Manuscript Collections - Peter H. DeVries Papers

Oct 18, 2021

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5 linear inches (1 manuscript box)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Peter Hugh DeVries was born February 4, 1901 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He graduated from Hope College in Holland, Michigan and earned his master’s degree in English at the University of Michigan. He taught English at Michigan State University from 1923 to 1937. He began working for the Department of Agriculture in 1938 and retired in 1963. DeVries passed away in Washington, D.C. in 1990.


The bulk of the collection consists of essays written by DeVries on agriculture and the economy. There is also correspondence and a work journal. Arranged alphabetically by type of material, and the essays are arranged alphabetically by title.


Folder Contents


Correspondence, 1938–1964


Work Journal, 1943



Agriculture Conservation Program, 1939
The American Farmer and UN Food Court
Billions for Dividends
CED Tax Plan: How Gullible are You?, Early 1946
Mr. Corporation Director, I’m talking to You
Development of the Farm Program


Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN
FAO Conference at Quebec
Draft for Secretary Anderson’s talk at FAO, 1945
Draft for FAO Section of OWI Booklet, 1945
Food for the Family of Nation’s
The Future for Width We Fight, 1943
Impact of Agriculture on the National Economy, 1958
An Invitation to Reason
Lets Talk Sense
Managing the Federal Department – William Cochrane, 1945
Letter from DeVries to Cochrane
Memorandum for Mr. A. D. Stedman, 1938
Natural Economics, 1940
Notes on Agriculture


Parity Payments, 1937
Philosophy and objectives of the AAA
A Plan for Full Employment
Post War Issues in Relation to American Agriculture, 1944
President’s Message to Congress, 1944
Press Conference USDA, 1962
Primer on Treaty
Probable Trends in American Food Administration
Problem in Agriculture


Recent Changes in the Farm Act, 1938
Relevant Farm Economics
Role of Government as a Hired Hand on the Farm, 1958
Rural Influences on the American Politic – Economic System, 1957
The Short Pull and the Long Pull
Six Propositions to be Argued Further, 1940
Some Notes on Our Present Dilemma, 1940


USDA Column – September Country Gentleman
The Way It Looked Then, 1937
We Can Solve It if We Want To
We’ve got to Live Together, 1944
Why Not Make Disemployment Unprofitable?
Why Not Profit As We Employ? A Postwar Parable, 1945