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Oct 18, 2021

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4 linear feet, 5 linear inches (9 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize box)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Robert H. Lucas was a lawyer active in Kentucky Republican politics. He was responsible for organizing congressional campaigns in 1930 and 1932, and the 1932 presidential campaign. After 1932 Lucas was primarily occupied with his legal practice and Republican politics.

Aug 8, 1888  Born near Anchorage, Kentucky to Robert and Hattie Lucas.

1906    Graduated Louisville Male High School.

1909    University of Louisville law degree and began practice in Louisville

1916‑1921    Chairman of Louisville and Jefferson County Republican Central Committee

1921‑1929    Collector of Internal Revenue for Kentucky

1924    Managed Presidential and Senatorial campaigns in Kentucky

1927‑1928    Member of Republican State Central Committee

1927    Candidate in Republican primary for Governor, defeated

1928    Managed Presidential campaign in Louisville for Hoover, carried city by 33,000 votes

1929‑1930    Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service

1930‑1932    Executive Director of Republican National Committee

1930‑1931    Controversy with Senator George W. Norris over contributions to Anti‑Norris campaign in Nebraska

1935‑1936    Lucas' challenge of Charles D. Hilles and his attempt to have leaders of Republican organizations select the 1936 Presidential candidate by a "grass roots" poll fails

1936    Kentucky Republican nominee for Senator, defeated in general election

1947    Died at Washington D. C. Age 59


Lucas' activities as Collector of Internal Revenue for Kentucky (1921‑1929) are reflected primarily in newspaper clippings from various Louisville papers, especially for the period 1921‑1923. His duties, responsibilities, and activities as Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (1929‑1930) are only incompletely represented because such records have been retained in the official files of the Internal Revenue Service.

Lucas' correspondence and speeches contain valuable information and insights of Kentucky history and politics from 1914 into the mid1940's. Additional insights and observations may be found in the files concerning Lucas' activities as the first‑Executive Director of the Republican National Committee from 1930‑1932.

His correspondence for this period is concerned almost wholly with the political situation in Kentucky and the outlook for the Republican Party in upcoming Congressional and Presidential elections. His speeches and other writings take on a deeply patriotic flavor, and reflect a strong anti‑communist attitude.

Arranged alphabetically by subject or type of material.

The papers of Robert Hendry Lucas, Commissioner of Internal Revenue  (1929‑1930), and first Executive Director of the Republican National Committee (1930‑1932), were given to the United States of America for deposit in the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library by Martha B.L. Pate (Lucas' daughter), in a deed of gift signed November 20, 1979. Literary rights in the unpublished writings of Robert Hendry Lucas have been given and assigned to the United States of America.


Box      Contents
1          Appointment Book, 1931
            Department Service, 1939‑1940
            Internal Revenue Service, 1921‑1930
                     Collector, 1921‑1929
                              Clippings, 1921-1929 (2 folders)
                              Correspondence, 1925‑1929
                     Commissioner, 1929‑1930
                              Clippings, 1929‑1930
                              Correspondence, 1929-1930 (2 folders)
                              Messages from the commissioner
            Kent Libel Suit
            Kentucky Political Activities
                     Clippings, 1914-1927 (2 folders)
2                   Clippings, 1928‑1946
                     Correspondence, 1928-1947 (4 folders)
                     Louisville Politics, 1925‑1945 and undated
                     Political memorabilia
            Louisville City Directory, 1919
            Lucas, Robert Hendry
                     Club Memberships and Activities
                     College Yearbook, 1907
                              General, 1916-1930 (3 folders)
3                            General, 1931-1947 (6 folders)
                              Business Affairs
                              Condolences (2 folders)
4                            Congratulatory Notes
                                       Internal Revenue Service (3 folders)
                                       Republican National Committee (2 folders)
                     Funeral and Memorial Resolutions
                     Pate, Martha Bob
                     Poem – Lucas’ Favorite
                     Proposed Judicial Appointment, 1929

5                            Duplicates
            New Deal – S. T. Snead Critique
            Norris Controversy
                     Clippings, 1930 and undated
                     Lucas Form Letter
                     Press Releases
                     Public Support A – O (4 folders)

6                   Public support P – Z (3 folders)
                     Public support – Acknowledgments
            Republican Party Activities
                     Correspondence, 1940-1946 (4 folders)
                     Grass Roots Movement, 1935‑1936
                     Minutes, 1944
                     National Committee
                              Campaign Organization, 1930‑1932
                                       Congressional Committee – James H. MacLafferty Reports
                                       County and Precinct Levels
                                       National and State Levels
                                       Personal and Political Contacts
                                       Special Groups, Speakers, etc.

7                                     Form Letters (2 folders)
                     Clippings, 1930‑1932
                              General, 1930‑1932
                              Keim, George DeBenneville, 1930-1932 (3 folders)
                              Nutt, J. R., 1930-1931 (2 folders)

8                            Nutt, J. R., 1932
                              Public, 1930‑1932
                              Minutes of Meeting, 1930
                              Press Releases
                     Presidential Appointees Listing, Mar 4, 1921-July 11, 1930
                     Political Memorabilia
                     Prohibition Sentiments, 1930
                     Southern Tour, 1943
            Select Committee on Senatorial Campaign Expenditures – Testimony of J. R. Nutt and
                     John Robsion
                     General Political, 1922‑1943 and undated
                     Holiday Addresses
                     Internal Revenue Service
                              Amos and Andy Speech
                              Collector, 1922 and undated
                              Commissioner, 1929‑1930
                     Kentucky Politics, 1925, 1930 and undated
                     Kentucky Senatorial Campaign, 1936 (printed copies)
                     Lincoln Day Addresses, 1921, 1927 and 1928
                     Louisville Politics, 1924‑1926 and undated
                     Patriotic and Religious, undated
                     Republican National Committee, 1930‑1931

9                   Republican National Committee, 1932 and undated (2 folders)
                     Special Occasions – Conventions
            Stites, Henry J., 1929‑1945

10 (oversized box)
                     Addresses Upon the American Road, 1933‑1938, by Herbert Hoover.
                     Annual Reports of the Secretary of the Treasury, 1929-1932
                     Appointment Book, for the periods Jan 2‑May 26, 1931 and Aug 4‑5, 1931
                     The Colonel, 1909 (University of Louisville yearbook)
                     Conference of Young Republicans, June 11‑12, 1931
                     Internal Revenue News, June 1929‑August 1930
                     Louisville Informational Booklet
                     Our Presidents at a Glance, 1789‑1932
                     Republican National Conventions, 1924, 1928 (2), 1932 (2), 1936, and 1940
                     Republican National Convention, 1932 (oversized edition)
                     The Republican Woman, Oct 1932.
                     The Young Republican Magazine; Nov-Dec 1931, Jan-Mar, 1932
                     Young Republicans of New Jersey, Third Annual Convention, 1934
            Scrapbook on Kentucky politics, 1927
            Scrapbook pages of clippings, 1912-1926 (folder)

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