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5 linear inches (1 LGA-S box)
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Edward Price Bell was born in 1869 and grew up in Terre Haute, Indiana. He worked for the Chicago Daily News and became a foreign correspondent in London in 1900. He interviewed foreign leaders and wrote articles on World War I. He later interviewed leaders in Europe and Asia regarding world peace. Bell published two books about his experience which earned him a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. He retired in 1932 and died in 1943.


The collection contains articles, interviews, speeches, correspondence, scrapbooks, and biographical information. Subjects include: foreign affairs in Asia and Europe, World War I, and World War 2. Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
NAID: 29855943



The American Officers’ Club in London, 1918
Coolidge: A Survey, 1924
Cruise in a British Seaplane, Oct 1916 (scrapbook)
Edward Price Bell’s Letters to the London Times Foreshadowing America’s Entry into the War, Dec 1916-Feb 1917
An Enlarged and Complete Monroe Doctrine, Sep 15, 1939
Flight in an Aeroplane and Air Supremacy, Aug-Sep 1916 (scrapbook)
Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek as Politician, Sociologist, and Soldier, undated
Gunner Brown of the Punjab, undated (Gardener Brown)
My Coolies and Their Companions, Aug 9, 1934
Notes on Japan, undated
Premier Koki Hirota Japans First Statesman of the Moment, undated
What is Japan Really Getting At?, Nov 6, 1934
Why MacDonald Came to America, 1929 (Herbert Hoover)

Biographical Information, 1929-1930 and undated

Edward Grey, 1916 (correspondence)
The Germans and the Small Nations – Lord John French, 1917
Germany’s Hope for Peace – Wilhelm Marx, 1924
Italy’s Rebirth: Premier Mussolini Tells of Fascismo’s Purposes, 1924
Keisuke Okada, 1934
Koki Hirota, undated
Manuel Quezon, June 30, 1925
Steadfast France – Raymond Poincaré, 1924
Wang Ching-wei, 1934
The War of Democracy – Lord Richard Haldane, undated

Nobel Peace Prize Nomination, Oct 1, 1930
Northwestern University Testimonial Dinner Correspondence, Aug 5-6, 1930 
Professional Correspondence from Bell, 1906-1934 (C. H. Dennis, Robert Donald, Lawson,Katsuji Debuchi, Kijuro Shidehara, Arthur Draper, Eiji Amau, Kumao Harada)
Professional Correspondence to Bell, 1915-1940 (Janius Wood, Lord Fisher, Katsuji Debuchi,Charles Beard)

The British Censorship, Nov 19, 1915
Ego, June 18, 1928 
London Treaty Speech Summary, undated
Major Interviewing: Its Principles and Functions, 1927
Some Observations on the ‘Dead’ League, 1924 (League of Nations)
Summary of London Treaty Speech, undated