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Oct 18, 2021

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7 linear feet (16 LGA-S boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


1893 July 27          Born in Ellenburgh, N.Y. Son of Dolphus and Adeline (Rivers).

                              Educated at the New York University School of Commerce and Columbia

1916                      Military service in the Mexican border campaign.

1918                      Student, Army Training Corps.

1919‑24                 Securities salesman and manager.

1924                      Established firm: D.J. St. Germain and Company, specializing in New York
                              bank stocks and New York and Hartford insurance stocks.

                              Married Dorothy Himmelmann. Seven children: Marjorie Adeline, Marion
                              Elizabeth, J. Gordon, Dorothy Josephine, Nancy Ruth, J. Brewster, Mildred

1939‑41                 Chairman of Republican Finance Committee for city of Springfield,
                              Massachusetts and vicinity. Re‑elected in 1943 and 1947 and very active
                              other years.

1940                      Elected delegate to Republican National Convention in Philadelphia.
                              Re‑elected as delegate in 1944 and 1948. Unsuccessful candidate in 1952,
                              1956 and 1960.

1942‑48                 Chairman of the City Committee, Springfield, Massachusetts every year but

1944                      Elected President of the Republican Club of Massachusetts. Also active as a
                              Vice‑President 1939, Secretary 1940‑43, Honorary President 1945‑47, and
                              Director 1948‑50, 1954.

1949‑51                 Charter member of the Citizen's Committee for the Hoover Report.

1954‑61                 Served in various executive capacities with the non‑partisan State Club, Inc.

1980 April              Died at Springfield, Massachusetts.


Although he would proudly remark that he had never been a candidate for paid political office, D. Joseph St. Germain was an influential leader of the Republican Party in Massachusetts from the late 1930's through the early 1960's. During almost all of his adult life he was a resident of Springfield; but his leadership and influence were not confined to Hampden County. His correspondence reveals that he was an associate and confidant of many of the leaders of the Republican Party in Massachusetts. (See the list of principal correspondents following this note). He declined, on several occasions, to run for a position in the Republican State Committee and might have become state chairman in 1947 if he had not insisted on being drafted.

St. Germain was a successful investment banker, but it was his effectiveness as a political fund raiser that brought him to the attention of Republican leaders in the state. By 1940, many candidates for state offices and Congress were coming to him for advice, political support, and assistance in financing their campaigns. His reputation for impartiality and devotion to party welfare caused him to be approached by rival factions for advice and commiseration. As a result, his correspondence provides many insights into the inner workings of the Republican Party in Massachusetts.

St. Germain's influence in state politics might have been even greater if it had not been for his devotion to Herbert Hoover and Robert A. Taft. Elected as a delegate to the 1940 national convention, St. Germain was one of the few delegates who held out for Herbert Hoover and refused to join the Willkie bandwagon. Before the convention, he conducted a poll of all the national convention delegates to determine who they felt was most qualified to be President and had the best chance of defeating Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The written responses of the delegates, including a few governors, congressmen, and potential nominees are preserved in the St. Germain Papers.

Correspondence with Herbert Hoover over the next twenty‑four years attests to the friendship that developed between these two men. In 1946‑47, St. Germain took an active role in the successful effort to restore the name of Hoover Dam. Two years later he became one of the earliest members of the Citizen's Committee for the Hoover Report, and spoke to numerous groups urging the adoption of the Hoover Commission's recommendations.

The 1952 candidacy of Robert A. Taft produced a split in Massachusetts Republican ranks which appears to have been slow in healing. St. Germain was an early, outspoken advocate of the Ohio senator; but, unlike many other Taft partisans, eventually supported Eisenhower and Cabot Lodge's bid for re‑election to the U.S. Senate.


Box      Contents

1          Alberti, Charles R., 1942-1950 (3 folders)
            Anderson, J. Albin Jr., 1943‑1948
            Barnes, Clarence A., 1940-1951 and undated (2 folders)
            Barone, Amico J., 1947‑1951
            Bell, Floyd, 1952
            Bradford, Robert F., 1940, 1944-1950 (7 folders)

2          Bradford, Robert F. – Dinner, 1947 (2 folders)
            Bradford, Robert F. – Luncheon, 1945
            Brewer, Basil, 1951-1960 (5 folders)
            Brown, Clarence J., 1950
            Brunton, Daniel B., 1947
            Bushnell, Robert T., 1940-1945 (3 folders)

