Manuscript Collections - Robert K. Goodwin Papers

Oct 18, 2021

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2 linear feet, 7 linear inches (6 manuscript boxes)
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library


Robert Kingman Goodwin was a vice-president of the Herbert Hoover Birthplace Foundation, Inc. and worked on the development of the Herbert Hoover Historic Site. He was born in Des Moines, Iowa on May 23, 1905. Goodwin was a politically active Republican. He was a delegate to state conventions in 1936 and 1938; mayor of Redfield, Iowa in 1938 and 1939; served as a U. S. Representative for 11 months after the death of Cassius C. Dowell in 1940; was a member of the Republican National Committee from 1952-1956; and a delegate to the national convention in 1954.

Goodwin moved to Redfield, Iowa in 1929 to work as a farmer and in brick manufacturing. He became vice-president of the Dallas County Farm Bureau. Goodwin was director of the Central National Bank and Trust Company from 1941 to 1965, and died on February 21, 1983.   


The papers are Robert Goodwin’s copies of Herbert Hoover Birthplace Foundation records which primarily concern the early history of the Herbert Hoover Historic Site. The collection contains correspondence, property records, minutes, reports, blue prints, photographs, legal files, and financial records. The collection documents the expansion of the Hoover site from the birthplace cottage and blacksmith shop to the current 187 acre site. Also included are correspondence and legal documents pertaining to the failed lawsuit alleging the Foundation misspent $900,000 of Belgian American Education Foundation funds.

The papers are arranged alphabetically within four subgroups: correspondence by primary correspondant, construction and property records by contractor and records type, topical files by subject, and legal files by records type. There is overlap between the subgroups and individual correspondents, such as architect William Anderson, or library director Franz Lassner, will appear in each subgroup.



Box      Contents

1          Goodwin, Robert Correspondence
                     Anderson, William, 1953-1970
                     Arnold, Duane, 1969-1971
                     Campbell, Glenn, 1965-1969
                     Evans, Ralph, 1957-1969
                     Fawcett, Floyd, 1963-1971
                     Figge, Reginald, 1957-1969
                     Harnischfeger, Walter, 1963-1970
                     Henry, John, 1953-1969
                     Hoover, Herbert, Jr., 1965-1967
                     Jacobs, Richard, 1968-1969
                     Lassner, Franz, 1963-1968
                     Maytag, Fred II, 1955-1964
                     Rummells, L. C., 1957-1970
                     Starzinger, Vincent, 1954-1971
                     Strauss, Lewis, 1955-1969
                     Strong, Joe (Iowa State Highway Commission), 1961-1963
                     Thalken, Thomas, 1969-1971
                     GROUP A – J, 1954-1970 (2 folders)
2                   GROUP K – Z, 1955-1969 (2 folders)
            Hoover, Allan Correspondence
                     Anderson, William, 1958-1969
                     Fawcett, Floyd, 1963-1969
                     Figge, Reginald, 1959-1968
                     Goodwin, Robert, 1956-1971 (9 folders)
                     Lassner, Franz, 1963-1968
                     Starzinger, Vincent, 1964-1967
                     GROUP, 1958-1970

3          Herbert Hoover Birthplace Foundation Correspondence
                     Anderson, William, 1954-1966
                     Arnold, Duane, 1954-1966
                     Birthday of Hoover (80th), 1953-1954
                     Birthday of Hoover (90th), 1964
                     Coquillette, S. E., 1954-1955
                     Figge, Reginald, 1957-1969
                     First Methodist Church, 1961-1964
                     Henry, John, 1953-1967
                     Lassner, Franz, 1965-1966
                     McCarty, John, 1970-1971
                     Miscellaneous, 1954-1971
                     Quist, Lawrence, 1966-1968
                     Starzinger, Vincent, 1957-1970
                     Thalken, Thomas, 1969-1971
            Construction with Contractors
                     Automatic Sprinkler Co. of America, 1965
                     Ray Beachy and Sons (house moving), 1964
                     Crew Construction, 1964-1965
                     Eggers & Higgins (architects), 1959-1961 (2 folders)
                     Killian Company, 1963-1965
                     Knudson & Sons, 1963-1964
                     Kohler and Carrier, 1963-1964
                     Larew Engineering, 1963-1965 (includes 2 blueprints)
                     Mooney Plumbing and Heating, 1963-1965
                     Neuman & Brothers, 1965
                     Paulson Electric, 1963-1966
                     Recordak Corporation, 1964-1965
                     Rowat Cut Stone, 1965-1966
                     Sieg Company, 1963-1964
                     Wagner, Eggers & Higgins, 1959-1964 (5 folders)

4          Properties and general construction
                     Director’s house, 1963-1965
                     General construction, 1960-1971
                     Goodwin and William Wagner, 1961-1969
                     Hoover (Allan and Herbert Jr.) and Wagner, 1961-1969
                     Jesse Hoover’s Blacksmith shop, 1956-1957
                     Kofton farm appraisal, 1959-1960
                     Kofton farm and Standard Oil, 1956-1961
                     Properties (general), 1963-1969
                     Warranty deed, land survey, easements, etc., 1963
                     Yellow house (Downey St.), 1969

5          Topical files
                     Anderson, William, 1965
                     Annual meeting minutes, 1967 (2 folders)
                     Archives monthly reports, 1966-1969 (2 folders)
                     Articles of incorporation, 1954-1958 (several organizations)
                     Birthday solicitations, 1954
                     Birthplace goddess script, 1959
                     Blue prints and sketches, 1963-1969
                     Executive committee reports, 1955-1969
                     Finances, 1948-1969
                     Funeral plans for Herbert Hoover, 1963-1964
                     National Park Service, 1964-1967 (Hoover stamp)
                     Photographs of library and historic site, undated
                     Special Activities Fund, 1965-1968
                     Tansill Library Purchase, 1965

6          Belgian American Education Foundation Suit
                     Correspondence, 1962-1971
                     Lawsuit proceedings, 1964-1971 (5 folders)