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Oct 18, 2021

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15 linear feet, 7 linear inches (35 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize box)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


The John M. Henry Papers contain correspondence, articles, scripts, notes, cartoons, campaign literature, speeches, writings, and clippings. The materials primarily document his journalism work, but also describe the activities of numerous Iowa organizations.

John M. Henry (1895-1981), editor, Republican political manager, radio station manager and writer was born in Pottawattamie County, Iowa. In 1917 after he graduated from the University of Kansas, he purchased his home town newspaper at Macedonia. A year later he became affiliated with the Council Bluffs Nonpareil. In 1931 he joined the Central States Broadcasting System as general manager which operated the radio stations of KFAB, KOIL and KFOR. In 1938 he joined the Republican National Committee (RNC) as a trouble-shooter. In 1940 he managed the campaign to nominate Robert Taft. He returned to the RNC and was a also a correspondent for the Washington Merry-Go-Round column.

In 1944 he became mid-west manager of the organization to renominate Wendell Willkie as Republican candidate for the presidency and in that year he also became a member of the Des Moines Register and Tribune staff as "Public Affairs Editor." Later he became the Iowa Secretary for Senator Bourke Hickenlooper, and editor and publisher of two Republican monthly publications, the "Green Sheet" and the "White Paper".

In 1973 Henry was named chairman of the committee that managed the centennial observance of the birth of Herbert Hoover, following which he became an editor and writer for the Trans­World newspaper syndicate, based in Washington, D.C. contributing a daily feature of light-hearted wit.  He also edited a syndication of the cartoons of Jay N. "Ding" Darling, the Pulitzer Prize winning Des Moines Register cartoonist who had willed his cartoons to John M. Henry.  For several years, while at Des Moines, he edited a page of small town newspaper quotes for McCall's and Cosmopolitan magazines.

Henry wrote or edited several books, including a college text on column writing, four anthologies, one volume on organizing and managing a mounted drill team, and two based on the cartoons of "Ding".  He spoke at numerous times at meetings of press associations and the National Editorial Association.



Box      Contents
1          A GROUP, 1959‑1979
            Allen, Robert S., 1959-1981 (2 folders)
            Anderson, William B., 1959‑1974
            B GROUP, 1959‑1980
            Bailey, Merritt, 1964‑1979 (Iowa State University Press)
            Batten, Joe, Wendy and Gail, 1965‑1978
            Beck, Robert and Charlotte, 1961‑1981
            Benthack, Gladys, 1959‑1962
            Berry, Don, 1962‑1974
            Bostedt, Gertrude, 1971‑1973

2          Bromwell, James, 1960‑1981
            Burr, Dale and Faye, 1972‑1980
            C GROUP, 1942‑1980
            Casper, Kathy Hoffa 1969‑1980
            D GROUP, 1959‑1981
            Darling, Jay N., 1918‑1962
            Davis, Gene, 1961‑1969
            Dewitt, Jack, 1959‑1981
            Duncan, Joanne, 1975‑1981
            Dunlap, Leslie, 1962‑1981
            E GROUP, 1960‑1980
            Engle, Paul, 1960‑1977
            Evans, Ralph, 1959‑1973
            F GROUP, 1960‑1980
            Fawcett, Floyd, Helen, and Mary Helen, 1976‑1978
            G General, 1942‑1981
3          Gibson, Michael, 1979
            Goodwin, Robert K., 1960‑1981
            Grassley, Charles, 1978
            Gross, H.R., 1963‑1976
            H GROUP, 1961‑1979
            Hamilton, Carl, 1961‑1977
            Hancher, Virgil, 1959‑1964
            Harstad, Peter, 1976-1981 (2 folders)
            Henle, Guy and James, 1959‑1971
            Henry, Grace
            Henry, John M.
            Henry, Pat, Art Work
            Henry, Paula (Pink), 1969
            Henry, Margine, 1975‑1979
            Hickenlooper, Bourke B., 1962‑1971
            Hill, E. Howard, 1975‑1978
            Hoover, Herbert, 1928‑1979
            Hoover, Lou Henry – Genealogy, 1960
            Houser Family, 1970‑1980
            Hull, Laverne, 1960‑1979
            Hunt, Marianne, 1980‑1981
            Hunter, Graham, 1960‑1981

