Manuscript Collections - John Flesher Newsom Papers

Oct 18, 2021

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 2 linear feet, 2 linear inches (5 manuscript boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


John Flesher Newsom, geology professor and mining engineer, was born on September 6, 1869 in Elizabethtown, Indiana. Newsom graduated from Indiana University in 1891 and went to Stanford where he was a classmate of Herbert Hoover. He was an assistant professor of geology at Indiana University before returning to Stanford as a geology professor in 1899. Newsom earned his doctorate from Stanford in 1901, remaining there until 1909, when he became a consulting engineer for the Yukon Gold Company. His work led him to Alaska, Malaysia, and South America. Newsom dies of a stroke on October 25, 1928.


The collection contains class notes taken while Newsom was a student, lecture notes from Newsom as an instructor, articles, correspondence, photographs, and business cards. The main topics documented in the collection include: mining education, science education, Stanford University, and Herbert Hoover. The collection has been subdivided into four subgroups: student notes, lecture notes, personal files, and photographs. Student notes include two notebooks from Henry Stephenson, a geology student at Ohio State University in 1894. Stephenson’s connection to Newsom is not clear. Lecture notes also include copies of Herbert Hoover’s 1909 geology lectures. The materials are arranged alphabetically with the exception of the student notes which are arranged chronologically.


Box      Contents

1          Student Notes – Indiana University
                     Chemistry, 1889
                     Geology, 1889
                     Mineralogy, 1890
                     Paleontology, 1890
                     Physiology, 1890
                     Botany, 1891
            Student Notes – Stanford University
                     Economic Geology, 1893 (2 folders)
                     Historical Geology, 1893 (2 folders)

2                   Paleontology, 1893
            Student Notes – Ohio State University – Henry Stephenson Notes on
                     Edward Orton Geology Lectures, 1894 (2 folders)
            Lecture Notes
                     Blasting, undated
                     Building Construction, 1898
                     Development of Mining, undated
                     Drilling and Blasting, 1907
                     Excavation of Earth and Rock, 1898
                     Excavation and Rock Work, undated

3                   Explosives, 1898
                     Metallurgy, undated (2 folders)
                     Mine Administration, undated
                     Mine Evaluation, undated
                     Mine Evaluation – Draft, undated
                     Mine Plant, undated
                     Mining General View, undated
                     Mining General View – Draft, undated

4                   Occurrence and Features of Ore Deposits – Draft, undated
                     Opening a Mine – Draft, undated
                     Ore Dressing, undated
                     Organization and Administration of Mine Surveying, 1898
                     Prospecting, undated
                     Prospecting – Draft, undated
                     Reports, undated
                     Shaft Sinking, 1898
                     Timbering for Supporting Excavations, undated
                     Ventilation, undated
            Lecture on Mining – Herbert Hoover at Stanford University, 1909
            Personal Files
                     Articles Supporting Hoover for President, 1928
                     Babine, A. V., 1922 (American Relief Administration)
                     Correspondence, 1913
                     Hoover Political Advertisement, undated
                     Jordan, O. S., The Foundation Ideals of Stanford University, 1915
                     Newsom Obituaries, 1928
                     Stanford University prospectus, 1888
                     Scrapbook – Business Card of Professional Contacts, undated

5          Photographs
                     Newsom, John F., 1916-1917
                     Stanford Campus, 1892-1895
                     Stanford Campus – Hill & Yard images, 1882-1895
                     Stanford Faculty and Students, 1892-1895
                     Stanford Geologists at Arkansas Mining Camp, 1892-1895