Manuscript Collections - William P. MacCracken Jr. Papers

Oct 18, 2021

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48 linear feet, 7 linear inchexs (111 manuscript boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


1888 Born, Chicago, Illinois, September 17, Son of William P. and Mary Elizabeth (Avery) MacCracken.

1909 Prep. education, Montclair (N.J.) High School, South Side Academy and University High School, Chicago.  PhB.  University of Chicago.

1911 Doctor of Jurisprudence.
Admitted to Illinois bar and began practice in Chicago.

1917-18 Served in Air Service, U. S.

1918 Married, September 14 to Sally Lucille Lewis.

1923 Assistant Attorney General of Illinois.

1924 Assistant States Attorney, Cook County.

1925-36 Secretary, American Bar Association.

1926-29 Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Aeronautics

1929 Resigned (October 1) to enter private practice in Washington.

1927 Life member, house delegates; Vice-president, director National Aviation Center, Inc., Chairman of Pan-Am Commercial Aviation Conference, Washington.

1928 Vice-chairman International Civil Aeronautics Conference, Washington.

1969    Died, September 20.


The recent deregulation of the airline industry has produced a great deal of confusion and controversy, but it is still a far cry from the chaotic conditions of the early 1920's when commercial passenger service was its infancy.  In those simpler times there were no overnight air mail deliveries, no licensing qualifications for pilots, no safety standards for aircraft, and almost no regularly scheduled passenger service anywhere in the United States.  But air travel began to change with the passage of the Air Commerce Act of 1926 which established the bureau of aeronautics in the Commerce Department and provided for the first time for the regulation of civil aviation.

The first federal regulator of aviation was William P. Mac Cracken, Jr. An experienced aviator who had served as a flight instructor during World War I, MacCracken also served on the Chicago Aero Commission and was a member of the board of governors of the National Aeronautical Association (1922-26) before Herbert Hoover appointed him as the first Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Aeronautics in 1926.  MacCracken's Papers were given to the Hoover Library by Mrs. Sallie L. MacCracken Murphy and her daughter, Nell Elizabeth MacCracken, in several installments totaling 45 linear feet between 1971 and 1992.  The most recent of these accretions (9 linear feet) was received in March of 1992 and has proven to be a valuable source of information concerning the expansion of commercial aviation, numerous corporate mergers, the background of the notorious 1930 conference of airline operators and a subsequent Senate investigation.

After helping to draft much needed safety standards and regulations, MacCracken left the Commerce Department in 1929 to resume the practice of law.  He continued to be actively involved in the growth of commercial aviation after leaving the Commerce Department.  Indeed, his role as chairman of the 1930 conference was thrust upon him because his firm had advised and represented so many of the major airlines.  Ultimately, this relationship would make him a prime target of Senate investigators.  The conference had been convened by U.S. Postmaster Walter F. Brown in an effort to get airline operators to agree to a consolidation of the various airmail routes into three or four coast to coast networks operated by the best equipped and most financially stable companies.  This close cooperation between the federal government and the major commercial airlines left Brown and MacCracken vulnerable to charges of favoritism. When a complaint was lodged with the Senate Committee on Ocean Mail and Air Mail Contracts, Chairman Hugo Black agreed to investigate what appeared to be a Republican scandal.

Black opened the hearings in September 1933 and MacCracken soon found himself prominently featured as one of the alleged conspirators.  As part of the Committee's investigation, Black subpoenaed and later seized MacCracken's office files. Major portions of these files were stamped as exhibits and offered in evidence before Black's committee.  The files were eventually returned to MacCracken and comprise virtually all of the papers received from Nell MacCracken in 1992.

Even though investigators found no evidence of collusion or conspiracy in the files or elsewhere, the Roosevelt administration cancelled all air mail contracts with commercial airlines in February 1934.  Henceforth, the airmail would be delivered by the U.S. Army Air Corps.  Despite a valiant effort, the Air Corps soonproved ill-equipped and too disorganized to handle the job.  After twelve fatal accidents and several lesser injuries in less than a month, President Roosevelt allowed the airlines to resume flying the mail in mid-March.

The exercise proved the wisdom of awarding contracts to the most experienced operators; but it had also been very costly. Dozens of airlines executives who had attended the "spoils conference" were illegally blacklisted and, in effect, excluded from employment with any of the major airlines.  A half million dollars of Air Corps equipment was destroyed and twelve lives were lost.  Private operators had been receiving an average of 54 cents per mile to fly the mail in 1933.  The cost of Air Corps operations amounted to $2.21 -- over four times as much!

MacCracken's papers do not contain the full record of the Black Committee's deliberations, but they do provide considerable information on a wide range of issues and aviation related topics during an important period in the development of commercial aviation.  The collection contains a large number of photographs of early planes and equipment.

The collection also contains files concerning MacCracken's law practice after 1929 and his service as secretary [1925-36] of the American Bar Association.


These papers are divided into two parts and are arranged separately within each segment.  The first, boxes 1-34, were donated by Sallie L. MacCracken Murphy (wife of  William P. MacCracken, Jr.) and copyright properties in his unpublished writings found in those containers have been dedicated to the United States. The second group, boxes 35-82, were donated by Nell Elizabeth MacCracken, (daughter of William P. MacCracken, Jr.) and copyright properties in, the unpublished writings of William P. MacCracken, Jr. found therein have been retained by the donor.  Materials found in each segment are complimentary to one another.

Boxes Series

1-5                CORRESPONDENCE, 1922-1969
                     Primarily social and family correspondence, including copies of letters sent
                     and letters received. Arranged alphabetically.

6-25              SUBJECT FILES, 1835-1971
                     Correspondence, clippings, reports, memoranda, and printed matter
                     primarily concerning scientific progress in, and regulation of commercial
                     aviation. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

26-34            LEGAL FILES, 1929-1945
                     Case files including correspondence, legal documents, and printed material
                     reflecting MacCracken's Washington law practice. Arranged alphabetically
                     by case file.

35-64            SUBJECT FILES, 1911-1969
                     Correspondence and other historical materials documenting MacCracken's
                     activities with and interests in, the American Bar Association, American
                     Optometric Association, Aviation, Gold Clause and Committee for the
                     Nation.  These materials are arranged alphabetically except portions
                     arranged in, chronological order- recording air law as it developed with the
                     draftirig of  federal and state legislation.  Materials from MacCracken's
                     service as Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Aeronautics and as a
                     member of national aeronautic organizations are within the Aviation subject
                     file. When MacCracken's law files were subpoenaed by the U.S. Senate in
                     1934, they were stamped in the sequential group order that they were
                     surrendered. These markings remain on the materials but the original
                     grouping has not been maintained.

65-73            LEGAL FILES, 1925-45
                     Case files from MacCracken's Washington law practice that compliment the
                     first Legal series. Arranged alphabetically.

