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Oct 18, 2021

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23 linear feet, 8 linear inches (54 manuscript boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Rose Wilder Lane was an author, journalist, world traveler, and Libertarian. She was born on December 5, 1886 near DeSmet in Dakota Territory (later South Dakota) to Almanzo and Laura Wilder. In 1894 the family moved to Mansfield, Missouri and settled on Rocky Ridge Farm.


Folders that have been scanned have the file name added at the end of the folder name.




General Accessions – Laura Ingalls Wilder Papers. University of Missouri.
Photocopies of correspondence from microfilm.

General Accessions – Red Cross. A Letter from Europe. American Red Cross, 1921



Box      Contents

1          Albania
                     Correspondence, 1922‑1968
                     Map, 1915
            Albanian Garden
                     Correspondence, 1926‑1927
                     Journal, 1926‑1927
            Alexander, Charles, 1923
            America, Frank, 1923
            Anderson, Blanche, 1965, 1968
            Anderson, Sherwood, 1928
            Beatty, Bessie, 1920
            Brandt, Carl, 1928‑1937 and undated
            Brody, Catherine, 1933
            Bye, George T., 1931-1940 (8 folders)

2          Clark, Charles and Joan, 1943‑1968
                     Miscellaneous, 1922-1939 and undated (5 folders)
                     Literary, 1933
                     Politics and Economics, 1933
                     Better Homes & Gardens Cook Book, 1934‑1946
                     Recipes, undated (2 folders)

3          Correspondence. General, 1907‑1968
            Crane, Jasper, 1945-1957 (10 folders)

4          Crane, Jasper, 1958-1968 (11 folders)

5          Danbury, Connecticut
                     House Plan, undated
                     Zoning Controversy, 1945-1946
                     Flood, 1955
                     Christmas Card, 1966-1967
            Day, Clarence, 1927‑1928
            Dell, Floyd, 1926‑1934
            DeVoto, Bernard, 1939
            Dobie, Charles C., 1917-1918
            Economic Council Review of Books, 1943‑1945
            Evans, Ernestine, 1953
            Federal Bureau of Investigation – Rose Wilder Lane Investigation, 1943
            Freedom School, 1958-1964 (2 folders)
            Garrod, R. V., 1962
            Garrett, Garet, 1936-1937, 1953 and undated (2 folders)
            Hader, Berta and Elmer, 1919‑1930 and undated
            Hamilius, Jean‑Pierre, 1959‑1968
            Hart, Merwin, 1956‑1962
            Hervier, Paul Lewis, 1926‑1934
            Hoover, Herbert, 1920‑1960
            Jackson, Major D. R. H., 1930 and undated

6          Jackson, Elsie, 1930-1931, 1965-1968, undated (2 folders)
            Keeley, Mrs. James H., 1926
            Lane, Rose Wilder
                     Articles About, 1925‑1982
                     Autobiographical Sketch, 1935
                     Bequests, 1968‑1969
                     Birth Affidavit, 1968
                     Calling Cards and Bookplate
                     Death, 1968
                     Estate – Property and Stock
                     Financial and Legal Documents
                     Passport, 1923
                     Tax Returns 1932-1967 (scattered)
            Laura Ingalls Wilder Home Association, 1964‑1967
            Little House Songbook, 1967‑1968
            McBride, Mary Margaret, 1929‑1930 and undated
            MacBride, Roger, 1953‑1960
            MacBride, Roger and Susan, 1961-Feb 1964 (5 folders)

7          MacBride, Roger and Susan, Mar 1964-June 1967 (9 folders)

8          MacBride, Roger and Susan, July 1967-1968, and undated (4 folders)
            Mack, O. Fred, 1940
            Malcolmson, David, undated
            Manuscript Material – General
            Maps, circa 1920‑1939
            Meta, Rexh, 1927-1935 (6 folders)

9          Meta, Rexh, 1936-1940 and 1945 (3 folders)
            Meta, Rexh and Pertef, 1965‑1966
            Meyer, Frank, 1953-1963 (2 folders)
            Monarchi, Francesco, 1926‑1927
            Moyston, Guy, 1919-June 1927 (9 folders)

10        Moyston, Guy, July 1927-1928
            Mundy, Talbot and Dawn, 1934‑1935
            Munson, Lyle, 1967
            Ogg, Norma Lee Browning, 1946-1986 (includes partial manuscript)
            Ohanian, Armen, 1940
            Older, Fremont, 1928-1936 (2 folders)
            Parkhurst, Genevieve, 1925‑32
            Paterson, Isabel, 1933‑1945
            Printed Material
            Read, Leonard, 1944-1946 (2 folders)
            Reitama‑Bakker, Simone, 1966‑1967
            Roscoe, Burton, 1938
            Ripley, Clements, 1937‑1938
            Rocky Ridge
                     House Construction – Correspondence and Receipts, 1928
                     Writings and Drawings, 1928-1981
                     Farm Then And Now, 1981
            San Francisco Press Club, 1915

11        Saturday Evening Post, Pioneer Stories, Response Mail, 1937-1938 (2 folders)
            Sennholz, Hans, 1959‑1963
            Smith, Art, circa 1916
            Society of Women Geographers, 1929-1942
            Stillman, Louis, 1920
            Sullivan, Mark, 1938
            Telephone Messages, 1938
            Thompson, Dorothy, 1921-1960 (2 folders)
            Turner, Al 1935‑1938
            Turner, John
                     Correspondence, 1934-1939 and undated (2 folders)
                     New Mexico Military Institute, 1936‑1938
            Vietnam Trip, 1965
            Vietnamese Correspondents, 1965‑1967
            Watts, Orval
                     Correspondence, 1956 and 1961 (2 folders)

12                 Correspondence, 1962-1963 (5 folders)
                              Money and Banking (4 folders)
                              Can Government Keep You Prosperous?
                              When Will The Prices Stop Rising?
                              Untitled, Chapters 1‑2
            White, William Allen, 1938
            Wilbur, Crane, 1935
            Wilder Genealogy, 1934
            Williams, Blanche Colton, 1928

