1959
A Proposed Telecommunications Relay System for India: A Preliminary Study and Proposed Microwave Plan to Expand Telecommunications Facilities by Westinghouse Electric, undated
Rundt market report, Aug 31, 1959
The Times of India – Annual 1961


Bills and ephemera, 1951
Correspondence and Memoranda, 1950-Mar 1952 (5 folders)


Correspondence and Memoranda, Apr 1952-1959 and undated (6 folders)
Clippings, 1950-1959 and undated (2 folders)

Engineering manuals, 1940, 1952
Holthusen Interview and data, undated
Map of relay stations in Japan and Korea, undated
Matsutaro Shoriki, 1951-1952 and undated
Nippon Television Network Corporation, 1952 and undated
Notes, undated
Personnel lists, 1951 and undated
Photograph of a barrel shaped device, undated (1 item)
Promotional magazine and business cards, Nov 1957 and undated


Latin America, 1954-1961 (2 folders)
Legislation, 1947‑1951 and undated
Maps, charts, and diagrams, undated
Mundt, Karl E.

Correspondence, 1950
Speeches, 1950-1951 and undated (2 folders)

Pan American Network. PAMCO Pan American Micro Wave Communications Company, undated
Philippines, 1952‑1953 and undated (includes maps)
Sarnoff, David (Radio Corporation of America) – Speeches, 1950
Status of International Television, Nov 17, 1952
Tele-Tech: Radio-Television-Electronic Industries, 1952
Television Opportunities in the Development of a New Industry, 1951-1955, and undated (newsletter, 2 folders)


Television Standards
Thailand, 1954

Correspondence, 1951-1953 (2 folders)
Clippings, 1952
?Holthusen Report, 1951

Printed copy



World Television Foundation


Banking and Currency Committee, 1954
Foreign Relations Committee

1950 Far East
1951-1956 4 folders)
1957 Europe
Correspondence and memoranda
?Bills, etc.

1962 Far East

Correspondence and memoranda


Bills, etc.

Correspondence and memoranda
?Clippings and printed matter

?Photographs and post cards

1963 Latin America



State Department

Correspondence and memoranda, 1959‑1960
?Photographs and post cards
?Souvenirs and miscellaneous
?United States Information Service (and USIA), 1948‑1970 and undated
Voice of America, 1947-1960 and undated (4 folders)




Printed Matter


Printed Matter


Historical Newspapers and Magazines

?18      OVERSIZE

Japanese photo albums (three volumes)

1. Photos from Japan
2. Photos from business trip to Japan
3. Photos from business trip to Japan, some pictures of Geisha

Capehart, Homer. See Also:

1. Foreign Aid: Capehart Report, 1956
2. Trips: Foreign Relations Committee: Europe, 1957

Japan. See Also:

1. Television: Worldwide Network Plan: Japan
2. Trips: Foreign Relations Committee 1957
3. Trips: Foreign Relations Committee 1962: Far East – Japan
Mundt, Karl E. See Also: Television: Worldwide Network Plan: Mundt Speeches

Moved “Japan: Miscellaneous, 1952” to “Japan – Economic Conditions”
Removed “State Dept. Printed Materials (2 folders)” general information brochures, etc. unrelat ed to Holthusen’s work
Removed “Studebaker‑Packard Merger, 1954” unrelated to Holthusen or any other activitiesdocumented in the collection
Expanded India – miscellaneous and printed matter
Expanded Japan – miscellaneous and printed matter

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