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Oct 18, 2021

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22 linear feet, 9 linear inches (52 manuscript boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

The John L. McGruder Papers document McGruder’s career as a public administrator and planning consultant McGruder and traces his work through a succession of federal agencies from the 1950s through the 1980s, including the Atomic Energy Commission and the Department of Transportation. McGruder donated these papers to the Hoover Presidential Library in two accessions, in 1985 and 1992.


John Lancer McGruder was born in Iowa City, Iowa on May 14, 1916.  McGruder attended Drake University in Des Moines, as well as Northwestern University, graduating from Drake in 1940.  He received a master’s degree in public administration and international relations from the University of Chicago in 1950.

McGruder’s first jobs were in the insurance industry, working in Des Moines and Chicago throughout the 1930s and 1940s.  From 1940 to 1946, McGruder served in the U.S. Army Air Corp, and after retiring from active duty, served in the Air Force Reserves with the rank of colonel.  He joined the staff of the Navy Department in Washington as a management analyst in 1950, and the following year he took a job with the Atomic Energy Commission. 

From 1951 to 1962, McGruder served in a variety of posts at the AEC, including liaison officer for the Office of the General Manager, special assistant to the chairman (serving both Lewis Strauss and John McCone in this capacity), and director of the Division of Plans.  During his service with the AEC, McGruder also worked on the staff of the Hoover Commission on the Organization of the Executive Branch of Government, in 1954-1955.  With the Hoover Commission, McGruder worked as a staff analyst on the Task Force on Personnel and Civil Service, as well as a consultant to the Task Force on Intelligence Activities.  Following this work, McGruder also served as an assistant to the Special Assistant to the President, compiling reports and recommendations for implementing the findings of the Hoover Commission.

In his last position with the AEC, McGruder was responsible for long-range planning within the agency.  In 1962 McGruder moved to the private sector, taking a position with the Martin Marietta Corporation as director of administrative planning for the Martin Company.  McGruder hoped to apply his substantial expertise in long-range planning in a new context, but when company management lost interest in this goal in 1965, McGruder joined the Department of Commerce as the director of emergency transportation within the office of the Undersecretary for Transportation.  Within a couple of years, this office became the core of the newly-formed Department of Transportation, created at the suggestion of President Lyndon Johnson.  In this new department, McGruder served as the director of the Office of Emergency Transportation, and later, as the director of management systems.

McGruder left the Transportation Department in early 1978 to take a position in the Reorganization Implementation Unit of the Office of Management and Budget, where he remained for the next five years.  During this period, McGruder worked on a project to review and suggest alternatives for the administration of the Employee Retirement Income and Security Act (or ERISA), as well as a broader project to study the reorganization and deregulation of specific administrative functions with various Federal agencies.  This latter project was conducted with the assistance of a task force from the National Academy of Public Administration. 

After McGruder left the Office of Management and Budget, he continued to work as a public administration consultant in Washington.  During this period he became increasingly active in the work of the American Consortium for International Public Administration, or ACIPA, serving as the group’s executive director for several years until his retirement in 1992. Some highlights of McGruder’s service within ACIPA include his service on a task force convened by the foreign aid review task force of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs (1988), as well as the director of a series of twelve seminars on institutional development from 1984-1986.

During his years in Washington, McGruder also taught public administration courses at the American University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Graduate School.  After his retirement from consulting, McGruder relocated to Sarasota, Florida in 1996.