4          J GROUP, 1961‑1980
            Jensen, Ben F., 1961‑1964
            Jepsen, Roger, 1980‑1981
            Johnson, Don, 1969‑1979
            K GROUP, 1959‑1981
            Kinnaird, Clark, 1961‑1968 (King Features Syndicate)
            Knight, Eva M., 1962‑1977
            L GROUP, 1961‑1978
            Landon, Alfred M., 1959-1980 (3 folders)
            Lendt, David L., 1976‑1981
            Lincoln Club, 1976‑1981

5          Mc GROUP, 1960‑1981
            McCown, Robert, 1973‑1980
            McCoy, Donald, 1979‑1980
            McDonald, Kenneth, 1960‑1978
            M GROUP, 1943‑1981 (2 folders)
            Mason, Frank E., 1972-1973, 1979 (3 folders)
            Maurer, Neil, 1973‑1981
            Mayes, Herbert R., 1959‑1981
            Miller, Jack, 1961‑1980
            Milroy, James H. and Jack, 1959‑1981
            Moe, Beverly, 1977-1981 (2 folders)
            Montgomery, Daniel L., 1976
            Morrow, Lucile E., 1960‑1962
            Murray, William G., 1975‑1980

6          N GROUP, 1959‑1981
            Namen, Albert A., 1961‑1981
            Nye, Frank, 1975‑1980
            O GROUP, 1960‑1981
            O'Brien, Daniel, 1962‑1964
            P GROUP, 1959‑1981
            Petersen, William J., 1962‑1977
            Pfaff, Adele, 1961‑1964
            Pohlman, Lynette, 1978‑1980
            Q GROUP, 1962‑1975
            R GROUP, 1943‑1980
            Radcliffe, Robin, 1979‑1980
            Reese, Warren, 1962‑1981
            Root, Carolyn McNutt, 1916‑1978
            S GROUP, 1960‑1981
            Schramm, James, 1959‑1965
            Seberger, Eleanor, 1959‑1961
            Shannon, Ralph E., 1960‑1962
            Simms, Dean, 1959‑1978
            Smith, Mary Louise, 1972‑1981
            Smith, Mason Rossiter, 1959‑1969
            Steinisch, Irmgard, 1975‑1976
            T GROUP, 1959‑1976
            Thalken, Tom, 1970‑1981
            Thomason, Frazer, 1974‑1981
            Turnbull, Mildred, 1960‑1977

7          U GROUP, 1960‑1961
            V GROUP, 1960‑1977
            Vickers, L. D., 1961‑1962
            W GROUP, 1959‑1980
            Wagner, William J., 1959‑1981
            Wallace, DeWitt, 1959‑1981
            Wallace, James W., 1959‑1960
            Walsh, Harry E. and Grace, 1960-1968, 1976-1981 (4 folders)
            Wargo, Mary Albertson, 1970‑1980
            Way, Vera, 1975‑1977
            Westberg, Rebecca Ruan, 1975-1981 (2 folders)
            Westerfield, Richard, Jannes and Sara, 1960‑1976
            Wilson, George and Genie, 1976‑1979
            Wood, Robert, 1969-1980 (2 folders)
            Wright, Mary Louise, 1959‑1961
            Yoseloff, Thomas E., Inc., 1961‑1965
            Z GROUP, 1976‑1980


