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Oct 18, 2021

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2 linear feet, 2 linear inches (5 LGA-S boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Lawrie Tatum was born on May 22, 1822 near Mullica Hill, New Jersey.  At the age of nine, Tatum’s parents, George and Lydia, moved the family to Goshen, Ohio, where Tatum remained until setting out for the territory of Iowa at the age of 22 in the summer of 1844.  Initially Tatum taught school in Henry County, but soon settled in Cedar County, and has been identified as the first Quaker settler in the county.  In the fall of 1847 he returned to Ohio, and married Mary Ann Dean from the town of Winona in February 1848.  Returning to his land in Iowa near the settlement of Springdale, the Tatums raised a family that included four sons and one daughter.

During the following years, Tatum was active within the Society of Friends, helping establish the Red Cedar Meeting, and he served the church in a variety of posts.  In 1869, under President Ulysses S. Grant’s policy of selecting Quakers to fill various Indian Agency posts, Tatum was chosen to serve as Indian Agent among the Comanche, Kiowa, and Apache at Fort Sill in Indian Territory (Oklahoma).  Tatum remained in this post until March 1873, and his experiences there provided the material for his 1899 book, “Our Red Brothers.”

Upon Tatum’s return to Iowa, he continued farming his land near Springdale, which he eventually transferred to his youngest son William in 1883.  As an active leader among the Friends in Cedar County, Tatum was also chosen in 1884 to be the guardian of the three orphaned children of West Branch residents Jesse and Hulda Hoover—Theodore, Mary, and Herbert.  Even after the future President and his siblings were sent away from West Branch to live with other relatives, Tatum maintained records showing how the funds from their parents’ estates were spent on the children until they each came of age in the 1890s.

Lawrie Tatum died in Springdale, Iowa on January 22, 1900.


The Lawrie Tatum Collection consists of 1.25 linear feet of Tatum’s papers that were handed down to his son, Elwood, and granddaughter Bessie Tatum Heald.  The collection was donated to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library in 1982, by which time it also contained photographs and documents related to Bessie Tatum Heald’s extended family.  Also included are 26 books that belonged in the library of the Tatum and Heald families, and consist mainly of school texts and Society of Friends publications.

Significant materials within the Tatum papers include financial and legal documents from the Tatum family and other Cedar County residents dating back to 1843, records related to Tatum’s guardianship of the Hoover children (primarily Mary and Theodore) between 1884 and 1894, and correspondence and diaries documenting Tatum’s period as Indian Agent in Fort Sill between 1869-1873.  These materials are arranged in alphabetic series by type and topic, and also include family correspondence and writings by or about Tatum.  The papers also contain a series of photographs and postcards.  Although some of these are related to Tatum’s Indian Agency work, most of them depict members of the Heald family and the area around West Branch, Iowa between 1900-1920.

A related collection at the Hoover Presidential Library is that of the Hoover Legal Records,
which includes a file marked “Tatum, Lawrie” (Accession #555).  This material, donated by Bessie Tatum Heald in 1962, includes an account book of Tatum that contains additional reports and records on the guardianship of the Hoover children.  These reports complement similar records in the Hoover Family Papers series of the Tatum Collection.

The State Historical Society of Iowa in Iowa City also owns a collection of Lawrie Tatum papers, including copies that were made from these papers in 1976.  That collection also contains the original version of Lawrie Tatum’s 1869 diary, a photocopy of which can be found in this collection.


Box      Contents   
1          Biographical Material
                     Article about Tatum, "The Cattleman," February 1958, p. 34
                     Biographical sketch of Lawrie Tatum, unknown author and date
                     Genealogy of Tatum and Dean families:  Notes
                     News clippings and obituaries, 1869-1900
                     Dean Family, Ohio, to Tatums, 1865-1899
                     Hobson, Belinda, to Mary Ann Dean [Tatum], 1847
                     Negus, Ellen Tatum: Letters to and from parents, 1868-1884
                     Society of Friends Meetings, 1889, 1899
                     Tatum, Elwood
                              Letters to and from parents, 1869-1878
                              Letters to son, 1924
                     Tatum, Mary Ann: 1868-1906, and undated
                     Other relatives, to Tatums, 1869, 1899
            Financial and Legal Documents
                     Account book and address books-Tatum, Lawrie, ca. 1871-1873, 1882
                     Account book, 1869-1884
                     Agreements, 1887, 1902
                     Estate settlement
                              Tatum, Mary Ann, 1908
                              Tatum, Elwood, 1938
                     Funeral expenses: Tatum, Lawrie, 1900
                     Insurance documents
                              Lawrie and Mary Ann Tatum, 1878-1901
                              Elwood Tatum, 1919-1921
                     Promissory notes, 1884-1919
                     Publication subscriptions and contributions
                              Publishing Association of Friends, 1884-1889
                              Friends' Review, 1848-1887
                              Tipton Advertiser, 1864-1881
                     Real estate
                              Abstracts of title
                              Military land warrant, John Young, 1850
                              Warranty deeds, 1848-1901
                     Receipts of payment and notes
                              Lawrie Tatum, 1843-1895 (3 folders)
                              Elwood Tatum, 1886-1920
                              Grennell, Jeremiah, 1843-1857
                     Records of guardianship payments
                              Hoover, Mary and Theodore. SEE:  Hoover Family Papers
                              Phelps children, 1871 and undated
                     Tax statements: Tatum Family
                              Lawrie Tatum:
                                       1865-1867:  Federal taxes
                                       1890-1900:  Cedar County, Iowa
                                       1890-1892:  Plymouth County, Iowa
                              Mary Ann Tatum, 1901-1907