74-77            PERSONAL FILES, 1896-69
                     Appointment calendars, 1923-25, and correspondence with family members
                     and special friends. MacCracken's near daily letters to his father represent a
                     detailed calendar of activities from 1935-37.  Arranged alphabetically.

78-82            PRINTED MATERIAL, 1914-52
                     Books, government documents, periodicals, other published materials,
                     clippings and reprints are filed in these respective categories. These
                     materials are arranged chronologically within each category because of their
                     timely importance to specific periods.

                     Documents subpoenaed by the Senate Committee on Ocean Mail and Air
                     Mail Contract.

[note: Folders showing an asterisk (*) indicate that they were subpoenaed by Senate Committee on Ocean Mail and Air Mail Contract.(Black Committee) in 1934]


Box      Contents
1          Correspondence: A – G, 1926-1969 (17 folders)

2          Correspondence: H – MacComb, 1926-1969 (11 folders)
            Correspondence: MacCracken, Alan-MacCracken, Elliott, 1934-1969
            Correspondence: MacCracken, Lewis and sons, 1934-1968
            Correspondence: MacCracken, Gordon, 1927-1954 (2 folders)

3          Correspondence: MacCracken, Lucille, 1934-1964
            Correspondence: MacCracken, William P., Jr., 1954-1957
            Correspondence: MacCracken, William P., Sr., 1928-1937 (10 folders)
            Correspondence: McCurdey-May, 1934-1968 (2 folders)

4          Correspondence: Me – R, 1929-1968 (12 folders)

5          Correspondence: S – Z, and unidentified, 1922-1969 (14 folders)


Box      Contents

6          Aero Medical Association of the U.S., 1929-1931, 1954
            Air Law Institute, 1929-1930
            Air Mail – Printed Material, 1923-1968
            Air Mail Contracts, 1927
            Air Mail Contracts, Congressional Investigation, 1931-1932
            Air Mail Contracts Controversy, 1934
                     Correspondence, 1934
                     Congressional Record, 1934-1935
                     Post Office Department Press Releases, 1934
                     United Air Lines Releases, 1934
                     Clippings, 1934-1943 and undated
                     Printed Material, 1934
            Air Shows and Air Races – Printed Material, 1911-1931
            Air Traffic Conference (First National) – Proceedings, 1929
            *Airport Projects Information for Congressman Laguardia, 1932

7          Airships – Printed Material, 1924-1935
            Airway Pioneer – Printed Material, 1959-1970
            All American Aircraft Display, 1927
            All Souls Memorial Church, 1936-1968
            American Bar Association – Secretary's Correspondence, 1932 (4 folders)

8          American Bar Association – Printed Material, 1929-1970
            American Legion – National Defense Committee, 1930-1932
            Atlantic and Pacific Flights – Lists, 1927
                     Awards (description), 1929-1965, and undated
                     Clippings. 1923-1939, and undated (2 folders)
                     Foreign – Printed Material, 1928-1929 and undated
                     History – Printed Material, 1929-1965
                     Legal Problems, Clippings, 1925-1930

9                   Legislation
                              Air Commerce Act – Drafts and Prints of Bills, 1925-1926
                              *Air Commerce Act – Article by Fred P. Lee, 1926
                              *Air Mail Act – Drafts and Prints. 1925-1934
                              Civil Air Navigation - Wadsworth and Curry Bills, 1921-1925
                              Laws Relating to U. S. Air Service, 1929
                     Technology – Printed Material, 1928-1943, and undated
                     Miscellaneous Printed Material, 1928-1976
            Chicago MacCracken Dinner, 9/30/26
                     Regret Cards
                     *Regrets Correspondence (2 folders)

10        Clippings, 1835, 1917-1918, 1923-1937, 1944-1946, and undated (8 folders)
            Clippings – Scrapbook, 1922
                     General, 1926-1969
                     The Hanger, 1930-1932
                     Metropolitan Club, 1932-1969
            Collier's, 1929-1949
            Commerce Department. Aeronautics Branch
                     General Correspondence, 1929
                     *Personal  Correspondence: Ba – Bo,  1926-1929 (2 folders)

11                 *Personal  Correspondence: Br – H, 1926-1929 (6 folders)
                     Air Commerce Regulations – Printed Material, 1926-1931
                     Clippings, 1926-1930 (5 folders)

12                 MacCracken's Resignation, 1929
                     Publications, 1929-1931
                     Travel Vouchers, 1926-1929 (3 folders)
                     Miscellaneous, 1926-1951 and undated
            Federation Aeronautique Internationale – Report, 1934
            Guggenheim Safe Aircraft Competition – Report, 1930
            Herbert Hoover Oral History Program, 1968-1971
            Hockaday Proposed Dinner for MacCracken, 1929-1930
            Hoover Administration Judicial Appointments, 1929-1930

13        Inter-American Commercial Aviation Convention 1919 – Documents, 1926-1929
            International Chamber of Commerce, 1929-1931
            International Civil Aeronautics Conference (Washington), 1928
            International Commission for Air Navigation – Official Bulletin, 1932
            International Conference of American States – Delegate Handbook, 1927
            International Conference on Air Navigation (Paris), 1929
                     Correspondence, May-June 1929 (2 folders)

14                 Correspondence, July 1929-1931 (2 folders)

15        Invitations and Engagements, 1918-1924, 1926-June 1927 (6 folders)
            Invitations and Engagements – Lists and Itineraries, 1926-1927 (2 folders)

16        Invitations and Engagements, July 1927-1929 (6 folders)
            Invitations and Engagements – Lists and Itineraries, 1928-1929 (2 folders)

17        Invitations and Engagements, 1930-June 1931 (5 folders)
            Invitations and Engagements – Lists and Itineraries, 1930

18        Invitations and Engagements, July 1931-1940, 1946-1954, 1959-1969 (6 folders)
            Invitations and Engagements – Presidential Inaugurations, 1929, 1941, 1949
            Invitations and Engagements – Undated

19        Keep Posted, 1951-1952
            Kenwood Evangelical Church, Chicago, 1918
            Law Libraries, 1934-1965
            Lindbergh, Charles. A.
                     Clippings, 1927-1930
                     Printed Material, 1927-1949
            MacCracken, William P., Jr.
                     Articles about, 1926-1976
                     Articles by, 1926-1963
                     Autobiography (dictated 1967-1968)
                     Aviation experience, 1918-1945
                     Awards and Honors, 1936-1968
                     Biographical Sketches, 1926-1969, and undated
                              Correspondence, 1967-1969

20                          Transcription of tapes, 1967
                     Christmas Cards and Lists, 1927-1932, and undated
                     Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Celebration, 1968
                     Genealogy and Family History, 1939-1952 and undated
                     Medical, 1961-1968
                     Military Service, 1917-1918
                     Will, 1918
                     Miscellaneous, 1926-1970, and undated
            MacCracken, William P., Sr.
                     Apartment litigation, 1928-1941 (2 folders)