8          American Association for the World Press, Inc., 1962‑1965
            Attitudes, Inc., 1955‑1960
            Calendar, 1967-1971, 1976 (2 folders)
Daily Newspapers
            Depression of 1930's, 1977
            Editors Conference Call, undated
            Eisenhower Presidential Library, 1962
            Flying Hoofs, 1954‑1980
            Henry, John M.
            Oral History Interview, 1979
                     Sigma Delta Chi, Ames, Iowa, Jan 23, 1951
                     Illinois Press Association Convention, Peoria, IL, May 12, 1951
                     Montana Press Association, Sep 1, 1951
                     Renfro, Kansas, May 9, 1953
                     Theta Convention, Ames, Iowa, June 15, 1953
                     State University of Iowa Workshop, Jan 11, 1954
                     North Dakota Press Association, Apr 9, 1954
                     State University of Iowa Workshop, June 7, 1955
                     Wyoming Press Association Convention, Feb 1, 1957
                     South Dakota State College, Brookings, Oct 7, 1961
                     Iowa High School Press Association Convention, Oct 28, 1961
                     Omaha, Nebraska, Sep 11, 1962
                     A New Literature
                     American Home
                     Country Press, Influence of
                     How to Write Quotable Quotes
                     Press Columnists of Iowa, Bulletin
                     State Press Association
                     State Press Convention

9          Herbert Hoover Birthplace Foundation
                     Correspondence, 1948-1964 (11 folders)

10                 Correspondence, 1965-1967 (4 folders)
                     Birthplace Goddess Film, 1958
                     Printed Material
            Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association
                     Correspondence, 1976-1981 (5 folders)

11                 Cartoons and Layouts, 1976
                     Essay Contest, 1973‑1977
                     Free Enterprise, winning essays, 1974
                     Garvey, Olive W., 1976-1981 (5 folders)
                     Hoover Presidential Library Association News, 1973‑1974
                     Review, 1976
                     Thank you letters, 1976

12        Hickenlooper, Bourke B.
                     Fund Raising Luncheon, 1962
                              Committee Notes
                              County Chairmen
                                       Benda, Kenneth
                                       Bluedorn, Carl A.
                                       Farver, Paul
                                       Frudden, C.M.
                                       Getting, LeRoy
                                       Hall, Payson
                                       Hayes, Boyd
                                       Jurgemeyer, L.L.
                                       Lomas, Malcolm
                                       McCague, Ralph C.
                                       Milroy, James H.
                                       Morain, Fred E.
                                       Ross, L.W.
                                       Rowe, Harold J.
                                       Schramm, James S.
                                       Strickland, Charles E.
                                       Summerwill, W.W.
                              Des Moines Area
                                       Brenton, W. Harold
                                       Clark, Vernon
                                       Henry, John M.
                                       Hubbell, Mrs. Grover
                                       Nollen, Gerard S.
                                       Schmidt, Marvin M.
                                       Webster, Ben A.
                     National Lumber Manufacturers Association, 1962

13        Hultman, Evan – Campaign, 1963‑1964
            Iowa Centennial Memorial Foundation
                              Herbert Hoover, 1951
                              James A. Van Allen and Frank H. Spedding, 1961
                              Henry A. Wallace, 1967
                              Mamie Doud Eisenhower, 1970
                              Norman Borlaug, 1978
                              Luigi Legutti, 1980
                     History, 1977
                     Meetings, 1959‑1980
                     Reports, 1960-1967, 1977-1978, 1980 (3 folders)
                     Scholarships, 1950-1957, 1959 (2 folders)

14                 Scholarships, 1960-1963 (7 folders)

15                 Scholarships, 1964 (6 folders)

16                 Scholarships, 1966-1980 (2 folders)
            Iowa Bar Association, 1957-1960 (3 folders)
            Iowa Development Commission, 1980
            Iowa Society for Preservation of Historic Landmarks, 1964
            Iowa State Historical Society, 1977‑1981
            Ding Darling Foundation, 1962-1978 (5 folders)

17        Ding Darling Foundation, 1979-1981 (3 folders)
                     Des Moines Center of Science and Industry, 1980
                     Lewis and Clark Trail, 1962‑1963
                     National Wildlife Refuge Sanibel Island, Florida 1962‑1978
            Lincoln Club, 1959-1981 (8 folders)

