Manuscript Collections - John Callan O’laughlin Collection

Oct 18, 2021

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2 linear inches (1 small manuscript box)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


John Callan O’Laughlin was born in Washington DC on January 11, 1873.  He began his career as a journalist writing for the Washington bureau of the New York Herald from 1893 to 1902.  After working for the Associated Press, he was hired by the Chicago Tribune, and worked as a Washington correspondent. From 1914 to 1917 O’Laughlin reported for the Chicago Herald and was commissioned as a major in the U.S. Army in 1918. O’Laughlin died on March 14, 1949, and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

O’Laughlin developed a friendship with President Theodore Roosevelt. Beginning in the 1920s he was active in the Republican National Committee. O’Laughlin developed a friendship with Herbert Hoover and felt that Hoover’s critique of New Deal policies was of great value to the part. He also encouraged Republican leaders to seek Hoover’s counsel and support. 


This set of John Callan O’Laughlin Papers is an artificial collection of photocopies from his papers held by the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress. These files were copied and added to the Hoover Presidential Library in 1999. The selections were made based on materials that make reference to Herbert Hoover and his role in Republican Party politics in presidential elections from 1936-1948, or materials that complement other manuscript collections at the Library, such as those of Truman Smith and Robert E. Wood. 


Box      Contents

1          Hilles, Charles D. – Correspondence, 1936-1940 (Republican National Committee)
            Hoover, Herbert – Memos of Conversations, 1931-1945
            Japan – Memos of Conversations, Oct 1939-July 1941
            MacArthur, Douglas – Correspondence, 1940-1948
            McCormick, Robert – Correspondence, 1942, 1947 (Chicago Tribune)
            Mosley, General George Van Horn – Letters to, 1936, 1939
            Mitchell, James C. – Correspondence, 1936-1938 (lawyer)
            Pershing, General John A. - Correspondence, 1937
            Republican National Committee – Letter to Ruth McCormick Sims, Jan 26, 1934
            Roosevelt, Franklin D. – Memo of Conversation, Sep 20, 1938
            Richey, Lawrence – Letters to and memo on 1936 election returns, 1936
(Hoover’s Secretary)
            Sarnoff, David – Letters to, 1946-1948
            Smith, Truman – Correspondence and memo on Japanese Admiral Nomura, 1941-1942
            Wood, Robert E. – Letter regarding US state of undeclared war, Oct 17, 1941
            Woodring, Harry H. – Memo on conversation, Feb 19, 1939