3          Bushnell, Robert T., 1948‑1949 and undated
            Cahill, Horace T., 1940‑1945
            Campaign Materials
            Clason for Congress Committee, 1946, 1948 (2 folders)
            Clason for Congress Committee – Contributions, 1946, 1948 (2 folders)
            Committee of One Million, 1953-1954 and undated (4 folders)
            Committee on Election Returns, 1942
            Cook, Frederick W., 1946‑1948
            Coolidge, Arthur W., 1947-1952 and undated (2 folders)

4          Cote, Valmore O., 1947‑1948
            Curtis, Laurence, 1942-1962 (2 folders)
            Davis, Roy, 1947
            Doty, Foster W., 1955‑1956
            Easton (C. Clement) for Mayor Committee, 1957
            Eisenhower Dinner, 1953, 1956 (2 folders)
            Fingold, George, 1950-1958 (2 folders)
            Furbush, Richard 1956
            Gibbons, Charles – Dinner, 1953-1954, 1958 and undated (4 folders)
            Gray, Thomas T., 1947‑1958
            Haigis, John W., 1940

5          Haigis, John W., 1941‑1956
            Hampden County Republican Club, 1956-1960 and undated (4 folders)
            Hampden County Republican Club Dinner, June 1960 (3 folders)
            Herter, Christian A. 1956
            Herter, Chris A., Jr. – Campaigns 1958 and undated
            Herter, Chris A., Jr. – Dinner, 1958 (2 folders)

6          Herter Dinner for President Eisenhower, 1955
            Hoover, Herbert 1940‑64 and undated
            Hoover Commission Broadcasts, 1950 (2 folders)
            Hoover Commission Speeches by D. J. St. Germain, 1949-1951 (2 folders)
            Hoover Dam: Restoration of Name, 1946-1947 and undated (4 folders)
            Hutchins, Leon 1955
            Lane, Honorable Arthur Bliss 1952
            Lawrence Article on Communist Aggression, 1954‑1955

7          Lawson, Douglas, 1948-1961 (Republican Club of Massachusetts, 3 folders)
            Lewis, Fulton – Dinner, 1954 and undated (3 folders)
            Lodge, George – Senate Campaign, 1962
            Lodge, Henry Cabot – Dinner, 1951
            Lodge, Henry Cabot – Luncheon, 1952
            Macaulay, William G. 1955
            McCarthy, Michael J.  1954
            Means, Augustus G. 1954
            Parker, Frederick L., 1940, 1945-1950 and undated (3 folders)
            Phister, Lispenard B., 1944‑1945 (Republican Club of Massachusetts)

8          Political, 1937-1948 (10 folders)

9          Political, 1949-1952 (2 folders)
            Rabb, Maxwell M. 1956‑1960
            Recommendations, 1954
            Republican Business Women's Club, 1946‑1948
            Republican City Committee, 1939-1942 (6 folders)

10        Republican City Committee, 1943-Sep 1947 (10 folders)

11        Republican City Committee, Oct 1947-1949 (4 folders)
            Republican Club of Massachusetts, 1937-July 1944 (7 folders)

12        Republican Club of Massachusetts, Aug 1944-1954 (8 folders)
            Republican National Committee, 1943‑44
            Republican National Convention
                     Correspondence, Jan-May 1940 (2 folders)

13                 Correspondence, June-Aug 1940 and undated (5 folders)
                     Delegate Lists
                     Poll of Delegates, May-June 1940 and undated (3 folders)
            Republican National Convention 1944
            Republican National Convention 1948
                     Correspondence, 1947-Mar 1948 (2 folders)

14                 Correspondence, Apr 1948-1949 and undated (3 folders)
                     Nominating Petition
                     Presidential Candidate Literature
                     Publicity of Opposition Slate
                     Publicity of St. Germain Slate
            Republican National Convention, 1956‑1960
            Republican Rally, 1942, 1946 (2 folders)
            Republican State Committee, 1940-1947 (6 folders)

15        Republican State Committee – Finance Committee, 1940-1944 and undated (2 folders)
            Republican Victory Dinner, 1943-1944 (2 folders)
            Rugg, Charles B., 1948
            St. Germain – Biographical Data
            Saltonstall for President Club, 1942
            Speeches by St. Germain, 1943-1955 and undated (3 folders)
            State Club, Inc., 1954-1961 (Republican Club of Massachusetts, 4 folders)

16        Stone, Leland A. 1951‑1952
            Taft, Robert A.
                     General, 1940‑1956
                     Campaign Literature, 1952
                     Plymouth Rock Speech, 1951
            Tilden, Nathaniel 1947
            United Nations Trip, 1953‑1954
            Weeks, Hon. Sinclair, 1939‑1948
            Welch, Robert H., Jr. 1952
            Weston, Charles J. 1947‑1948
            Whittier, Sumner G., 1951-1955 (3 folders)