The Papers are arranged in two series: 

The “Agencies and Departments Series” is arranged by the various agencies and organizations that McGruder worked for,

Among the organizations in the “Agencies and Departments” series are the following:

  • American Consortium for International Public Administration (ACIPA, 5 boxes): The bulk of material consists of notes on the seminars on institutional development which McGruder organized from 1984-1986, yet also contains files on other initiatives or projects spearheaded by McGruder.
  • Atomic Energy Commission (6 boxes): Although this material contains reports on a variety of topics, most of the original material concerns administrative planning, and especially long-range plans for the Commission which McGruder was responsible for in the early 1960s.
  • Brookings Institution Conference on Public Service (6 boxes): McGruder was hired by the Brookings Institution as a consultant in 1961, to work on a study of long-range planning in various Federal agencies. These files contain some background material on the conference, but primarily contain reports and other information on long-range planning from the various agencies that were surveyed.
  • Transportation Department (10 boxes): Covers the years 1964-1978, including McGruder’s period of working within the Department of Commerce. 
  • Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA, 3 boxes): These files document McGruder’s involvement with a task force studying the reorganization of ERISA, which was one of McGruder’s responsibilities in his position with the Office of Management and Budget in 1978-1979.
  • Martin Company (2 boxes): Contains material relating to McGruder’s work on long-range planning with this division of Martin Marietta Corporation, 1962-1965.
  • National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA, 11 boxes): These files document another project that McGruder worked on during his years at OMB, that of studying the reorganization of the administrative functions of specific Federal agencies, from 1981-1983.
  • National Consumer Cooperative Bank (NCCB, 2 boxes): An agency signed into law during the Carter Administration, and with which McGruder was involved as part of his duties with the OMB.
  • Office of Management and Budget (2 boxes): Contains files not included in the subseries on ERISA, NAPA, or NCCB.


SUBJECT FILES contain mostly reading and research files. Includes files relating to McGruder’s work with the Second Hoover Commission. There may be overlap between these files and agencies in the first series. Arranged alphabetical by subject.



Box      Contents

1          American Consortium for International Public Administration (ACIPA)
                     By-Laws, Program, 1980-1992
                     General, 1984-1992 (4 folders)
                     Ink, Dwight – Statement to Committee on Foreign Relations, 1985
                     Institutional Development
                              Seminar Preparation, 1983-84 (2 folders)

2                            Seminar 1, 1984
                              Seminar 2, 1984-1885
                              Seminar 3, 1984
                              Seminar 4, 1984
                              Seminar 5, 1984 (2 folders, includes audiotapes)
                              Seminar 6, 1984
                              Seminar 7, 1984

3                            Seminar 8, 1984 (3 folders, includes audiotapes)
                              Seminar 9, 1985 (2 folders, includes audiotapes)
                              Seminar 10, 1985
                              Seminar 11, 1985

4                            Seminar 12, 1985
                              Seminar Speaker, David C. Karten, 1984
                              Seminars, Miscellaneous, 1984-85 (2 folders)
                              Seminar Summaries, 1984-85
                     Meeting on the Environment, Vienna, 1991-1992
                     Roundtable, Dubrovnic, Yugoslavia, 1976
                     United States-Japan Information Sharing, 1983-1991 (2 folders)

5                   Western Hemisphere Initiative, 1986-87
            Atomic Energy Commission
                     Briefing, 1959
                     Budget Planning, 1961-63
                     Critical Path Scheduling, 1961
                     Flood Damage Planning, 1960
                     General, 1953-1962 (3 folders)
                     Industrial Participation Program, 1962

                     Interdepartmental Committees, 1957
                     International Draft Statute, 1956
                     International Work Proposal, 1956
                     Interstate Commerce Commission, Defense Mobilization, 1956

6                   Issuance System, 1953
                     Jenkins, Thomas E., “Budget Forecasting,” Undated
                     Kramish, Arnold, “The Soviet Union and the Atom,” 1957
                     Laboratory Planning, 1961
                     Laboratory Study Notes, 1959
Long Range Planning, 1960-1965 (4 folders)
                     McGruder, John L.
                              American University Courses
                                    Correspondence, 1956-1957
                                    Notes, 1960 and undated (3 folders)

7                                  Planning, Undated
                     McKinsey and Company, The Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy – An Analysis of
                              The Atomic Energy Commissions Role, 1955
                     Maas, Arthur, Muddy Waters, undated
                     Manual, 1953-1961
                     Merchant Ships Reactor Program, undated
                     Miscellaneous, 1948-1953 (3 folders)
                     National Aeronautics and Space Administration – Long Range Plan, 1961
                     National Reactor Testing Station, Survey of Impact, 1952
                     NATO Nuclear Strategy, Undated
                     Nuclear Safety Program, 1962
                     Organization, 1953