2                            Elwood Tatum, Sedgwick County, Kansas, 1873-1874
                     Tax statements: Others
                              Cook, James, 1878
                              Grennell, Jeremiah, 1849-1858
                              Holmes, Michael, 1849
                              Hoover, Mary: SEE: Hoover Family Documents
                              Walker, Anna (Iowa County), 1856-1861
                              Walker, George (Iowa, Keokuk, and Marshall Counties)1856-1864
                              Miscellaneous, Marshall County, 1861
                     Will of Lawrie Tatum, 1884
            Hoover Family Papers
                     Estates of Jesse and Hulda Hoover: Promissory notes to Hoovers, 1874-1881
                     Tax invoices:
                              Jesse Hoover, 1873-1881
                              Mary Hoover, 1896
                     Guardianship of children
                              Herbert Hoover, 1884-1894
                              Mary Hoover, 1884-1894
                              Theodore Hoover, 1884-1892
            Indian Agency, Oklahoma, 1869-1873, 1885
                     Correspondence: Tatum, Lawrie, to family, 1869-1885 (5 folders)
                              Tatum, Lawrie, 1869
                              Tatum, Mary Ann, 1870
                              Our Red Brother, 1899: Publication and sales records
                              Typescript copied from Grandfather's book in William Penn College Library,
            Miscellaneous material
                              To Bessie Heald, from researchers, 1953-1964
                              State Historical Society of Iowa, re: Tatum Papers, 1976
                     Death announcement and obituary, Mary Ann Tatum, 1907
                     Invitations received by Tatums, 1896, 1900
                     Notebook:  Notes from Friends Meetings, unattributed
                     Notes about Hulda Minthorn Hoover, copied from other sources, undated
                     Scrapbooks from Heald and Tatum Families
                              Obituaries, dated, 1891-1936
                              Obituaries, undated
                              Miscellaneous clippings, loose

3                            Miscellaneous clippings, pasted in pages of “Report of the Commissioner of
                                       Agriculture,” 1875
                     Society of Friends
                     Documents collected by Irwin and Bessie Heald: 
                              Half-Year's Meeting, Dublin, 1778
                              The Epistle from the Yearly Meeting, London, 1793
                     Publications, "Child's Lesson Leaf," 1900-1901
                     Receipts of donations to American Bible Society, 1892
                     Copybook. Contains biography of William Tennent, last testament of David Cooper,
                              and various poetry.  Copied by Lawrie Tatum and S. Tatum, 1848.
                     Essay on Uncle Sam, by A.L. Tatum, ca. 1901
                     Pamphlet:  The Teaching of the New Testament on Baptism and Other Ordinances
                              by Lawrie Tatum (Chicago: Publishing Association of Friends, 1889).
                     Historical articles
                              Early History of the Settlement of Friends at Springdale, Iowa, and Their
                                       Meetings, undated
                              Iowa Township: An Historical Sketch of the Settlement and Subsequent
                                       Growth. . ., July 4, 1876
                              History of Springdale Sabbath Schools, Written for 'The Old People's Day,'
                                       Nov 18, 1894
                     Handwritten account of death of George Tatum, father of Lawrie Tatum, 1852
                     Newsletters:  The Family Circle, 1860-1896, 3 issues
                     Writings by others, collected by Mary Ann and Lawrie Tatum, 1869-1892 and
                     Writings by Tatum about religious themes, 1889 and undated
                     Writings, unattributed: Biographical sketch of Lawrie Tatum, and Fire and
                              Prevention, undated.
            Photographs – Postcards
                     Downey, Iowa
                     Views of town, 1907 and undated (3)
                     Iowa City, Iowa
                     Lake at City Park, 1912 and undated (2)
                     Rochester, Iowa
                              Cedar River at Rochester, 1908-1910 and undated (4)
                              West Side Park (2)
                              Todd's Park on the Cedar, 1910 and undated (3)
                     West Branch, Iowa
                              Clements Café, near railroad tracks, undated
                              Flooding on the Wapsinonoc Creek, May 6, 1909
                              Friends Church, undated
                              Friends Church, with bell-tower and parsonage, undated
                              Friends Meeting House, undated
                              High school baseball team, ca. 1909, Irwin Heald seated in second row,
                              High school class of 1909, includes Bessie Tatum and Irwin Heald in front
                                       row, center
                              High school building, undated
                              Home of Elwood Tatum, on Downey Street, undated
                              Post Office building, ca. 1912
                              Replacement of bell on firehouse, April 25, 1911
                              Views of Main Street, 1914 and undated (2)
                     Other locations
                              Centerdale Church, 1910
                              Ira Heald’s school, Yankee Corner
                     Unidentified locations (3)
            Photographs – Portraits
                              Group of Arapaho Indians, at Omaha Exposition, 1898
                              Tos-A-Way, Oldest Comanche chief, undated
                              Big Tree
                              Towaconie, Jim, and two women, Fort Sill, Indian Territory
                              Unidentified (2)
                     Downey High School class, ca. 1907, contains Irwin and Ira Heald
                     Elwood and Debbie Tatum, with Tommy and Sadie Barrington, undated
                     Harvey Tatum, son of Lawrie and Mary Ann Tatum, undated
                     Lawrie Tatum, undated (2)
                     Lawrie Tatum and Joseah Butler Wykes, undated
                     Lawrie and Mary Ann Tatum, undated, ca. 1890s
                     Rosa (Mrs. Harvey) Tatum, seated on steer, undated
                     Lydia Thompson, undated
                     Unidentified children, Fort Sill, Indian Territory, undated
            Other photographs
                     Historical sites related to George Fox, postcards owned by Lawrie Tatum (5)
                     Herbert Hoover birthplace, undated, ca. early 1930s
                     Lodge made of buffalo skin, Fort Sill, Indian Territory, undated
                     Residence of Benjamin and Mary Hawley, West Main Street, West  Branch,
                     Residence of James Hawley, corner of College and Downey Streets, West Branch,
                     School in Downey, Iowa, class portrait, undated
                     Train wreck at Downey, Iowa, undated (5)
                     Unidentified structure