21        MacCracken, Mrs. William P. – Printed Material, 1926-1957
            National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, 1934-1942
            National Aeronautics Association
                     Aviation History Project
                              Correspondence, 1964-1967
                              Drafts, 1965 and undated
                     Contest Committee, 1933
                     Membership Certificate, 1922
                     Publications, 1934-1968
            National Defense – Printed Material, 1932-1933
            New York University Law Quarterly Review, 1929
            Norwich University, 1936-1938

22        Optometry – Printed Material, 1962-1969
            Pan American Commercial Conference
                     Correspondence and Documents, 1931
                     Printed Material, 1931
            Presidential Inaugural Events, 1953-1969
            Psi Upsilon Fraternity, 1918-1968
            Public Utilities Fortnightly, 1929

23        Republican Campaign - Correspondence and Printed Material, 1928
            Republican Campaign, 1936
                     Correspondence, 1933-1936, and undated (2 folders)
                     Speech material
            Republican Party – Clippings, 1927-1935, and undated
            Roosevelt Administration and the New Deal – Clippings, 1934-1938, and undated
                     (3 folders)
            Society of Automotive Engineering, 1931-1932

24        Speeches, 1927-1931, 1934-1936, 1939, 1942-1944, 1946, 1948-1950,
                     1967-1968, and undated (9 folders)
            Stinson, Edward A. – Memorial, 1932
            Stocks and Bonds, 1927-1969
            Temple Law Quarterly, 1929-1931
            United Service Organizations, 1941
            University of Chicago, Alumni Groups, 1930-1932, 1951-1954, and undated
                     (3 folders)
            Wilbur Wright Memorial Lecture 1929
                     Correspondence, 1928-1929
                     Drafts, 1929

25        Wright Brothers and Aviation – Correspondence and Printed Material, 1903-1968
                     European and London Trip, 1929 (2 folders)
                     Stamps and first day covers
            Printed Material


Box      Contents
26        Calendar – March, 1930
            Contact File, 1931
            Abeel, William C., 1932-1933 (2 folders)
            Aeronautical Radio, Inc., 1931
            Airport Development and Construction Co., 1930
            American Silica Institute, 1935
            Aviation Country Clubs, 1929-1931
            Barr, George, 1932
            Beatty, Mrs. Vernon R., 1931-1933 (2 folders)
            Bowers, J. C., 1931-1932

27        Burtt, Mrs. Wilson B., 1932-1933
            Bussard, Marcel J., 1933-1934
            Card, Mrs. A. W., 1931-1932
            Coal Conservation Bill, 1933
            Cooper, William L., 1931-1934
            Cream of Wheat Corporation, 1931-1933
            Curtiss Candy Company, 1930-1934 (2 folders)

28        Dairyman's Cooperative Association
            Dorothy Mills, Inc., 1933-1934
            Dubuque Boat and Boiler Works, 1933
            *Douglas, Arizona Airport, 1930-1931, and undated
            Edgar Tobin Aerial Surveys, 1933-1934
            Garlock Packing Company, 1932-1934 (3 folders)
            Gilbreth, J. L., 1931

29        Goodyear-Zeppelin Corporation, 1934-1935
            H. C. Mattern Process, 1933-1939 and undated (2 folders)
            Hanford Air Lines   1835-1936
            Harmon Engineering, 1931-May 1932 (3 folders)

30        Harmon Engineering, June 1932-1933 (2 folders)
            Hoover, Buck, 1934
            Kellett Autogiro, 1932
            Kimball-Parsippany Homestead Project, 1933
            Klemin, Alwxander, 1929-1934
            Kohler Aviation Corporation, 1929-1940, and undated (3 folders)
            Lavery, Urban, 1933-1934
            Law Finn Accounts, 1933, and undated
            Law Firm – Congratulations, Acknowledgements, 1930

31        Livingston Plastics Corporation – Contract for B-21 Compass
                     Correspondence, 1944-1945
                     Blue Prints
                     Materials Purchased
                     War Dept. Hearing, May 15, 1945
            Love, John A., 1932-1933
            Ludington Airlines, 1934
            Martin vs. Manufacturers Aircraft Association, 1936
            Melville, Wilber 1930-1931
            Mono Valve Corporation, 1931
            Motor Fuel Alcohol Committee, 1933

32        Neal, Thomas C., 1934-1939 (2 folders)
            New York-Philadelphia-Washington Airway, 1932
            North American Aviation, 1934
            Pan American Airways, Inc., 1928-1934
            Pharmacy Paper Box Co.
                     Correspondence, 1933-1934
                     Printed Material, 1926-1933
            Pittsburgh Aviation Corporation, 1934
            Powell, William E., 1934
            Price Flavoring Extract Company, 1934-1935

33        Prichett Damages Case, 1937
            Railway Express Agency, 1931
            Reddy, Phillip J., 1933
            Robbins, Richard W., 1934-1940
            Rogers, Whitson C., 1935-1937

34        Rosen, Jules E., 1930
            South American Air Lines, 1934
            Stibbs, Harry G.  1936-1937
            Stow, Ashfield E., 1937
            Transcontinental and Western Air, Inc, 1930-1935, and undated (5 folders)
            Western Air Express, 1934


Box      Contents
35        American Bar Association
                     Aviation Law Committee, 1920-1926
                     Meetings, 1921-1924
                     Aeronautics Law, Transcript of Proceedings, 1924 (2 folders)
                     Correspondence, 1925
                     Articles, "Putting Laws Over Wings” by W. Jefferson Davis, 1925
                     Meetings, 1925
                     Correspondence, Jan-Nov 1926 (2 folders)

36                 Correspondence, Dec 1926
                     Meetings, 1926
                     Application of Negroes to ABA Membership, 1927
                     Correspondence, 1927 (2 folders)
                     Meetings, 1927
                     Correspondence, 1928-1929
                     Presidential Invitations, 1929-1933
                     Correspondence, 1930
                     Judge John J. Parker Nomination, 1930
                     Prohibition Referendum, May-July 1930

37                 Prohibition Referendum, Aug‑Dec 1930
                     Correspondence, 1931
                     Prohibition Referendum, 1931
                     Correspondence, 1932 (5 folders)
                     Meetings, 1932
                     Trip – Calgary, Canada, 1932

38                 Correspondence, Jan-Sep 1933 (9 folders)

39                 Correspondence, Oct-April 1934 (8 folders)
                     Meetings, 1933

40                 Correspondence, May-Sep 1934 (6 folders)

41                 Correspondence, Oct-Dec 1934 (6 folders)
                     Meetings, 1934
                     New Orleans, Jan 1934
                     Meetings – Milwaukee, Aug 1934
                     Meetings – Chicago, Dec 1934

42                 Correspondence, Jan-Apr 1935 (6 folders)

43                 Correspondence, May-Sep 1935 (8 folders)

44                 Correspondence, Oct-Dec 1935(5 folders)
                     Meetings, 1935
                     Meetings – Washington, D.C., May 1935
                     Meetings – Los Angeles, July 1935
                     Meetings – Chicago – Revision of Bylaws and Constitution, Oct-Nov 1935