8                   Personnel, 1948-1958 (3 folders)
                     Planning, 1960-1961
                     Problems in Reporting, 1952-1953
                     Problems of Organization, 1951
                     Program Evaluation and Review Technique, 1961-1962
                     Program Planning, 1952-1961 (4 folders)

9                   Program Reporting, 1960
                     Project Control, 1953-1962
                     Publications, 1960-1961
                     Ramey, James T., The Role of Planning in the AEC Program, 1965
                     Reporting, 1949-1962
                     Reporting Study, 1962
                     Reports, 1952-1954
                     Research Projects, 1957-1961
                     Role of the Commission and General Manager, 1958
                     Site Planning, 1961
                     Space Program Planning, 1961 (2 folders)
                     Speech Draft, Undated

10                 Survey of Federal Agency Planning Practices, 1961-1962
                     Water Desalinization, 1961
                     Weapon Systems, Undated
            Brookings Institution Study on Long Range Planning in Federal Agencies
                     Atomic Energy Commission, 1961
         Bennett, Robert F., Surfboats, Rockets and Carronades, 1976
                     Bock, Edwin A., Urban Mass Transit Act of 1970
                     Census Bureau, 1961
                     Civil Service Commission, 1961
                     Commerce Department, 1960-1965 (3 folders)

11                          National Bureau of Standards
                              Consolidated Reports on Projects, 1961 (3 folders)
                     Conference on the Public Service
                              Correspondence, 1961
                              General, 1961-1965 (2 folders)

12                 Department of Defense, 1961
                     Directors of Personnel, 1960
                     Education, Ten Year Objectives, 1961
                     Federal Aviation Agency, 1961
                     Federal Power, 1958-59
                     General Papers, 1957-61
                     General Services Administration, 1961
                     Health, Education and Welfare, Dep’t. 1960-1961 (3 folders)

13                 Historic Sites Survey, 1959-1960 (2 folders)
                     Housing and Home Finance Agency, 1961
                     Industrial Use of Agricultural Products, 1957
                     Interior Department
                              Bureau of Reclamation, 1956
                              General, 1958-1964 (2 folders)
                              Program for the Pacific Northwest, 1962-67
                     National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1961
                     National Parks
                              Brochures, Undated

14                          General, 1955-1956
                              Information Service, 1960-1961
                              Mission 66, 1956-1961 (2 folders)
                              Recreation Survey, 1958
                              Resources for the Future, 1960-1961
                              Surveys and Reports, 1959-1961
                     National Science Foundation, 1962
                     Oceanographic Program, 1961
                     Post Office, 1961
                     Public Works, 1961-62
                     Reclamation Bureau, 1952-55, Undated
                     Research Report #16, 1963
                     State Department, 1961

15                 State Planning, 1959-61
                     Tennessee Valley Authority, 1960-1961 (2 folders)
                     Treasury Department, 1961
                     Water Pollution Control, 1961
                     Water Resources, 1955-61
                     Weather Bureau, 1961 (2 folders)        

16        Department of Transportation (DOT)
                     Acquisitions, 1977
                     Annual Southwest Transportation Seminar, Speech by Barry Goldwater, 1969
                     Annual Transportation Conference, 1969
                     Assessments/Evaluations, 1971
                     Authorities of the Secretary, 1972, Undated
                     Boyd, Alan, Secretary, 1966-68
                     Budget, 1971-1976 (2 folders)
                     Civil Supersonic Transportation Development Program, 1959-63
                     Conference on the Public Service, 1968
                     Consolidation, 1972

