Manuscript Collections - Hulda Hoover Mclean Papers 1809-1985

Oct 18, 2021

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13 linear feet, 7 linear inches (31 manuscript boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library



Box      Contents
1          Genealogy of the Herbert Hoover Family
                     Pattern Manuscript, Corrected and Expanded Edition, 1985 (3 folders)

2                   Publication Correspondence, 1961-1976
                     Reference Material, Articles, Letters, etc., 1911-1961
                     Research Notes and Agreements, 1928, 1930, 1955, 1961
                     Hoover Family History: Some Source Material, 1794-1960 (3 folders,
                              reminiscences, O’Dell  reminiscence, many originals, poor housing, land
                              records, bank book, Includes Minthorn Family )
            1 Hoover, Andrew (Andreas Huber) and General Early Hoover
                     Pre-1966 Edition
                     Post 1966 Edition
         Macco Affair, 1929-1932

3          2A Hoover, Jonas and Descendants
                     Pre-1966 Edition
                     Post 1966 Edition (3 folders)
            2B Hoover, Mary, Apr 20, 1974
            2E Hoover, Andrew and Descendants
                     Pre-1966 Edition
                     Post-1966 Edition
            2F Hoover, Jacob and Descendants,
                     Pre-1966 Edition
                     Post-1966 Edition
            2G Hoover, Daniel and Descendants

4          2H Hoover, Rachel and Descendants
                     Pre-1966 Edition
                     Post-1966 Edition
            2I Hoover, John and Descendants,
                     Pre-1966 Edition
                     Pre and post-1966 Edition
                     Post-1966 Edition
                     Fouts, Louise Brooke, 1938-1950 (3G 4A 5C 6A 7C)
                     Hoover, Hulda – Early Letters to Mother and Sister, 1880-1883
                     Hoover, Mildred Crew Brooke, 1908-1967 (3G 4A 5C 6Aa)
                     Hoover, Theodore, 1907 – 1979 (3G 4A 5C 6A)

5                   McLean, Hulda Hoover (3G 4A 5C 6A 7B)
                              Correspondence and Clippings, 1929-1974
                              Publications, 1966-1984 (When I Was a Little Girl, A Family in History:
                                       Stories of the Hoover Family, Chuck McLean and Family: a biography,
                                       Uncle Bert: A Biographical Portrait of Herbert Hoover, Aunt Lou: Some
                                       Background Notes For Talk at 111th Anniversary)
                     Willis, Mildred Brooke Hoover (3G 4A 5C 6A 7A), 1963
                     Hoover, Herbert (3G 4A 5C 6B)
                              Correspondence, 1938A-1964 (includes Hoover cancelled envelopes)
                              In the Words of Herbert Hoover, unpublished manuscript by
                                       Hulda  Hoover  McLean
                              Materials Regarding, 1889-1980
                              Clippings, 1897-1959

6                            Clippings, 1960-1984 (5 folders)
                     Hoover, Lou Henry (3G 4A 5C 6Ba), 1929-1979
                     Hoover, Herbert, Jr. (3G 4A 5C 6B 7A), 1928-1972 (picture of Meredith)
                     Hoover, Allan Henry (3G 4A 5C 6B 7B), 1964-1966
                     Leavitt, Mary (May)Hoover (3G 4A 5C 6B 7C), 1895-1975
            2J Hoover, Susannah and Descendants, 1975-1977 and undated
            2K Hoover, David and Descendants, 1964-1980 and undated

7          2L  Hoover, Peter and Descendants,
                     Pre-1966 Edition, 1964-1966 and undated
                     Post-1966 Edition, 1965-1981 and undated (includes book)
            2M  Hoover, Henry and Descendants, 1963-1969 and undated
            2I - 2M Hoover, John - Hoover Henry – Miscellaneous, 1967-1981 and undated
            Davis-Coate-Haskett-Embree Family Lines
                     Coate-Haskett Lines, 1930-1983
                     Davis-Embree Lines, 1925-1976

8          Heald-Lambert-Miles Family Lines
                     Heald-Lambert Lines, 1969-1982
                     Miles Line, 1939-1965
            Minthorn-Heald Family Lines
                     Heald Line, 1935-1966
                     Minthorn Line, 1921-1975
            Pfouts-Fouts Family Lines. Work of John Davenport
                     Correspondence, 1969-1984
                     A Chronological Streaming of the life of Conrad Foutz, An  Immigrant  to  America  
                              in  1753, 1978 (hardcover book)
                     The Davenports of Randolph County, North Carolina: An Interim Report, Nov 1971
                              (includes resume of John Scott Davenport)
                     Newsletters, 1970-1982
                     Pfautz/Fouts Families in America, 1975 and undated