45                 Correspondence, Jan-July 1936 (8 folders)

46                 Correspondence, Aug-Dec 1936 (3 folders)
                     Bruno Hauptmann Case, 1936
                     Meetings – Chicago, Jan 1936
                     Meetings – Washington, D.C., May 1936
                     Meetings – Boston, Aug 1936
                     Reports, 1936

47                 Correspondence, 1937 (5 folders)
                     Judicial Reform Referendum, 1937
                     Meetings, 1937
**                  Files, 1939
            American Optometric Association
                     1937 and undated Printed Material
                     1945 Hearings on HR1699 Testimony
                     1945 Index for Optometry "Bible"

48        Aviation
                     A General,  undated, 1921‑25, 1968
                     Aerial Express and Transportation Co., 1923
                     Aero Club of Washington, 1965
                     Aero Digest, 1933
                     Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce of America, 1922-1933, 1937 (7 folders)
                     Air Board of Inquiry, 1925
                     Air Commerce Regulations, 1926
                     Aircraft Development Corporation, 1925‑26
                     Air Law
                              Bibliography, 1920

49                          General
                                       1914‑1925  Statutes
                                       1919‑1920  Bills and Joint Resolutions
                                       1920‑1926  Decisions and Citations
                                       1920‑1922  Proposed Bills
                                       1921  Bills and Joint Resolutions
                                       1921‑1925  Supplementary Remarks
                                       1922  Acts S3076, HR12817
                                       1923  Bills, S1538
                                       1923‑1924  Winslow Bill  HR3243
                                       1923‑1925  S76
                                       1924  Acts, Bills and Reports
                                       1924  HR10522

50                                   1925  HR11667
                                       1925  Bills  HR4798, HR4772, HR46
                                       1925  Drafts and Notes
                                       1925‑1926  Acts and Reports S41
                                       1926  Civil Air Navigation Bill, HR7916
                                       1926  Acts, Bills and Reports HR10827, HR11950, HR12219,
                                                HR12471, HR12472
                                       1926  Aircraft and Equipment Procurement HR9690, HR9953
                                       1926  Aircraft Procurement HR10827, S2614
                                       1926  Aircraft Procurement, HR11249, HR11284
                                       1926  June 3  Civil Aircraft Regulations, Air  Commerce Act of
                                       1926  June 11  Civil Aircraft Regulations, Air  Commerce Act of
                                       1926  Radio Communications
                                       1928  Legislative History, Air Commerce Act of 1926

51                          Foreign
                                       Great Britain, 1911‑1924
                                       General, 1921-1922, 1925 (2 folders)
                                       International Commission Air Navigation Bulletins 7 and 8, 1924-1925
                                       Air Mail Act, 1927-1929
                              Kennedy, Thomas Hart, 1924-1927 (4 folders)
                              Speeches by William P. MacCracken, Jr., 1925‑1926

52                          States
                                       Bills, undated, 1922
                                       Court Decision, 1923‑1925
                                                California, Municipal Ordinances, 1919‑1923
                                                Delaware, 1923
                                                Illinois – Bills and Statutes, 1922‑25
                                                Illinois – Opinions, 1925
                                                Indiana, 1920
                                                Iowa, 1922‑24
                                                Kansas, 1924‑26
                                                Michigan, 1915‑25
                                                Minnesota, 1925
                                                New Jersey, 1916‑24
                                                New York
                                                            Bills and Proposed Ordinances, 1921‑23
                                                            Decisions, 1925
                                                            Opinions and Reports, 1920‑21, 1930
                                                            Statutes and City Ordinances, 1921‑24
                                                Ohio, 1921‑23
                                                Oklahoma, 1925
                                                Oregon, 1921‑1925
                                                Pennsylvania,. 1920‑1925
                                                Tennessee, 1923
                                                Texas, 1923‑1925

53                                   Statutes, 1921‑1925
                                       Statutes and Municipal Ordinances, 1924‑1925
                                       Statutes and Municipal Ordinances Digest, 1921‑1925
                                       Uniform Aviation Laws, 1920‑1938
                                       Workmen's Compensation, 1919‑1925
                                       Miscellaneous, 1925
                     Air Mail Service, 1924-1934 (5 folders, includes Post Office Department)
                     Airplanes and Safety, 1921

54                 American Aeronautical Safety Code, 1922‑1925
                     American Law Institute, 1926-1937 (3 folders)
                     Aviation Inquiry Board‑War Department, Statement, Oct 13, 1925
                     Aviation Magazine, 1925
                     B General
                     Bratton Bill (S1880) Memorandum, 1931
                     C General
                     Chamber of Commerce of the U.S., 1929‑1930
                     Colonial Air Transport, 1926
                     Commerce Department
                              General, 1926-Mar 1929 (3 folders)

55                          General, Apr 1929-1932 (3 folders)
                              Aeronautic Radio Research, 1930
                              Brady, Peter J., 1928‑1930
                              Committee on Civil Aviation, 1925
                                       Correspondence and Drafts
                                       Recommendations and Summarized Findings
                              Directory of Licensed Pilots, 1928
                              Domestic Air News, 1929
                              Foreign Aeronautical News, 1930‑32
                              International Air‑Navigation Convention, 1924
                              Interamerican Commercial Aviation Commission, 1927
                              International Commission for Air Navigation
                                       Correspondence, 1927-1929
56                                   Correspondence, May-July 1929 (2 folders)
                                       Minutes, 1929, June 10‑15
                              National Conference on Uniform Aeronautic Regulatory Laws, 1930 
                                       See Also:  Air Law, State, Uniform Laws
                              News Releases and Bulletins, 1927-1933 and undated (3 folders)
                              Paris Conference: See:  International Commission for Air Navigation
                              Physical Standards for Airplane Pilots, 1926
                     Committee on Conference of Commissioners on Uniform Laws and
                              Committee of the ABA on Law of Aeronautics: See: ABA Aeronautics Law
                     Corporations, 1924‑30

57                          Delaware
                     Cost of Development of Commercial Aviation, Bibliography, 1925
                     Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Co., 1925
                     D General, 1921‑25
                     F General, 1921‑25
                     Federation Aeronautique Internationale Washington Conference, 1934
                     Fokker Bulletin, 1925‑26
                     French Aeronautical Mission Dinner June 12, 1928, Copper Plate for
                     G General
                     H General
                     I General
                     Inquiry into Operations of U.S. Air Services, Select Committee, House of
                              Representatives 1924‑25    See:  Printed Material
                     International Commission for Air Navigation See:  Commerce Department
                     K General
                     Kohler Aviation Corporation, 1934
                     L General, 1924‑25
                     Lafayette Flying Corps, 1917
                              See Also:  Air Law
                              1929‑30 Overseas Air Transport
                              1930‑32  Air Commerce Act
                              1932, Merchant Airship Bill (2 folders)