17                 Consolidation of Highway Administration and Urban Mass Transportation, 1977
                     Dean, Alan L., “Decentralized Management,” 1972
                     Decentralized Management, 1970-73
                     Delegation of Powers, 1979, Undated
                     Employment Cutbacks, 1972
                     Emergency Planning
                              Abbreviations and Definitions, Official Manual, 1968
                              General, 1962-67
                              Restricted, 1962-65
                              State and Local Levels, 1961, Undated
                              Emergency Plans, 1965-66
                              Emergency Preparedness, 1966 (2 folders)

18                                Charts, Undated
                                    Claiming Supporting Resources for Civil Transportation, 1972
                                    Commerce Department, Report, 1966
                                    Control of Civil Transportation, 1970
                              General, 1967-68 (2 folders)

19                          McGruder, John, 1961-1968 (2 folders)
                              National Defense Executive Reserve Program, Review of, 1970
                              National Transportation Day, 1968
                              Organization, 1968-1971 (5 folders)
                              Railroads, 1969

20                          Southeastern Territorial Meeting, 1969
                              Speeches by Others, 1967-69
                              Transportation, 1969
                     Establishment of Department, 1949-1966 (5 folders)
                     Evaluating System, Undated
                     Evaluation, 1970-1976
                     Executive Retreat, 1970
                     Federal Aviation Agency Handbook, 1964-67
                     Federal Aviation Administration Planning, 1962, 1971
                     Federal Budget, 1976
                     Federal Regional Councils, 1976

21                 Field Organization Study, 1977
                     Financial Management System, 1971, Undated
                     General, 1966-67
                     Graduate School Course, 1972
                     History, 1968-1977 (3 folders)
                     Hurricane Betsey, 1965
                     Improving Public Services, 1979
                     Integrated Budgeting, Undated
                     Interagency Emergency Transportation, 1968
                     Interstate Commerce Commission, Speeches, 1965
                     Long Range Planning, Undated
                     Long Range Policy Planning, 1974
                     McGruder, John L.
                              Federal Management Systems Course, 1966-69
                              Speeches, 1966-69

22                 Management Information Center, 1970-1971 (2 folders)
                     Management Information Steering Committee, 1967-69
                     Management Information Systems, 1969-70
                     Management Plan, 1970
                     Management Planning, 1972
                     Management Review, Undated
                     Management Systems, 1968-73
                     Manpower Issues, 1976, Undated
                     Memoranda, 1974-76
                     Memorandum of Law, 1968
                     Miscellaneous, Undated
                     National Defense Transportation, Printed Material, 1965-69

23                 National Transportation Week Speech, 1968
                     Natural Disaster Plan, 1966-1972 (2 folders)
                     News Letters, 1971
                     Newspaper Clippings, 1968-69
                     Objectives, Problems, 1967-68
                     Office of the Secretary, 1968
                     Organization and Management Task Force Report, 1971
                     Organization Plan, Undated
                     Performance Measurement (Evaluation), 1971
                     Performance Planning, 1973
                     Personnel Management, Undated
                     Planning and Programming, 1971        
                     Planning and Programming Manual, 1969
                     Planning Techniques, 1963, Undated
                     Policy and Planning Functions, Concept Paper, Undated
                     Policy and Procedure, 1956-60
                     Program Evaluation, 1971

24                 Programming System, 1968
                     Proposed Organization, 1966
                     Public Service, 1964-79
                     Records Management Guidelines, 1970
                     Regional Councils, 1970
                     Regional Rail Reorganization Act, 1973-1974 (2 folders)
                     Relations with Office of Management and Budget, 1974
                     Reorganization, 1969-1978 (4 folders)
                     Role in Government, 1970-71
                     Round Table Conference, 1970-1971 (2 folders)
                     Shoemaker, Perry M., “The Small Shipment Opportunity,” 1970
                     Societal Engineering, 1969
                     Southeastern Territorial Convention, 1972

25                 Speeches Given at King’s Point, New York, 1972
                     Structural Changes, Chronology of, 1975
                     Supersonic Transport (SST) Study, 1972
                     System for Planning, Programming, Budgeting, 1974
                     TAD, 1977, Undated
                     Teamwork and Coordination, 1969-72
                     Technology, 1968-72
                     Transition Report, 1976
                     Transportation Proceedings, Magazine of Military Traffic Management, 1969
                     Transportation Test Center, 1975
                     United Nations
                              Integrated Budgeting System, 1974
                              Vienna Conference, 1976
                              Urban Mass Transit Act, 1972
                     Volpe, John A., Speech, 1969

