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6 linear feet, 2 linear inches (14 LGA-S boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Allan Hoover was born in 1907 to Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover. He earned degrees from Stanford University and Harvard Business School. Allan married Margaret Coberly. He was active with the Hoover Institution, the Hoover Foundation, and the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site. Allan died in Portola Valley, California on November 4, 1993.


Folders that have been scanned have the file name added in brackets at the end of the folder name. Requests for copies of the scans may be requested at

The collection has been divided into two series:  

The series contains family correspondence, primarily with Lou Henry Hoover. There are some letters between Lou and her family. Arranged alphabetically by name.

SUBJECT FILES (boxes 7-14)
Material includes: correspondence, journals, clippings, political cartoons, a speech, and an oral history transcript. Subjects include: Herbert Hoover, the Commission for Relief in Belgium, and the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association. Arranged alphabetically by subject.



Box Contents


Henry Family, 1873-1921 (2 folders)
Hoover, Herbert, 1912-1927
Hoover, Herbert and Allan, 1913-1941
Hoover, Herbert, Jr. and Allan, 1925-1931
Hoover, Lou Henry, 1908-July 1924 (14 folders)


Hoover, Lou Henry, Aug 1924-Feb 1928 (10 folders)


Hoover, Lou Henry, Mar 1928-July 1930 (10 folders) [31-ah-b03-f01 thru f10]


Hoover, Lou Henry, Aug 1930-Apr 1932 (10 folders) [31-ah-b04-f01 thru f10]


Hoover, Lou Henry, May 1932-Aug 1933 (9 folders) [31-ah-b05-f01 thru f09]


Hoover, Lou Henry, Sep 1933-1939 (9 folders)


Hoover, Lou Henry, 1940-1943 and undated (7 folders)
General Correspondence, 1912-1934 and undated (5 folders)


Austin, Mary – Earth Horizon Book, 1932 [31-ah-b07-f12]
Biographical Information, 1993
Biographical Information – Oral History Transcript, 1986
Birthplace Cottage – Lou Henry Hoover, 1937


Book Collection – Allan Hoover, 1986

Audiotapes Describing Books, 1986 (2 folders)
Book Lists, 1986 (10 folders)
Books by Author, 1986
Books by Date, 1986
Books by Title, 1986
Camp Rapidan Deed of Trust, 1932
Clippings, 1928-1953 (copies)
Commission for Relief of Belgium – CRB and Chauteau Mariemont by George Spaulding, 1973
Commission for Relief of Belgium – Whitlock, Brand – Journals and Letters, 1914-1917
Henry, Charles – Death, 1928 (grandfather)
Dyer, Susan – Letter to Margaret (Coby) Hoover on Minnesota Republicans, 1952
Family Activities, 1910-1933 (2 folders)


Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association, 1962-1993 (21 folders)


Hoover, Herbert

Allied Expeditionary Force Pass, 1919 (AEF)
Biographical Information, 1919-1953
Birthplace Society – William Anderson, 1949-1964
Campaign of 1928 – Scrapbook, 1928
Campaign of 1932 – Ding Darling Political Cartoons, 1932
Campaign of 1952 – Republican National Convention Diary, 1952
Campaign of 1952 – Eisenhower, Dwight, 1952
Campaign of 1952 –MacArthur, Douglas, 1952


Campaign of 1952 – Republican National Convention, 1952
Campaign of 1952 – Taft, Robert, 1952
Chinese Porcelain Auction Catalogs, 1944, 1955, 1964 (5 items)
Christmas Greetings, 1927-1933
Clippings, 1905-1933, 1962
Coberly, Winifred, 1952-1963
Correspondence, 1921-1963 (2 folders, copies)
Family Correspondence, 1933, 1942, 1961-1964 and undated 
Herbert Hoover Boys Club of St. Louis – Clippings, June 19, 1967


Hoover, Herbert – Encyclopedia of Hoover Thinking, undated

Agriculture, Americanism
Americanization, American Individualism, American Legion
American life, Am. plan, American standard of living, Anti-trust
Arms limits, Armistice Day, Automobile industry, Aviation
Ballot, Banking, Bankruptcy, Bonus Marchers, Boyhood
Boy Scouts, Budget, Bureaucracy, Burton, Business regulation
Byrd (Admiral), California, cancellation of debt, Capital, Charity
Child health, Congress, Conservation, Constitution, Coolidge
Credit, Crime, Deflation, Democracy, Deportation, Depression
Dole, Drought, Economy, Edison (Thomas)
Editors, Education, Election, Eliminating waste, Equality
Exports, Federal Farm Board, Federal Reserve, Fishing, Floods
Foreign debt, foreign relations, Government, Haiti
Harding, Highways, Hoarding, Home building, Home loans
Hospitals, Illiteracy, Immigration, Iowa, Judiciary, Labor
Latin America, Law enforcement, Lincoln, Merchant marine
Military costs, Mississippi flood, Muscle Shoals, Naval armament
New York City, Oath of Office, Patriotism, Patronage
Peace, Poland, Poverty, Price fixing, Public Opinion
Progress, Prohibition, Prosperity, Public works, Radio
RFC, Red Cross, Relief, Reparations, Republican Party, Schools
Science, Self-government, Senate, Short-selling, Socialism, States
Stock Market, Tariffs, Taxation, Truth, Unemployment
Veterans, Wages, War debt, White House, World Court, YMCA

Hoover, Herbert – Form Letters and Other Guides, 1940-1962 (3 folders)
Hoover, Herbert – People Hoover Knew, undated


Hoover, Herbert – Domestic Honors and Awards
        Appreciations, 1926-1936
        Degrees, 1920-1954
        Fuller, Margaret – Compilation, undated
        Gifts, 1927-1932
        Honorary Memberships, 1919-1954
        Medals, 1928-1962
        Presentation – A Salute to America, undated
        Resolutions, 1927-1932
        Testimonials, 1927-1933
        Tributes, 1923-1964
    Hoover, Herbert – Foreign Honors and Awards
        Argentina, 1922
        Austria, 1921-1957
        Belgium, 1922-1958
        Brazil, 1928
        Chile, 1928
        Czechoslovakia, 1921-1926
        Ecuador, 1928
        England, 1930
        Estonia, 1923-1932
        Germany, 1920-1930
        Hungary, 1931
        Italy, 1922
        Latvia, 1922
        Lithuania, undated
        Peru, 1928
        Poland, 1919-1922
        Russia, 1922-1923
        Serbia, 1923
    Hoover, Herbert
        Inauguration, 1929
        Magnum Opus – Herbert Hoover Handwritten Notes, undated
        Nomination Speech, 1932


Political Notes and Memos, 1944-1948
Relief Organizations Master List, 1925
Stanford Dispute with Hoover Institution, 1955-1962 (2 folders)
White House Invitation, Dec 15, 1932
Writings and Speeches, 1923-1962

Hoover, Lou Henry – Biographical Information, 1899, 1974
Hoover Wilderness – Forest Service, 1965
McLean, Hulda Hoover – A Family in History, 1971
Miscellany, 1913-1932
Trips – Bishop’s Lodge, New Mexico, undated
Trips – Hawaii, 1931
Trips – South America, 1928-1929
Trips – Souvenirs, 1913
Hoover, Allan – Wedding to Margaret (Coby) Coberly, 1937

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