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 1 linear foot, 9 linear inches (4 LGA-S boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Bertram Greenglass was born in New York City in 1933. He graduated from New York University and earned a masters degree at the University of Alabama. Greenglass worked as director of the Apollo program control office for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) from 1958 to 1966. He was director of management information and program control for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) from 1968 to 1975. He was director of Offices of Alcohol Fuels and Energy from Municipal Waste for the Department of Energy from 1975 to 1981. He later formed Greenglass Associates, working as a consultant. He retired in 1987 and died March 10, 1989.


The collection consists of professional files, primarily project and management reports. It documents the work of Bertram Greenglass with alcohol fuels and waste management for the Department of Energy, housing programs for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and logistics for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). There are also ten reel-to-reel tape recordings of meetings at the Kennedy Space Center, mostly discussions relating to the development of the spare parts program. The files arranged alphabetically by organization or department.




Box Contents


Department of Energy

Alcohol Fuels, 1980-1982 (5 folders)
Argonne National Laboratory, 1981
Bionomic Resources Corporation, undated
Energy from Urban Waste

General, circa 1978-1979 (2 folders)
CSI Resource Systems, Inc., 1984
Enterprise Pyrolysis Unit Report, 1978
Florida, 1986
SR Associates, 1984
Waste Technology Corporation, 1975

Financial Management Improvement Plan, 1979
Management Information Systems by Bert Greenglass, 1980
Methanol Research

Beechcraft Cars and Airplanes, undated
Public Law 96-512, 1980
Combustion Power Company, Inc., 1982
Contract for Solid Waste to Methane Gas, 1981

Miscellaneous, 1986


Greenglass Associates

General, 1980
Enterprise Company, undated
Job Offer, 1984
United Brands Company, 1982
Urban Waste Disposal, Incorporated, 1982-1986 (2 folders)
VITA, undated
Waste Technology Corporation, 1985-86

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Departmental Management Initiative, 1975
Evaluation of the National Center for Housing Management, 1974
Evaluation of the Public Housing Management Improvement Program, 1974
Fourth Inter-American Congress of Housing, 1973
Management by Objectives, 1975 (3 folders)


Report on Operation Breakthrough, 1976
Report on Improving the Operation of Federally Insured Housing Programs, 1971 (3 folders)

International Business Services

Board of Directors Meeting, 1985
Statement of Work, 1980

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Doing Business With, 1975
Planning the Project, circa 1980’s (3 folders)
Project Locator, circa 1980
Proposal Conference, 1984
Study Group: Spare Parts Logistics, 1967
Study of the Maintenance Program at JFK Space Center, 1967


Audiotapes (reel-to-reel, start times indicate when Greenglass begins speaking)

Tape 1 Meeting, 1972 (starts at 1:59)
Tape 2 Meeting, 1967 (first voice, starts at 0:05)
Tape 3 Meeting, Sep 28, 1967 (starts at 0:12)
Tape 4 Meeting, Sep 29, 1967 (starts at 0:30)
Tape 5 Meeting, Sep 29, 1967 (starts at 2:05)
Tape 6 Meeting, Sep 29, 1967 (starts at 18:24)
Tape 7 Meeting, undated (starts at 0:39)
Tape 8 Meeting, Sep 29, 1967 (starts at 10:07)
Tape 9 Presentation by Greenglass, undated (starts at 0:00)
Tape 10 NASA Radio show, Kennedy Space Center, undated (starts at 1:58)

DVD with MP3 files of the tapes
USB with MP3 files of the tapes