26        Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)
                     Alternative Plans to Reorganization, 1979
                     Amendments to Act, 1979
                     Consultants, 1979 (2 folders)
                     Daniels, Walter E., Policy Memorandum, 1979
                     General Papers, 1977-78
                     Evaluation, 1979
                     Internal Revenue Service, 1979
                     Organizational Structure, 1979

27                 Pension Plans, 1979
                     Problems, 1979
                     Reorganization, 1978-1979 (7 folders)

28                 Report to Congress, 1979-1980 (2 folders)
                     Security Act, 1979 (2 folders)
                     Simplification Conference, 1979 (2 folders)
                     Task Force, 1979

29        Martin Company
                     Administration Functional Plan, 1964-68
                     Calendar, 1964
                     Conference on Public Service, 1984
                     Denver Division Plan, 1965
                     Five Year Plan, Undated
                     Functional Plans, 1961-1964 (3 folders)
                     Future Plans, 1963
                     General, 1961-1963 (3 folders)

30                 General, 1964-1965 (3 folders)
         Long Range Planning, 1961-62
                     Market Forecast, 1963
                     Memoranda, 1964
                     Miscellaneous, Undated
                     Objectives, 1962
                     Planning, 1963-64
                     Planning Manual, 1962

31        National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) Deregulation of Government
                              Management Project
                     Addresses, 1982-83
                     Administration Team, 1982
                     Administrative Services, 1984
                     Agriculture Department, 1983
                     Background Information, 1983
                     Budget Process Staff Report, 1983
                     Building/Space Management, 1983
                     Chapter 7 (6 folders)
                     Civil Service, 1983
                     Comments on Draft Paper, 1982
                     Correspondence, 1983
                     Cost Control of Federal Government, 1982
                     Cost to Business, 1979
                     Council of Federal Officials, 1982-83
                     Department of Transportation, 1974

32                 Department of Transportation, 1982 (2 folders)
                     Doctrines of Presidential Management, 1979
                     Draft Report, 1983 (2 folders)
                     Executive Summaries, 1983
                     Facilities Management, 1982
                     Federal Budget Process, 1982-83
                     Financial Management, 1982-83
                     General Administration Team, 1982-83 (2 folders)
                     General Information, 1982-1983
                     General Notes, Undated

33                 General Services Administration (GSA), 1980-1983 (4 folders)
                     Information Resources Management, 1982
                     Interim Report, 1982, Copies 2 and 3
                     Interviews with Departments, 1982 (2 folders)
                     Management in the Federal Government, Undated
                     Management of Executive Departments, 1982
                     Meetings, 1982-83
                     Members of Staff, 1982-83
                     Memoranda, 1982-83
                     Miscellaneous, 1983

34                 Notes, Undated
                     Organization and Business, 1982
                     Overall Project Papers, 1983
                     Panel Papers, 1982
                     Panel Plans, 1982-1983 (4 folders)
                     Personal Property Management
                              General, 1982-83 (4 folders)
                              Government Accounting Office Report to Congress, 1981

35                          Government Accounting Office Report to Congress, 1983
                              Interim Report, 1983 (2 folders)
                              Miscellaneous, 1983
                              Staff Report, 1983
                              Work Plan and Schedule, 1983
                              Working Group Drafts, 1983
                     Personnel Management, 1982-1983 (3 folders)
                     Planning the Project, 1981-82
                     Postal Service, 1983

36                 Preparation for Study Project, 1982
                              Big Eight Plans
                              Interviews of Agencies
                              Need for Reform
                              Working Drafts
                     Press Briefing, 1982
                     Printing Management
                              Final Report, 1983
                              General Information, 1983
                              Policy, 1980
                              Responses to Interim Reports, 1983
                              Services, 1982

