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Oct 18, 2021

The Herbert Hoover Presidential Museum is now open to the public for viewing of the permanent galleries on the life and times of Herbert Hoover and the temporary exhibit gallery, Leonardo da Vinci Machines in Motion. 

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9 linear feet (16 LGA-S boxes, 2 FRCs)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Box      Contents
1          Abbott, C-W, 1930-1932
            Academy of Political Science, 1932
            Adam - American Legion, 1919-1932
            American Relief Administration
                     General, 1930-1931 & undated
                     Printed Matter, 1921-1931 (reports, directories, ARA Review)
            Appropriations for Increased Expenditures, 1930, undated
            Armies’ Size and Cost, 1930
            Armstrong, Robert B., 1930
            Army and Navy Journal, 1932
            Association of Community Chests- Atwood, 1932 and undated
            Baker, George Barr 1919‑1932 (includes political cartoons, 1932 campaign)
            Baker, Newton-Barclay, 1932
            Barkley, Alben W., 1932 (Senator, Kentucky)
            Barnard, Harry E., 1929-1932 (Corn Industries Research Foundation)
            Beck-Bestor, 192911932
            Better Homes, 1931-1932
            Bigelow-Blossom, 1931-1932
            Boone, Joel T., 1932 (health and fitness of Presidents)
            Borah, William E., 1928-1932 (Senator, Idaho)
            Breckinridge, Aida de Acosta, 1929-1930 (American Child Health, 3 folders)

2          Breckenridge, Aida de Acosta, 1931 (American Child Health)
            Brown, Ashmun, 1930 (‘The Real Hoover’)
            Brown-Brucker, 1930-1932,and undated
            Budget Statement, 1930
            Burns-Byars, 1932
            Cable, Sanford, 1932 (‘Keep Hoover,’ campaign song)
            Campaign of 1932
                     Allen, Henry J. (Republican National Committee Chairman)
                     Speech and Data and Suggestions, 1876‑1932, undated
            Campbell, Tom, 1929
            Canby-Cathcart, 1929-1933
            Cebrian, Carlos 1932
            Chapin-Chenery, 1930-1932
            Child Feeding Program, 1930
            Child Health and Protection Conference
                     Barnard, Harry E., 1929-1931
                     Children’s Charter Drafts, 1930-1932
                     Correspondence, 1930 1932
                     Philadelphia Meeting, 1932 May 15-21
                     Reports: Education for Home and Family Life: Part II in Colleges, 1932

3                   Reports: Extension Director, 1932 (George Aubrey Hastings)
                     Reports: Oregon Conference, 1932
            Child Health Day, 1925-1932 (proclamations)
            Clark-Collins, 1930-1932
            Commercial Relations with France, 1927‑1930
            Commissions: Congressional & Presidential, 1901-1929 (3 folders)
            Committee on Recent Economic Changes, 1930 and undated
            Committee on Recent Social Trends
                     Correspondence, 1929-1932 (3 folders)

4                   Correspondence, 1933 and undated
                     Appendix: Improvement in Statistics of Social Trends, undated (Stuart A. Rice)
                     Clippings, Jan-Feb 1933 (6 folders)
            Community Chest Data, 1931 (needs and resources for welfare in 227 cities)
            Conference on the Crisis in Education
                     Invitation, 1932-1933

5                   Proceedings, 1933
                     Program Planning, 1932-1933 and undated
                     Program Schedule and Handouts, 1932
                     Report of the Conference, 1933
            Conference on Home Building and Home Ownership, 1931-1933
            Conference on Outdoor Recreation
                     Correspondence, 1929-1930 and undated (4 folders)
                     Reports and Printed Matter, 1925-1928
            Congressional Directory-Conrad, 1932-1933
            Consumption According to Incomes, 1929 (Inquiry into well-being of American people)
            Coolidge, Calvin: Speeches, 1914‑1932

6          Corbett-Costain, 1932
            Costigan Relief Bill, 1931
            Crawford, N-W, 1930
            Crime and Racketeering
                     Clippings, 1931
                     Report: Nativity of criminal classes engaged in organized crime in Chicago, 1930
            Crowther, Samuel, 1929-1933 (essays on crime and economy)
            Croy-Curtis, 1930-1932
            Daiger-Day, 1929-1932
            Debenture Plan, 1929, undated
            De Graff-Deming, 1930-1932
            Democratic Platform, 1932
            Democratic Publicity, 1932
            Dennis, Alfred, 1930 (‘Mr. Hoover’)
            Depression and Health, 1930-1933, undated (includes reports on public health)
            Derieux-Dolle, 1930-1932
            Donham, Wallace B., 1932 (essays on causes of depression, business climate)
            Doolittle, F.W., 1929 (North American [electric] Company)
            Doubleday, Russell 1932-1933
            Douglas, Earl 1930-1931
            Dupuy, William and Ada, 1929-1930 (includes essay on ‘New Conservation’)
            Durand, Edward Dana, 1929