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13        Correspondence, 1908-1940, 1952 (15 folders) [31-rwl-liw-b13-f182-1908-1914,
            31-rwl-liw-b13-f183-1915-08-09, 31-rwl-liw-b13-f184-1915-09-10, 31-rwl-liw-b13-f185-
            1919-1923, 31-rwl-liw-b13-f186-1924, 31-rwl-liw-b13-f187-1925, 31-rwl-liw-b13-f188-
            1926-1930, 31-rwl-liw-b13-f189-1931, 31-rwl-liw-b13-f190-1932, 31-rwl-liw-b13-f191, 31-
            rwl-liw-b13-f192-1933-1936, 31-rwl-liw-b13-f193-1937, 31-rwl-liw-b13-f194-1938, 31-rwl-
            Correspondence – Almanzo Wilder, 1915 [31-rwl-liw-b13-f195a]
            DeSmet Cemetery Association - Correspondence, 1943‑1954 [31-rwl-liw-b13-f196]
            Detroit Book Week Speech, 1937 [31-rwl-liw-b13-f197]
            The Horn Book Magazine – Reprint from the Laura Ingalls Wilder Issue, 1953
            Ingalls, Charles P. Homestead, 1880-1986 [31-rwl-liw-b13-f197b]

14        Ingalls, Mary – Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School, 1976-1984
            Mail from Fans, 1933‑1949
            Milman, Arthur, 1915‑1918
            South Dakota State Historical Society, 1944‑1950
            Treasures from C. P. Ingalls and Laura Wilder compiled by Aubrey Sherwood, 1982
                     (includes: Letters of Laura Wilder to the editor back home in De Smet [1937-1954],
                     The Settlement of De Smet, other Wilder lore)
            Wilder Estate, Laura, 1952‑1959
            Manuscripts, Notes, and Resource Material
                     Laura's "Ideas for Work", 1903 and undated
                     "Tuck 'Em In Corner Poems, ca.1915
                     Letters from Aunt Martha Carpenter, 1925
                     Pioneer Girl
                              Brandt Copy (2 folders) [31-rwl-liw-b14-f205-f836, 31-rwl-liw-b14-f206-f837]
                              Revised Draft (2 folders) [31-rwl-liw-b14-f207-f834, 31-rwl-liw-b14-f208-f835]
                              Bye Copy (2 folders) [31-rwl-liw-b14-f209-f845, 31-rwl-liw-b14-f210-f846]
                              Insertions in Laura Wilder Holograph, 1930
                              Fragments – pages 1 to 6
                              Fragments – Long Winter Episode
                     Little House in The Big Woods
                              Reviews, 1932
                              When Grandma Was A Little Girl (manuscript)
                     Farmer Boy (typed manuscript, 3 folders, 266 pages)
                     Little House on the Prairie
                              Background material, 1933

15                          Final typescript (carbon, 3 folders, 176 pages)
                     On the Banks of Plum Creek
                              How Laura Got Even (7 pp.)
                              Draft A (typescript, 3 folders 128 pp. and unnumbered)
                              Draft B (typescript, 3 folders))
                              Final Copy (Carbon), pp. 1‑30, 60‑96
                     By The Shores of Silver Lake
                              Typescript manuscript with revisions by Laura (carbon, 2 folders)
                     The Long Winter
                              Manuscript draft typescript with corrections by Laura (carbon, 4 folders)
                              Laura's List of Corrections with Map of DeSmet
                              Typed manuscript fragments with corrections by Rose
                              Typed final manuscript (carbon) with corrections by Laura and Rose,
                                       Parts of Chapter 27 and 29
                              Typescript of manuscript chapters in Detroit Public Library omitted from book

16                 Little Town on the Prairie
                              Outline, "Prairie Girl," undated
                              Galley proofs (2 folders)
                     These Happy Golden Years. typescript manuscript with corrections (2 folders)
                     The First Four Years
                              Original Manuscript (facsimile copy)
                              Photocopy (2 folders)
                              Typescript of manuscript for printer (2 folders)
                     On the Way Home. Foreword and Afterword by Rose Wilder Lane (manuscript)
                     West From Home
                              Manuscript of letters (typed)
                              Photos and captions

17                 Miscellaneous Little House Material
                              Articles and clippings
                                       Grace Ingalls diary, 1887‑1893
                                       Letters – Marion Hinz (DeSmet) to Greg Smith, 1965
                              Roger MacBride – Slides, Tapes, Printed Material
                              Roger MacBride – Rosa Ann Moore correspondence, 1977
                              Rosa Ann Moore – Typescripts
                                       Aunt Martha Carpenter letters, 1925
                                       Wilder‑Lane Correspondence, 1937-1940 and 1952
                                                (4 folders)
                                       Pioneer Girl – Insertions in LIW Holograph
                                       Grace Ingalls diary

18        Little House Books (published copies)
                     Little House in The Big Woods
                     Little House on The Prairie
                     Farmer Boy
                     On The Banks of Plum Creek
                     By The Shores of Silver Lake
                     The Long Winter
                     Little Town on the Prairie
                     These Happy Golden Years
                     The First Four Years

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19        Diary – Sausalito, July-Sep 1918 (item 1) [31-rwl-dan-b19-i001]
            Diary and accounts – California, Washington D.C., New York, and Europe,
                     Mar-Dec 1920 (item 2) [31-rwl-dan-b19-i002]
            Letter/Diary – Rose to Arthur Griggs, Trip from Paris to Vienna, June 1920 (item 3)
            Letter/Diary – Rose to Arthur Griggs, Trip from Paris to Poland, Sep 22-25, 1920
                     (item 4) [31-rwl-dan-b19-i004]
            Letter/Diary – Rose to Arthur Griggs, Polish Trip, Sep 27-Oct 4, 1920 (item 5)
            Looseleaf Notebook, 1920-1922 and 1927 and 1932-1933 and undated
                     (includes: poetry, notes, events, story ideas, alphabetical character studies of men
                     from "The Woman's Point of View," notes on freedom novel (1920), current events
                     (Aug-Sep 1920), scattered diary entries (1921, 1922, 1927), notes on Jack London
                     story, notes on American politics (1932‑1933) (item 6) [31-rwl-dan-b19-i006]
            Diary and accounts – Europe, 1921 (item 7) [31-rwl-dan-b19-i007]
            Notes on Albania, Feb-Apr 1921 and undated (item 8) [31-rwl-dan-b19-i008]
            Notes on Albania, Apr 1921 (item 9) [31-rwl-dan-b19-i009]
            Letter from Europe – Red Cross Publicity and a Self‑Analysis, May 1921 (item 10)
            Notes on Walking Tour of Brittany, Oct 9-15, 1921 (item 11) [31-rwl-dan-b19-i011]
            Notebook, 1921-1936 (includes: story ideas, journal entries, financial summaries, goals,
                     Eastern proverbs (July 1922), notes on Sinclair Lewis and other authors (1923),
                     evaluating life and writings, convictions, Psalms, Proverbs, Rocky Ridge, budget,
                     theater (1924), summary of 1925, notes on Brandes Main Currents of 19th Century
                     Literature, status of writings and finances, song, New Year's Resolutions (1925-
                     1928), letter from Clarence Day (Dec 1927), goals for Rocky Ridge stay (1928-
                     1929), notes on Sassoon and Masefield and conflict structure, stories written and
                     published (1931-1935), answers to Little Review questionnaire and self‑evaluation
                     (July 1932), quotes (item 12) [31-rwl-dan-b19-i012]
            Diary and accounts – Europe, 1922 (item 13) [31-rwl-dan-b19-i013]
            Notes on Albanian "Mati" Trip, June-July 1922 (item 14) [31-rwl-dan-b19-i014]
            Notes on Caucasus trip and research, Sep-Dec 1922 (item 15) [31-rwl-dan-b19-i015]

