Manuscript Collections - Arthur O. Dahlberg Papers


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5 linear feet, 11 linear inches (11 LGA-S boxes, 1 oversize box)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library



Arthur Olaus Dahlberg, inventor and economist, was born in Escanaba, Michigan in 1898.  He graduated with a degree in engineering from the University of Michigan in 1920, a master's degree in economics from the University of Wisconsin in 1927, and a PhD in sociology from Wisconsin in 1931.

Dahlberg invented a fountain pen with a unique filling mechanism which was purchased by the Parker Pen Company in 1931. The first of Dahlberg's seven books on economics, Jobs, Machines and Capitalism, was published in 1932. He wrote about the role of money in the national economy.

In 1944 Dahlberg became the president of the U.S. Economics Corporation, an economics consulting firm to corporations. Dalberg retired in 1971 and died in 1989.



The collection has been divided into three series:


This series contains personal correspondence. Arranged chronologically.



This series contains letters, sketches, drawings, and journals. Subjects include: the fountain pen, economics, and the United States Economics Corporation. Arranged alphabetically be subject or type of material.



This series contains the professional writings of Arthur Dahlberg. Material includes: book drafts, correspondence, reviews, and reports. Subjects include: economics, capitalism, inflation, and money policy. Arranged chronologically.







Box      Contents

1          Correspondence, 1921-1945 (12 folders)

2          Correspondence, 1951-1971, 1973-1989, and undated (3 folders)



            Amway Corporation, 1971-1972

            Bank Deposits – Tax, 1939

            Biographical Information – Clippings, 1923-1930, 1933-1967 and undated (4 folders)

            Biographical Information – College Class Notes

  3        Biographical Information – College Class Notes (2 folders)

            Cosmos Club, 1964 and undated

            Dahlberg, Agnes

            Drawings and Charts

            Econometrics Studies, 1943-1944

            Eight Hour Day Pamphlet, 1899

            Employment and Prosperity Proposals, 1940

            Industrial Recovery Act, 1933

            Jennings, John – Biographical Information

            Jennings, John – Clippings

            Jennings, John – Correspondence, 1965-1970

3          Jennings, John – Correspondence, 1970-1971

4          Source Material

            Research Reports

            Singer Corporation




            Writings and Speeches, 1965-1970

            Journals, 1982-1983, 1985-1986, 1988 (3 folders)

            Morgan, Griscom, 1963-1985 and undated


            Clippings, 1943

            Drawings, Miscellaneous

            Gas Nozzle Invention

            Patents – Parker Pen, 1925-1928

5          Patents – Parker Pen, 1931-1934 and undated

            Patents – Pen Companies, 1928-1929

            Patents – Pens Patented by Dahlberg, 1921-1943

            Patents – Pens Patented by Others

            Patents – Pen Sketches

            Patents – Shoe Patent, 1938

            Railroad Drawings

            Receipts, 1921-1934 and undated

            Shilling, A. Gary, 1975-1986

            Stock Market Prices

            Temporary National Economic Committee, 1940 and undated

            United States Economics Corporation, 1965-1974, 1976-1987 and undated (2 folders)




6          Degeneracy as Caused by Social Conditions, 1925

            Utopia through Capitalism – Correspondence, 1927

            A New Graphical Method of Depicting Historical Events, Sep 1927

            Religion, Capitalism, and Nationalism, Jan 23, 1929

            Jobs, Machines, and Capitalism – Final Copy, 1932

            Jobs, Machines, and Capitalism – Reviews

            Is Collective Bargaining Inherently Futile?, Aug 23, 1934

            Inherent Advantages, Complications, and Difficulties, Dec 1, 1935

            Cultural Implications of Price Fixing, 1938

7          When Capital Goes on Strike – Draft

            When Capital Goes on Strike – Final Copy, 1938

            When Capital Goes on Strike – Letters, 1938-1940

8          When Capital Goes on Strike – Reviews

            Concentration of Economic Power Report, 1940

            How U.S. Output is Measured, 1956

            When Capital Goes on Strike – Final Copy, 1956

            When Capital Goes on Strike – Preface Copy

            Money in Motion – Draft and Miscellaneous

9          Money in Motion – Final Copy, 1962

            Money in Motion – Reviews and Correspondence

            An Overlooked Cancer in the Free Market System, 1962

            Reduce the Price of Gold and Make Money Move, 1962

            Will Congress Have the Courage to Stop Inflation?, 1969

            Why the Fight against Inflation Will Fail, Nov 1969

            The Bretton Woods Monetary System, 1970

            Why You Can Count on More Inflation, Oct 1970

            Report Written for Senator Bellmon for his meeting with President Nixon, Jan 15, 1971

            The Cost of Being a Citizen, Nov 12, 1972

            The Cost of Citizenship is Also Part of the Cost of Living, 1973

            Inflation can be Quickly Checked, 1974

            How to Save Free Enterprise – Drafts

            How to Save Free Enterprise – Final Copy, 1974

10        How to Save Free Enterprise – Presentation

            How to Save Free Enterprise – Reviews and Correspondence

            The Neutron Bomb: A Christian Weapon?, Mar 15, 1978

            Handling Deficits with Borrowing or New Taxes, 1983

            How to Reduce Interest Rates and Poverty – Final Copy, 1983

            How to Reduce Interest Rates and Poverty – Reviews and Correspondence

            Why Our Dollar and Capital Markets Have Become so Confused, Oct 20, 1984

            M1, M2, M3 and Real Money Relationships, Oct 20, 1984

            The Three Faces of Money, Oct 24, 1984

            Inflationary Practices and Measures of Inflation, July 25, 1985

            The Crisis Tax, 1987

            Existing Arrangements Ensure Higher Interest Rates, June 24, 1987

            Dahlberg’s Dream, 1988

            A Recession Stopper and Boom Builder, 1989

            Bankers Reaction, undated

10        The Dahlberg Plan, undated

            How Savers Receiving Interest May React

            How the Federal Reserve Controls Credit by Regulating the Reserves of Member Banks

            Khrushchev’s Cuban Conquest

            My Aunt Anna Had Auburn Hair

            The Relation of Money and Credit

            Review of the Triffin Plan

            Sanctuary Money Facilitates Deficits in the International Balance of Payments

            Scuttling Our Hemisphere Security

            A Second Bay of Pigs

            Writings – Drafts

11        Source Material (4 folders)

            Source Material – Clippings

12        Oversize Materiall