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Edward Dana Durand was born in 1871 in Romeo, Michigan and earned a Ph.D. from Cornell University in 1896. Durand served as the Director of the Bureau of the Census from 1909-1913. He taught statistics and agricultural economics at the University of Minnesota from 1913-1917. In 1917 he served in the US Food Administration, mainly in Europe, and was adviser to food minister of Poland. Durand worked for the Commerce Department and the Tariff Commission.


The papers of Edward Dana Durand are arranged in two series:

PROFESSIONAL FIILES contains speeches, articles, and membership files. Also contains files related to his work as Chief Economist and Commissioner of the US Tariff Commission.

PERSONAL FILES contains family correspondence and memorabilia. Arranged alphabetically by type of material.





Addresses and Statements

Poland’s Economic Future, 1921
Economic and Political Effects of Governmental Interference, 1926
The Scope of Economic Statistics in the U.S., 1928
Careers in the Federal Service for the Economist and Statistician, 1931                   
The Relation of Science to Economic Progress, 1932
Currency Depreciation, 1933
Raw Materials in Wartime, 1947
American Statistical Association, 1930-1959
Appointments to Offices and Posts
Apportionment, Report to the House of Representatives by Walter F. Wilcox, 1954
Census, Recommendations by Durand, 1930-1948
Commerce Department, Consolidation of Statistical Work
Inter-American Statistical Institute, 1940-1959 (2 folders)
International Labor Organization, 1947-1954
League of Nations Statistical Experts Committee, 1931-1934, 1937-1946 (2 folders)


London Economic Conference, 1933
National Resources Committee, 1936-1937
Professional Correspondence, 1918-1925
Trade Agreements

Anti Dumping Act, 1940
Canada, 1936-1945
Cuba, 1950-1957
Preferences to the US possessions and Cuba, 1943
Preferences to the United Kingdom (Lend-Lease), 1941-1943 (3 folders)


Preferences to the United Kingdom (Lend-Lease), 1944
Post War Impact, 1940-1945

Smoot-Hawley Tariff Bill, 1930
War Emergency controls, 1939-1940 and undated
Writing fragments, undated

US Tariff Commission, 1930-1934, 1936-1944, 1949-1950 and undated (4 folders)
US Tariff Commission – Operations of Trade Agreements Program, 1948



The Incomes of American Families, in The Youth’s Companion, Mar 7, 1912
Immigration in the Light of the Census, in The Youth’s Companion, Jan 9, 1913
Kiev of the Vicissitudes (unpublished), May-June 1920
Is America Civilized? (unpublished), 1920-1921
The Future of Central Europe, in Atlantic, March 1921
The Trust Problem in the U.S., by Eliot Jones, Review for Quarterly Journal of Economics, 1921
Census of Manufacturers (unpublished), 1923
America’s Biggest Blessing - Bigness (unpublished) 1923
American Industry and Commerce. Boston: Ginn and Company, 1930
The Business Depression: Its Principal Causes and Measures for Checking Repetition, (unpublished), 1931
Statistical Research Work of the U. S. Tariff Commission, in U.S. Daily, 1931
Statistics of Current Business Activity Their Past, Present and Future, for Dunn’s Review, 1935
Measurement of Effects of Reciprocal Trade Agreements, in Journal of the American Statistical Association, March 1937
Revision of Statistical Abstract, September 1940
Standard Commodity Classification” for Central Statistics Board, 1940
The European War and the Import Trade of the U.S. (unpublished), 1941
Foreign Trade and Other International Economic Transactions, chapter in Economic Principles and Problems, 1947
Country Classification of Foreign Trade, chapter in International Trade Statistics, 1953
Current Tariff Problems, publication correspondence, 1953
Behind the Tariff Debate, New York Times, April 1955
Is the Tariff a Dead Issue? (unpublished), 1956
Trade Agreements Program – Publication Correspondence, 1955-1956 (4 folders)
Why the American Tariff is Important (unpublished) 1958
Nature and Background to the Pending Tariff Legislation, unpublished, 1958
The Atlantic Union and the Tariff partly published in Freedom and Union, undated
Curiosities of Money, undated



Family Correspondence, 1918-1927, 1932-1940, and undated (7 folders)
Foreign Currency
General Correspondence, 1942, 1951
Honors and Awards

United States
Obituaries, Eulogies, and Baby Sayings

Durand, Edward D.
Durand, Mary B.

Photographs: In A-V collection
Scrapbook, ca. 1912-1924, Autograph Book, 1885-1886

Microfilm MF-65/3. Memoirs of Edward Dana Durand, 1954 (438 pages)
Part I. Ancestral History and Relatives of Edward Dana Durand and Mary Elizabeth Bennett Durand

  1. Ancestral History of Edward Dana Durand, 1
  2. Ancestral History of Mary Elizabeth Bennett Durand, 29
  3. Children of Edward Dana and Mary Elizabeth Bennett Durand, 47

Part II. Life and Work

  1. Childhood and Youth, 49
  2. College and University Education, 79
  3. Marriage and Family, 97
  4. Work Before Entering Federal Government, 117
  5. Work Against the Trusts, 133
  6. Work as Director of the Census, 153
  7. Work and Life in Minnesota, 1913‑1917, 167
  8. World War I and Immediate Postwar Period, 191
  9. Work and Life in Poland, 1919‑1921, 209
  10. Work for the Department of Commerce, 1921‑1930, 241
  11. Work in the Tariff Commission, 1930‑1952, 251
  12. Participation in the Framing of Trade Agreements, 267
  13. Participation in International Movements for Improving Statistics, 279

Part III. Foreign Travel

  1. Introduction, 297
  2. The British Isles, 301
  3. France, 329
  4. Switzerland, 351
  5. Italy, 361
  6. Germany, 377
  7. Belgium and Holland, 385
  8. Greece, 391
  9. Egypt, 401
  10. Atlantic Crossings, 405
  11. Mexico, 415
  12. Canada, 425