37                          Staff Report, 1983
                              Task Force, 1983
                     Procurement Process, 1983
                     Programs, 1969
                     Property Management
                              Draft Interim Reports, 1983 (2 folders
                              Executive Summaries, 1983
                              Meetings, 1983
                              Miscellaneous, 1983
                              Overview, 1982-83 (2 folders)

38                          Questionnaire, 1983
                              Responses to Issue Papers, 1983
                              Working Groups Drafts, 1983
                     Railway Association, 1983 (2 folders)
                     Regulatory Review, 1983
                     Report on Presidential Management, 1980
                     Response to Issue Papers, 1983
                     Social Security, 1984
                     Space Management, Undated

39                 Space Utilization, 1982-1983 (5 folders)
                     Standard Level User Changes, 1983
                     Suggestions, 1982
                     Summaries and Responses, 1983
                     Synthetic Fuels Corporation, 1983
                     Technology Systems, 1982
                     Travel Management, 1983
                              Issue Papers and Responses
                              Excessive Reporting
                              Interim Reports

40                          Organization and System
                              Staff Reports
                              Working Group Meetings
                              Working Paper Report
                     Veterans Administration, 1983
                     Working Draft Reports, 1983
            National Consumer Cooperative Bank (NCCB)
                     Board Meetings, 1982
                     Budget Planning, 1981
                     Delegation of Authority, 1980
                     Functional Statements, Delegation of Authority, 1980-8
                     Information, 1979-80

41                 Issuance System, Undated
                     Management Systems, 1980
                     Organization, 1980-1981 (3 folders)
                     Regional Offices, 1980
                     Policies, 1979-80
                     Position Descriptions, 1980
                     Project Review, 1980

42        Office of Management and Budget, (OMB)
                     Citizens Advisory Committee on Integrity and Efficiency in Government, 1981
                     Contract Compliance Consolidation, 1978
                     Control Systems, 1981
                     Emergency Management Reorganization, 1978
                     Federal Procurement Policy, 1979
                     Federal Travel Policy, 1981-1982 (3 folders)
                     General Papers, 1970-71
                     Government Integrity and Efficiency, 1981
                     McGruder, John L., 1978
                     McKinsey and Company Report, 1970
                     Management Analysis, 1978
                     Reduction of Travel Costs, 1975-80

43                 Resource Sharing, Undated
                     Ride Sharing, 1980
                     Travel Management Improvement Project, 1981 (2 folders)


44        Agency for International Development (AID)
                     Digest, 1962
                     General, 1981
                     Luncheon, Notes and Audio Tape, 1951-52
                     Policy, 1983
            Agriculture Department
                     National Forests, 1959-1961 (2 folders)
                     Policy Planning, 1961
            American Society for Public Administration, 1964
            Bureau of the Budget
                     Long Range Planning, 1963
                     Management Analysis, 1970
                     Plan for Recurring Appraisals, 1958
                     Principles and Practices, 1947
            Canestrari, Ronald, A History of Emergency Transportation During World War II,
                     Korea, 1967
            Carey, William D., “Management in Federal Government,” Undated
            Civil Rights, Reorganization, 1978
            Commerce Department
                     Defense Management Systems Course, 1966
                     Emergency Preparedness, 1966
                     Emergency Transportation Program Planning Draft, 1964-65
                     John Connor, 1966
                     Speech by McGruder, 1966

45        Community Development, 1985-86
            Conference on the Public Service
                     Civil Rights Law, 1965
                     Governmental Planning, 1961
                     Questionnaire, Undated
                     Survey of Federal Agencies Planning Practices, 1961 (4 folders)
            Congressional Reports, 86th Congress, 1959-61