7          Durant, Will J.  1930-1931
            Duvall-Dyer, 1930-1932
            Eaton Publications, 1932
            Economists, 1929 (letter soliciting input of data from bankers)
            Economy Bill, 1932
            Education: Printed materials, 1930 (Conference on the Crisis in Education)
            Election Returns, 1932 (clippings; votes by state)
            Ellms, Harold 1930
            Expenditures of Government, undated
            Ezekial, Mordecai, 1932 (farm relief)
            Family Relief Statistics, 1931 & undated (Children’s Bureau-US Department of Labor)
            Farley, M. Clark, 1932
            Farm Debts, 1932
            Federal Construction
                     By States, 1931, undated
                     Highway Construction, 1931
                     Public Works Employment Data, 1930-1931, undated
                     Status of Public Building Program, undated
                     Veterans Hospitals, Buildings, etc., 1931, undated
                     Virginia and New York, 1931, undated
            Federal Employment Stabilization Board, 1931-1932, undated
            Federal Reserve System, undated.(comments on)
            Ferber-Field, 1930-1932
            Fieser, James L., 1932 (American Red Cross)
            Figart, David M., 1932 (on freeing up corporate reserves)
            Fine Arts, 1932
            Finley, David, 1931 (on bonus payment to veterans)

8          Finley, John H., 1930-1932 (New York Times)
            Finninger, Norman, 1919-1932 (on unemployment, banking and depreciation)
            Fish, Hamilton  1932 (Republican National Committee)
            Fisher, H.J., 1930
            Fisher, Irving
                     Booms and Depressions – Draft, undated
                     Stabilization of Commodity Prices: House Banking Committee testimony, 1932
            Fitch-Ford, 1932
            Foreign Debts: Clippings, 1931-1932
            Form Letters, 1932 (Republican National Committee)
            Forrest, Wilbur, 1930 (New York Herald Tribune)
            Fosdick, Harry Emerson, 1929 (Park Avenue Baptist Church)
            Fourth of July speech draft, undated
            Fox, Alan 1932
            Galpin, Perrin, 1929-1932 (CRB Education Foundation)
            Garner's Campaign Speeches, 1932
            Gibbons-Good Housekeeping, 1932, undated
            Gordon, Bennett 1932 (Republican National Committee)
            Grant, E-U, 1930-1932
            Gries, John M., 1930-1931 (Department of Commerce; Home Building and Ownership)
            Griswold-Grosvenor, 1930-1932
            Halbert-Hanes, 1930-1932
            Hard, William, 1932, undated
            Harding-Harris, 1931-1932, undated
            Harrison, Pat, 1932 (Senator, Mississippi)
            Harrison, Shelby, 1929-1930 (Russell Sage Foundation)
            Hastings, George Aubrey, 1931-June 1932 (Child Health and Protection)
9          Hastings, George Aubrey, 1932 July-December (Child Health and Protection)
            Hay, James Jr., 1930 (‘Herbert Hoover and the Children’)
            Hayden-Herman, 1929-1932
            Hert, Mrs. Alvin 1932 (speech seconding Hoover nomination)
            Herter-Holderby, 1929-1932
            Hoover, Herbert
                     Articles and Speeches about, 1930, undated
                     Biographical Data, 1924 (by James T. White)
            Hope-Hopkins, 1930-1932
            Houston, Herbert 1932 (Cosmos Broadcasting; Republican National Committee)
            Howard University Commencement Address, 1932
            Howell-Hughes, 1930-1933
            Hunt, Edward Eyre, 1929-1933 (Department of Commerce, 2 folders)
            Hurley, Edward M., 1929
            Hurley, Patrick J., 1929-1932 (Secretary of War)
            Hurt-Hutchinson, 1929-1932
            Hyde, Arthur M., 1932 (reply to Roosevelt’s plan to plant a billion trees)
            Income Tax, 1929
            Irwin, Will 1930-1932 (includes ‘Portrait of a President’)

