Manuscript Collections - Richard V. Oulahan Papers

Oct 18, 2021

The Herbert Hoover Presidential Museum is now open to the public for viewing of the permanent galleries on the life and times of Herbert Hoover and the temporary exhibit gallery, Leonardo da Vinci Machines in Motion. 

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1 linear foot, 9 linear inches (4 manuscript boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Box      Contents

1          Articles
                     The Alaska Boundary Question, Pearson’s, Dec 1903
                     Midshipman Leigh, Pearson’s, Feb 1904
                     What the President Can and Cannot Do, Ladies Home Journal, Oct 1908 (galley)
                     What the President Can and Cannot Do, Ladies Home Journal, Mar 1901
                     Long Distance, Adventure, June 3, 1920
                     Gathering News at Washington, The Quill, Apr 1921
                     The Atmosphere of the Washington Conference, New York TimesBook Review
                              and Magazine, Oct 9, 1921
                     Personnel of the Arms Conference, Current History, Nov 1921
                     Washington, the City of Magnificent Distances: Where the Disarmament
                              Conference Meets, The Landmark, Nov 1921
                     What Business May Expect From the New Congress, Nation’s Business, Dec 1931
                     Dueling articles, undated (unpublished, handwritten, typescript)
                     Herbert Hoover pieces by Oulahan, 1925, 1928‑1931
            Biographical articles, 1908, 1929, 1932, and undated
                     Oulahan, Richard V., 1838-1931
                     Oulahan, Sue, 1934-1951
                     Taft, William Howard, 1908-1910
                     Wedding Congratulations, 1919
            Journal, 1901-1903, 1907, 1922
            Newspaper clippings, 1921, 1924 and undated         
            Presidents and Publicity, undated (book draft, 3 folders)

2          Presidents and Publicity, undated (10 folders)

3          Research materials, 1896, 1904, 1927, 1929, and undated (Georgetown)
            Sigma Delta Chi professional journalistic fraternity – Constitution, 1920
                     Luncheon of the Foreign Service Officers Association, June 25, 1925
                     Remarks while presenting a scroll to Charles Lindbergh for National Press Club,
                              June 11, 1927 (includes speech, speech cards, clippings, seating chart)
                     Address to Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Nov-Dec 1928
                     Radio address regarding Washington correspondents and incoming Hoover
                              administration, Feb 19, 1929
                     Remarks at meeting of American Society of Newspaper Editors, Apr 17, 1931
            War correspondent, 1915-1918 (includes photos, correspondence, programs, and lists)
            White House and the Press, undated (book draft, 6 folders, missing chapters 2 and 3)

3          White House and the Press, undated (3 folders)

4          First Editorial War Mission to Great Britain, Aug-Oct 1928 (scrapbook, includes
                     newspaper clippings, letters, photographs, and postcards)