9          Sherwood-Winn-Gilbert-Swan Family Lines
                     Gilbert Line, undated
                     Sherwood Family Line,1961-1984 and undated
                     Winn-Swan Family Lines, 1930-1972
            Spofford-Tyler-Bradstreet Family Lines, 1960,1984
            Wasley-Scarborough-Haworth-Scott-Bunting Family Lines
                     Bunting-Scott Family Lines, 1954-1977 and undated
                     Scarborough-Haworth Family Lines
                              Correspondence, 1958-1981
                              George Haworth and Some of His Descendants by James R. Hayworth, 1965
                              Some Quaker Families: Scarborough-Haworth compiled by Roger S. Boone
                                       Generations 1-9, 1982
                                       Generations 1-10, undated
                                       Generation 11, 1986
                                       Generation 12, 1984
                     Scarborough-Haworth eleventh generation, compiled by Roger S. Boone, 1986
            Yount-Waymire Family Lines, 1925-1982 and undated

10        Hoover Genealogy, Other Lines and Unsolved Queries
                     Christian Hoover of Ohio by Mildred Rickard Mayer and Dale Rohrer, 1980
                     Genealogy books moved to library collection, 1917, 1928, 1930
                     Index of Hoovers, no established connection (small box)
                     Index of names received after 1967, published in addenda (small box)
                     Index of names married Into Hoover family, no established connection (small box)
                     Letters 1 – 100, 1950-1967
                     Letters 101 – 120, 1967-1980
                     Letters 121 – 131, 1981-1982

11        Genealogy of One Branch of the Hoover Family by Hulda Hoover McLean
                     Part 1. Ancestors of Jesse Clark Hoover and Hulda Randall Minthorn, 1959
                     Part 2. Descendants of Andrew Hoover, 1961
            Genealogy of the Herbert Hoover Family by Hulda Hoover McLean, 1967
                     (two vols., one hardcover, one paperback)
            Errata and Addenda, 1976
            Corrections up to 1985 (2 folders)

12        Correspondence
                     Hoover, Hulda Minthorn letters to
                              Chambers, J. C., June 16, 1882
                              Miles, Agnes Minthorn (sister) and Laban Miles, Nov 16, 1883
                              Minthorn, Mary Wasley (mother) and Agnes Minthorn Miles (sister),
                                       1880, 1883
                     Minthorn, Mary Wasley to Mary (May) Hoover, undated (photograph copies)
                     Minthorn, Henry John to Theodore Hoover, Mar 8, 1920
            Hoover family heraldry, 1951-1969
            Hoover-Minthorn family – clippings, 1928-1929, 1975-1996 and undated (2 folders)
            Hulda’s World – resource files
                     Brainard, Homer. Lewis-Minthorn family research, 1932
                     Correspondence regarding Minthorn family, 1922-1930, 1962-1980 (2 folders)
                     Gregory, Walter Dymond. Letter to Herbert Hoover detailing the history of Norwich
                              Township, Ontario and Theodore Minthorn, Dec 1929
                     Harvey, Mary (Heald). Notes on Minthorn family compiled from 1913-1952
                     Helms, Elmer Ellsworth. Hulda Minthorn-Hoover – biographical pamphlet, 1929
                     Huldah the Prophetess: The Life and Ministry of President Hoover’s Mother in
                              Bread of Life, May 1969
                     Minthorn, Hulda – letters to Miranda Stover, 1861-1865 (handwritten transcripts by
                              Theodore Hoover)
                     McLean, Hulda Hoover – note cards (topics include: religious training, education,
                              moving to Iowa, West Branch, Kansas, Anne Heald, Isaac Minthorn, John
                              Minthorn, Mary Wasley Minthorn, Canada, home life, small box)
                     Minthorne, M. W. Letters to Theodore and Herbert Hoover, 1922 and undated
                     Odell, Harriette Miles – Reminiscences of Hulda, Henry John and Mary Minthorn,
                              ca. 1937
                     Strench. Mildred (?) Minthorn. Doctor Henry John Minthorn: A Biographical Sketch,
            Joseph and Mary Nance Hoover: Descendants, 1816-1991, 1991
            McLean, Hulda Hoover – When I was a Little Girl, 1966 (photocopies)


13        A, 1922-1961
            Articles on Ancestry and Hoover, 1872-1930 and undated
            Ancestry, undated
            B, 1909-1957 (4 folders)
            Birthplace, 1935
            Brentlinger, Andrew chart
            Brooke family chart
            Bulla family chart
            Burkhardt/Burket family charts
            Burkholder family chart
            C, 1913-1961 (4 folders)

14        Canada,
            Carlson, Beatrice, 1934-1935
            Carpenter, Edna, 1920-1953
            Charts, 1908-1929 and undated (2 folders)
            Clark, Grace Julian, 1921-1931 and undated
            Coat of Arms, 1929 and undated
            Coate-Coppock Estate, 1920-1926 and undated (3 folders)
            Cogswell family chart
            Cohoe, Miranda, 1929-1936
            Coppock family chart

15        D, 1921-1950 (4 folders)
            Daughters of the American Revolution, 1924-1931
            Dudley, Thomas, 1930 and undated
            Dunn, Verna Thompson, 1930-1951
            Dunsmore family chart
            Dwire family chart
            E, 1921-1944
            Emerson, Edwin, 1925-1933 (4 folders)
            Eshelman, Cyrus H., 1928-1929