10        Jahnke-Johnson, 1929-1932
            Johnson, Herbert 1930-1932 (1932 campaign)
            Johnson, Hiram 1932
            Jones-Kelly, 1930-1932
            Kellogg, Vernon 1932 (essay on Hoover’s personality and quiet style)
            Kennerly-Kirby, 1930-1932
            Labor, 1932, undated
            Labor Department Building Dedication, 1932
            LaFollette Relief Bills, 1931
            Lamont, Robert P., 1931-1932 (Secretary of Commerce)
            Landman-Lane, 1931-1932
            Law Enforcement, 1923-1932
            Leach, Henry G., 1932
            League of Nations, 1931
            League of Republican Women-Lincoln, 1930-1933, undated
            Lippman, Walter, 1932 (clipping of column)
            Littledale-Longworth, 1930-1932
            Lorimer, George H., 1931-1932 (Saturday Evening Post)
            Lowry, Edward, 1929 (Reorganization of government, 2 folders)
            Lumsden, Edith R., 1930-1932, undated (Bernarr MacFadden publicity office)
            Lund-MacCorma, 1929-1932
            McCormick, Anne O'Hare, 1930-1933 (New York Times)

11        MacCracken-McKaughan, 1930-1932
            McKeogh, Arthur, 1932 (Good Housekeeping, bonus march, 1932 campaign)
            MacKinlay-Madsen, 1930-1932, undated
            Magazine Editors, undated
            Mahony, Walter, 1930-1932 (North American Review)
            Mallon, W., 1932
            Marcosson, Isaac, 1932
            Martin-Mauldin, 1932
            Marvin, Cloyd, 1929-1930 (President, George Washington University)
            May Day Proclamation, 1932
            Mayer-Mayors, Conference with 1929-1932
            Meloney, Marie M., 1929-1932 (New York Herald Tribune, 2 folders)
            Merchant Marine, 1930
            Meriam-Merritt, 1929-1932
            Message to Congress: Data for, 1929
            Metcalf, Jesse, 1932 (Senator, Rhode Island)
            Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, 1930
            Meyer, Agnes (Mrs. Eugene) 1930-1932 (includes recreation and women in politics)
            Meyer, Eugene 1932
            Miles, Herbert E., undated
            Military Manpower of the World, 1929-1930 (oversize)
            Mills, Odgen L., 1930-1932 (Treasury Department)
            Mitchell, Charles E., 1929
            Mitchell, Wesley, 1929-1930 (President’s Committee on Social Research)
            Mooney, W.M., 1932
            Morgan, Joy Elmer 1930-1932 (National Education Association)
            Morgan-Moriarty, 1930-1931

12        Morley, Christopher, 1932 (essays on visit to White House and Hoover’s reading)
            Morley, Felix, 1932 (Brookings Institute)
            Morrill, Chester, 1932 (Federal Reserve Board)
            "Mourning Becomes Electorate," 1932 (Saturday Evening Post article)
            Murray-National Broadcasting Co., 1930-1932
            National Recreation Association, 1932
            Naval Treaty Statement and Data, 1930, undated
            Navies of the World, 1928-1929
            Navy League: Report on. 1931
            Negro Newspapers and Press Services, 1930, undated
            Newkirk, Alice 1932
            Newspapers: Lists of, undated
            Noel-Nutt, 1930-1932
            Ochs, Adolph S., 1930 (New York Times)
            Odum, Howard, 1929-1932 (University of North Carolina Sociology, 3 folders)
            Ogburn, Charlton 1932
            Ogburn, William, 1929-1933 (University of Chicago Sociology, 2 folders)
            Oil Leases, 1929, undated
            Old Age, 1930 (report by  P. K. Whelpton and Warren S. Thompson)

13        Olds-Owen, 1930-1932
            Olsen, Nils, 1930-1932 (Bureau of Agricultural Economics)
            Page, Frank C., 1929-1932 (International Telephone and Telegraph)
            Palmer-Parker, 1929-1932
            Parsons, Floyd, 1932 (on Wall Street, short-selling)
            Pettit-Porter, 1932, undated
            Pratt, George D., 1930
            President's First Year, 1930
            Press Releases, 1931-1933, undated
            Priest, Ernest L., 1930
            Prisons, 1926-1929 and undated
            Prohibition, 1930‑1932
            Purdy, Lawson, 1929-1930
            Putnam, Amelia Earhart, 1932
            Radio Talk, 1932, undated
            Receptions, 1932-1933
            Reconstruction Finance Corporation, 1932
            Red Cross, 1932, undated
            Reed's (James A.) Campaign Speeches, 1932 (Senator, Missouri)
            Reid-Reninger, 1932
            Republican Party, 1932 (1932 campaign)
            Republican Platform, 1932
            Republican Text Book, 1932 (essay in defense of Hoover administration)