46        Emergency Planning Office, “National Plan,” 1964
            European Investment Bank, 1989
            Federal Aviation Administration, Planning, 1964
            Federal Communications Commission, Changes to Policy, Undated
            Federal Executive Board
                     Resource Sharing, 1980-1981
                     Ride Sharing, 1973-1980
            Federalism, 1972-1973
            Foreign Assistance Program, 1988-1989 (2 folders)
            Free Kuwait Campaign, 1990
            General Accounting Office Newsletter, 1972
            General Services Administration (GSA)
                     General, 1978-1981 (2 folders)

47                 Data Collection Memorandum, 1980 (3 folders)
                     Evaluation, 1980
                     Organizational History (3 folders)
                     Panel Meeting, 1980
            Government Reorganization, 1971
            Health, Education and Welfare Department
                     Air Pollution, 1960
                     General Papers, 1961
                     Indicators, 1960
                     Regional Management Review Program, 1973
                     Publications, 1960
            Hoover Commission II
                     American Legion, 1954
                     Civil Rights Law, 1965
                     Commerce Department, John Connor, 1966
                     Environmental Planning, 1957

48                 Federal Long Range Planning, undated
                     Federal Medical Services 1956
                     Intelligence Activities, 1955 (3 folders)
                     National Academy of Sciences, 1955
                     Overseas Economic Operations, 1955
                     Personnel and Civil Service, 1955
                     Project Control, 1962
            Housing and Urban Development Management, 1973
            Institute of Administrative Management, 1983
            Interagency Travel Management Improvement Project, 1981
            Interior Department – National Park Service Master Plan, 1959 (2 folders)
            Internal Revenue Service, Long Range Planning, Undated
            International Atomic Energy Agency, 1984-92
            International Budgeting, 1984-1988 (2 folders)
            International Congress of Administrative Sciences, 1968, 1992 (2 folders)

49        International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS)
                     General, 1977-1992 (3 folders)
                     Madrid, 1990
                     Preliminary Reports, 1990
                     Puerto Rico, 1992
            Johnson, Lyndon, B. – Budget and Economic Reports, 1966 and undated
            Joint Chiefs of Staff – Organization, 1958
            Labor Management Services Administration, undated
McGruder, John L.
                     Course Outlines, 1963
                     Course Syllabus, 1967
                     Courses Taught, 1960-69
                     Graduate Course on Public Administration, 1945-1947
                     Job Applications, 1965
                     Notes, undated (2 folders)

50                 Resume, 1960
                     Speeches, 1962
            Major Emergency Action System, 1975-1985 (3 folders)
            Management and Planning, Excerpts and Articles, 1958, Undated
            Management Technology, 1964
            Management Training, 1985, Undated
            Miller, S. M. and Martin, Rein, “Participation, Poverty, and Administration, 1969
            Miscellaneous, 1968-84
            Morals and Pressure Politics, 1966-70
            National Journal Conference on Aging, 1979
            Navy Department
                     Concessions Report, 1951
                     Property Management Audit, 1947
                     Supply Operations, 1951
            New York City, Department of Purchases, 1964

51        Personnel Management Office, 1979
            Planning and Administration, 1982
            Planning and Budget Review System, 1974, Undated
            President’s Management Improvement Council, 1980
            Program Evaluation and Research Technique, 1961
            Program Planning for National Goals, 1968
            Public Sector Productivity, Undated
            Publications, 1984-85
            Research Triangle Institute – Current National Transportation Posture, 1962 (2 folders)
            Resources for the Future, Inc. Publications, 1958-61
            Rosenthal, Gary L., “The Politics of Reorganization, Creating a DOT,” 1971
            The Secretariat Function by John Gange, 1953

52        The Sinews of War, Army Logistics, 1775-1955, 1966
            Staff Work for the President, 1954
            Strauss, Lewis L. – Memorial Service, 1974
            Tennessee Valley Authority Long Range Planning, 1961
            United States International Transportation Exposition, 1972
            United States Railroad Association, 1980
            Urban Development, 1961
            Veterans Administration Program Planning, 1961
            Water Resources, 1959-1961 (2 folders)
            Water Supply and Pollution Control Evaluation, 1960
            W. D. Saunders and Co., Potential Emergency Transportation Capacity, 1963 (2 folders)

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