4-5       Books

American Educational Reader: Second Reader. (New York: Ivison, Blakeman & Co.,
Baldwin, James.  School Reading by Grades: Fifth Year. (New York:
         American Book Co., 1897)
Barnes, Charles J. and J. Marshall Hawkes.  New National Third Reader.
         (New York: American Book Co., 1884)
Cary, Alice and Phoebe Cary.  The Poetical Works of Alice and Phoebe Cary.
         (Boston:  Houghton and Mifflin, 1882)
Champlin, J.T.  Lessons on Political Economy: Designed as a Basis for
         Instruction in That Science in Schools and Colleges.  (New York:
         A.S. Barnes & Co., 1874)
Day, Henry N.  An Introduction to the Study of English Literature.  (New York:
         Charles Scribner and Co., 1869)
Dickens, Charles.  A Child’s History of England.  (Philadelphia: Porter &
         Coates, n.d.)
Evans, Augusta J.  St. Elmo.  (New York:  Grosset & Dunlap, 1866, 1896)
Harkness, Albert.  A Complete Latin Grammar.  (New York:  American Book
         Co., 1898)
Harpers Second Reader.  (New York: American Book Co., 1888)
Harpers Third Reader.  (New York: American Book Co., 1888)
Harris, William T. and Andrew J. Rickoff.  Introductory Fourth Reader.
         (New York: American Book Co., 1884)
Hill, Thomas E.  Hill’s Manual of Social and Business Forms:  A Guide to
         Correct Writing.  (Chicago:  Moses Warren & Co., 1876)
Hodgson, William.  Select Historical Memoirs of the Religious Society of
         Friends.  (Philadelphia:  J.B. Lippincott & Co., 1868)
Metcalf, Robert C. and Thomas Metcalf.  English Grammar for Common Schools.
         (New York: American Book Co., 1894)
Nicholson, H. Alleyne.  Textbook of Zoology for Schools and Colleges.  (New
         York:  D. Appleton and Co., 1874)
Quackenbos, John D.  Illustrated School History of the World (Appleton’s History
         Of the World).  (New York: American Book Co., 1889)
Pollard, Rebecca S.  Pollard’s Synthetic Third Reader. (New York: American Book
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Porter, Jane.  The Scottish Chiefs.  (Chicago:  Belford, Clarke & Co., 1888)
Randall, Anna T.  Reading and Elocution:  Theoretical and Practical. (New York:
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Sankey, Ira and George G. Stebbins (composers and arrangers).  The Male Chorus,
         No. 1 (Chicago, New York: Biglow & Main, Co., 1888)
Tatum, Lawrie.  Our Red Brothers and the Peace Policy of President Ulysses S. Grant.
         (Philadelphia:  John C. Winston & Co., 1899)
Taylor, Rev. William.  Infancy and Manhood of Christian Life.  (New York:
         Phillips & Hunt, 1880)
Thalheimer, M.E.  The Eclectic History of the United States.  (Cincinnati:
         Van Antwerp, Bragg & Co., 1880
Thatcher, Oliver J. and Ferdinand Schwill.  Europe in Middle Age. (New York:
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Updegraff, David B.  An Address on the Ordinances, and the Position of Friends
Generally in Relation to Them.  (Columbus, OH: William G. Hubbard & Co.,
            Worcester, Joseph E. A Primary Dictionary of the English Language (Boston: Brewer
                     and Tileston, 1860)

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