20        Notes on Baku trip, Dec 1922 (item 16) [31-rwl-dan-b20-i016]
            Diary, 1923 (item 17) [31-rwl-dan-b20-i017]
            Research Notes – Egypt, Syria, Aug 1923 (?)(item 18) [31-rwl-dan-b20-i018]
            1896 Trip from Syrian Coast to Baghdad, Aug 1923 (typed notes, item 19)
            Trip Diary – Constantinople to Cairo, Aug 28-Sep 3, 1923 (item 20)
            Diary, 1924, Jan-Mar 1926 and May 14, 1932 (item 21) [31-rwl-dan-b20-i021]
            Notes – Ozark Spring Weather, 1924-1925 (item 22) [31-rwl-dan-b20-i022]
            Notes – Joseph Conrad, Short Story Writing, 1925 and undated (item 23)
            Analysis – Woman's Home Companion, stories, notes on Albania, 1925 and undated
                     (item 24) [31-rwl-dan-b20-i024]
            Diary, 1926-1930 (item 25) [31-rwl-dan-b20-i025]
            Notes – Italian Language, 1926 (?) (item 26) [31-rwl-dan-b20-i026]
            Notes – Russian Language, 1926 (?) (item 27) [31-rwl-dan-b20-i027]
            Notes – Russian Language, 1926 (?) (item 28) [31-rwl-dan-b20-i028]
            Letter/Diary by Rose and Troub – Paris to Albania Trip, Aug-Sep 1926
                     (also in manuscripts – Albania Trip, item 29) [31-rwl-dan-b20-i029]
            Datebook – Record of Writing Done, 1927 (item 30) [31-rwl-dan-b20-i030]

21        Notes – Albanian Garden, Language, Mar-Nov 1927 (item 31) [31-rwl-dan-b21-i031]
            Notes – Albanian Villages Trip, July 4-8, 1927 (item 32) [31-rwl-dan-b21-i032]
            Notes – Albania to Vienna Trip, July 30-Aug 15, 1927 (item 33) [31-rwl-dan-b21-i033]
            Notes – Cleopatra, 1928 (?, item 34) [31-rwl-dan-b21-i034]
            Notes and Analysis – Books Read, 1928-1933 (item 35) [31-rwl-dan-b21-i035]
            Notes – Rocky Ridge Garden, Aug 1929-Oct 1930 (item 36) [31-rwl-dan-b21-i036]
            Diary, 1931-1935 (item 37) [31-rwl-dan-b21-i037]
            Notes – Rocky Ridge, Picnic, Memphis Trip, July-Aug 1931 (item 38)
            New York Grand Central Station and 61 Broadway, undated
            Notes – 61 Broadway, undated (item 39) [31-rwl-dan-b21-i039]
            Analysis of Saturday Evening Post serial and short story, 1931
            Ladies Home Journal serial, 1933
            Notes – Russian Language, 1931 (item 40) [31-rwl-dan-b21-i040]
            Notes – Rocky Ridge Garden, 1931-1932 (item 41) [31-rwl-dan-b21-i041]
            Budget Book, 1932 (item 42) [31-rwl-dan-b21-i042]
            Research Notes – Singapore, Malaysia, Burma, Jan 1932 (item 43)
            Short Stories Studied, Jan 1932 (item 44) [31-rwl-dan-b21-i044]
            Journal, May 1932-Jan 1933 (item 45) [31-rwl-dan-b21-i045]
            Itinerary and Expenses – Canada and New York Trip, Sep 1932 (item 46)
            Journal, 1933-1934, 1940, 1949-1950, 1960 (item 47) [31-rwl-dan-b21-i047]
            Budget Book, 1933 (item 48) [31-rwl-dan-b21-i048]
            Personal Budget Book, 1933 (item 49) [31-rwl-dan-b21-i049]
            Notes – Kiss In Mid‑Battle, Feb 1933 (item 50) [31-rwl-dan-b21-i050]
            American Novel Outline, Wilder Genealogy Notes, 1933-1934 (item 51)
            Journal, 1933, 1940 (item 52) [31-rwl-dan-b21-i052]

22        Notes – Wheat, July 1933 (item 53) [31-rwl-dan-b22-i053]
            Budget Book, 1934 (item 54) [31-rwl-dan-b22-i054]
            Personal Budget Book, 1934 (item 55) [31-rwl-dan-b22-i055]
            Notes – Story Ideas and Titles, 1934 (item 56) [31-rwl-dan-b22-i056]
            Budget Book, 1935 (item 57) [31-rwl-dan-b22-i057]
            Expenses, 1935 (item 58) [31-rwl-dan-b22-i058]
            Diary, 1936-1938 (item 59) [31-rwl-dan-b22-i059]
            Bank Book, 1937 (item 60) [31-rwl-dan-b22-i060]
            Diary, 1938 (item 61) [31-rwl-dan-b22-i061]
            Notes – Trip From East to Midwest, June 1939 (item 62) [31-rwl-dan-b22-i062]
            Notes – Trip from Wyoming to Bellingham, bituminous coal act, 1939
                     (item 63) [31-rwl-dan-b22-i063]
            Diary, Aug 1939-Apr 1940 (item 64) [31-rwl-dan-b22-i064]
            Diary/Journal – War News, May-June 15, 1940 (item 65) [31-rwl-dan-b22-i065]
            Diary/Journal – War News, June 16-July 1, 1940 (item 66) [31-rwl-dan-b22-i066]
            Notes – Election, Nov 1940 (item 67) [31-rwl-dan-b22-i067]