58                          1933‑43
                     Lougheed Wing Patent, 1925
                     M General
                     MacCracken vs. Jurney
                              1934 (3 folders)
                     Mexico, Treaty Proposal, 1931
                     N General
                     "Naval Aviation", 1923
                     Naval Aviation Personnel Policy Recommendations, 1925

59                 National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
                              Annual Reports, 1917-1921 (5 folders)

60                          Annual Report, 1923
                              Clippings, 1925
                              Correspondence, 1930-1931
                     National Aeronautic Association
                              Correspondence, 1922-1926, 1963-1969 (5 folders)
                              Army Ordinance, 1925
                              Bulletins, 1922-1926, 1967-1968 (3 folders)
?                            Bylaws, 1922‑1968 and undated
                              Collier Trophy, 1965‑1966

61                          Collier Trophy, 1968-1969 (2 folders)
                              Contest Committee, 1922‑1925, 1965
                              Executive Committee, Officers and Governors, 1923‑1925 and undated
                              Formation, 1922‑1923
                              Internal Revenue Service, 1923
                              Istel Parachuting Awards, 1968‑1969
                              Legislative Committee, 1924‑1925
                              Lowe Trust, 1967‑1969
                                       Detroit, 1922
                                       St. Louis, 1923
                                                Correspondence, 1924

62                                            Printed Material, 1924
                                       Detroit, 1925
                                       New York, 1925
                              National Headquarters, 1925
                              News Reports, 1968
                              Professional Press, 1966‑1969
                              Review, 1923-1926 (3 folders)
                              Stinson Trophy, 1968
                              Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy, 1968
                     National Air Races, Trademark Registration 1969
                     National Air Transport, 1925-1927 (2 folders)
                     National Aviation Club, 1968
                     National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws 
                              See:  Air Law, State
                     National Labor Board, Air Pilot Association Complaint, Transcript of
                              Hearing, Dec. 14, 1943
                     Norske Luftruter Time Table, 1929
                     O'Brien, John F., Congressional and State Powers Analysis, 1929

63                 Ocean Mail and Air Mail Contracts Investigation, Transcript of Hearing, 1934
                     Ocean Mail and Air Mail Hearing Congressional Record, February 13, 1934
                     Pacific Air Transport, Boeing Air Transport, United Air Lines Transport vs.
                              USA, 1941‑42
                     Pan American Airways, 1931
                     Pan American Airway Postal Air Routes, Great Circle, North Atlantic, undated
                     Pan American Commercial Conference (4th) Program, 1931
                     President's Aircraft Board, 1925
                     Radi‑Cone, 1933‑35
                     Rickenbacker, Eddie, Statement, March 17, 1934
                     S General
                     Transcontinental and Western Air, Inc., 1927, 1931, 1934 (2 folders)
                     V General
                     Van Zandt, J. Parker, 1925
                     W General
                     Washington National Airport, Supplementary Specifications for Building
                              Construction, 1940
                     Winslow Act  See:  Air Law
                     Woodhouse, Henry  1922
                     World Fliers, 1925 (2 folders)
                     XYZ General

64        Committee for the Nation, undated, 1932‑36
            Gold Clause
                     Clippings, 1935‑40
                     Correspondence, Richard Gandy/Errett Smith, 1935
                     Legislation, HJRes348, 1935
                     Notes on Law of Cases, 1935
                     Printed Material, 1934‑35
                     Treasury Department
                              Press Releases
                              U.S. Bonds and Notes, 1923‑25


65        General, undated, 1925‑39
            Atlas Oil and Refining Corporation, 1942-1945 (2 folders)
            Bostwick Estate – Correspondence, 1940-1941 (2 folders)
            Bostwick Estate – Legal Papers, 1940‑1941
            Council Bluffs Grape Growers, 1944
            Cuff, George B., 1935‑36
            Davis and Associates – Washington National Airport Concession, 1940
            Goodyear Zeppelin, 1925-1936 (3 folders)
            Henderson, Joseph W. - SS Swainsby, 1930‑1935

66        Holmberg, John R. – Holmberg Air Mapping Company
                     General, 1935-1942 (3 folders)
                     Court of Claims, 1940
                     Printed Material, 1940
                     Miscellaneous, 1940
            Irish Cutlery Company, 1940-1945 (2 folders)
            Jeffe vs. Jeffe, 1944‑1945
            Livingston, Charles C., 1944‑1945

67        MacKenzie, Maude L.
            Maxwell, Nicole, 1942‑1944
                     Case File, 1938‑1939
                     Correspondence, 1937-1939 (5 folders)
            Montgomery – Wilcox & Bullock, 1935‑1937
            Montague, Harry T., 1943‑1944
68        Remington Rand
                     Correspondence, 1931-1940 (10 folders)

69                 Correspondence, 1941‑1943
                     Agreements, Trust, Stock Purchase, Deposit, 1936
                     Annual Reports, 1931‑1940
                     Bylaws, 1927‑1931
                     Dirkson, Eugene, 1939
                     Financial Statements, 1931-1936 (6 folders)

70                 Financial Statements, 1937-1942 (5 folders)
                     Freedmen's Hospital, 1938‑39
                     History, 1937
                              Agreements, 1937
                              Employees Representation, 1938 and undated
                              Legislation, 1937
                              National Labor Relations Board, 1937

71                          National Labor Relations Board, 1938
                              National War Labor Board, 1943‑44
                              Standards, 1934
                     Lease, Philadelphia, 128 N. Broad St., 1943-1945 (3 folders)
                     Legislation, HR9699 (Noiseless Typewriters), 1930‑1934
                     Meeting Notices and Minutes, 1931-1935 (5 folders)

72                 Meeting Notices and Minutes, 1936-1938, 1940 (4 folders)
                     Prospectus, 1936‑41
                     Registration Statements, 1931, 1936 (2 folders)
                     Registration Statement Amendments, 1931, 1936 (2 folders)
                     Meeting Notices and Minutes, 1937‑1939

73                 Meeting Notices and Minutes, 1940
                     Sagamon Ordnance Plant, 1940‑1942
                     Saunders, J., 1936‑1938
                     Stock List‑New York Stock Exchange 1927‑1939
                     Stockholder Meetings, 1936‑1938
                     U.S. Government
                              Accounting Equipment, 1941
                              Defense Contracts, 1940‑1941
                              Treasury Department
                                       State Accounts Correspondence, 1936
                                       State Procurement Correspondence, 1936-1944 (4 folders)
                              Veterans Bureau, 1931
            Tappan, Alan P., 1943‑1944
            U.S. Clasp Company
            Waber Company, 1945


