Manuscript Collections - Rockwell Hereford Papers

Oct 18, 2021

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4 linear feet, 10 linear inches (11 manuscript boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Rockwell Hereford was born in 1902. He graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1924. Hereford became manager of employee publications for United States Steel. He was interested in history and wrote pamphlets on the history of western industry, compiling them in a book, 100 Years West of the 100 Meridian. Hereford also wrote Whole Man, Henry Mauris Robinson, and a Half Century, 1890-1940. Robinson was a California banker and fiscal policy advisor to Herbert Hoover.  Hereford died in 1988.


The papers were compiled by Hereford in the process of writing Whole Man, Henry Mauris Robinson, and a Half Century, 1890-1940 and are arranged into four subgroups: Manuscripts, Sources, Research, and Audio-visual materials. Manuscripts consists of three drafts of the book, each containing Hereford’s marginalia. Sources contains Hereford’s notes and copies used in preparing the manuscript. Folder date spans indicate Hereford’s notes and the original dates of copied materials. The materials are arranged by book chapter. The Research materials contain notes and copies made during early research on the book and are arranged alphabetically by archives or collection. The date spans again indicate the original dates of copied materials and Hereford’s notes. Audio-visual materials contain six folders of photographs, audiotapes, and one 16 mm. film.


The American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming also has a small collection of Rockwell Hereford papers documenting the history of western industry.


Box      Contents

1          Whole Man and a Half Century – Manuscripts
                     Final Copy, 1982-1985 (8 folders)
                     Chapter 9 (tentative)
                     Chapter 10 – Draft
                     Chapter 24

2                            Annotated Copy, 1980-1985 (4 folders)
                              Work Copy – Chapters 11-20 (2 folders)
                              Work Copy – Printer Version
                              Illustration Material, 1980-1983
                              Permissions Granted, 1968-1982

3                            Bibliography
                              Footnotes, 1980-1985 (3 folders)
            Whole Man and a Half Century – Sources
                     Chapter 1: The Maturing of America, 1969-1979
                     Chapter 2: The Era of Mergers 1916-1968 (3 folders)
                     Chapter 3: Arizona’s Mineral Lure, 1950-1978

4                   Chapter 3: Arizona’s Mineral Lure, 1965-1972
                     Chapter 4: California Lumbering, 1965-1983 (2 folders)
                     Chapter 5: The Two-Phone Dilemma, 1965-1976
                     Chapter 6: White Coal, 1925-1983 (2 folders)
                     Chapter 7: Preventing a Foreign Takeover, 1939-1976
                     Chapter 8: Creating a Harbor, 1928-1968
                     Chapter 9: Branch Banking Comes of Age, 1930-1979 (2 folders)
5                   Chapter 10: Shipbuilding, 1937-1982
                     Chapter 11: Creating a National Treasure, 1927-1974 (2 folders)
                     Chapter 12: Creating Cal Tech, 1927-1979 (4 folders)
                     Chapter 13: Making Palomar Possible, 1931-1969

6                   Chapter 14: Volunteer to International Negotiator, (2 folders)
                     Chapters 15-19, undated (6 folders)
                     Chapter 20: The Relativity of History, 1965-1970

7          Whole Man and a Half Century – Research
                     Barber, John E. (Yale Library)
                     California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech)
                     Conference Economique Internationale, Drawings, 1927
                     Correspondence and Notes with Various Archives, 1931-1976 (4 folders)

8                   Correspondence and Notes with Various Archives, 1970-1976
                     Hereford, Rockwell
                              Correspondence, 1982-1984
                     Historical Statistics of the U.S., 1885-1970
                     Hoover Institute
                              Correspondence and Notes, 1965-78 (2 folders)
                     Hoover Presidential Library
                              Notes and Copies, 1919-1952 (2 folders)

9                            Correspondence with archivists, 1966-1982
                              Notes on Publications
                              Printed Materials, 1922-1939
                              Library Association Newsletters, 1973-74
                     Huntington Library-Notes, 1965-1975 (2 folders)
                     Library of Congress, Correspondence and Notes

10                 Los Angeles Times (notes), 1919-1933
                     Magazines and Newspapers, Notes, 1917-74  
                     New York Times (notes), 1919-32
                     Robinson, Henry Mauris
                              Chronology of Life, 1868-33
                              Family, 1928-1971 (2 folders)                 
                              Writings and Speeches, 1926-1945

11                          Staunton, W. F., Memoirs, 1860-1910
                              Young, Owen D., 1920-1949
                              Herbert Hoover Reassessed, 1981
            Whole Man and a Half Century – Audio-Visual Materials
                     Family photographs, 1916-1940
                     Photographs not used in Book
                     Photographs used in Book
                     Film, 16 Millimeter, circa 1950s
                     Tape of oral history interviews, 1968-1982