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5 linear inches (1 LGA-S box)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library



This collection was created by archivists as a ready reference to Herbert Hoover’s mining activities in Australia. The collection primarily contains photocopies of articles, reminiscences, clippings, letters, reports, and correspondence between researchers and Library staff.





Box Contents


Brochures, Pamphlets and Maps by Leonora-Gwalia Historical Museum, circa 2009
Broken Hill, New South Wales – Annotated postcards, 1972
Clippings, 1897, 1918, 1928-1929, 1976-1977, 1987
Gold Mining in Kalgoorlie – Excerpts, undated (copies)
Golden Days: Being Memories and Reminiscences of the Goldfields of Western
Australia by Jules Raeside – Excerpts, 1929 (copies)
Gwalia School: The Missing Years by Arlene Collings, 2006
Gwalia Unearthed by Leonora Gwalia Historical Museum, 2008
Harris, C. M. – Sons of Gwalia mine, 1948 (copies)
Herbert Clark Hoover and the Sons of Gwalia Gold Mine by E. McGowan, 1969 (annotated copies)
Herbert Hoover’s Forgotten Australian Years by Alfred Heintz, 1966 (copies)
Herbert Hoover’s Forgotten Years by Geoffrey Blainey, circa 1966 (copies)
Hoover, Herbert. Application for Exemption from Work, May 19, 1898 (copy)
Hoover, Herbert. Letter, Dec 1, 1898 (copy)
Hoover Centennial certificate, 1974
Hoover in Western Australia: Some Goldfields Memories by J. W. Kirwin, undated (copies)
Kalgoorlie map, undated 
Leonora & Gwalia: An Historical Sketchbook by Don and Donna Reid, circa 1974
Leonora Loops Trail Guide by Jesse Brampton, 2009
Looking Back on Leonora and Gwalia, 1895-1963 (compiled by Turnbull), 1990
Mr. and Mrs. Hoover: West Australian Reminiscences, undated (copies)
The Progress of Gold Mining in Kalgoorlie Western Australia in 1903 by E. Barton-Hack, 1904 (copies)
The Relocation and Restoration of the Great Fingall Mine Office Day Dawn Western Australia
1900-1918 to the sister town of Cue Western Australia, undated
Reynolds, C. W. – Letter regarding Mona Campbell and an ostrich, 1921 (copy)
The so-called Lode Formations of Hannans, and Telluride Deposits by H. P. Woodward.
Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy, undated
Song to barmaid, undated (copies)
Sons of Gwalia Gold Mine: A Report on the Assessment of its Heritage Significance, 1985 (copy)
Sons of Gwalia records in the Battye Library, circa 1969 (copies)
Tracking Herbert Hoover: A Run through the Murchison and North Eastern
Goldfields by Clive Robertson, circa 1995-1996 (Bewick Moreing files)
Western Australia Report of the Department of Mines for 1898, 1899 (copies)
Western Australia School of Mines, undated (copies)