74        Correspondence, 1905-1969 (5 folders)

75        All Souls Memorial Church, 1936-1941 and undated
            Appointment Calendars, 1923‑1925
            Clubs, 1919‑1938
                     Curtis, Dwight, Estate
                              Executor, Edwin Robbins, 1924‑1929
                                       Avery, 1925‑1929
                                       Carpenter – King, 1926‑1938
                                       Ward, 1926‑1929
                              Probate Judge, Arthur Guernsey, 1924‑1929
                     Lewis, Nellie M., 1925‑1928
                     MacCracken, Lewis, 1934‑1936
                     MacCracken, Nell Elizabeth
                     MacCracken, Sallie “Chic” L., 1918‑1950
                     MacCracken, William P., Sr., 1896‑1932

76                 MacCracken, William P., Sr., 1933-Aug 1936 (9 folders)

77                 MacCracken, William P., Sr., Sep 1936-1937 (5 folders)
                     Olzendam, Roderic and Lydia,  1925‑1938
                     Ward, Frances, 1926‑1935
            Ferris, Kate, 1921‑1923 and undated
            Invitations and Thank Yous
                     Coolidge, Calvin and Grace., 1928
                     Hoover, Herbert and Lou Henry, 1928
            Naval Reserve Assistant Paymaster, 1917
            Ranson, John S. "Ma & Pa", 1922‑1926
            Rice, Harry E. Jr., 1926‑1927
            Ricker, Charles Gordon, 1931‑1933
            Vandenberg, Arthur H., 1942
            Weather Forecasting, 1924‑1925
            Willkie, Wendell, 1940


78                 Statuts et Reglements Generaux, Federation Aeronautique Internationale, 1920
                     Aircraft Year Book, 1921
                     Jane's All The World's Aircraft by Sampson Low, 1925
                     The Law of Aviation by Rowland W. Fixel, 1927
                     Aviation, The Annals, Vol. CXXXI, May 1927
                     The Daniel Guggenheim Safe‑Aircraft Competition, The Daniel Guggenheim Fund
                              for the Promotion of Aeronautics, 1927
                     International Airports by Stedman S. Hanks, 1929
                     The Autogiro by Pitcairn‑Cierva Autogiro Co., 1930
                     Applied Aerodynamics by L. Bairstow, 1930
                     Wings of Tomorrow by J. de la Cierva and Don Rose, 1931
                     Handwritten Note found in A Study of Transportation by Airway as Related to
                               Competition with Rail Carriers in Continental United States, Nov 1, 1932
                              (TL521.5 R59)

79        Government Documents – Hearings
                     Civil Aviation in the Department of Commerce, Commerce Subcommittee, 1921
                     Bureau of Civil Air Navigation in Commerce Department, Interstate and Foreign
                              Commerce Committee, House of Representatives, 1924
                     Procedure in Federal Courts, 1924
                     Subcommittee of Judiciary Committee, Senate, 1924
                     Inquiry into Operations of the U.S. Air Services, Select Committee of House of
                              Representatives, 68th Congress, 1925 (parts 4-6 with index)
                     Aircraft – The President's Aircraft Board, 1925 (4 vols)
                     To Further Increase Aviation in theNavy by the Replacement of the U.S.S.
                              Shenandoah Committee on Naval Affairs, House of Representatives, 1926
                     Amending Air Mail Act, Post Office and Post Roads Committee, House of
                              Representatives, 71st Congress, 1930
                     Merchants' Aircraft, Commerce Committee, Senate, 71st Congress, 1931
                     Merchants' Aircraft, Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee, House of
                              Representatives, 71st Congress, 1931
                     Post Office Appropriation Bill, Subcommittee of Appropriations, Committee House
                              of Representatives, 1931
                     Investigation of the Expenditures of the Post Office Department, Post Office and
                              Post Roads, 72nd Congress, 1932
                     Air Mail, Post Office and Post Roads Committee, House of Representatives, 72nd
                              Congress, 1932
                     Merchant Airship Bill, Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee, House of
                              Representatives, 72nd Congress, 1932
                     Investigation of Dirigible Disasters Joint Committee, 73rd Congress, 1933
                     Investigation of Air Mail and Ocean Mail Contracts, Special Committee, Senate,
                              73rd Congress, 1933 (parts 3 and 4)
                     To Create a Civil Aeronautics Authority, Interstate and Foreign Commerce
                              Committee, House of Representatives, 75th Congress, 1938

80        Reports
                     U.S. Delegates to the 6th International Conference of American States, 1928
                     Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Aeronautics, 1930
                     Airship Investigation, Col. Henry Breckinridge, 73rd Congress, 1933
                     Federal Aviation Commission, Jan 1935
                     U.S. Army Aircraft Production Facts, 1919
                     Law Memoranda Upon Civil Aeronautics, 1923
                     History of the 5 Year Building Program, Navy Department, Bureau of Aeronautics,
                     Explanatory Statement (HR9690) To Authorize the Construction and Procurement
                              of Aircraft and Aircraft Equipment in the Navy and Marine Corps (HR9690),
                     Congressional Record, Jan May and June 1926 (10 issues)
                     Government Travel Regulations, 1926
                     International Civil Aeronautics Conference – Proceedings, 1928
                     International Civil Aeronautics Conference – Papers Submitted by Delegates, 1928
                     Twenty‑fifth Anniversary of the First Airplane Flight, House of Representatives,
                              70th Congress, 1929
                     Laws Relating to U.S. Air Service, 1929
                     Uniform System of Accounts for Carriers by Air, U.S. Post Office Department,
                     The Truth About Postal Contracts, Senate, 71st Congress, 1930
                     Air Mail Contracts, 1932
                     Federal Aviation Commission, Trade Practice Conferences, June 30, 1933
                     Commerce Department Bulletins
                              Airport Grading and Drainage, 1935
                              Civil Aeronautics in the U.S., 1935
                              Aviation Training, 1935