23        Diary, 1942-1943 (item 68) [31-rwl-dan-b23-i068]
            Diary – Weather, Gardening, Canning, 1944-1945 (item 69) [31-rwl-dan-b23-i069]
            Diary, 1964-1965, 1967 (item 70) [31-rwl-dan-b23-i070]
            Notes – Albanian Language, undated (item 71) [31-rwl-dan-b23-i071]
            Notes – Albanian Language, undated (item 72) [31-rwl-dan-b23-i072]
            Notes – Albanian Language, undated (item 73) [31-rwl-dan-b23-i073]
            Notes – Albania, undated (item 74)
            Notes – Albania, undated (item 75)
            Notes – Brandes, Main Currents in 19th Century Literature, undated (item 76)
            Definitions, undated (item 77)
            Beau Williams Quotes, undated (item 78)
            Notes – Sausalito, Story Ideas, Ozark Material, New York, Household Accounts, 1918
                     (item 79)
            Notes – New York City, undated (item 80)
            Notes – Authors and Titles, Love of Land, Insects Are Winning, Dream, undated
                     (item 81)

24        Notes – Ozark Spring, Apr‑May no year (item 82) [31-rwl-dan-b24-i082]
            Names and Addresses, undated (item 83) [31-rwl-dan-b24-i083]
            Datebook Belonging to Edmund H. Stephan, 1937-1938 (item 84)
            Notes – Georgia Sea Islands, Book Titles, Authors, Quotations, Theological Ideas and
                     Stories, undated (item 85)
            Books, undated (item 86) [31-rwl-dan-b24-i086]
            Notes – Vietnam, 1965 (item 87) [31-rwl-dan-b24-i087]
            Notes with Index, 1950-1952 (item 88)
            Books Wanted, undated (item 89)
            Booklist, 12th and 16th Century Living, undated (item 90)
            Notes – From Tribe to Empire, undated (item 91)
            Notes – Vietnam, Names and Addresses, 1965 (item 92)
            Notes – Spanish Language, undated (item 93)
            Notes – John Adams, undated (item 94)
            Notes – Ancient Greek Scholars, undated (item 95)
            Notes – Maspero vol.1, undated (item 96)
            Notes – Albanian Language, undated (item 97)

55        Book Notes on Cards
                     Romance of H Progress, undated (item 98)
                     About Petroleum, Enterprise in Oil, et al., undated (item 99)
                     A Humane Economy, The End of Empire, et al., undated (item 100)
                     Strabo, Greek Civic, undated (item 101)
                     Seneca, Dante, et al., undated (item 102)
                     John Harvard, et al., undated (item 103)
                     Glotz Aegian Civilization, undated (item 104)
                     Greeks and Egyptians, undated (item 105)
                     Tides of History, vol. I, undated (item 106)
                     William James: Great Men, Great Thoughts and the Environment, undated
                              (item 107)
                     History Begins at Sumer by Samuel Kramer, undated (item 108)
                     Blackwell, Maspero, de Morgan, undated (item 109)
                     Sayce: Religions of A., Egypt and Babylonia, et al., undated (item 110)
                     John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Hannah Arendt, undated (item 111)
                     Neff: Carlyle and Mill, undated (item 112)
                     Augustan Age, undated (item 113)
                     Muller: Freedom in Ancient World (1), undated (item 114)
                     Tides of History, vol.2, undated (item 115)
                     Muller: Freedom in Ancient World (2), undated (item 116)
                     A, Mohammad Asad: Principles of State and Government in Islam, undated
                              (item 117)
                     A, Herodian of Antioch: History of Roman Empire, Henry Adams: Degradation of
                              Democratic Dogma, undated (item 118)
                     B, Burke: Reflections on the Revolution in France, Bury: History of Greece, Albert
                              Britt: The Hungry War, undated (item 119)
                     C, Chesterfield, Crassus, and Carcopino, Clason, undated (item 120)
                     D, Durant: Ceasar and Christ, undated (item 121)
                      F, Tenney Frank: Ec. Survey Rome, undated (item 122)
                     G, Grant: The Sword and the Cross, Edward Gibbon: The Decline and Fall of the
                              Roman Empire, undated (item 123)
                     H, Moses Hadas: A History of Rome, undated (item 124)
                     H, Hill: Roman Middle Class, undated (item 125)
                     H, Haskell: Cicero, undated (item 126)
                     H, Zoltan Haraszti: John Adams and the Prophets of Progress, undated (item 127)
                     J, Thomas Jefferson, undated (item 128)
                     K, Leonard Krieger: German Idea of Freedom, Mentor: Koran, undated (item 129)
                     L, Locke: Of Civ. Government, LaPiere: Freudian Ethic, undated  (item 130)
                     L, Anne Freemantle: Little Band of Prophets, undated (item 131)
                     Bury: Idea of Progress, et al., undated (item 132)
                     M, Marsilius of Padua, Philip Morrison: SEP Adventure of Mind, Ludwig: Talks with
                              Mussolini, undated (item 133)
                     M, Pirenne: Medieval Cities, Eileen Power: Medieval People, undated (item 134)
                     O, Berdyaev: Origin of Russian Communism, Cambridge University: Outlines of
                              English Industrial History, undated (item 135)
                     O, Obolensky: One Man in His Time, undated (item 136)
                     P, Pirenne: History of Europe, Plutarch: Caesar Pompey Crassus, et al., undated
                              (item 137)
                     R, Rostovtzeff: Social and Economic History of Roman Empire, undated (item 138)
                     S, Suetonius: Twelve Caesars, R.E. Smith: Failure of Roman Republic, undated
                              (item 139)
                     T, Tims, Toledano, Toutain, et al., undated (item 140)
                     Miscellaneous, undated (item 141)

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25        Accessory to Murder, 1936
            Albanian Trip, 1926
                     Version A
                     Typescript of diary
                     Version B, typescript of diary (item 29 in diaries and notes Series)
            All Men Are Liars, Woman's Day, 1940
            American Reader, Notes Only
            American Revolution, Saturday Evening Post, 1939 (printed)
            And On Earth Peace, Goodwill, Country Gentleman, 1939 (printed, Christmas feud)
            Angels At Birch Tree, Story Outline
            "Art" Smith's Story, The Bulletin, San Francisco, 1915 (printed)
            Atvona Goes To Church, Asia, Sep, 1919 (printed)
            August in Vietnam, Woman's Day, 1965 (printed)
            Autumn, Harper's 1924 (manuscript and printed)
            The Background of Vietnam, 1965 (written)
            Beginning Again At Ararat, Reviews
            Bit of Grey In A Blue Sky, Ladies Home Journal, 1919 (printed)
            The Blue Bead, Harper's, 1925
            Budapest for a Bath, World Traveler, 1923 (manuscript and printed)
            Byrd Story, Woman's Day, 1939
            Cacosotte – Revised 1939 (manuscript and correspondence)
            The Cave of Bulqis, 1931
            Charlie Chaplin's Own Story, The Bulletin, San Francisco, 1915 (printed)
            Children's Crusade, Good Housekeeping, 1920 (printed)
            Christmas Editorial written for Woman's Day, 1939
            Christmas in Erivan, Good Housekeeping, 1924 (printed)

