Manuscript Collections - Edward Anthony Scrapbook

Aug 20, 2021

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1 linear foot, 9 linear inches (3 manuscript boxes, oversize drawer)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Edward Anthony was the publicity director of the New York Office of the Hoover for President Committee. He prepared two identical scrapbooks of 1928 materials generated by his office. The material from one of the scrapbooks has been removed and placed in document boxes.


The scrapbook includes publicity materials, press releases, speeches, articles, political cartoons, correspondence, brochures, charts, clippings, memorabilia, and photographs.


Box      Contents



Curtis, Charles Acceptance Speech, Aug 18, 1928
Hoover, Herbert, Aug 11‑Oct 22, 1928 (includes acceptance speech)

Articles, Feb‑May 1928
The Boloney Knife, undated
Broadsides, 1928 (2 items, one in German)
Brochures, 1928 (5 items)
Campaign Features, 1928

Ding Darling and Others, 1928
Satterfield, 1928
Special Tammany, 1928

Comments on Rural New York State Map. New York Press Department, Apr ‑ Oct 1928
Complimentary Letters. Plate and Matrix Service. New York Press Headquarters, 1928
Correspondence - In Appreciation, Mar‑Nov 1928
Foreign Language Service – List of Newspapers Requesting Campaign Materials, 1928
Herbert Hoover Highway – Sketch Map, undates
Honorable Herbert Hoover Visits New York, Aug 7, 1928
Hoover Minute Men - John Calvin Brown, President, undated
Hooverettes by Anna Steese Richardson. Women's Page Features, undated
How to Vote on the Voting Machine, undated
Literary Digest Poll, Oct 27-28, 1928
Luncheon Invitations, Oct 22, 1928 (2 items)
Memorabilia List, 1928
National Plate and Mat Service Lists, 1928
National Republican Convention Guide Book and Directory, June 12, 1928
Photographs, 1928 (photocopies)
Press Releases, Feb-Mar 1928 (2 folders)


Press Releases, Apr-Sep 1928 (7 folders)


Press Releases, Oct-Nov 1928 (5 folders)

Washington Correspondence by Edward Anthony, Feb 29 ‑ May 14, 1928

Women’s National Committee for Hoover – Report of the Publicity Department, Nov 3, 1928


The Boloney Knife, undated
Campaign Feature Service. Matrix Service (3 folders)
Cartoons – Ding Darling and Others, 1928
Cartoons – Special Tammany, 1928
Graphics – Campaign, 1928
Editorial Digest. Nos. 1‑17, undated
Editorial Suggestions. Nos. I‑14, Sep 27-Oct 24, 1928 (No. 4 missing)
Hooverettes by Anna Steese Richardson. Women's Page Features, undated
National Plate Service List, Aug 17‑Oct 10, 1928
Political Digest. Nos. 1‑27, 1928
Women's Page Service. Nos. 1‑8, 1928