81        Other Published Materials
                     The Trustees of Dartmouth College vs Woodward, undated
                     The World Court by Edgar Bancroft, undated
                     International Trans‑Ocean Air Transport and the Domestic Airlines
                              by W. A. Patterson, undated
                     Extent of Power of Congress Over Aviation by Alonzo H. Tuttle and Dale E.
                              Bennett (reprint Cincinnati Law Review, Vol. V., No.3), undated
                     Problems in Aviation Law by George Gleason Bogert, (reprint Cornell Law
                              Quarterly), undated
                     Laws of the Air by W. Jefferson Davis (reprinted from U.S. Air Service), undated
                     The Press and the Administration of Justice by Thomas W. Shelton (reprint from
                               American Bar Association Journal), undated
                     Red Cedar Shingles Bureau, undated
                     Miller vs. Duntley. Supreme Court of Illinois, 1914
                              Petition for Writ of Certiorari
                              Reply to Petition for Writ of Certiori
                              Brief and Argument for Appellant
                     Chicago Mill & Lumber Co. vs. Townsend, 1915-1916
                     Appellate Court of Illinois, 1915-1916
                     Supreme Court of Illinois, 1915-1916
                     Real Estate Data for Cook County, Illinois, 1919
                     Government Control of Aircraft by Carl Zollman, 1919
                     Report of American Aviation Mission, 1919
                     Illinois State Bar Association, 1919
                     First National Air Institute, Detroit Aviation Society, 1922[4 copies]
                     Catalogue of the Exhibits of the Hampton L. Carson Collection, 1924
                     Constitutional Liberty, What, Whence and Whither, by Charles A. Boston, 1924
                     A Definite Plan for a Proposed Reasonable Regulation as a Suggested Substitute
                              for Attempted Prohibition by William P. Eno, circa 1925
                     History of Black Hawk Post No. 107, American Legion by Palmer D. Edmunds,
                     Duffy vs. Engstrom, Appellate Court of Illinois, 1925
                     Annual Report on the Progress of Civil Aviation, published by H. M. Stationery
                              Office, London, 1926
                     The Daniel Guggenheim Fund for the Promotion of  Aeronautics, Inc.
                              Tentative Report on Program, 1926
                              Bulletin, Oct 7, 1926
                     Real Estate Data for Cook County, Illinois, 1927
                     Pan American Union
                              Inter‑American Commission on Commercial Aviation, 1927
                              Proceedings, Third Pan American Commercial Conference, 1927
                     Safety and Accommodation in European Planes, The Daniel Guggenheim Fund for
                              the Promotion of Aeronautics, 1928
                     The Spirit of St. Louis by J. Carl Schmuch, 1928
                     The Prehistory of Aviation by Berthold Laufer, 1928
                     Solving the Problem of Fog Flying, The Daniel Guggenheim Fund for the
                              Promotion of Aeronautics, 1929
                     Science in Relation to Regulating and Promoting Civil Aviation by William P.
                              MacCracken, 1929
                     Chamber of Commerce Air Manual, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 1930
                     The Daniel Guggenheim Fund for the Promotion of Aeronautics
                              Aviation and Life Insurance, 1930
                              Equipment Used in Experiments to Solve the Problem of Fog Flying, 1930
                     The Daniel Guggenheim Medal, 1932
                     The Present Status of Aviation Law in the U.S.A., by Powell Crichton, 1932
                     Official Book of the Fair, International Exposition, Chicago, 1933
                     Report of the National Transportation Committee, New York, 1933
                     Federation Aeronautique International
                              Code General Sportif, 1933
                              Code Sportif Annexes, 1933
                              Statuts et Reglement Interview, 1933
                     Federation Aeronautique International XXXIV Congres, 1934
                     Letter to the President on Foreign Trade by George N. Peek, May 23, 1934
                     Industry's Problems by Alfred P. Sloan, Jr., Apr 26, 1934
                     What Airplanes Can Do, Present Limitation and Possible Developments
                              by Edward Warner (reprint Foreign Affairs), 1942

82        Periodicals
                     Real Estate Data for Cook County, Illinois, 1919
                      U.S. Air Service, Dec 1920
                     Contact, Sep 1923
                     West Publishing Company's Docket, Nov‑Dec 1923
                     National Aeronautic Association Review 1923-1924
                     American Bar Association Journal, Sep 1924
                     American Legion Weekly, Sep 5, 1924
                     Aviation, October 20
                     National Aeronautic Association Review Slipstream, Vol. 6, No. 3, 1925
                     The Aeroplane, Dec 2, 1925
                     Aviation, Dec 7, 1925
                     National Aeronautic Association Review Slipstream, Vol. 7, No. 5, 1926
                     American Bar Association Journal, Jan 1926
                     Commercial Law League Journal, Jan 1926
                     Aviation, Jan 19, 1926
                     Aviation, Jan 20, 1926
                     Case & Comment, Jan‑Mar 1926
                     The University of Chicago Magazine, Feb 1926
                     Slipstream, Vol. 7,  No. 5, 1926
                     National Petroleum News,  Aug 1926
                     Automotive Abstracts, Aug 20, 1926
                     Real Estate Data for Cook County, Illinois, 1927
                     Chicago Bar Record Vol. XXXIII, No. 9, June 1927
            Clippings, 1924-1944 (2 folders)
            Reprints, 1925, 1934 (2 folders)


1          Address by Assistant Secretary of Navy Ingalls, 1931
            *Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce, 1930, 1933 and undated (3 folders)
            *Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce – Legislative Bulletins, 1937
            Aero Pickup Service Corporation, 1926, Jan-Sep 1931 (9 folders)

2          Aero Pickup Service Corporation, Oct 1931-1933 and undated (9 folders)
            *Air Mail Contract Rates, 1931-1932 and undated
            *Airport Development and Construction Company, 1930
            *American Bar Association, Jan-June 1936

3          *American Bar Association, July—Aug 1936 and undated
            American Bureau Aircraft, 1930
            Ball, Clifford, 1930 and undated
            *Campaign of 1932
                     *Hoover-Curtis Aviation Committee
                              *Correspondence, 1932 (2 folders)
                     *Speeches by MacCracken
                     *Third Party Candidate

3          *China National Aviation Corporation, 1929-30
            Consolidated Aircraft, 1932
            *Contract Cancellation
                     *Press Comment, 1934

4                   *Re-bidding, 1934
                     *Resolution, 1933
            *Contracts and Bids, 1926-1927, 1930-1932 and undated (6 folders)
            *Detroit Aircraft Corporation Lease Controversy, 1929-1931
            *Dirigible Disasters – Congressional Investigation, 1933
            *Dominion Air Transport, 1929-1931 and undated
            *Eastern Air Transport – Radio License, 1929-Sep 1933 (2 folders)

5          *Eastern Air Transport – Radio License, Oct—Nov 1933 and undated
            *First Day Covers, 1930
            Goodyear – Zeppelin
                     Correspondence, 1932, 1935 (2 folders)
                     Department Letters
                     *Dirigible Rides for Dignitaries, 1930
                     General, 1929-Apr 1930 (2 folders)

6                   General, May 1931-Aug 1934 (10 folders, * for 1933 and 1934)

7                   *General, Sep 1934-1935 and undated (6 folders)
                     *Legal Fees and Expenses, 1929-1931
                     Legislation, 1929-Jan 1931 (6 folders, * for 1929)

8                   Legislation, Feb 1931-1935 and undated (10 folders, * for 1933-1934 and undated)

9                   Radio, 1933 (2 folders)
                     *Van Meister Interview With Postmaster Brown, 1931
            *Kohler Aviation Corporation
                     *General, 1928-Mar 1933 (8 folders)

10                 *General, Apr-Dec 1933, 1935 and undated (4 folders)
                     *History of Operations, 1930
                     *Radio, 1932
            *Legal Fees Paid to MacCracken, 1929, 1933-1935 (4 folders)
            *Legislation, 1929-1932 and undated (2 folders)
            Ludington Airlines, Inc., 1931-1932

11        Ludington Airlines, Inc., 1933 and undated (2 folders)
            Merchant Airship Act: Suggested Ammendments and Explanatory Notes, undated
            *Mergers, 1930 and undated
            Mid Continent, 1930-1931 and undated
            *Murphy, Joan, 1929-1942 and undated
            National Advisory Council for Aeronautics, 1936-Apr 1937 (5 folders)

