Manuscript Collections - Bewick, Moreing and Company

Oct 18, 2021

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BEWICK, MOREING AND COMPANY COLLECTION, 1885-1962 (bulk 1885-1917)
11 linear inches (2 manuscript boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


This is an artificial collection created by copying microfilm given by David Burner (MF70/454). Arranged chronologically.


Box Contents


Item Level List by Microfilm Frame Number, undated
Bewick Receipt, 1885
Moreing Biographical Sketch, Bewick Memoir, Cables, 1897
Cables, Correspondence, 1898
Correspondence, Cables, Agreements, 1899
Cables, Chinese Dispatches, Correspondence, Agreements, Documents, 1900
Legal Document, Plans, Correspondence, Reports, 1901
Correspondence, Telegrams, 1902
Telegrams, Clippings, Cables, Documents, Agreement, Correspondence, 1903
Reports, Financial Records, Testimony, 1905
Financial Records, Correspondence, 1906-1908 (3 folders)
Correspondence, 1909


Correspondence, Cablegrams, Clippings, Notes, Legal Opinions, Financial Reports, Notes, Memo, 1910
Lawsuit Moreing vs. Hoover

Defendants Statements, Affidavits, Testimony, 1910
Agreement, 1910

Clippings, Correspondence, 1911
Mining News Article, Notes, 1914
Correspondence, Chronological List of Events, 1915
Notes, Agreements, Memo, Summary, 1916

Statement of Claim, Legal Documents, Notes, 1916
Particulars to Statement of Claim Legal Documents, 1916
Defendants Request, Legal Documents, 1916
Breach of Contract, Legal Documents, 1916
Agreement, Legal Documents, 1916

Unreadable Pages, 1916
Correspondence, 1917, 1926 (2 folders)
Picture, Clippings, Biographical Sketch, 1942
Correspondence, 1968