Manuscript Collections - Philip Sporn Papers

Oct 18, 2021

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12 linear feet, 3 linear inches (28 LGA-S boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


PROFESSIONAL FILES, 1931-77    3.5 linear feet.     Containers 1--7
            American Electric Power
            Atomic Energy
            Energy and Research
            Organizations and Committees

WRITINGS, 1925-1977     10.5 linear feet.     Containers 8-21
            Professional Papers
            Speeches, Lectures, etc.
            Articles and Interviews
            Testimony by PhilipSporn


Box      Contents

                        AEP Educational Assistance Program, 1953-1964 and undated
                        AEP--ASEA High Voltage tests, 1967-1976
                        AEP Imagination Center, 1959-1961 and undated
                        Brown-Boveri, 1967-1969
                        Buckeye Power, 1958-1968 and undated (6 folders)
                        Coal:  General Report and Comments, 1959-1970
                        Coordination of Electric Power Supply (EEI), 1965-1973 and undated
                        Correspondence – Alvin Weinberg, 1956-1977 and undated
                        Correspondence – James T. Ramey, 1958-1972
                        Discussion of Atomic Energy With Coal Industry Representatives,
                                    1952-1953 and undated
                        East Central Area Reliability Group, 1964-1972 and undated

2                      East Central Nuclear Group, 1957-1967
                        Educational Awards, 1958-1965
                        Electrical World editorials by Sporn, 1931-1945
                        Employee Information Programs, 1953-1958 and undated
                        Energy and the World of the Future, 1964
                        Energy Technology
                        Executive Development, 1957-1959
                        Fuels--Energy, 1957-1976
                        Higher Utilization Voltages, 1958-1961
                        Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Company, 1948-1964
                        Kentucky Power Company Tax Case, 1940-1947
                        New York City Blackout of 1967
                        Northeast--Canada Blackout of 1965: Report to the President by the
                                    Federal Power Commission, 1938-1967
                        Ohio Valley Electric Company, 1952-1966 (5 folders)

3                      Ohio Valley Electric Company, 1967-1977 and undated (2 folders)
                        President’s Bi-monthly Newsletters to Employees, 1954-1958
                        Proposed Reliability Act: Interconnections, 1967
                        Research on AEP System--Policy, 1964
                        Sporn’s Death,   January 23, 1978
                        Sporn’s Retirement as President, 1961-1976 (Nov 30, 1961)
                        Thirty Ideas That Panned Out
                        Transmission--765 Kv System, 1961-1966
                        Utility Industry Problems, 1931; 1961-1962
                        We Are the Most Enterprising Utility in This Country. Fortune, 1964
                        Indiana and Michigan Electric Company – Nuclear Unit, 1960-1967 and undated
                                    (2 folders)
            ATOMIC ENERGY
                        Acceptable Future Nuclear Energy meeting, Gatlinburg, 1976
                        Atomic Energy: Miscellaneous News Releases
                        Atomic Energy, Air Pollution:  Nuclear vs. Coal, 1964-1965 and undated
                        Atomic Power Legislation, 1945-53 and undated

4                      Civilian Nuclear Power Program, 1958
                        Consultants, 1968 and undated                     
                        Economic Aspects of Nuclear Power, 1947-1949 (University of Chicago
                                    discussion by Sporn)
                        Enrichment Facilities, 1972-1973
                        Foolish Things About Atomic Power, 1957
                        Fusion, 1973-76
                        Hydrogen Bomb:   Clippings, 1950
                        Insurance, 1945-66 and undated
                        Nuclear Plant Performance and Economics, 1968-69
                        Nuclear Power Group Inc. Proposal to AEP, 1954
                        Nuclear Power Today, 1966-67 and undated
                        Nuclear Proliferation and Safeguards, 1962-67
                        Outlook for Central Station Power in the U.S. by Arthur D. Little, 1964
                        Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant [General Public Utilities], 1963-1964 (3 folders)
                        The Sunny Side of the Atom,   1947
                        Electric Industry in the Year 2000,   1958-69 and undated
                        Energy Information Meeting, National Academy of Science, 1971
                                    (Sporn Chairperson)
                        Energy Policy Project, Ford Foundation , 1974
                        Environmental Protection: The Clean Air Act of 1970, 1970-72
                        Future Strategies for Energy Development, 1970-76 & undated
                        Magneto Hydrodynamics, 1959-75 and undated
                        Natural Gas Projections, 1962-71
                        Office of Science and Technology, 1965-67
                        President’s National Policy Commission, 1952
                        Research: Air Pollution, 1956-73 and undated
                        Science and Astronomic, 1971
                        Sodium Sulfur Battery, 1954-75
                        Desalinization, 1964-65
                        Foreign – Israel
                                    Israel Electric Corporation Combined 240 MW Unit And De-Salting Plant,
                                    Sea Water Conversion Commission, 1958-1962

6                                  Sea Water Conversion Commission, 1963-1971 (6 folders)
                        Foreign – United States: Israel Desalting Power Team and Project,
                                    1963-1965 and undated
                        Israeli Correspondence, 1964-1977 (3 folders)
                        Reading D Steam – Electric Unit, 1959-1968

                        Atomics --Foreign
                                    Information on EURATOM, 1966-68
                                    International Atomic Agency, 1956-59
                                    Nuclear Canada, 1971
                                    Reactor Project for Israel, 1962-63 and undated
                        Committees:   American Nuclear Society, 1954-55
                        United States Government
                                    AEC Ad Hoc Advisory Committee to Evaluate Shippingsport Project, 1960
                                    Panel for Solar Energy Technology Assessment: Midwest Research
                                                Institute, 1974-75
                                    President’s Inter-departmental Energy Study, 1962-71
                                    United Nations Association of U.S.: Panel on Stopping Spread of Nuclear
Weapons, 1965-72 and undated
                                    Report to AEC by Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Cooperation Between
                                                the Electric Power Industry and AEC, 1951 and undated 


Box      Contents

8          Professional Papers, 1925-May 1938

9          Professional Papers, June 1938-1948

10        Professional Papers, 1949-1961

11        Professional Papers, 1962-1972

12        Professional Papers, 1974 and undated
            Speeches and Lectures, 1932-May 1948

13        Speeches and Lectures, Oct  1948-Mar 1954

14        Speeches and Lectures, Apr 1954-1955

15        Speeches and Lectures, 1956-June 1957

16        Speeches and Lectures, July 1957-1959

17        Speeches and Lectures, 1960-Nov 1962

18        Speeches and Lectures, Dec 1962-May 1963

19        Speeches and Lectures, June 1963-May 1964

20        Speeches and Lectures, Sep 1964-Mar 1966

21        Speeches and Lectures, Apr 1966-Mar 1967

22        Speeches and Lectures, May 1967-1968

23        Speeches and Lectures, 1970-Feb 1972

24        Speeches and Lectures, May 1972-1976 and undated

25        Articles and Interviews, 1949-1961

26        Articles and Interviews, 1963-1977
            Testimony by Philip Sporn, 1943-Apr 1959
27        Testimony by Philip Sporn, Oct 1959-Aug 1969
28        Testimony by Philip Sporn, Dec 1969-1975