Manuscript Collections - Mark Hatfield Herbert Hoover Collection

March 13, 2020

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5 linear inches (1 manuscript box)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


This collection contains essays and correspondence relating to the project: Herbert Hoover Reassessed. The essays were printed in the Congressional Record in 1979 and 1980. The collection also includes other materials about Hoover collected by Hatfield.


Box      Contents

1          Mark Hatfield
                     Biographical Information, 2005
                     Geologic Atlas of the United States Pyramid Peak Folio, California. Compiled by
                              Herbert C. Hoover. Forward by Hatfield, 1979
                     Herbert Hoover or Why My Staff Thinks I am Crazy, Congressional Record,
                              June 8, 1988
                     Hoover Correspondence collected by Hatfield, 1941, 1963, 1978
                     Mark’s Bookmark – newspaper columns pertaining to Presidents, undated
                     Speech about Hoover and conservation at dedication of Herbert Hoover Building in
                              Newberg, Oregon, 1977
                     Speech about Hoover and His Political Legacy at Hoover Institution Board of
                              Overseers, 1983
            Herbert Hoover Reassessed, 1979
                     Arnold, Peri E., 1979
                     Best, Gary Dean, 1979
                     Bornet, Vaughn D., 1979
                     Brandes, Joseph
                     Burns, Arthur F.
                     Campbell, W. Glenn
                     Christol, Carl
                     DeConde, Alexander – Herbert Hoover and Foreign Policy: A Retrospective
                              Assessment, 1979
                     Degler, Carl K.
                     Ely, Northcutt
                     Fausold, Martin L.
                     Flemming, Arthur S.
                     Freidel, Frank, Jr.
                     Friedman, Milton
                     Graff, Henry
                     Green, Justin J.
                     Hawley, Ellis W.
                     Hazlitt, Henry
                     Himmelberg, Robert F. President Hoover, Organized Business, and the Antitrust
                              Laws: A Study in Hooverian Ideology and Policy
                     Howard, Jack R.
                     Karl, Barry D.
                     Kearney, James R.
                     Koerselman, Gary H. The Significance of Herbert Hoover
                     Lambert, Darwin
                     Lerski, George J.
                     Link, Arthur S.
                     Lisio, Donald J.
                     Lyons.  Eugene
                     McCoy, Donald R.
                     Mazuzan, George T.
                     Nash, George H.
                     O'Brien, Francis W.
                     Olson, James S.
                     Rhodes, Benjamin D.
                     Romasco, Albert U.
                     Schmidhauser, John R.
                     Smith, Gene
                     Sterling, J. E. Wallace
                     Toledano, Ralph de
                     Tribus, Myron
                     Weissman, Benjamin M.
                     Williams, William A.
                     Wilson, Joan Hoff
                     Zieger, Robert H.