26        Christmas Reunion, Good Housekeeping, 1936
            The Cities Get Them All, 1929
            Come Into My Kitchen, Woman's Day, 1960
            Country Jake, Saturday Evening Post, 1933 (printed)
            Country Life, Cosmopolitan, June, 1939
            The Craver of L'arnin,
            The Dancer of Shamakna, Asia, 1922
                     Printed Copy
                     General, Apr-Sep 1922 (3 folders)
            The Dancing Man by Frederick Irving Anderson (manuscript)
            Dangerous Curve, 1930 (see also Winding Road)
            A Day In Sarajevo
            Dear Little Sister, 1935
            Declaration for All Time, Rally, 1967
            Desert Sands, 1921, 1929-1930 (manuscript and correspondence)
            Discovery of Freedom
                     Correspondence and Printed Material
                              Clark, Fred G., 1952 [31-rwl-mss-b26-f313]
                              Cornuell, Richard C., 1958 [31-rwl-mss-b26-f314]
                              Crane, Jasper E., 1960‑64 [31-rwl-mss-b26-f315]
                              Edmonds, Walter, 1938
                              Freedom Newspapers, 1960 [31-rwl-mss-b26-f317]
                              Freedom School, 1963-1964 (2 folders)
                              Hamilius, Jean‑Pierre, 1949 [31-rwl-mss-b26-f320]
                              "Janet and Bob", 1964
                              Kessler, Howard E., 1964
                              LeFevre, Robert, 1957‑1964 [31-rwl-mss-b26-f323]
                              MacBride, Roger, 1954, 1968‑1979 (2 folders)

27                          MacBride, Roger and Susan, 1961-1967 (2 folders)
                              Meyer, Frank S., May 17, 1961 [31-rwl-mss-b27-f328]
                              National Education Council – Plain Talk Memo, undated
                              Pew, J. Howard, 1953 [31-rwl-mss-b27-f330]
                              Sennholz, Hans, 1955
                              Thompson, Dorothy, 1960
                              Thornton, 1964
                              Watts, Orval
                                       Article Drafts – United Nations, Foreign Aid, undated
                                       General, 1950-1968 (3 folders)
                              Westbrook, Ira E., 1953
                              Discovery of Liberty
                                       Preliminary Draft – Roger MacBride, 1973 [31-rwl-mss-b27-f339]
                                       Old World/New World
                              Part I
                                       Draft with Comments by Orval Watts, 8 pages)
                                       Draft (61 pages)
                                       Draft – Original and Carbon (75 pages)
                                       Early Draft (86 pages)

28                                   Beginnings (incomplete)
                                                Typed Copy
                                                Carbon Copy with Holograph Revisions
                                                Fragments (3 folders)
                                       Final Typescript
                                       Final – Photocopy, Portions Missing, Holograph Revisions
                              Part II
                                       Drafts (4 folders)

29                                   Fragments (2 folders)
                                       Final – Duplicate Pages
                              Part III (?)
                                       Draft – Europe's Fuedalism (pages 1-10)
                                       Draft – Planned Economy (pages 34-47)
                              Final Draft (2 folders, assembled by Nancy DeHamer)
                                       Additions (3 folders)

30                                   Resource Material (5 folders)
                                       Revision of 1943 Version
                                       Summer, 1962
            Diverging Roads, Sunset, 1918‑1919 (2 folders, print)
            The Dog Wolf, Good Housekeeping, 1932 (manuscript and print)
            Don't Send Your Son to College, Woman's Day, 1938 (manuscript and print)
            Don't Tell Me How To Live My Life, Woman's Day,1939 (manuscript and print, aka
                     Let’s Be Ourselves)

31        Dreadful House, Country Gentleman, 1936
            Drive Like A Woman, Good Housekeeping, 1939
            Drought, Country Gentleman, 1925 (manuscript and print)
            Easy Idealism – Letter To The Editor, Forum, 1928
            Economic Council Review of Books, 1945‑1950
                     Bound Copy
                     Unbound Issues, 1945-1950 (2 folders)
            Ed Monroe, Man‑Hunter, The Bulletin, San Francisco, 1915 (print, fragment)
            Edelweiss on Chafa Shalit, Harpers, 1923 (printed)
            The Embattled Farmers, The Bulletin, San Francisco, 1918 (print, fragment)
            The Emerald, 1911
                     Plot Summary
                     Manuscript (2 folders, 103 pages)
                     Manuscript Rewrite, pp. 1‑46 and Carbon

32        Faces at the Window, Manuscript and Printed Copy
            Fatima Meets the Heathen Lady, 1920
            Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds, 1929
            The Flowing Kava Bowl and My Darling Hope, Asia, 1919 (printed)
            The Footprint, The Country Gentleman, Mar 21, 1925 (printed)
            Force Won't Keep the Peace, Woman's Day, 1945
            Forgotten Man, 1939 (manuscript, correspondence, photos)
            Four Days In Azerbaijan, Harpers, Sept, 1933
            Freedom Quotations Book
                     Ayn Rand Letter, 1944
                     Mimeo Copy With Revised RWL Introduction
                     Collected Quotations, pp. 1‑140
                     Lists of Quotations
                     Quotations (3 folders)

33        Free Land, Saturday Evening Post, 1938 (see also Pioneer Stories Response Mail)
                     Resource Material – Rose's Questionnaire For Almanzo Wilder on Dakota Territory
                     Outline and Manuscript Fragments
                     Printed, Saturday Evening Post, Sep 1938 (2 folders)
            Frolic at Smilin’ Jim’s, Country Gentleman, May 1926
            Give Me Liberty – Pamphlet and Copyright Registration, 1946, 1954
            Gold Digger – Debate with Genevieve Parkhurst, 1928‑1929
            Good Fences, Country Gentleman, 1935
            Grandpa's Fiddle
            Green Valley Stories
                     The Five Tined Fork, Country Gentleman, 1925
                     Good Roads, Country Gentleman, 1928
                     Handsome Is As Handsome Does, CountryGentleman, 1925
                     Old Man Obstinate
                     The Ruction In Eden, Country Gentleman, 1929
                     That Foreigner At Lathrop's
                     The Walnut Tree, Country Gentleman, 1926
            Gypsy Trail, Ladies Home Journal, 1929
            Happy Ending, Harper's Bazaar, 1936
            Harvest, Harper's, 1929 (manuscript and printed)
            He Was A Man – Reviews (2 folders)

