Manuscript Collections - Lawrence C. Rummells Papers

Oct 18, 2021

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1 linear feet, 4 linear inches (3 LGA-S boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


In 1939 Lawrence “L. C.” Rummells was a founding member of the Herbert Hoover Birthplace Society and later served as secretary/treasurer. Rummells played an active role in the purchase and development plans for the site of Hoover’s birthplace and library. In 1958 Rummells continued his service as the Society transitioned into the Herbert Hoover Birthplace Foundation in 1958 and the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association in 1972. He served as vice-president of the latter from 1977-1983. Rummells was the president of the West Branch State Bank and was elected Mayor of West Branch.


The papers primarily document Rummells work with Hoover’s life in West Branch and include newspaper clippings, correspondence, minutes, reports, newsletters, invitations, receipts, and an essay. Major topics of the papers include: Hoover’s 1928 homecoming ceremony in West Branch, Hoover’s inauguration, purchasing the birthplace, establishing the Birthplace Society, and Hoover’s 80th birthday party. The collection is arranged alphabetically by topic or type of material: Hoover’s visits to West Branch, Hoover Birthplace Society [and subsequent organizations], printed materials, and a scrapbooks


Box      Contents

1          Hoover’s 1928 Visit to West Branch
                     “Ask me, I live here” buttons and press badges, 1928
                     Correspondence, June-Aug 1928 (2 folders)
                     Expenses and receipts, 1928
                     Gift for Hoover, 1928
                     Organizing a Tent for the Homecoming, 1928
                     Reception Committee, 1928
                     Republican National Committee – Correspondence and Publications, 1928
                     Seating and Ground Plan, 1928
                     Thank You Letters, 1928
                     West Branch Election Celebration, 1928
            Hoover’s 1929 Celebrations in West Branch
                     Picnic Schedule and Invitations, 1929
                     Schiele, Bernice – essay: My Trip to DC for the Inauguration, 1929
                     Special Train to the Hoover Inaugural, 1929                
            Hoover’s 1948 Visit to West Branch – Hoover Day
                     Correspondence, 1948
                     Receipts, 1948
            Hoover’s 1954 Visit to West Branch – 80th Birthday, 1954
            Hoover’s Birthplace, 1928-1945, 1963-1965, 1976
                     Insurance, 1937-1945
                     Ketchum birthplace deed, 1963
                     Letters and Clippings about Hoover’s Cradle, 1976
                     Purchase and sketch of birthplace, 1928-1939
                     Quaker Church Restoration, 1964-1965

2          Birthplace Society, Birthplace Foundation, and Herbert Hoover Foundation, HHPLA
                     Birthplace Society and Birthplace Foundation
                              Agendas and Minutes, 1939-1962
                              Bills and Receipts, 1929-1961
                              Correspondence, 1945-1962
                              Organizational statement of purpose, 1958-1965
                              Minutes and financial records, 1958-1967
                     Herbert Hoover Foundation
                              Articles of Incorporation and Minutes, 1954-1955
                     Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association (HHPLA)
                              Executive Committee meeting minutes, 1983
                              News, 1972-1975
            Printed Materials
                     Newspaper Clippings, 1948-1964 (7 folders)

3                   Newspaper Clippings, 1965-1979 (11 folders)
                     Hoover’s 80th birthday – Scrapbook, 1954
                     West Branch Business Directory, circa 1870 [photo reproduction]
                     West Branch that Knew Hoover, The Iowan, 1974
                     West Brach to the White House, Transmissions, 1969

4          Scrapbook [oversize] on Hoover’s death, 1964


Julie Zimmerman
July 2011