18        Lincoln Club – Green Sheets, 1960-1973 (11 folders)

19        Lincoln Club - White Papers, 1969-1973 (5 folders)
            Living History Farms, 1977‑1980 (Papal Visit)
            Murray, William G. – 1958 Gubernatorial Campaign
                     Briefing Envelope
                     Campaign Literature
                     Daily Correspondence, June 6-Oct 29, 1958 (2 folders)
                     Fairall and Bassinger Letters
                     Film Requests
                     Gold Medal List
                     Iowa Republican Workshop State Board
                     Loveless Veto
                     Political Platform

20                 Policy Committee
                     Polk County Delegates
                     Primary Results
                              Ambro Advertising Agency
                              Radio, TV and Newspapers
                              Releases, Permission for Statements
                              State House List
            Namen, Al, 1977
            Opinion Survey, Adult Residents of Iowa, 1964
            Time Life Books
            University of Iowa Libraries, 1953‑1981

21        Animals Story and Pictures
            Are You Wittier than these Iowans?
                     A Happy Editor
                              I. Irish Township‑Campus Victory‑Town Shame
                              II. $3,500,000 Robbery‑KKK, Cupid‑Arrow Ballots
                              III. My Boo Book‑Goes to the U.S. Senate
                              IV. New Radio Things‑to Congress(?)‑Help Alf
                              V. I Murder Many‑I become "Big"‑Could Alf Elect Taft?
                              VI. Death Nudges Me‑Willkie Happy‑and Unhappy
                              VII. 17 Happy Years with the R and T
                              VIII. Herbert R. Mayes‑Premier Magazine Editor
                              IX. I Become An Evangelist for Local Newspaper Columns
                              X. Country Editors, TV, and Jim
                              XI. I Write or Edit a Dozen Books
                              XII. Young Bob Ray WIll Run for Something
                              XIII. "Ding," Master of Them All
                              XIV. I Retire, Whatever that Means
                              XV. Ike, Bob Hope, and Flops
                              XVI. Being Secretary Means Alot
                              XVII. Tales of 2 Townships Into History
                              XVIII. When Old Timers Begin Remembering
                              XIX. Philosophies After 80 Years
                              XX. My Final Public Activity
                     A Letter to Jim
                     Editor: Then Some
                              Group  I ‑ Author‑Artist
                                       II ‑ Journalism
                                       III ‑ Radio
                                       IV ‑ Politics
                                       V ‑ Magazines
                                       VI ‑ Columns
                                       VII ‑ Register and Tribune
                                       VIII ‑ Books
                                       IX ‑ "Ding"
                                       X ‑ Personal
                                       XI ‑ Paragraphs
                                       XII ‑ Related Activites
                                       XIII ‑ Friends
                                       XIV ‑ A Couple of How To's
                                       XV ‑ Fillers
            Bostedt, Gertrude
                     Materials Edited
            Henry, Pat
                     Materials Edited
            I Do An Oral History
            Iowa Essays

23        Journalism, Horses and Votes
                     1.      $20,000
                     2.      Harold Loved An Idential Twin
                     3.      A Year
                     4.      Her Invitation
                     5.      The River That Went to Market
                     6.      He Wanted to be a Red Devil
                     7.      A Matter of Equine Nobility
                     8.      Our Daughter
                     9.      Aunt Euph Astride
                     10.    Twas a Saturday Night
                     11.    The Preacher and the Fishing
                     12.    Uncle Will, Intellectual
                     13.    She was from the City
                     14.    A Cousin of Mine
                     15.    Its How You Look
                     16.    A Man Dad Liked Very Much
                     17.    The Mule, The GOP, the Democrats
                     18.    The PhD Degree
                     19.    A Man Who Stammered
                     20.    Township Nobility

24                 Book Covers
                     Cartoon Ideas
                     Column Series, 1952
                     Columnists Bin, 1956
                     Country Editor, 1950‑1965
                     Darling, Jay N.
                              Koss, Richard and Mary, 1947‑1981
                              General Correspondence, 1961-1981 (6 folders)
                              As "Ding" Saw Hoover