12        National Advisory Council for Aeronautics, May 1937-1939 and undated (3 folders)
            National Air Transport
                     General, 1925-1926 (7 folders)
                     Air Mail Bid, 1925-1926 and undated (2 folders)
                     American Railway Express Agreement, Undated

13                 Articles of Incorporation, 1925
                     Bank Deposit Arrangements, 1925
                     Chicago-Dallas Air Mail Route, 1925-1926 and undated
                     Colonial Air Transport, 1926
                     Organizational Meeting and By-Laws, 1925
                     Stock, undated
                     Statistics, 1925 and undated
            New York, Rio and Buenos Aires Airlines
                     General, 1928-May 9, 1930 (11 folders)

14                 General, May 12, 1930-1931 and undated (11 folders)

15                 *Air Mail Contract, 1929-30 and undated
                     *Purchase by Pan American (3 folders)
                     New York-Washington Airport Company: Ludington, 1930-1932 and undated
                              (4 folders)
            *Operators' Conference, 1930-1931 and undated (2 folders)
            *Pacific Zeppelin Transport Company, 1931

16        Pan American Airways, 1929-1932 (11 folders)
            Pan American Airways
                     General, Nov 1930

17                 General, Dec 1930-June 1933 (10 folders)

18                 General, July-Dec 1933 and undated (3 folders)
                     Alaska, 1930-34
                     *Alaska Railroad Freight Rates: Aviation Supplies, 1931-1933 (5 folders)
                     Briefs, 1927-32
                     Castle Island, 1932 (2 folders)
                     Dinner Key (Miami, Florida), 1931

19                 Dinner Key (Miami, Florida), 1932 (3 folders)
                     *Expansion Plans and Miami, 1932 and undated
                     Federal Air Mail 12 – Boston and Halifax, 1931-1932
                     Lease, 1932
                     Maps, 1927-1931
                     Mexico--Brownsville--Reciprocity--Pilots and Customs, 1932
                     North Beach – Miami, 1930-1931
                     *Radio, 1930-July 15, 1931 (4 folders)

20                 *Radio, July 16, 1931-June 1932 (12 folders)

21                 *Radio, July 1932-1934 (11 folders)
                     *Radio Maps, 1932

22                 South American Air Mail Routes, 1932
                     Ticket Tax, 1932-33
            *Pittsburg Aviation Industries Corporation, 1929-1931 (6 folders)
            *Postal Telegraph Cable Company, 1931
            *Rental Properties, 1936
            *Roosevelt-Fokker Scandal, 1936
            Standard Air Lines, 1930 and undated
            *Standard Air Lines - Liquidation, 1930-1932

23        Transcontinental and Western Air
                     General , 1930-Feb 1932 (9 folders)

24                 General, Mar 1932-1933 and undated (10 folders)
                     Accident and Insurance, 1931 and undated

25                 *Aircraft Purchase from Douglas, 1932-1933
                     *Compensation Dispute With Post Office, 1931-1932
                     *Compensation for MacCracken and Lee Law Firm, 1930-1932
                     *Extension of Air Mail Certificate Through 1940 (2 folders)
                     *Financial, 1930-1931
                     Kelly Bill, 1933 and undated
                     *Lighted Airways, 1931
                     *Merger with Transcontinental Air Transport, 1930 (2 folders)

26                 *Merger with Transcontinental Air Transport, 1931-1932 and undated
                     Minutes of Executive Committee, 1930-1931
                     Minutes of Meetings, 1932
                     *New York--California Route, 1930-1931 (3 folders)
                     *Pennsylvania Attempts to Regulate Air Mail, 1931
                     *Performance Reports, 1931-1932 and undated (3 folders)

27                 Property, 1929-1932 and undated (6 folders)
                     *Property – Publicity, 1930
                     *Report for Executive Committee Meeting, 1932
                     Summaries of Service – Three Parts (three folders, * for part 3)
                     Traffic, Feb-Sep 1931

28                 Traffic, Oct 1931-1932 and undated (2 folders)
                     *Workmen's Compensation for Airline Employees, 1927-31
            *Uniform Air Laws, 1937-1938
            United Aviation Company, 1929-1930
            *Washington, D.C. Airport, undated

            Western Air Express
                     Contracts, 1930-1931, and undated (3 folders)
                     Financial Accounts
                     General, 1929-Sep 1930 (3 folders)

29                 General, Nov 1930-1931, and undated (4 folders)
                     Latin America, 1930 and undated
                     *MacCracken Legal Fees, 1930-31
                     *Miscellaneous, 1930-1931, and undated (2 folders)
                     Proposed Southern Bid

Air Mail Contracts Controversy, 1934

            SUBJECT SERIES
                     Airport Projects information for congressman LaGuardia, 1932.
                     Aviation-Legislation-Air Commerce Act, Article by Fred P. Lee,1926.
                     Aviation-Legislation-Air Mail Act, Drafts & Prints, 1925-1934
                     Chicago Maccracken Dinner, 9/30/26, Regrets Correspon­dence (2 folders)
                     Commerce Department, Personal Correspondence
                              B, 1926-1929 (3 folders)
                              C, 1926-1929 (4 folders)
                              H, 1926-1929
            LEGAL SERIES
Douglas, Arizona Airport, 1930-1931 & undated
Trans Continental & Western Air Inc., 1933 Oct.-Dec.

Airships – Printed Material: See Also: Legal Series: Goodyear Zepelin
Aviation – Air Law: See Also: Legislation
Aviation – Air Law – States – Individual – Uniform Aviation Laws: See Also:  ABA, 1922,
            Aeronautics Law

Commerce Department. Aeronautics Branch. See Also:
            1. Air Mail Contracts, 1927
            2. Chicago MacCracken Dinner, 9/30/26
            3. Hoover Administration Judicial Appointments, 1929
            4. International Civil Aeronautics Conference, 1928
            5. International Conference on Air Navigation (Paris), 1929
            6. Invitations & Engagements, 1926-1929
            7. Speeches, 1927-1929
            8. Wilbur Wright Memorial Lecture, 1929
Lindbergh, Charles. A. See Also:  MacCracken – Biography – Correspondence, 1969


Contractors Conference: See: 
            1. Air Mail Contract Rates
            2. Operators' Conference
Legislation: See Also:
            1. Goodyear-Zeppelin: Legislation
            2. Merchant Airship Act: Suggested Amendment
New York, Rio and Buenos Aires Airlines – Purchase by Pan American: See Also: NY Rio,
            Buenos Aires Airlines: General
Transcontinental and Western Air - Performance Reports: See Also: Transcontinental and
            Western Air: Summaries of Service
Transcontinental and Western Air – Summaries of Service: See Also: Transcontinental and
            Western Air: Performance Reports, 1931-32

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