Manuscript Collections - Corbin C. Allardice Papers


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10 linear inches (2 manuscript boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Corbin Allardice was a scientist, member of the Manhattan Project, public information officer for the Atomic Energy Commission, and staff director to the Congressional Joint Committee on Atomic Energy. He is the coauthor of The First Pile, a history of the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. Allardice died in 1977.


The papers primarily pertain to atomic energy during the 1950s. Materials include: reports, articles, lectures, and biographical information.


Box      Contents


Allardice, Corbin C.

Biographical information, 1982, 2001
Articles by Allardice, 1949-1959

Atomic Energy

General, promotional and technical information, 1955, 1963, and undated
Articles and reports on Atomic Energy, 1953-1960 (3 folders)

Atomic Energy Commission – Press conference, Jan 23, 1958
Atomic Energy Commission by Corbin Allardice and Edward R. Trapnell, 1973
                     (galley proof)


Atomic Energy Lectures by Curtis A. Nelson, Savannah River Operations Office, AEC,1955
Books transferred to HHPL library collection, undated
European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom)

Euratom: The American Interest in the European Atomic Energy Committee by Ben T. Moore, Feb 1958
Euratom agreement – Statements of John F. Floberg and C. Douglas Dillon beforethe Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, Jan 21 and 22, 1959
Euratom and American Policy: A Conference Report by Klaus E. Knorr, May 16,1956
Market Potentials in Euratom Countries – Sales Opportunities and Obstacles by Karl M. Mayer, Apr 2, 1959

First Canadian Conference on Uranium and Atomic Energy – Papers, 1960
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Procedures Relating to Consulting Engineers, Feb 21, 1956
Outgoing letters, 1957-1958

Reactor Engineering Lectures by Stuart McLain, Argonne National Laboratory, 1955
Tennessee Valley Authority Bill – Congressional Record, May 6 and 7, 1959