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Oct 18, 2021

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2 linear feet, 7 linear inches (6 manuscript boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Aug 1, 1885     born, Bellwood, Nebraska

1910                A.B., Harvard
                        Author, Sir Orfeo

1910‑1912       Secretary for appointments and assistant in English Department, Harvard

1912‑1914       Editorial staff, American Magazine, New York

1914                War Correspondent, Europe

1914‑1916       Commission for Relief in Belgium in charge of Province of Antwerp

1916                Author, War Bread: A Personal Narrative of the War and Relief in Belgium
                        Author, Haj

1917                Director of Publications, American Red Cross, Washington, D. C.

1917‑1918       Head of Economic Rehabilitation work of Red Cross in France,

1917                Director General of Civilian Relief, Red Cross, Italy

1918                Author, Tales from a Famished Land

1918                Author, The Red Cross on the Front Line in the Great Battle of 1918

1919                Six months training Tabor Manufacturing Co, Taylor’s School of Business
                        Efficiency, Philadelphia, PA

1920                Labor Manager, Clothing Industry, New York
                        Appointed by Herbert Hoover as member of the Committee on Elimination of
                                    Waste in Industry,
                        Federated American Engineering Societies

1921                Secretary of Conference on Unemployment called by President Warren Harding
                        Co‑author, Waste in Industry

1922‑1923       Secretary, U.S. Coal Commission

1923                Co‑author, Business Cycles and Unemployment

1924                Co‑author., Seasonal Operation in the Construction  Industries
                        Editor, Scientific Management Since Taylor

1925                Author, Conferences, Committees, Conventions, and How to Run Them
                        Editor, What the Coal Commission Found

1927                American Expert on Scientific Management, League of Nations, World Economic
1928                Member, Committee on Recent Economic Changes

1929                Editor, Recent Economic Changes in the United  States

1930                Author, An Audit of America

1930‑1931       Secretary, President's Emergency Committee for Employment

1930‑1933       Member, President's Research, Committee on Social Trends

1931                American member of World Economic Depression Inquiry

1932                National Conference on Business and Industrial Committees, Columbia
                        University School of Business League of Nations Association, International Labor

1937                Greathouse (author)

1939‑1940       Engaged in economic and social surveys, Venezuela
                        Standard Oil of Venezuela

1942‑1943       Chief Industrial Economist, War Production Board

1943                State Department - Associate Director, Field operations, Office of Foreign Relief
                                    and Rehabilitation

1944                Chief of Italian Division, Foreign Economic Administration
                        The Power Industry and the Public Interest (editor)

1945‑1946       State Department, Director, Italian Division

1945                State Department - Office of Foreign Liquidation
                        State Department - Special Projects Division
                        State Department - Division of Protective Services

Mar 5, 1953     Died


Box      Contents

1          Biographical Sketch and Finding Aid (Hoover Institute)
            Correspondence, 1904-1932 (13 folders)

2          Correspondence, 1933-1953 (11 folders)

3          Family
                     Edward Eyre Hunt, Sr. – Resumes, 1910‑1963
                     Edward Eyre Hunt, Jr., 1932-1950 (son, 3 folders)
                     Juliet Sears Hunt, 1905‑1941 (mother)
                     Virginia Lloyd Hunt Wedgewood, 1939‑1947, 1958
                              (daughter, includes What Went On Around Here At Kenton Farm)

4          Individuals
                     Cook, Morris L., 1919‑1922
                     Gay, Edwin F., 1926‑1929
                     Hoover, Herbert, 1917‑1959 (3 folders)
                     Mallery, Otto T., 1920‑1953 (4 folders)

?5        Manuscripts with Titles
                     American Red Cross in Italy, undated
                     Hoover of the CRB – Draft for World’s Work, 1917
                     The Hoover Administration – Book Two (5 folders)
                     The Hoover Administration – Comments on Galley
                     A Family Diary, 1929‑1941
                     The Senator from Erie, 1938‑1941

?6        Manuscripts by Topic
                     American Engineering Council, 1921‑1948
                     Campaign of 1928
                     Coal Commission, 1922‑1923
                     Elimination of Waste, 1920‑192I
                     European Relief, 1914‑1946
                     Federal Employment Stabilization, 1931‑1932
                     Latin America
                     Planning, 1929‑1949
                     Recent Economic Changes, 1929‑1942
                     Unemployment, 1921‑1940
                     World Economic Conference, 1927

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