14        Republican Women, speech to, 1932 (Republican National Committee)
            Retirement Data, 1920-1931
            Richey, Lawrence, 1930-1931
            Rickard, Edgar, 1930-1932
            Ringland, Arthur, 1932
            Ritchie, Albert C., 1932 (Governor, Maryland; clipping of speech)
            Robinson-Roop, 1929-1932
            Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1932
            Roosevelt's Campaign Speeches, 1932
            Roosevelt, Kermit 1932
            Roosevelt, Nicholas, 1930
            Roosevelt, Theodore Jr., 1932 (on article for Good Housekeeping)
            Rosenblum, Edward, 1932 (‘What Hoover has done for the Jews’)
            Rosenwald, Julius, 1929-1930 (Sears Roebuck)
            Rowe‑St. Peter, 1930‑1932
            Samuel Morse Commemoration, 1932
            Sanders, Everett, 1930-1932
            Sawyer-Saylor, 1932
            Scaife, Roger L., 1932-1933 (Houghton Mifflin, on Corey’s Truth about Hoover)
            Schuler-Scott, G., 1929-1932
            Scott, Joseph 1932 (draft of speech re-nominating Hoover)
            Scouting Magazine, 1932 December (photo of Hoover with region 3 meeting)
            Seely, F.L., 1926
            Seward, William, 1930-1933 (Huntington Press; Remedy for Disappearing Game Fish)
            Shaw, A. Vere, 1932
            Shaw, Albert, 1929-1932 (American Review of Reviews)
            Shearon, Lowe, 1932
            Shepherd, William, 1932 (Colliers’ articles on Geneva Conference)

15        Sherbacoe-Slade, 1930-1932 and undated
            Smith, Alfred E., 1932
            Sparkes-Steele, 1930-1932
            Stern, Alfred K., 1929-1932 (Julius Rosenwald Fund)
            Stern, Edgar B., 1929
            Stetson, Clarence C., 1932
            Stewart, Cora Wilson, 1929-1932 (National Illiteracy Campaign)
            Stimson, Borah Letter, 1932 (on Open-Door to China)
            Stimson, Marshall 1929-1930
            Stockbridge, Frank P., 1930
            Stockbridge, Frank Parker, 1932-1933 (Publishers’ Autocaster Service, 2 folders)
            Stone, Harlan F., 1932-1933 (Supreme Court Justice)
            Stout-Switzer, 1929-1933
            Taft-Tait, 1930-1932
            Tariff, 1919-1932, undated
            Tarkington-Townsend, 1930-1933
            Train, Arthur, 1932
            Train, C. Russell, 1932
            Tryon, Frederick, 1930-1932 (Brookings Institute; ‘Impact of economic sanctions’)
            Tyson, Levering, 1932 (National Advisory Council on Radio in Education)
                     President's Emergency Committee for Employment, 1931, undated
                     Printed Matter, 1931

16        Viereck, George Sylvester  1932
            Wah'Kon‑Tah, 1932 (Book-of-the-Month club book on Laban Miles, Indian agent)
            Waldo-Ward, 1931-1932
Washington, George
                     Experience with Depression
                     Mother of George Washington
            Watson, George G., 1932
            Welfare, 1931
            West, James E., 1930-1933 (Boy Scouts of America, 2 folders)
            West, James-White, Robe Carl, 1930-1933
            White, William Allen, 1932-1933 (Emporia Gazette)
            Wickersham-Wilhelm, 1929-1932
            Wilbur, Ray Lyman, 1929-1932 (Secretary of Interior)
            Willebrandt, Mabel Walker 1929 (‘Inside of Prohibition’ articles)
            Williams, Carl Easton 1930 (MacFadden’s Physical Culture)
            Williams, Whiting 1930-1932 (on unemployment and farm issues)
            Wise-Wittrig, 1929-1932
            Wooton, Paul 1932, undated
            World Court Senate Resolution, 1926
            Wurst, E, George 1929-1930
            Yost, Mrs. Ellis A., 1932 (Republican National Committee Women’s Division)
            Young, Owen D., 1932 (clippings)

17        Scrapbooks – Clippings, 1930-1933 (FRC box, 3 volumes)

18        Scrapbooks – Clippings, 1932-1933 (FRC box, 3 volumes)
            Scrapbooks – California Weekly, 1908-1909 (2 volumes)


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