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Written in Stone: The Treasures of Eden and the Rosetta Stone, April 13 - October 27, 2019


Written in Stone: The Treasures of Eden and the Rosetta Stone

April 13 - October 27, 2019


After 2000 years an ancient, forgotten language comes to life again. The ancient Rosetta Stone has been cast directly from the original by the British Museum exclusively for this spectacular traveling exhibition. The history, the discovery, the translation - all accompanied by rare, authentic artifacts from Ancient Egypt and the Cradle of Civilization.

These rare original relics have survived from the very dawning of civilization. From ancient Sumer to the Holy Land, the eternally compelling mystery of the sudden appearance and rapid progression of urban life is traced through pottery, cylinder seals, cuneiform tablets, bronze and marble sculpture, currency, and weaponry from its distant origins in early Mesopotamia to Canaan, Egypt, Phoenicia, Greece, Palestine, Israel, and Rome. Recovered from the same period and region as the treasures of the Baghdad Museum, this breathtaking timeline of authentic artifacts includes some of the oldest idols and sacred representations of deities ever found. This magnificent collection features a rare cast of the famous Rosetta Stone and a replica of the mysterious Phaestos Disc.

The exhibit will also include displays about the work Herbert nd Lou Hoover did translating the book, De Re Metallica and the treasures that they collected while traveling through Egypt.

*The exhibit is from The Origins Museum Institute  http://www.kingtutexhibit.com/rosetta_stone.html