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Volume 6, No.’s 2-79 and 83
Volume 36, No. 73

Mention of Hoover in Volume 6 (number. page. column)
Nominated as Class Treasurer (6.1.3)
Declines nomination of Class Treasurer (6.1.4)
Treasurer Hoover’s Reports (6.1.1 and 2)
Elected President of Geological Club (14.1.2)
Went to Yuba County to finish up work for US Geological Survey (14.1.4)
Letter to the Editor of DPA (38.1.4)
Listed in candidates for graduation (48.1.3)
Letter to the Editor of DPA (71.1.4)
Nominated for Student Body Treasurer (declined, 72.1.1)
Present at the Junior Hop (H. B. Hoover, Miss Henry, 73.1.1)
Report of Track Athletic Finances (75.1.2)