25                 Christmas Cards, 1958‑1987
                              Des Moines Art Center, 1959
                              "Ding's" Half Century, 1962‑1963 (Charles Pearce)
                                       About This Book
                                       Carbon Typed Script
                                       Original Script
                                       Text (2 folders)
                              America's First 50 Years As A World Power

26                          Cartoons Used
                              McGraw‑Edison Company, 1962‑1963
                              Meredith Press, 1961‑1964
                              Meredith Publishing Company, 1961
                              Pearce, Charles A., 1961-1964 (3 folders)
                              Saturday Evening Post, 1961
                     Herbert Hoover Office Building, 1977‑1979
                     Here We Go Again, 1957‑1962
                     How Ding Drew His Cartoons
                     Iowa State University Exhibit
                     It Seems Like Only Yesterday, 1961‑1962
                     Living History Farms
                     Looking Through the Years With Ding, 1947
                     Source File of Cartoons
                              Large Size

27                          Miscellaneous
                              Negative Proofs
                              Numerical Order
                              Positive Film Proof
                              1916 Series
                              Speech on Ding by John Henry
                              Transworld News Service
                              Treasury of Ding (Palimpset)
                              Watercolors: Original
                              World War I
                              World War II
                     Detective Stories
                     Editors Conference Calls
                     Editor Hits Back
                     Editors Replies
                     Frolic of the Type, 1920‑1930
28        Furthermore
                     Quotes (3)
                     Quotes #14‑119
                     Quotes, Jan-May 1981 (4 folders)
                     Source Material
            Hall Syndicate, 1963‑1966
            Hallmark Cards, 1967-1972 (2 folders)
            Golden, Harry    1968
            Henry, John
                     Reviews, 1968
                     Source Material

29        How Are You Under Pressure, 1956
            How to Write Columns
            I Saw It In the Paper
                     Partial List of Quotes
                     Quotes, July 1960-June 1962 (8 folders)

30                 Quotes, July 1962-June 1964 (8 folders)

31                 Quotes, July 1964-1965 (3 folders)
                              Children, Especially Those in Your Family
                              For Radio
                              Grandpa and Grandma Who Listens To Kids
                              Just Being Realistic About It All
                              Man and Wife, Woman and Husband
                              Mom the Handy Gal Around Here
                              Now That He's Getting To Love Her
                              Now That She's Said Yes
                              Now That They've Both Said I Do
                              Pops and Mom's the Whole Family
                              Sisters In Law
                              That You May Still Be a Better Person
                              The Home
                              Three Little Wits
                              Tis the Season to be Jolly
                              To A Good Citizen
                              To Feel Like A Really Big Shot
                              To Make The Day A Little Brighter
                              To My Husband
                              To My Sweetheart
                              To My Wife
                              Wit by Women
            Iowa Press Association, 1970, 1980
            Ladies Home Journal ‑ Quotes

32                 List
            Literary Digest, 1926‑1934
            McCall's ‑ Quotes
            McCall's, Ladies Home Journal, Cosmopolitan – Quotes

33        Main Street, Cosmopolitan
                     Beneath the Spreading Antlers
                     Frolic of the Type
                     Gentle Barrage, 1931
                     Here Is the American Humor
                     In Classes and Rumble Seats
                     In Conference
                     Junior's Parents
                     The Great U.S.A. Editor Really Is Funny
            Potomac Contagion, 1981
            Precinct Organization, film script by J.P. Henry, 1959
            Radio Scripts, 1952‑1954
            Skull in the Vault
            Skull, A Vault and Osta
            Smart Chat Album
            Two‑Township Collection
            Wit and Humor of America



            Scrapbook labeled Autobiography: A Happy Editor. Chapters have titles but are not
                     numbered, Photographs
            The American Procession, American Life since 1860 in Photographs, 1933
            Governor’s Economy Committee – survey report and recommendations, 1970
            Pageant of the Press – Survey of the 125 years of Iowa Journalism, 1962

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