34        Hill Billy Stories
                     The Footprint, Country Gentleman, 1925 (manuscript and printed)
                     Frolic at Smilin' Jim's, Country Gentleman, 1926 (manuscript and printed)
                     Hill Billy Pride, Country Gentleman, 1925 (printed)
                     Prairie Hollow Singing, Country Gentleman, 1926 (printed)
                     Proposed Sequel
            Hired Girl, Saturday Evening Post, 1933
                     Manuscript and Printed Copy
                     Script for Play by Crane Wilbur
            Home Over Saturday, Saturday Evening Post, 1937 (printed)
            The Hope Chest, 1934
                     Ribbon Copy
                     Carbon Copy
            Horse and Buggy Days, Saturday Evening Post, 1936, (manuscript and printed)
            The House of Zia Bey
            How Can You Hold The Man You Love? Pictorial Review, 1928 (manuscript and print)
            How I Wrote "Yarbwoman," The Writer, 1928 (printed)
            The House of Zia Bey
            I Discovered the Secret of Happiness, Cosmopolitan, June, 1926) Printed Copy Only
            Immoral Woman, Ladies Home Journal, 1932) Manuscript, Printed Copy
            Innocence, Harper's – Manuscript, Correspondence, 1922, 1924, 1928
            In The Eagle's Nest of The World
            The Insidious Enemy, Good Housekeeping, 1920)
            It's the Sentiment, Ladies Home Journal, 1933) Manuscript and Printed Copy

35        I Was a Moscow Stenographer (outline and partial manuscript)
            A Jitney Romance, The Bulletin, San Francisco, 1915), Printed Copy Only
            Journey's Beginnings, Saturday Evening Post, 1936) Manuscript and Printed Copies
            Let The Hurricane Roar, Saturday Evening Post, 1932, Book, 1933)
                     Saturday Evening Post (print)
                     The Reader's Digest, 1943 (print)
                     Radio Script, 1940
                     Reviews and Notices, 1933
                     Reviews, British, 1933
            A Letter From Europe, American Red Cross, 1921
            Life and Jack London, Sunset, 1917‑1918
                     Manuscript, Part 2
                     Printed (photocopy)
            A Little Flyer In Inflation, Harper's, 1933 (printed)

36        Long May Our Land Be Bright, Cosmopolitan, 1939 (manuscript and printed)
            Long Skirts, Ladies Home Journal, 1933 (manuscript)
            The Making of Herbert Hoover, Illustration Notes by Rose
            A Man in the House, Good Housekeeping, 1931 (manuscript and printed)
            A Methodist Lady, 1930 (manuscript)
            Minnesota Farm Boy, Woman's Day, 1940 (manuscript and print, Stassen Story)
            Missouri Book
                     Clippings on Missouri History
                     Correspondence, 1935‑1938
                     Notebooks of Research Materials
                              Dates (2 books)
                              Subjects (15 books, 3 folders)

37                 Resource Books
                              A View of The Soil and Climate of the U.S.A. by C.F. Volney, 1804
                              A View of The Lead Mines of Missouri by Henry R. Schoolcraft, 1819
                              Scenes and Adventures In The Semi‑Alpine Region of The Ozark Mountains
                                       of Missouri and Arkansas by Henry R. Schoolcraft, 1853 

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Typescript Notes and Outline
                              Version 1
                                       Ribbon Copy (4 folders)

38                                   Carbon Copy (3 folders)
                              Version 2
                                       Ribbon Copy (4 folders)
                                       Carbon Copy (4 folders)

39                 Manuscript Fragment
                              The Ozarks, pp. 294‑300
                              Original, pages 26‑33
                     Manuscript Drafts
                              Version 1 (3 folders)
                              Version 2 – Fragment
                              Unidentified Fragments
                              Austin Story Fragments
                     Manuscript Drafts and Carbon – Cacasotte
            Mother No. 22,999, Good Housekeeping, 1920 (printed)
            My House In The Country, Woman's Day, 1942, (printed)
            My Uncle Ter‑Barsegh, Asia, 1921 (printed)
            The Nature of Man and Government, Unpublished Manuscript

40        Newspaper Articles
                     The Bulletin, San Francisco
                              List of Serials, undated
                              Features, Feb-Apr 1915 (copies from microfilm)
                              The Money Makers Club, Apr-Jun 1915
                              Tuck'Em In The Corner Poems, Jan-Apr 1915 (typescripts,
                                       copies from microfilm)
                     Kansas City Post, May 1910
                     Rose Wilder Lane Answers Some Questions About Women, Mansfield Mirror,
                              Mar 2, 1933 (poor copy from microfilm)
                     The Individual and Economic Aspects of Man, Pittsburgh Courier , 1944-1945
                              (3 folders)
            Nice Old Lady, Saturday Evening Post, 1935 (typescript, magazine)
            No Government Now?, undated (typescript)
            Object Matrimony, Saturday Evening Post, 1934 (typescript, magazine)
            Of A Pilgrimage To Mecca, The Independent, Dec 1924
                     (typescript, magazine, 3 issues)
            O Lalala, The Gambler, Century, Aug 1919 (magazine)
            Old Fashioned Christmas, 1934 (typescript)
            Old Home Town, 1935 (typescripts)
                     Old Home Town
                     Old Maid
                     Hired Girl
                     Immoral Woman
                     Long Skirts
                     Traveling Man

41                 Country Jake
                     Thankless Child
                     Nice Old Lady
            Old Maid, Saturday Evening Post, 1932 (typescript, magazine)
            One Thing In Common, Ladies Home Journal, 1928 (typescript, magazine)
            Out of the East Christ Came, Good Housekeeping, November, 1919 (magazine)
            O Wild Youth, 1936-1937 (typescript)
            Own Your Own Home, Woman's Day, 1939 (typescript)
            Owning Property – A Distinctively Human Function, undated (annotated typescript copy)
            Ozark Play Party, 1930, 1937 (typescript, letter)
            Padre Luigi of Kiri, Harper's, June 1923 (magazine)
            Paid In Full, Country Gentleman, 1931 (typescript, magazine)
            Parents Are People, undated (typescript)
            Parkhurst/Wilder Debate On Love and Marriage, 1932, 1940
                     (typescript, correspondence)
            The Passing of the Men of Ahao, Asia, 1919 (magazine)
            Peaks of Shala – Reviews and Notices, 1923 (clippings)
            The Perfect House, 1934 (typescript)
            Perhaps by Chance, undated (typescript)
            Personal Telegraph Notes – Induction, undated (typescript)
            Pie Supper, American Magazine, 1934 (typescript, magazine, letter)
            A Place In The Country, Country Gentleman, 1925 (magazine)
            A Plea For Barbarity, 1931-1932 (typescript, letter)
            Poetry, undated
            Prairies Hollow Singing, Country Gentleman, Feb 1926 (magazine)

