Manuscript Collections - Lewis S. Sorley Papers

Oct 18, 2021

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1 linear foot, 4 linear inches (3 LGA-S boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

The papers of Lewis S. Sorley were given to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library in October, 1966, by his daughter Mrs. Frederick B. Lyon.

Literary rights in the unpublished writings of Lewis S. Sorley in these papers have been retained by the donor. After her death, the literary rights will pass to Lewis Stone Sorley III.


Box      Contents

1          Anti‑Semitism Ephemera, undated (Hebrew)
            American Alliance of the United States, 1931-1932 (anticommunist)
            American Coalition of Patriotic Societies, 1957‑1960
            Church League for Industrial Democracy, 1931, 1937
            Church League for Industrial Democracy – The Bishops on Social Problems compiled by
                     Paul T. Schultz, Jr., circa 1934
                     American Association for the Advancement of Atheism Fifth Annual Report, 1931
                     Churches and World Peace, 1929
                     Clippings – General, undated
                     Clippings – New Deal and Social Justice, undated
                     Clippings – Peace and Disarmament, 1931 and undated
                     The Ethics of War by Cyprian Emanuel. Catholic Association for International
                              Peace, 1932
                     Federal Council Bulletin: A Journal of Interchurch Cooperation, June 1934
                     The Fellowship of Reconciliation Brochure, undated
                     League for Protestant Action Philadelphia, undated
                     The Presbyterian Advance, June 14, 1934
                     Protestantism in Germany by Gerald B. Winrod, undated
                     Religion and Social Justice by Sherwood Eddy, 1927
                     Shall This Nation Perish? By Wilfred G. Hurley, 1949
                     War: A Program Unit for Seniors and Young People by Mary Hunter Walsh, 1930
            Communism Has Its Hand In Your Pocket, undated (poster, map case)
            Communist Infiltration
                     General, 1931, 1938-1939 and undated
                     America Opposes Soviet Recognition, Matthew Woll and Bainbridge Colby,
                              Mar 1933
                     Americanism vs. Internationalism: Radio Address of Hamilton Fish, Mar 2, 1940
                     Clear Everything With Sidney Hillman, circa 1944
                              General, 1940, 1958 and undated
                              Christian Socialism: A Contradiction in Terms by Mrs. B. L. Robinson, 1923
                              Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America – Clippings, undated
                              Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America – Essays, 1934, 1936
                              50 Counts of Treason to God and Country!: The National Council of
                                       Churches Indicts Itself by Billy James Hargis, undated
                     Clippings, 1940, 1959 and undated
                     Department of National Defense Committee Comments on Communism, undated
                     Education – General, 1927-1931, 1939 and undated
                     Education – Clippings, 1937 and undated
                     Education – Socialistic Trend in Education by George L. Darte, circa 1927
                     House Committee on Un-American Activities Reports, 1957, 1959
                     Moscow Orders Illegal Action in U. S. by Walter S. Steele, undated
                     Now Who’s Un-American? An Expose of Communism in the United States
                              Government by O. K. Chandler and A. L. Jemison. American Indian
                              Federation, undated
                     Radicalism in Washington, Address by Martin W. Littleton, Apr 18, 1927
                     Red Baiting: Enemy of Labor by Louis Budenz, Oct 1937
                     The Red Shadow Over American Industry by Harry A. Jung, Nov 29, 1930
                     Reds Plan Civil War in U. S., Sep 1929
                     Whither Drifting? By Ben E. Chapin, July 1934
            Communist Propaganda
                     General, 1927-1931 and undated
                     House Reports on Investigations of Communist Propagands, 1930-1931
                     Manifesto of the Communist Party by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, 1932
                     Ready for Defense by K. E. Voroshilov, 1934
                     Reds Make Great Inroads with Film Propaganda by Walter S. Steele, undated
                     The Un-American Dies Committee by Adam Lapin, Jan 1939
            Dies, Martin – Clippings, undated

2          Dilling, Elizabeth
                     General, 1935, 1939-1942 and undated
                     Patriotic Research Bureau for Defense of Christianity and Americanism –
                              Newsletters, 1940-1944 and undated (3 folders)
                     The B’nai B’rith Octopus by Frank Woodruff Johnson, Aug 31, 1940
                              (pseudonym for Dilling)
                     Red Network Bulletin – The Red Betrayal of the Churches, circa 1941
                              (includes political cartoons)
                     Red Network Bulletin – Wanted: A Presidential Man on a White Horse, circa 1940
                     Senate Statement Opposing Felix Frankfurter to Supreme Court, Jan 11, 1939
            Fascism and Communism
            Federal Bureau of Investigation
            Frankfurter., Felix
            Freedom of Press and Speech
            League for Industrial Democracy, 1925, 1932
            Ludlow War Referendum Resolution, 1937‑1938
            National Defense
            Pacifist and Peace Organizations
            Pelley, William Dudley
            Permanent Court of International Justice, 1931
            Randolph, A. Philip
            Roosevelt, Franklin D.
            Sacco and Vanzetti
            Spanish Civil War
            Speeches by Sorley
            Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
            World Peace Foundation., 1935
            Books and Pamphlets on Communism

3          Books and Pamphlets on Communism
                     Printed Material

List of Miscellaneous Materials

1.         The American Way, You and Industry Series booklet No. 1; National Association of
                     Manufacturers of The United States of America, 1936.
2.         "Business Statesmanship", Wilbur., Harry Curran; National Clay Products Industries
                     Association., Chicago, Illinois; March 18, 1926.
3.         Can America Recapture Americanism? Ives., Dean C.A.; The Louisiana State
                     Sovereignty Commission., Baton Rouge., Louisiana.
4.         The Constitutional Crisis‑ Its Threat to State Sovereignty (Speech), Alford, Dale;
                     Congressional Record, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1960,
5.         Deportation of Alien Criminals,, Gunmen., Narcotic Dealers., Defectives, Etc., Hearings
                     Before the House Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, Government
                     Printing Office., Washington, 1926
6.         District of Columbia Appropriation Bill for 1937, Extracts from Hearings before the
                     Subcommittee of House Committee on Appropriations; U.S. Government Printing
                     Office, Washington, 1936.
7.         The Graduate's Guide for 1936; The Graduate Group., Incorporated.
8.         Liberty Under the New Deal., The Record for 1933‑34; American Civil Liberties Union,
                     New York City; June, 1934.
9.         Mobilization in Retrospect, Coughlan: Lieutenant‑Colonel T. M.; G.H. McCallum Co.,
                     Polk at Ellis., S.F., 1926.
10.       Moral Welfare., Stevenson., J.A.; March., 1934.
11.       National Socialism, Murphy, Raymond E.; U.S. Government Printing Office,
                     Washington, 1943.
12.       Pay Day, Proctor, David Milton; Brown Book Company, Kansas City, Mo., 1936.
13.       The Right to Work, Prentis, H.W. Jr.., Lancaster Press., Inc., Lancaster, Pa., 1943.
14.       The Roosevelt Myth, Flynn., John T.; The Devin‑Adair Company, New York, 1948.
15.       Young People's Relationships., Conference on Preparation for Marriage and
                     Homemaking; The Pilgrim Press, Boston and Chicago, 1931.