16        F, 1921-1953
            Fesler, Ruth, 1928-1930 (2 folders)
            Fouts family chart
            Fox, J. W. – Genealogist, 1934-1935
            G, 1921-1950 (3 folders)
            Gingerich family chart
            Goffe family chart
            Griggs family chart
            Grout family chart
            H, 1907-1951 (5 folders)

17        Halls and Fells of Pennsylvania – Genealogy, undated (2 folders)
            Haworth family chart
            Heald, 1906-1958
            Hemingway family chart
            Henry, 1819-1935 (3 folders)
            Hoover A – C, 1880-1953 (4 folders)

18        Hoover, D-R, 1907-1962 (12 folders)

19        Hoover, S-Z, 1906-1952 (2 folders)
            Hoover, Andrew, 1872-1934
            Hoover, Andrew – North Carolina
            Hoover, Andrew – Switzerland
            Hoover, Andrew, Jr.
            Hoover, David – Richmond, Indiana, 1905-1933
            Hoover, Eli, 1820-1957
            Hoover, Hans family chart
            Hoover, Henry family chart
            Hoover, Henry Davis [Uncle Davis], 1907-1934
            Hoover, Herbert, 1917-1968 and undated
            Hoover, Herbert, Jr., 1903-1951
            Hoover, Herbert (Pete), III, 1927-1960

20        Hoover, Hulda Minthorn, 1883-1931 and undated
            Hoover, Hulda Minthorn – Articles, 1929-1969 and undated
            Hoover, Hulda Minthorn – Correspondence, 1861-1883
            Hoover, Jacob family chart
            Hoover, Jesse Clark, 1880-1935
            Hoover, Johann family chart
            Hoover, John family chart
            Hoover, John Yount, 1883-1929
            Hoover, Lou Henry, 1899-1957 and undated
            Hoover, Martin family chart
            Hoover, Mary family chart

21        Hoover, Theodore J., 1906-1955 and undated (2 folders)
            Hoover, William family chart
            Huber family (2 folders)
            Huber=Hoover Family History by Harry M. Hoover, 1928 (photocopy of book)
            Huber, Andreas, 1919-1930 and undated
            Huber, Bertoldus family chart
            Huber, Johann, 1929 and undated
            Huber, Josef, 1878-1930 and undated

22        I, 1928-1948
            Indiana, 1866-1928
            J, 1908-1963
            K, 1920-1960 (2 folders)
            Kephart, Calvin [National Genealogical Society], 1928-1932 (3 folders)
            L, 1920-1960 (2 folders)

23        Lane, Rose Wilder [data gathered for 1920 biography], 1920; 1947
            Leavitt, May Hoover, 1929-1934 and undated
            M, 1906-1964 (4 folders)
            Macco, Hermann F., 1929-1930 (5 folders)

24        Macco, Hermann F., undated (3 folders)
            Marshall, James G., 1910-1937
            Maryland, 1928-1938
            McLean, Hulda Hoover, 1959-1961
            Miles, A-Z, 1907-1940 (2 folders)
            Miles family chart

25        Minthorn, A-Z, 1858-1940 (3 folders)
            Minthorn ancenstry, 1921-1935 (2 folders)
            Minthorn family chart
            Minthorn, Henry John, 1889-1951
            Minthorn, Mary Wasley, 1858-1929
            Minthorn, Maud, 1927-1935
            Minthorn, Theodore, 1858-1928

26        Monnette, Orra Eugene, 1920-1933
            Mott, K. Stella, 1929-1934
            N, 1917-1949
            North Carolina, 1851-1964
            O, 1917-1961 (2 folders)
            Odell, Harriette Miles, 1907-1940 (3 folders)

27        P, 1908-1964 (3 folders)
            Parker, Victor, 1928-1933
            Pemberton, Mattie Hoover, 1907-1964
            Pfautz family charts
            Q, 1917-1960
            R, 1907-1953 (2 folders)
            Rensch, Hero and Ethel, 1929-1935
            Reser, William, 1922-1930
            Ross, Paul, 1928-1931

28        S, 1907-1958 (4 folders)
            Sackett, Frederic M., 1930-1959
            Scarborough family, 1931 and undated
            Scobey family charts
            Scott family charts
            Sherwood family, 1927-1939 and family charts (2 folders)

29        Society of Colonial Wars, 1920-1921
            Sons of the American Revolution, 1928-1937
            Sons of the Revolution [California], 1920-1939
            Sorenson, S. K., 1930-1931
            Staudt, Richard, 1929
            Strench, Mary Minthorn, 1935-1961
            Switzerland, 1931-1946 and undated
            T, 1918-1963
            Tombaugh, Reno, 1928
            Tool family charts
            Turner, Mary G., 1929-1931
            U, 1929-1952
            V, 1908-1951

30        W, 1857-1953 (4 folders)
            Wasley family chart
            Weed family chart
            West Branch Little House [manuscript by Lou Hoover], 1940-1941 (5 folders)

31        West Branch Little House [manuscript by Lou Hoover], 1940-1941 (8 folders)
            West Branch Meeting House, 1940 and undated
            Winn family chart
            Wooster College, 1932
            Y-Z, 1928-1964
            Yount family, 1882-1950 and family charts (3 folders)

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