42        Ragusa, The Sleeping Beauty
            A Revolt In A Teaspoon, Pine Tree, 1970
            Reynard Runs, North American Review, 1930 (manuscript, Correspondence)
            Romance, 1929 (Albanian)
                     Episode 1 – Book
                     Episode 1 – Serial
                     Episode 1 – Drafts and Fragments
                     Episode 2 – Fragments
            The Screen Door, Harper's, 1925 (print)
            She Really Believed It, Episode 1
            Should We Help Our Children Marry, Woman's Day, 1938 (print)
            Silk Dress, Ladies Home Journal, 1937 (manuscript, print)
            1621: As It Really Was, 1929
            Soldiers of The Soil, The Bulletin, San Francisco, 1916 (photocopy of print)

43        Some Natural Explanation – Manuscript, Correspondence, 1937
            Sometimes Women Forget, 1929
            A Son of the Soil – Outline and Notes (Story of Almanzo Wilder)
            The Song without Words, Ladies Home Journal, 1937 (manuscript and print)
            A Spool of Thread, 1931-1933 (manuscript and correspondence)
            State's Evidence, Country Gentleman, 1933
            Strange As Foreign Places, McCall's?, 1919
            The Swallows Bring Happiness
            Thankless Child, Saturday Evening Post, 1935 (manuscript and print)
            Thanksgiving, Country Gentleman, 1926 (print)
            The Thieves of Bari – Letter to Editor, Newsweek, 1944
            Thirty‑Mile Neighbors, Country Gentleman, 1925 (print)
            This Way to Baghdad, 1924
            Tim McGuire
            Traveling Man, 1931 and Old Home Town, 1935
            Underground - Proposal and For Humanity – Manuscript and Correspondence, 1939
            Veal Cutlets, Harper's, 1924

44        Vengeance, Liberty, 1934
            Village Maiden, Redbook?, 1929
            War! What the Women of America Can Do to Prevent It, Woman's Day, 1939 (print)
            We Go To A Wedding, Woman's Day, 1940 (manuscript and print)
            We May Have An American Famine, 1935 (manuscript and print)
            West Of Danbury, Connecticut Nutmeg, 1938 (print)
            We Who Have Sons, Woman's Day, 1939 (manuscript and print)
            We Women Are Not Good Citizens, Woman's Day, 1939 (print)
            What Has Happened To Education? 1937
            What The Albanians Think Of Americans, Travel, 1927 (print)
            Winding Road, Ladies Home Journal, 1929 (see also Dangerous Curve)
            A Woman's Place Is In The Home, Ladies Home Journal, 1936 (manuscript and print)
            The World Is Round – Notes
            Yarbwoman, Harper's, 1927 (manuscript and print)
            Untitled/undated Manuscripts
                     "Before we went to Minnesota..." (part 4, pp. 14‑19)
                     Disappearance of American Home
                     "...going to Palmyra." (Written 1924)
                     " did one find a cook in Paris?"
                     Marriage vs. Love
                     Mr. Squirrel Story
                     "...that week in Brittany"
                     Value of Handwork
                     Woman's Day Article "on remodeling Danbury House", ca.1949‑50?
                     Miscellaneous Printed Items
                     Writing Ideas, Manuscripts, Fragments, Misc.
                     Resource Material For Stories
                              Letters – R. B. Barnes to Minnie, 1965, 1873‑1874
                              William Craig's Memoir – Moving from North Carolina to Missouri
                     Manuscript Folders Found Empty
                     The Lady and the Tycoon
                              Typescript of Selected Letters, 1946‑1953
                              Draft Index

45        Books
                     On The Way Home by Laura Ingalls Wilder
                     Rose Wilder Lane by Rose Wilder Lane and Roger Lea MacBride
                     The Lady and the Tycoon edited by Roger Lea MacBride
                     Henry Ford's Own Story by Rose Wilder Lane
                     Let The Hurricane Roar by Rose Wilder Lane
                     The Discovery of Freedom by Rose Wilder Lane
                     Sunset Magazine, 1920 April-September

46                 White Shadows In The South Seas by Frederick O'Brien
                     Free Land by Rose Wilder Lane
                     He Was A Man by Rose Wilder Lane
                     Social Fallacies by Frederic Bastiat
                     The Nature of Man and His Government by Robert LeFevre
                     Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Bibliography by Mary J. Mooney‑Getoff
                     Charlie Chaplin's Own Story edited by Harry M. Geduld
                     Peaks of Shala by Rose Wilder Lane
                     The Making of Herbert Hoover by Rose Wilder Lane (library E802.L26)

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47        Woman's Day Articles and Books
                     Crochet an Heirloom Coverlet, June 1940
                     America Tells Her Story In Needlework, Patchwork, Aug 1940
                     Everyone's Making Hooked Rugs, Sep 1940
                     Holiday Tablecloth, Cross Stitch, Oct 1940
            American Needlework Series:
                     Crewel Work, Apr 1941
                     Patchwork, May 1941
                     Hooking, June 1941
                     Cross Stitch, July 1941
                     Knitting, Aug 1941
                     Applique, Sep 1941
                     Quilting, Oct 1941
                     Crochet, Nov 1941 (?)
                     Weaving, Dec 1941
                     Needlepoint, Jan 1942 (?)
                     Outline, Feb 1942
                     The Story of American Needlework, Mar 1942
            Today’s American Needlework Series:
                     Today's Crewel, May 1942
                     Today's Applique, June 1942
                     Today's Quilting, July 1942
            The Story of American Needlework – Manuscript Fragments
                     The Story of American Needlework, Feb 1961
                     Crewel, Mar 1961
                     Patchwork, Apr 1961
         Cross Stitch, May 1961

48                 Hooking, Sep 1961
                     Knitting, Oct 1961
                     Applique, Nov 1961
                     Crochet, Dec 1961
                     Quilting, Jan 1962
                     Embroidery, Feb 1962
                     Weaving, Mar 1962
                     Needlepoint, Apr 1962
                     Candlewicking, May 1962
                     Hawaiian Quilts, May 1963
                     The Story of American Needlework Book, 1964-1965
            Collected Needlework Patterns
                     Patterns and Designs (by Lane?)
                              General Publications
                              Woman's Day Publications

 49                         Crochet
                                       General (2 folders)
                                       Edgings (2 folders)
                                       Edgings – Letter and Patterns from Cora Anthony
                                       Hats and Bags
                                       Tablecloths, Bedspreads, Doilies

