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1 linear foot, 1 linear inch (2 manuscript boxes, 1 small manuscript box)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Frederick C. Croxton was born on May 3, 1871 in Huntsville, Illinois. He graduated from Columbian University in 1898. Croxton worked as a statistician for the Bureau of Pensions, the Department of Labor, the Immigration Commission, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. From 1916 to 1919, Croxton was the director of Social Welfare Departments Ohio Institute for Public Efficiency. During the First World War he also served as the Federal Food Administrator for Ohio, Vice Chairman of the Ohio Branch Council of National Defense and the Federal Director of Employment for Ohio. Herbert Hoover appointed Croxton to the President’s Emergency Committee for Employment. Croxton administered $300,000,000 of relief funds under the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC). From 1937 to 1939 he was Chief of the Division of Administrative Aid of the Bureau of Unemployment Compensation of the Social Security Board. From 1939 to 1941 he was assistant to the Director of the Bureau of Employment Security. Croxton was the Special Commissioner of Conciliation for the Department of Labor during 1942 and 1943. From 1948 to 1955 he was a member of the Fair Employment Board in the Civil Service Commission. Fred Croxton died on April 3, 1960.


This collection documents Frederick Croxton’s professional career and contains: printed material, correspondence, reports, notes, clippings, biographical documents, and memoirs. Some of the material for the Department of Labor and the National Bureau of Economic Research were written by Croxton’s sons, Frederick E. Croxton and Frank C. Croxton. This collection is organized alphabetically by organization or name.


Box Contents


Bureau of Employment Security

Arbitration between Columbia Typographical Union No. 101 and Washington Newspaper Publishers’ Association,Mar 1939
Arbitration between Publishers’ Association of New York City and Newspaper and Mail Deliverers’ Union, Jul 1940-42 (arbitration and notes)
Arbitration between Publishers’ Association of New York City and Newspaper and Mail Deliverers’ Union, Jul 1942 (clippings)

Retirement, 1940-1941

Council of National Defense. A History of the Activities of the Ohio Branch, How Ohio Mobilized Her Resources for the War, 1917-1919 (2 copies)
Croxton, Frederick C.

Biographical Materials, 1898-1969
Correspondence with Herbert Hoover, 1953-1956
Memoirs, circa 1960 (2 folders)

Department of Industrial Relations of Ohio – Publications on Employment, 1930
Federal Food Administration of Ohio – A Brief History of the Activities of the United States Food Administration in Ohio, 1918
National Bureau of Economic Research – Summary of Corporation Contributions to Organized Community Welfare Services by Pierce Williams and Frederick E. Croxton, June 1930
Ohio Institute for Public Efficiency – Publications, 1916-1917, 1936 (4 items)
President’s Commission on Fair Employment

Human Values in Labor Questions – Speech by Croxton, 1949

Correspondence with Herbert Hoover, 1953-1956

President’s Emergency Committee for Employment (PECE) 1931 (employment conditions in states, memos, radio addresses, and Time magazine article)
President’s Organization on Unemployment Relief (POUR) 1932 and undated


Reconstruction Finance Corporation

Articles, 1932-1933
Bulletins and Reports, 1932-1933                     
Correspondence, 1932-1933
County Map of United States Displaying Funds Dispersed by RFC, May 1933         
Press Releases, 1932-1933 (2 folders)
US Funds Disbursed by state, 1932-1933 (2 folders)


United States Department of Labor

Average Annual Wage and Salary Payments in Ohio 1916-1932 by Fred C. Croxton, Frederick E. Croxton, and Frank C. Croxton, 1935
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Dec 16, 1935
Labor Conditions in Cuba. Beef Prices. Bulletin, July 1902

Unemployment in Columbus, Ohio 1921-1925 by Frederick E. Croxton, 1926