50                                   Tablecloths, Bedspreads, Doilies
                     Patterns Collected By
                              Helen Symanowicz
                              Laura Ingalls Wilder
                                       Irish Crochet
                                       Doilies (Snowflakes), Edgings
                     Cross‑Stitch Patterns Collected by Laura Wilder
                              Embroidery Transfer Patterns
                              Hairpin Lace
                              Knitting – Clothing (2 folders)

51                 Edges and Spreads
                              Patterns Collected by Laura Ingalls Wilder
                              Rugs – Crocheted and Hooked
            Needlework Magazines
                     The Workbasket, 1951 (2 issues)
                     200 American Home Interiors
                     750 American Home Patterns
            MCCALL NEEDLEWORK MAGAZINE, 1945-1955 (18 issues)
            McCall Pattern Book
                     1951, Spring


56        Delineator – Grace Loucks
(OS)             March, 1894
                     June 1896
            Needlecraft Magazine, 1916, 1920, 1922, 1923, 1925 (7 issues)
            Needlework Magazines
                     McCall Needlework, 1925, 1936-1937 (2 folders)
                     Lydia's Apron Pattern
                     Peasants Dancing – Filet Crochet

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52        Individuals and Subjects
                     Anderson, William, Identification of Photos
                     Boyleston, Helen D. (Troub)
                     Clark, Charles R.
                     Dow, Grace Ingalls
                     Dow, Nate and Grace Ingalls
                     Ingalls, Charles
                     Ingalls-Quiner Relatives
                     Ingalls, Mary
                     Jackson, Elsie
                     Kamp, Mildred Hall
                     Lane, Gillette and Laura Ingalls Wilder
                     Lane, Rose Wilder
                              California, undated
                              Crowley, Louisiana, 1903-1904
                              Dogs, undated
                              Friends and Children, undated
                              Kansas City, 1905, 1910 (2 folders)
                              San Francisco, 1912-1917
                              San Francisco Exposition, Missouri Exhibits, 1915
                              Hetch‑Hetchy, California, 1916-1918
                              San Francisco, 1918
                              San Francisco, 1920
                              Paris, 1920-1921
                              Brittany, France, 1921
                              Greece, 1923
                              New York, 1923-1924 (2 folders)
                              Auto, 1925
                              New York, circa 1928-1930
                              Portrait by Russell Ogg, 1942
                              Unknown, undated
                     MacBride, Roger (parents)
                     Morgan, Alfred and Lydia
                     Murray, Corinne
                     Ogg, Norma Lee Browning and Dog
                     Old Georgeai
                     Turner, John and Al
                     Webber, Clara J.
                     Wilder Family
                     Wilder, Laura Ingalls
                     Wilder, Laura Ingalls, Almanzo and Friends
                     Wilson, Mrs., Mansfield Clubwoman in Arizona

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53        Foreign
                     Budapest, Hungary
                     Near East Relief
                     Poland – Red Cross Photos
                     Ragusa (Italy) – Dubrovnik (Yugoslavia)
                     Refugee Pictures – Multiple Countries
                     Switzerland, Geneva
                              Caliph Series
                              Salona Photos
            United States
                     Danbury House, Connecticut
                     DeSmet, South Dakota – Surveyor's House
                     Harlingen, Texas, Rose Wilder Lane House
                              Jan 1965
                              circa 1967
                              Booth Studio Photos, 1968
                              Roger MacBride Photos, 1968
                              Rose's Garden Party
                     Mansfield (?) Apple Warehouse
                     Mansfield, Missouri
                     Mansfield Rocky Ridge Farm
                              Rock House
                              Wilder Home and Museum
                     Mansfield Rocky Ridge Farm House
                              Dining Room
                              Living Room
                              Sleeping Porch
            New York
            New York City, Rose's "Slum" Apartment
            Yellowstone National Park

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54        Albania
            Armenia, Tiflis
            Austria, Vienna
            Czechoslovakia, Prague
                     St. Germain‑en‑Laye
            Germany, Berlin
            Great Britain, London – National Gallery
            Hungary, Budapest
            Middle East
                     Bedouin Women
                     Tatra Mountains and Zakopane
            Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
            United States
                     Bosnia and Hercegovina
                     Dubrovnik (Ragusa)
                     People and Clothing

55        Notes on Books Read (see Diary and Notes)

56        Fan Mail, 1942-1954 (8 folders, copies)

57        Magazines with Articles by Rose Wilder Lane
                     The Country Gentleman (March 14, 1925- May, 1931) (10 items)
                              March 14, 1925 (A Place in the Country)
                              March 21, 1925 (The Footprint)
                              April 25, 1925 (Handsome is as Handsome Does)
                              May 2, 1925 (No Article, Mentioned as part of next edition)
                              May 30, 1925 (No Article)
                              December, 1925 (Hill-Billy Pride)
                              February, 1926 (Prairie Hollow Singing)
                              May, 1926 (Frolic at Smilin’ Jim’s)
                              December, 1926 (No Article)
                              May, 1931 (Paid in Full)
                     Good Housekeeping, Feb 1931 (1 item, no article)
                     Ladies’ Home Journal
                              A Bit of Gray in a Blue Sky, Aug 1919
                              One Thing in Common, Sep 1928
                              Gypsy Trail, Feb 1929
                              Winding Road, Nov 1929
                              Immoral Woman, Sep 1932
                              It’s the Sentiment, Dec 1933
                              Woman’s Place is in the House, Oct 1936
                              The Song without Words, Mar 1937
                              Silk Dress, Aug 1937
58        The Saturday Evening Post
                     Old Maid, July 23, 1932
                     Country Jake, Aug 26, 1933
                     Hired Girl, Nov 11, 1933
                     Object, Matrimony, Sep 1, 1934
                     Thankless Child, Feb 2, 1935
                     Nice Old Lady, July 6, 1935
                     Journey’s Beginning, Sep 12, 1936
                     The Horse-and-Buggy Days, Nov 21, 1936
                     Free Land, Mar 5-Apr 23, 1938 (8 parts)
                     The American Revolution, Jan 7, 1939
            Reference Material
                     The American Mercury, Oct 1934
                     The Delineator Magazine, 1894, 1896 (2 items)
                     Fabric, Stitching pattern and white cloth
                     Harper’s Magazine, 1922
                     Japanese Garden by M. Hagiwara, undated
                     Lydia Apron Pattern, undated
                     McCall Needlework Magazine, 1925, 1936 (2 items)
                     Needlecraft Magazine 1916-1925 (7 items)

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